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NEWSWEEK “Isikoffed” the Gonzales Memo (re: Geneva Convention) ^ | September 18, 2006 | Patrick Frey

Posted on 09/18/2006 8:13:55 AM PDT by lowbridge

NEWSWEEK “Isikoffed” the Gonzales Memo

Since Christopher Hitchens is correcting old Dowdified quotes, I thought I’d correct one myself. This one, from a 2004 NEWSWEEK article, is a major Dowdification — in my view, every bit as egregious as Dowd’s original. What’s more, it’s still influencing lefties even today.

Worse, unlike Dowd’s alteration of a Bush quote, the NEWSWEEK story didn’t even use an ellipsis to indicate what was missing. By altering an Alberto Gonzales quote in this way, NEWSWEEK managed to make Gonzales and the Bush Administration appear unreasonably dismissive of the Geneva Convention.

The story was co-authored by Michael Isikoff — the reporter behind NEWSWEEK’s infamous Koran-in-the-toilet story that resulted in deadly riots in several Arab countries. Accordingly, I suggest that when a quote is altered without any hint that it has been changed, the quote should be described as having been “Isikoffed.”

Here are the details of how the Gonzales torture memo was “Isikoffed” by NEWSWEEK:

The quote is from a May 24, 2004 NEWSWEEK story by Isikoff, John Barry, and Michael Hirsh. Here is the quote, with the relevant portion in bold type:

By Jan. 25, 2002, according to a memo obtained by NEWSWEEK, it was clear that Bush had already decided that the Geneva Conventions did not apply at all, either to the Taliban or Al Qaeda. . . . “As you have said, the war against terrorism is a new kind of war,” Gonzales wrote to Bush. . . . Gonzales concluded in stark terms: “In my judgment, this new paradigm renders obsolete Geneva’s strict limitations on questioning of enemy prisoners and renders quaint some of its provisions.”

There is no ellipsis at the end of the last sentence. If you believe NEWSWEEK, the sentence ended there. The way NEWSWEEK quoted Gonzales, it sounded as though Gonzales thought Geneva Convention restrictions on coercive interrogations were “quaint.” Leftists across the nation went nuts.

Just one problem: NEWSWEEK altered the quote, chopping Gonzales’s final sentence in half. This alteration completely changed its meaning. What’s more, the NEWSWEEK quotation did nothing to indicate that the end of the sentence had been lopped off.

Let’s go to the source — Gonzales’s original memo. The following is Gonzales’s entire quote, taken straight from Page 2 of his memo. I have bolded the part that NEWSWEEK removed:

In my judgment, this new paradigm renders obsolete Geneva’s strict limitations on questioning of enemy prisoners and renders quaint some of its provisions requiring that captured enemy be afforded such things as commissary privileges, script (i.e., advances of monthly pay), athletic uniforms, and scientific instruments.”

Instead of including the bold material after the word “provisions,” the NEWSWEEK article simply sliced off the end of the sentence, and put a period after the word “provisions” — as if the sentence ended there. Not even an ellipsis remained to signify that the sentence had been truncated, and its meaning distorted beyond recognition.

As is clear when one reads Gonzales’s actual quote, Gonzales was talking about things that actually were quaint. As it happens, a New York Times magazine piece from yesterday described the warden of Guantánamo Bay struggling with the issue of how to apply the Geneva Conventions — and summarily rejecting the idea that he had any obligation to implement the antiquated provisions referred to in the Gonzales memo:

[Col. Mike Bumgarner, the warden of Guantánamo Bay] thought it obvious that many of the rights would never apply to Guantánamo detainees. No one was going to allow the distribution of “musical instruments” to suspected terrorists, as the 1940’s-era conventions stipulated for the captured soldiers of another army. No one was going to pay the detainees a stipend to spend at a base canteen.

Despite the fact that Gonzales was on target with his observation regarding the Convention’s “quaint” provisions, many lefty blogs linked the NEWSWEEK piece, and quoted the Dowdified version as evidence of the evil intent of the Bush Administration. TalkLeft, Kevin Drum, and Josh Marshall all reproduced the Isikoffed quote. The story was also linked by Duncan Black. Not one of these blogs noted the Dowdification — nor did any of the other major blogs that cited the story, as evidenced by a check of the Memeorandum entry for the NEWSWEEK story. The story is still repeated on lefty blogs. In May of this year, it was linked by Arianna Huffington — and it was even linked yesterday, by lefty HuffPo blogger Harry Shearer.

Indeed, to my knowledge, not a single blog on the Web noticed that the quote in the NEWSWEEK story had been Dowdified Isikoffed — until today.

It’s true that NEWSWEEK was not the only media outlet to distort Gonzales’s memo. Many media outlets and commentators ripped the word “quaint” out of context to make it sound like Gonzales thought the entirety of the Geneva Convention was “quaint.” In an ironic twist, Maureen Dowd herself did exactly this. In his outgoing piece titled 13 Things I Meant to Write About but Never Did, long-suffering New York Times ombudsman Dan Okrent complained:

Maureen Dowd was still writing that Alberto R. Gonzales “called the Geneva Conventions ‘quaint’ ” nearly two months after a correction in the news pages noted that Gonzales had specifically applied the term to Geneva provisions about commissary privileges, athletic uniforms and scientific instruments.

It’s bad enough that so many outlets used the word “quaint” out of context to smear Gonzales and his position. But to my knowledge, NEWSWEEK is the only outlet that purported to quote the relevant passage in its “entirety” — while chopping off the relevant context without any hint that it had ever existed.

The altered quote is obviously deliberate; Gonzales’s sentence was truncated for a reason. What’s more, Michael Isikoff, the co-author of the piece, is the reporter primarily responsible for the bogus “Koran in the toilet” story that resulted in deadly riots across the Arab world. You don’t get things this wrong this often unless there’s a reason. Fool me twice, won’t get fooled again.

I mean, even Maureen Dowd had the decency to use an ellipsis!

Gonzales wasn’t just Dowdified. What happened to him was worse: he was Isikoffed.

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To: Grampa Dave

Might even get into the FReeper lexicon.

41 posted on 09/18/2006 1:09:54 PM PDT by Liz (The US Constitution is intended to protect the people from the government.)
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To: Enchante

Congratulations!! I don't know, balloons should have fallen on you!!! LOL

42 posted on 09/18/2006 1:40:34 PM PDT by Txsleuth (,((((((((ISRAEL)))))) Pray for the release of the Israelis.)
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To: Lancey Howard; Enchante; Peach; All

CSPAN-2 .......... DAVID CORN ... ON NOW WITH "HUBRIS" .. (and he's got it.) I'm working (from home) and can't take notes, so if any of y'all can post what funk and dribble he spews, would be great.

43 posted on 09/18/2006 2:03:16 PM PDT by STARWISE
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If it's the same interview that was on over the weekend, I could only stomach the first egregious lie from the Corn-fraud before I clicked away, so I didn't catch much of it. I'll have to look for a transcript because I cannot stomach listening to that sleazoid fool.

44 posted on 09/18/2006 2:14:27 PM PDT by Enchante (There are 3 kinds of lies: Lies, Damned Lies, and Mainstream Journalism)
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Holy cow!

45 posted on 09/18/2006 2:38:43 PM PDT by nopardons
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To: devolve


46 posted on 09/18/2006 2:43:18 PM PDT by nopardons
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To: Enchante

He's so damn cocky and slimey ...

47 posted on 09/18/2006 2:51:00 PM PDT by STARWISE
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To: Elsiejay
Apart from not buying Newsweek, what can be done, legally yet effectively, to bring about the demise of this lying rag?

Legally? Well, if you're gonna tie my hands....

48 posted on 09/18/2006 2:57:56 PM PDT by lowbridge (I want to die peacefully in my sleep like my grandfather. Not screaming, like his passengers.)
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On the subject of David Corn, to whom Isikoff has now been joined at the hip in new propaganda regarding Pflamegate.... there is a lot of juicy info from AJ Strata and Clarice Feldman, showing rather convincingly that not only has Corn been in cahoots with the Wilsons from the start, but they are apparently using Corn to push some very very sensitive info out into the public domain, both for current propaganda purposes and then also so that Valerie will be able to talk about stuff in her book that is already "out there" (otherwise she could never get this material past CIA censors):

49 posted on 09/18/2006 5:43:49 PM PDT by Enchante (There are 3 kinds of lies: Lies, Damned Lies, and Mainstream Journalism)
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