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A Few of FR's Finest....Every Day....09-14-06....JH2 - the Face of Heroes (Repise-1st Anniversary)
John Huang2; DollyCali; All of the Finest | September 14, 2006 | JohnHuang2 & DollyCali

Posted on 09/14/2006 5:18:06 AM PDT by DollyCali

A Few of FR's Finest....Every Day
Free Republic made its debut in September, 1996, and the forum was added in early 1997.   Over 100,000 people have registered for posting privileges on Free Republic, and the forum is read daily by tens of thousands of concerned citizens and patriots from all around the country and the world.
A Few of FR's Finest....Every Day was introduced on June 24, 2002. It's only a small room in JimRob's house where we can get to know one another a little better; salute and support our military and our leaders; pray for those in need; and congratulate those deserving. We strive to keep our threads entertaining, fun, and pleasing to look at, and often have guest writers contribute an essay, or a profile of another FReeper.
On Mondays please visit us to see photos of A FEW OF FR'S VETERANS AND ACTIVE MILITARY
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We're having fun and hope you are!

~ Billie, dutchess, DollyCali GodblessUSA ~

The Face of Heroes

"JohnHuang2" on the first 9/11 anniversary

It was Thursday morning, two days after the terror attacks of September 11. Standing behind his desk in the Oval Office, the President telephones New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani and Gov. George Pataki, offering words of comfort and support, pledging to provide "anything it takes to help New York."

"I can't tell you how sad I am -- and America is -- for the people of New York City", he told them, pouring his heart out. His words genuinely conveyed the grief, the anguish, the hurt and sorrow gripping a nation grappling in the aftermath of 9/11, the worst -- and most deadly -- terrorist attack ever visited on American soil.

After the phone call, which was televised live, the President spoke with reporters, one of whom asked if he could "give us a sense as to what kind of prayers you are thinking, and where your heart is for yourself as you ... "

"Well, I don't think about myself right now", Bush interjected. "I think about the families, about the children," he added, choking back tears. "I'm a loving guy and I'm also someone, however, who's got a job to do, and I intend to do it."

When history is written, that brief exchange will go down as Bush's defining moment. It captured the essence of who he is: Compassionate, yet firm; kind, yet resolute; humble, yet determined; consoling, yet resolved; warm, yet tough; dignified, yet defiant.

But, above all, a leader with clarity of purpose and a strategy for victory.

It may not be politically correct to say it, but darn it, I'll say it anyway: Among the heroes of 9/11, is President George W. Bush.

You know it, I know it, and, most importantly, the American people know it.

The press, the pundits, the Democrats deny it, of course -- derisively. Republicans, spineless as ever, won't dare suggest it.

Yet, think about it: Why does Bush remain so immensely popular, lo! 12 months after 9/11, long after conventional wisdom predicted his star would fade? And this, despite a headwind of negative press, a hostile media, collapsing stock market, a "limping" economy, the Enron smear, the 9/11 smear, endless second-guessing, endless attacks, at home and abroad -- you name it.

Yet, none of it stuck, the President's approval ratings refused to budge, prompting some in the media to calling him the 'teflon President'.

They still don't get it. The sustained appeal Bush enjoys has nothing to do with teflon, nor Karl Rove, nor tactics, nor polls, nor focus groups nor wily political maneuvering. This isn't 'slick marketing' -- it's bonding. Simply stated, this President forged a bond with the people, one of almost unprecedented dimensions. It's a bond rooted in trust. People trust him, what he says, what he does -- they believe in him.

Amid the staggering trauma in the 9/11 aftermath, Bush became a pillar of strength, a wellspring of solace. Amid the intense sorrow and shock, his comforting voice helped heal the wounds, the wrenching pain and distress. His unflappable resolve, clear grit and determination lifted the nation off its back: America's 'can-do' spirit was rekindled. Amid the rubble, Bush promised defiantly to rebuild. His soaring optimism rallied the country, boosted morale; a wave of patriotism swept the nation.

He also brought sharp moral clarity to the table, much to the bitter chagrin of a media elite steeped in moral relativism. He called the perpetrators 'evil doers', vowing to find them, 'dead or alive'.

The bottom line is this: Leadership. Bush's leadership. It's key. His 'take-charge', pull-no-punches verve was catalyst for national recovery, it put the wind back in America's sails. The President more than 'rose to the occasion', he set the nation on a course to victory.

In Afghanistan, America made quick work of the Taliban, liberating a country from the clutches of one of the world's most repressive regimes, and depriving al-Qaeda its headquarters for operations.

But the War on Terror didn't stop with Afghanistan. From former Soviet Georgia to the Philippines, America was on the offensive, taking the battle to the enemy, putting a global network of terrorists on the run. To date, thousands of al-Qaeda fighters have been killed or captured; indeed, Osama bin Laden, terror mastermind himself, may well be among the dead. Some of his chief body guards are in custody at Gitmo.

Ignoring a torrent of media complaints, the President in November signs an executive order authorizing creation of special courts -- military tribunals -- to try captured terrorists, fulfilling his promise to bring swift justice to the perpetrators.

On the home front, the battle was joined as well. Muslim "charities" suspected of funneling money to terrorist groups were shut down, and the office of Homeland Security was established. Immediately after 9/11, the Justice Department rounds up over 1,000 suspects for questioning, issuing deportation orders for 300,000 illegals.

"Taking suspected terrorists in violation of the law off the streets and keeping them locked up is our clear strategy to prevent terrorism within our borders," said U.S. Attorney General John Ashcroft.

The upshot: No major terrorist attack since 9/11.

"For those who have lost loved ones, it's been a year of sorrow," the President told the nation tonight, a year to the day after hijacked airliners slammed the World Trade Center and Pentagon building, killing thousands of innocents and thrusting America to war.

"For members of the military, it's been a year of sacrifice and service, far from home," he added.

"For all Americans, it's been a year of adjustment, of coming to terms with the difficult knowledge that our nation has determined enemies, and that we are not invulnerable to their attacks," the President observed, adding that "the attack on our nation was also an attack on the ideals that make us a nation; our deepest national conviction is that every life is precious because every life is the gift of a creator who intended us to live in liberty and equality. More than anything else, this separates us from the enemy we fight."

The President's address, delivered live from Ellis Island, capped an emotional day of commemorative ceremonies and solemn speeches, marking the painful first anniversary of 9/11. It was a day mixed with sorrow and victory, grief and triumph, pain and defiance, anguish and pride, agony and hope, trial and conquest.

It was a day of remembrance, America honoring her 9/11 heroes, both living and fallen, as well as the thousands who perished that day.

The President's Midland, Texas roots were on full display today. He showed, yet again, he is one of us, one with the people. Visiting Ground Zero wasn't without substantial risks to him physically, with America at war and the target of terrorists galore. To U.S. Secret Service, Ground Zero is a security nightmare. It took guts, it took courage to be there, but that's George W. Bush for ya.

For many 9/11 families who greeted him there, President Bush doubtless brought a measure of closure. You could see it in the eyes of widows as they hugged him, kissed him or cried on his shoulders; you could see it in the eyes of fathers who lost a son or daughter the day the towers fell. The hole of Ground Zero was today filled to the brim with love overwhelming.

If Clinton shrunk the presidency, George W. Bush has, less than two years in office, restored it to greatness again. And if September 11th was the face of evil, September 11th, the anniversary, will be remembered as the face of heroes.

Anyway, that's...
My two cents

07-01,02-06 ~ Hall of Fame #16


09-11-06 Military Monday ~ 911

09-12-06 Celebrate Living

09-13-06 Warm Fuzzy Wednesday

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1 posted on 09/14/2006 5:18:08 AM PDT by DollyCali
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To: ST.LOUIE1; Billie; dutchess; DollyCali; GodBlessUSA; Mrs Mayor; Mama_Bear; Aquamarine; JustAmy; ...

September 14, 2006

For His Eyes Only

READ: Matthew 6:1-8,16-18

Your Father who sees in secret will reward you openly. —Matthew 6:18

Typically, as we age we lose our prominence and our positions of influence. Even those of us who have never sought the limelight seem increasingly to fade into the shadows.

Obscurity and anonymity are good, however, for it is difficult to perform in public without wondering what impression we’re making on others. We fret over the extent that our reputations are being enhanced or damaged. And therein lies our peril: To the degree that we seek human recognition, we forfeit God’s approval. On the other hand, to lose the admiration of men and women may turn us to seek God’s approval only.

Here is a test for our gifts, our prayers, our fasts: Are they done for God’s eyes only? If so, though overlooked and unnoticed by others, we have our Father’s acknowledgment and reward.

Three times Jesus repeated to His disciples: “Your Father who sees in secret will reward you openly” (Matt. 6:4,6,18). This is our assurance as well. Every unobserved gift of time, energy, and love; every petition we whisper in our Father’s ears; every secret, inward struggle against sin and self-indulgence will be fully rewarded in due time. In the end, His “Well done, good and faithful servant” is all that will matter (Matt. 25:21). David H. Roper

All service rendered to the Lord
Is sure to gain His rich reward;
And if we work with motives pure,
Our weakest efforts will endure.  —D. De Haan

There is no reward from God to those who seek it from men.  —Spurgeon

Bible in One Year: Bible in One Year:  Proverbs 19-21; 2 Corinthians 7

2 posted on 09/14/2006 5:24:15 AM PDT by The Mayor (
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To: ST.LOUIE1; Billie; dutchess; DollyCali; GodBlessUSA; JustAmy; Mama_Bear; The Mayor; Aquamarine; ...

3 posted on 09/14/2006 5:29:28 AM PDT by DollyCali (Don't tell GOD how big your storm is -- Tell the storm how B-I-G your God is!)
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To: DollyCali

Good morning Finest.

4 posted on 09/14/2006 5:34:00 AM PDT by Aeronaut ("Endless repetition is not a coherent argument." —Thomas Sowell)
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To: All
Billie, shared some links for me that I thought all of your might enjoy:

Hall of Fame #1 has the links to the "week" of 9/11 threads.

Click here

And then this was our announcement of the very first "regular" JH2's Two Cents shortly after he wrote the first 9/11 essay for us.

Click here

5 posted on 09/14/2006 5:35:36 AM PDT by DollyCali (Don't tell GOD how big your storm is -- Tell the storm how B-I-G your God is!)
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To: Aeronaut

Good morning Finest , back to you!

6 posted on 09/14/2006 5:36:01 AM PDT by DollyCali (Don't tell GOD how big your storm is -- Tell the storm how B-I-G your God is!)
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To: DollyCali

Good Morning!

God bless all our American Heroes!!

7 posted on 09/14/2006 5:42:36 AM PDT by stopem (God Bless the U.S.A the Troops who protect her, and their Commander In Chief !)
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To: DollyCali; JohnHuang2

Good Morning Dolly and John.

Thank you for posting this great essay.

I missed it the first time around,since I wasn't a Freeper at the time.

Wonderful words and my sentiments exactly.
Wish I could stay to read all the comments but I got to head to work.

I'll be back Later.

8 posted on 09/14/2006 5:54:20 AM PDT by Mrs.Nooseman (Proud supporter of our Troops and President GW!!!)
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To: DollyCali

I Thank God For Our Heroes

9 posted on 09/14/2006 5:59:52 AM PDT by MEG33 (GOD BLESS OUR ARMED FORCES.)
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To: stopem

HI there.. yes, and we have a lot of heroes.. some are just a lot more well known than others..

10 posted on 09/14/2006 6:05:48 AM PDT by DollyCali (Don't tell GOD how big your storm is -- Tell the storm how B-I-G your God is!)
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To: MEG33

potent graphic, Meg. Thanks.

11 posted on 09/14/2006 6:06:14 AM PDT by DollyCali (Don't tell GOD how big your storm is -- Tell the storm how B-I-G your God is!)
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To: Mrs.Nooseman
Good-morning Mrs. N.. (well by the time you return from work,it will be afternoon).

I wasn't a FReeper then either.. sure wish I had know about FR 5 years earlier! How sweet that would have been.

I don't ever seem to have any spare time but WHEN I TAKE THE TIME, I thoroughly enjoy going back thru old Finest threads.

We could take a year to just repost most of them. including th e link to the prior thread. Great essays, great FReeper profiles, great comments from friends still here & those that are gone, wonderful graphics. I get lost in time when I start walking down memory lane like that.
12 posted on 09/14/2006 6:09:27 AM PDT by DollyCali (Don't tell GOD how big your storm is -- Tell the storm how B-I-G your God is!)
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To: DollyCali

Good morning and thank you.

13 posted on 09/14/2006 6:16:16 AM PDT by lysie ("Lowering the price to be paid by aggressors virtually guarantees more aggression." Dr. Sowell)
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To: The Mayor; snugs; Kitty Mittens; .30Carbine
Rus, it brings to mind the thought I often use & try to always think about.

You are not "WHO YOU ARE" when the public is watching, scrutinizing & cataloging. You are "WHO YOU ARE" when you are in your own world, alone, private, away from friends/family who will possibly "not know".

How are you in your car, while driving?

How are you to the server at a restaurant (when you are dining alone)

How are you to the checkout workers at various stores.

How are you to the meter man, the garbage pick up people, the janitors all over?

How are you on your income tax return?

How are you on the privacy of your TV & computer?

How are you on the phone when disgruntled & talking to a minimum wage worker at any given service or retail center?

Character is what it is all about.

In Christ we transform to His likeness, but we will always have those private & personal demons to fight along the way.

Thank you as always for your contributions of the cuppa here & other threads at FR,

You are a treasure
14 posted on 09/14/2006 6:16:36 AM PDT by DollyCali (Don't tell GOD how big your storm is -- Tell the storm how B-I-G your God is!)
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To: DollyCali
Good Morning Dolly
Thank you for today's thread!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
15 posted on 09/14/2006 6:36:54 AM PDT by GodBlessUSA (US Troops, Past, Present and Future, God Bless You and Thank You! Prayers said for our Heroes!)
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To: JRios1968; Howlin; onyx; Peach; prairiebreeze; Carolinamom; lysie; bevlar; The Raven; Coopster; ...

The Budweiser Story
(not a joke) This is TRUE!

How Budweiser handled those
who laughed at those
who died on the 11th of September,

Thought you might like to know
what happened in a little town north
of Bakersfield, California.

You may feel this is worth sharing

On September 11th, a Budweiser
employee was making a delivery to
a convenience store in a California
town named McFarland.

He knew of the tragedy that
had occurred in New York when he
entered the business to find the two
Arabs, who owned the business,
whooping and hollering to show their
approval and support of this
treacherous attack.

The Budweiser employee went
to his truck, called his boss and told him
of the very upsetting event! He didn't
feel he could be in that store with those
horrible people.

His boss asked h im,
"Do you think you could go in there
long enough to pull every Budweiser
product and item our beverage company
sells there? We'll never deliver
to them again."

The employee walked in,
proceeded to pull every single
product his beverage company provided
and left with an incredible grin
on his face. He told them never to
bother to call for a delivery again.

Budweiser happens to be the beer of
choice for that community.

Just letting you know how Kern County
handled this situation.

Now the Rest of the Story:

It seems that the Bud driver
and the Pepsi man are neighbors.
Bud called Pepsi and told him.

Pepsi called his bo ss who
told him to pull all Pepsi products as
well!!! That would include Frito
Lay, etc.

Furthermore, word spread and
all vendors followed suit! At
last report, the store was closed

Good old American Passive-Aggressive A$$ Whoopin!

America needs to know that
we're all working together!

16 posted on 09/14/2006 6:37:02 AM PDT by DollyCali (Don't tell GOD how big your storm is -- Tell the storm how B-I-G your God is!)
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To: All
Unbelievable pic's of 9/11

Most I have never seen before


17 posted on 09/14/2006 6:55:20 AM PDT by DollyCali (Don't tell GOD how big your storm is -- Tell the storm how B-I-G your God is!)
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To: DollyCali

Now that's what I call American Justice. Top of the morning to you!

18 posted on 09/14/2006 6:59:23 AM PDT by JRios1968 (9-11, 5 years later...NEVER forget!)
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To: JRios1968

Top of the morn back to you. (and it is really early morn where you are) When I saw that was a california story I wanted to ping you. I recall the story via email right after 911 & sent it out to all my email list.

19 posted on 09/14/2006 7:21:30 AM PDT by DollyCali (Don't tell GOD how big your storm is -- Tell the storm how B-I-G your God is!)
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To: DollyCali

Already up for 3 hours today! 0430 wake up time for this 37-year old! Someone has to do it!

20 posted on 09/14/2006 7:23:05 AM PDT by JRios1968 (9-11, 5 years later...NEVER forget!)
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