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Claim of US Preparation to Attack Iran
zaman ^ | 09.19.2006 Tuesday | By Foreign News Desk

Posted on 09/19/2006 4:18:21 AM PDT by Flavius

Time magazine reported that the U.S. is hypothetically preparing for an armed conflict with Iran. The magazine asserted that the U.S. Army is preparing an air strike plan of 1,500 targets.

Based on information received from U.S. military authorities, Time magazine reported the Pentagon’s war plan prepared specifically for attacks to be waged against Iran. While continuing its diplomatic efforts to ensure the imposition of sanctions against Iran, the U.S. is also making preparations for a probable military intervention.

Time also wrote that the Army had been asked to be fully prepared by October 1, while the Pentagon continues works on military strategies for a probable operation against Iran.

It has been reported that Bush’s cabinet, including Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, strongly favored a diplomatic resolution regarding the issue of Iran’s nuclear ambitions.

Experts and diplomats from the U.S., Iran, and the Middle East hold different views on the probability of U.S. military intervention in Iran. While some argue that a military intervention would serve American interests, others warn that its cost to the U.S. economy would be enormous.

In the debate, the question as to whether military intervention in Iran is more dangerous than cohabitating with a nuclear Iran stands out. Stating that they preferred the continuation of negotiations, an official from the U.S. administration however implied that the administration has not ruled out a military option. The official further said: “Nobody is considering a military operation right now. We are simply trying to create the best environment and conditions for a future military intervention, in case President Bush chooses between a nuclear Iran and waging war.” The official’s statement suggests that the U.S. has not excluded a military campaign against Iran and that it wants to be ready if the decision to take action is taken.

According to Time, the main objective of such an intervention would be to delay Iran’s development of nuclear weapons. The magazine also stressed the operation would be limited to air strikes, and would not include any ground invasion.

Any such operation is predicted to last a couple of days and target over 1,500 pre-determined sites. The magazine reported that the U.S. would mainly target nuclear facilities, most of which were still undetermined. The operation will presumably delay Iran’s plans to develop nuclear weapons for two or three years.

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To: cll
Remember the MSN cannot tell the difference between a C-130 and a F-15 (have seen them use the pictures intercahngalbly). They probably mean military, or just made most of the story up, who knows.
21 posted on 09/19/2006 4:59:32 AM PDT by gafusa
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To: NickatNite2003

Not 6k if someone was to pop a huge EMP over Tehran about 100 miles up one night. This looks like a perfect time to see exactly how prepared they are for that kind of assault. Hey, they wanted to live back in the 10th century, let's show them what it was like.

22 posted on 09/19/2006 5:27:57 AM PDT by Abathar (Proudly catching hell for posting without reading the article since 2004)
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To: Abathar

Back in 2002 when debate over Iraq was raging, the lefties said don't attack Iraq. Iran is much more of a threat. So now if we aim to eliminate that threat, and take out Iran, will those same lefties approve? Somehow I think not.

23 posted on 09/19/2006 5:32:35 AM PDT by TNCMAXQ
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To: cll
"The US Army...."

Why are you diluting the paranoia with facts? lol

24 posted on 09/19/2006 5:37:16 AM PDT by verity (The MSM is comprised of useless eaters)
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To: Flavius
Well, the LSM sorts at Time have to do what they can in the name of The Left leading up to the election. It's understandable and expected. I imagine the US military has also come up with hypothetical plans to attack / invade every country in the world in ever need be. I can only hope that a special cruise missile has been specifically programmed to fly straight up the whazoo of 'Imadinthehead' Iranian mullah puppet president. The guy needs a serious enema 'cause he's full of it.
25 posted on 09/19/2006 5:39:38 AM PDT by RSmithOpt (Liberalism: Highway to Hell)
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To: Flavius

Nothing more than psyops. When better to have this show up in the papers than when Ahmediwhackjob is in NY to speak.

26 posted on 09/19/2006 5:48:13 AM PDT by HonorInPa
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To: Flavius

It would be great if Iran's nuke sites were bombed right at the moment the Hilter wanabee starts his speech at the UN.

27 posted on 09/19/2006 6:16:39 AM PDT by Proud_USA_Republican (We're going to take things away from you on behalf of the common good. - Hillary Clinton)
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To: Flavius
TIME is just blowing smoke out its ass. Any sources that would call TIME are diehard Bush-hating ideologues who would be out of the loop anyway.

It is not hard to deduce that the US has formulated plans to attack Iranian nuke facilities in the event that becomes necessary. To TIME, that is "news".

28 posted on 09/19/2006 6:51:43 AM PDT by Sender ("We don't know who struck first, us or them. But we do know it was us that scorched the sky.")
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To: Aussie Dasher
If this is true,

Other than the "Army be ready by Oct. 1" part it undoubtedly is. We'd be stupid not to have plans to invade Iraq, or Pakistan, or Saudi Arabia for that matter.

During the time between WW-I and WW-II, we had plans to fight a Naval War in the Pacific. Multiple plans actually, depending on who the enemy was. The two major candidates were Japan..... and Great Britain.

29 posted on 09/19/2006 6:58:50 AM PDT by El Gato
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To: Flavius

I'm shocked, shocked that the US would have a plan for attacking Iran. Of course the US has plans for attacking practically everyone. I would imagine there is even a plan for attacking Canada.

30 posted on 09/19/2006 8:32:39 AM PDT by Mike Darancette (Those that do not heed the warnings of history....)
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To: cll

"Grand Poobah of Bamboozlestan"

"Is that just north of Elbonia?"

Yes. It is also just south of Bohicastan

31 posted on 09/19/2006 8:40:17 AM PDT by roaddog727 (Bullsh## doesn't get bridges built.)
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To: Flavius
I think that an attack on Iran would have serious and unforeseen consequences. It would also not be limited to an air campaign, and any of you are deluding yourself that air power alone would end the nuclear program in Iran. The war in Iraq took many turns and twists. Question: Would George Bush really attack Iraq if he knew that it would deteriorate into a long lasting low intensity conflict. Or, If he knew with certainty that the Mullahs in Iran would send thousands of Iranian troops into Iraq? Thus ending any hope of American troop withdrawal anytime in this decade. Here is a warning to all who think another war is what we need right now; EASY IN, HARDWAY OUT TOWARD THE LIGHT, WARS HAVE A LIFE OF THEIR OWN. BE CAREFUL WHERE YOU TREAD BECAUSE WE ARE NOW RESPONSIBLE FOR PART OF TWO NATION'S HISTORY TO ADD A THIRD WOULD BE A TREMENDOUS BURDEN ON THE AMERICAN PEOPLE. ARE WE READY FOR IT?

Iran is also a much large country with alliances with Russia and China, and that is not to say they wouldn't hang Iran out to dry. However, things could go the other way. Would China allow American troops on its southern border and would Russia abandon its economic interest in Iran so easily?
32 posted on 09/19/2006 8:50:16 AM PDT by Kuehn12 (Kuehn12)
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To: Kuehn12

Valid concerns, certainly. What do you think the consequences will be when Iran completes an arsenal of nuclear weapons? Do you believe the Iranian nutjob will use them on Israel or the USA to usher in the islamic messiah that he espouses? Are you willing to risk American lives on the assumption that he won't?

33 posted on 09/19/2006 11:19:13 AM PDT by TexasRepublic (Afghan protest - "Death to Dog Washers!")
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To: Kuehn12

The United States should bomb Iran's nuclear sites and also it's oil wells and pipelines. Pound Iran into the stone age.

34 posted on 09/19/2006 11:22:10 AM PDT by pleikumud
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To: Aussie Dasher

We had to "attack" Europe, when it was overrun by the Germans. Anything is theoretically possible.

35 posted on 09/19/2006 4:02:42 PM PDT by PghBaldy (CNN on Castro - Intestinal Crisis 2006: A People Mourn.)
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Now, they are saying we can contain Iran. OR, just a few months ago, they suggested we attack NK. The only wars they seem to be for the US conducting are the ones she is planning on doing soon.

36 posted on 09/19/2006 4:05:43 PM PDT by PghBaldy (CNN on Castro - Intestinal Crisis 2006: A People Mourn.)
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To: PghBaldy

NOT planning...

37 posted on 09/19/2006 4:07:28 PM PDT by PghBaldy (CNN on Castro - Intestinal Crisis 2006: A People Mourn.)
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To: Mike Darancette; El Gato; ko_kyi; Rays_Dad; contemplator; flynmudd
Here's a list of all the War Plans the US used to have.

War Plan White : domestic uprising in the US
War Plan Gray : Caribbean republic.
War Plan Purple : Central American republic, or possibly with Russia (There may have been two different Purples).
War Plan Green : Mexico
War Plan Gold : France and French Caribbean possessions.

War Plan Black : Germany. The best-known version of Black was conceived as a contingency plan during World War I in case France fell and the Germans attempted to seize French possessions in the Caribbean, or launch an attack on the eastern seaboard.

War Plan Indigo : Iceland
War Plan Brown : uprising in the Philippines.
War Plan Yellow : China
War Plan Olive : Spain.
War Plan Silver : Italy.
War Plan Emerald : intervention in Ireland in conjunction with War Plan Red.
War Plan Tan : Cuba.
War Plan Orange : Japan
War Plan Red : Britain
War Plan Crimson : Canada.
War Plan Scarlet : Australia / New Zealand
War Plan Ruby : India
War Plan Red-Orange : Japan / Britain (Anglo-Japanese military alliance expired 1924)

38 posted on 09/19/2006 4:16:33 PM PDT by Centurion2000 (Property tax is feudalism. Income taxes are armed robbery of the minority by the majority.)
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To: Flavius

Well why don't we just announce it to them ahead of time so more of our soldiers can come home in body bags? These pieces of dirt are TRAITORS and should be treated as such!

39 posted on 09/19/2006 4:19:08 PM PDT by ladyinred
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To: TaxachusettsMan
About the only delicious fantasy associated with the coming jihad.

Oh Yes, Yes!!!!!

40 posted on 09/19/2006 4:20:01 PM PDT by ladyinred
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