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A day in the life of President Bush (10/1/06): photos & news & Yahoo News ^ | 10/1/06

Posted on 10/01/2006 2:32:57 PM PDT by Wolfstar

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To: ThePythonicCow
But enough of the bent one on this fine thread. Back to good dogs, good men and good women.

Thanks for yet another great Dose.

101 posted on 10/01/2006 4:11:18 PM PDT by ThePythonicCow (We are but Seekers of Truth, not the Source.)
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To: dmd25
My fil died on Labor Day and I think I am right now particularly sensitive and grateful to our veterans. My fil was a prisoner of war for a time at the end of the WWII.

Then I'm doubly glad I found and posted that photo today. I'm proud our current Commander-in-Chief signed that bill to create the Medal of Honor flag, and that the flags are only presented at special ceremonies. Turning the USS Constitution is a very special ceremony, indeed.

Sigh. Time is a cruel master. I'm glad your FIL's medals have been passed down in the family with the honor they, and he, deserves.

102 posted on 10/01/2006 4:12:56 PM PDT by Wolfstar
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To: ThePythonicCow
You defame our young men, putting Clinton in that age group ... .

Well...those who were born in 1946 (like George and Laura) don't want him. ;-)

103 posted on 10/01/2006 4:14:19 PM PDT by Wolfstar
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To: NordP
My Dachshund, James thinks HE is too.

Snicker...but James IS an excellent driver. Aren't all dogs excellent drivers? ;-)

104 posted on 10/01/2006 4:15:31 PM PDT by Wolfstar
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To: ThePythonicCow
Thanks for yet another great Dose.

Always my pleasure. :)

105 posted on 10/01/2006 4:16:11 PM PDT by Wolfstar
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To: Wolfstar

No, it was myself, Victor Davis Hanson, John Keegan, and three other historians, plus Bush, Rove, and Tony Snow. It was an off the record meeting where we had some general issues for discussion sent to us before hand. Each of us got to speak our piece, that's for sure.

106 posted on 10/01/2006 4:16:15 PM PDT by LS
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To: Wolfstar

I was thinking more like age five or six ...

107 posted on 10/01/2006 4:16:47 PM PDT by ThePythonicCow (We are but Seekers of Truth, not the Source.)
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To: mystery-ak; LS
mystery-ak - thanks for the posting of LS's pic with our dear President!!!

LS - You dog....I'm SO happy for you. You worked hard to get to this point, my man; and I'm so happy for you!!! You are very handsome, too!

God Bless you both!

Well, as I to the gazebo!

P.S. Too bad my Vikings AND Chargers lost today. Bummer.


108 posted on 10/01/2006 4:16:54 PM PDT by NordP (America: There are more Patriots than Punks!)
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To: LS
No, it was myself, Victor Davis Hanson, John Keegan, and three other historians, plus Bush, Rove, and Tony Snow. It was an off the record meeting where we had some general issues for discussion sent to us before hand. Each of us got to speak our piece, that's for sure.

Well, that's OK. Sharing the photo with us is enough. It's a wonderful photo.

109 posted on 10/01/2006 4:17:22 PM PDT by Wolfstar
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To: Miss Marple
Please make copies of this "book" you are putting together. I KNOW I'd buy a copy of it, and I'm sure there are many more Freepers that would want their kids and grandkids to have the truth, too.

Miss Marple, THIS is a GREAT idea!

110 posted on 10/01/2006 4:19:15 PM PDT by NordP (America: There are more Patriots than Punks!)
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To: LS

Thank you for having the picture posted! What a wonderful momento for you!

111 posted on 10/01/2006 4:19:35 PM PDT by dmd25
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To: Wolfstar

Thank you for your kind words.

112 posted on 10/01/2006 4:20:34 PM PDT by dmd25
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To: Wolfstar
I've GOT to put some pics on my secret site and show you all James driving a Bobcat when we were doing some work on the side yard. I have so many great shots of my roses (extreme close ups that are soooo cool) and other things. I'll let you know via freepmail when I finish this. I KNOW James would want you all to see him---ha ha ha.

Off to dinner!

113 posted on 10/01/2006 4:21:15 PM PDT by NordP (America: There are more Patriots than Punks!)
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To: ThePythonicCow
I was thinking more like age five or six ...

Back when Billy-Jeff really was five or six ('51 or '52), he was probably already so self-absorbed that he threw tantrums if other kids didn't make him the leader of their games. Even back then, he always had to be the chief games player.

114 posted on 10/01/2006 4:22:34 PM PDT by Wolfstar
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To: Wolfstar

My fault for phrasing my prior reply to you so defensively. I didn't think you were trying to imply such a thing, and I agree with you wholeheartedly about the revisionist history the Clintonistas are trying to sell. And, again, thanks for the great pictures.

115 posted on 10/01/2006 4:23:19 PM PDT by hsalaw
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To: NordP
I KNOW James would want you all to see him

I'd love to see his photos. You know how I am about dogs.

116 posted on 10/01/2006 4:23:59 PM PDT by Wolfstar
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To: LS
Larry - looks like your FR home page is missing one of your books:

117 posted on 10/01/2006 4:25:22 PM PDT by ThePythonicCow (We are but Seekers of Truth, not the Source.)
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To: hsalaw
My fault for phrasing my prior reply to you so defensively.

No problem. Here in the virtual world, we communicate only in one dimension and are denied all the other clues to intention we pick up from facial expressions, body language, tone of voice, and so on. It's a wonder any communicating happens at all on forums like these. :)

118 posted on 10/01/2006 4:26:13 PM PDT by Wolfstar
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To: Cicero

Just think - they were probably doing all they could do to keep from busting out laughing at Woodward's ability to "read minds".

119 posted on 10/01/2006 4:26:22 PM PDT by jtill (Lord, please keep your arm around my shoulder and your hand over my mouth!)
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To: Wolfstar; 3D-JOY; admiralsn; altura; anniegetyourgun; azGOPgal; Bama Tom; Betteboop; ...

Psalm 18

 1 I love you, O LORD, my strength.

 2 The LORD is my rock, my fortress and my deliverer;
       my God is my rock, in whom I take refuge.
       He is my shield and the horn of my salvation, my stronghold.

 3 I call to the LORD, who is worthy of praise,
       and I am saved from my enemies.

Please remember the following members of the military and their families/friends in prayer:

~ azGOPgal’s friend’s friend, Jeremy who is in the 10th Mountain Division
~ FresnoArmyBrat ….. a cousin
~ Jim Robinson ….. two nephews
~ tinacart ….. best friend's son, Cody - 4th Infantry
~ bigghurtt ….. 5 years in the Army, soon-to-be Special Forces
~ JulieRNR21 ..... friend Betty's grandson, Matt, in US Army
~ ladyinred ….. Josh, newly deployed to Iraq
….. Also, Josh's sister Pamela
….. their mother now has 2 children over there and one who has just returned home
~ ntnychik ….. the members of the 10th Mountain Division (which will be in Iraq for the long haul) and their families
~ Pan_Yan & Pan_Yans Wife ….. friend, Mike, stateside now but expects to go back to Iraq in late winter
~ hoosier_RW_conspirator ….. son Jake
~ Jaguar Girl ….. nephew Jimmy is serving in the Air Force
~ Kewlhand Tek, a FReeper, is currently serving in Iraq
~ St.Mark ….. nephew, somewhere between Syria and Fallujha (Marines); and son, in Twentynine Palms CA in training (Marines)
~ savagesusie ….. son Cory is in Afghanistan
~ Militiaman7 ..... son, Jonathan, who is a FReeper, is in Afghanistan with the Virginia Army National Guard.
~ jonsie ….. son Ryan has been in Iraq as a medic with 1st Cav since Sept. 2003, he is now guarding the green zone
~ elder5 ….. brother-in-law W0-2 Brian F., Army Reserve Chopper pilot, on his 2nd tour in Iraq
~ Kate of Spice Island ….. son has been sworn in as a Marine Reserve in the delayed entry program as he finishes up high school
~ Don'tMessWithTexas ….. 2 brothers-in-law in the service
….. … a Lt.Cmdr in US Navy deployed in Guam
….. … a Major in US Army deployed in the Sunni Triangle outside Baghdad.
~ Texas Princess ….. nephew Roland, (Air Force), currently stationed in Korea
~ an anonymous FReeper ….. son, Stephen (Army), in Baghdad
~ Kentucky ….. has a request for prayer from a Marine Mom whose son, Ramsey, is in Iraq
~ snowtigger ….. Peter, 1/24 INF (he drives a Stryker armored vehicle) ….. just shipped out to Mosul
~ homemom ….. Kelsey, a young lady now serving in Iraq
~ mamaduck ….. cousin, Carl, is a Sargeant Major stationed in FL right now and will deployed to Iraq after the new year
…..niece, Melissa, is in the AirForce, currently stationed in GA
~ Blue Scourge ….. a Freeper (Air Force), leaving for basic training
~ Collier ….. friend, Jim, father of 3 girls....Iowa National Guard, currently in Afghanistan
~ Severa ….. husband, Jason (FR screen name Hostel), USN P-3 Aircraft Mechanic
….. ….. brother Wes, USAF First Lieutenant
….. ….. Jason's cousin David, 101st Airborne
~ MontanaCowgirlCop ….. brother Ted, who is an 18-year-old Marine medic overseas right now
~ FReeper MikeinIraq
~ nelibeli ….. nephew Tres (Army), is serving his 2nd deployment to Iraq (he volunteered to go back!)
~ pGfwabf ….. son Mark (Marines) has been assigned state-side duty after graduating from boot camp.
~ It's_me_K.E.T. ….. son, Brian (U.S. Army), deployed March 6 to Iraq for 13 months.
~ FreedomHasACost ….. brother Ted (Marines) is in the Middle East
~ hoosier_RW_conspirator ….. son, Jake (Army) deployed to Afghanistan
~ hoosier_RW_conspirator ….. friend's son, Danny (Army) awaiting deployment for 2nd tour in Iraq
~ jch10 ….. son, Maury, US Army, who is in Qatar, soon to be in South Korea before returning home
~ GVgirl ….. son Nathan, active duty, California National Guard
~ herewego ….. brother-in-law Robert has just left for Iraq
~ FReeper stompk has re-enlisted, this time in the Army Reserves after serving active duty in the past in the Navy, and hopes to be serving in the War on Terror soon as a medic
~ jtill ….. Vic, Youth Minister at her church, will be leaving for Iraq for one year
~ BUSHdude2000 ….. brother currently stationed at Fort Drum, NY, will be going to Iraq in August
~ TruthNtegrity ….. Friend from church has returned from the mid-East. Retired Navy pilot hubby trying to get his wife to retire but she is committed to helping the military in her field of expertise and wants 2 more years to support the WoT.
~ Prophet in the wilderness ….. nephew (Marines) has returned home from Iraq but has shipped out elsewhere.
~ ntnychik ….. friend's son, Erik, an Army Ranger, on second tour in Iraq
~ from hoosiermama …
….. … George, in Iraq
….. … Bill was home but is heading back to Iraq
….. … Dan, our teacher, is still working stateside and his son has been accepted to one of the Military academies (West Point I think).
….. … Brad is doing his second tour in Iraq
….. … Tre, from work, has reinlisted and is currently working stateside.
~ PhiKapMom’s daughter, Jennifer, U. S. Navy; Jennifer’s husband, Tyler, U.S. Navy – both currently deployed
~ Happy2BMe ….. son Aaron has returned safely from Iraq (having been awarded a Bronze Star), though quite a few from his Arkansas National Guard unit made the ultimate sacrifice. Prayers for their families.
~ CyberAnt ….. nephew Jody (USMC) … awaiting deployment orders
~ Sea2ShiningSea … Chad, her “adopted” soldier
~ Marysecretary ….. Jerry, a dear friend's only son, is going to Iraq
~ RoseofTexas ….. Richard from Texas left for Iraq this past Feb.
~ Reagan79 ….. brother, Chris, a Marine Reservist from MS, is in Iraq
~ JulieRNR21 ….. a friend's grandson, Wesley in the USAF, is in Iraq
~ Slip18 ….. nephew, Allen (USMC), is expecting to soon be deployed for his fourth tour of duty in the mid-East
~ TruthNtegrity ….. cousin's son, Andy, is a Firstie (senior) at the US Navy Academy, and passed Phase 1 of qualifying for pilot training.
~ BonnieJ ….. cousin Doug (Army) will be returning to Baghdad by December
~ BonnieJ ….. cousin Josh will be going to Afghanistan with the Green Berets by the end of summer
~ OldSarge ….. a FReeper, Kentucky National Guard, is deployed to the mid-East
~ SuziQ ….. Chrissy, a West Point graduate and the daughter of friends, serving in Army Intelligence in Iraq
~ Marine_Uncle…..nephew LCpl Steven (USMC) currently in Iraq, second tour
~ StarFan….. son's friend Scott (USMC) just ended basic and will be deployed to Mid-East soon
~ Warriormom…..requesting prayers for the family of the Navy Seal in Afghanistan whose death has been confirmed
~ Warriormom….. updates prayer requests for Thomas Howes, Marc Gonsalves and Keith Stansell, CIA agents whose plane crashed in Columbia two years ago and are being held captive by the FARC according to a State Dept. briefing on June 27, 2005.
~ Kate of Spice Island ….. cousin, Kenneth, US Navy in California
~ Keith Matthew Maupin, the soldier who was taken hostage and whose whereabouts are unknown. Prayers for his well-being and for his safe release and for strength and courage for his family.
~ Scott Speicher from Desert Storm
~ shezza ….. husband in Afghanistan, brother in Germany (med-evac crew bringing wounded troops to Walter Reed), sister-in-law in Afghanistan
~ N8VTXNinWV ….. brother-in-law in Afghanistan, brother in Germany (med-evac crew bringing wounded troops to Walter Reed), sister-in-law in Afghanistan.
~ notpoliticallycorewrecked ….. Kenny (Marines) is going to Iraq in August. Please remember his mother, also … she is having a very difficult time with this.
~ pGfwabf ….. nephew Sam (Marines) leaving for Iraq in September
~ jtill ….. Bob, who is the son of her friend Bess
~ hoosierkitties ….. brother Philip is currently at Groton, CT, training for submarine duty
~ Jewels1091 ….. Ross, friend of daughter, is about to deploy to Iraq for a year (his third deployment in the War on Terror and he’s only 23!)
~ marylina ….. friend’s son, Brandon (Navy), has returned from the Middle East and is now in San Diego, awaiting Navy Seals school
~ Jen's Mom ….. daughter SPC Jennifer is in Ramadi where she is a medic
~ TexKat ….. son, SS Khevin (US Army), is currently in Iraq
~ Ladysmith ….. brother's fiance's son, Shane, is in Iraq
~ JFC ….. nephew Micah who is a Marine fighting now in Iraq.
~ Kate of Spice Island ….. Sister-in-law, Deanna, USAF stationed in Alaska
~ mrs tiggywinkle ….. cousin, Jason (Army National Guard), has deployed to Iraq for a year
~ DebWisconsin ….. nephew has graduated from his specialty training and now is in South Korea for one year.
~ reaganite ….. gr nephew, Scott (Marine), just arrived in Iraq
~ LUV W ….. son David, a Captain in the Air Force, is home from Iraq and is stationed in FL
~ Jet Jaguar (U. S. Air Force) – is home on leave after a tour of duty in Korea and is awaiting his next assignment
~ mrs tiggywinkle ….. nephew Michael, Naval intelligence, being deployed to Iraq this spring
~ SuziQ ….. nephew, Alexander, an Apache Longbow pilot, has finished his tour of duty in Afghanistan – his unit is currently in Germany
~ jlyspio ….. friend, Chris (Air Force) currently stationed near London, England
* ~ patriciaruth …..
….. * At Baghdad -- Tommy, Jeffrey, Juan, Matthew, Steve, Matt, James, Chad, Brandon
….. At Kirkuk – Timothy
….. At Irbil – Dave
….. At Ramadi – Chris
….. At Bagram, Afghanistan – Sonya
….. roaming Afghanistan - Sonya’s husband
….. At al Asad - * James
….. At Mosul - * Chris
….. heading to Fallujah ... *Jacob (Marines)
~ GOP-Pat ….. friend Chip has been in Iraq since November
* ~ MozartLover ….. son Ev (Army National Guard) is back in the mid-East after being home on leave
* ~ hoosierpearl ….. friend Robert, in Afghanistan in a particularly volatile location right now
* ~ arbee4bush ….. daughter Kristen (Freeper KB4W) has completed training and is now a loadmaster on a C-17 stationed at Charleston AFB.
* ~ Himyar ..... son, Robert (Air Guard) is in Iraq
* ~ mystery-ak ….. son Jonathan has left for Ft. Dix for intensive training and then goes to Iraq
* ~ Jemian ….. son [and Freeper] JemiansTerror has left for Ft. McCoy for extensive training before being deployed to the mid-East.
* ~ cibco ….. Warrior Nurse just deployed to South Korea
* ~ repubmom ….. son Spc Brian is deploying with the 1st Cav this fall from Ft. Hood; son, Pfc Matt is in basic training at Ft. Benning.
* ~ gatorbait ….. niece Gretchen is in the mid-East
* ~ STARWISE ….. Ryan, a Marine Sgt., returning to Iraq for his 3rd tour of duty
* ~ SoldierDad …..
….. * son, Robert (Army), stationed in Baghdad
….. * brother's son, Jeremy, will soon be in Baghdad
….. * By the end of this year Joshua, my sister's son will return for his second tour in Baghdad
….. * wife's brother, Dan, who is with the FBI, stationed in the mid-East where part of his job is questioning captured terrorists
….. * dandilion's daughter, Laura "Roxy" (USAF) is somewhere in Baghdad
* ~ Gosh I love this neighborhood ….. grandson is heading back to Iraq and his Dad (National Guard) is in Kosovo.
* ~ Lauratealeaf ….. son, Riley, and brother, Bobby, both deploying to Iraq in late September but in separate units with different missions
* ~ Ladysmith ….. nephew, Elliott, will be heading to Iraq next week
* ~ GretchenM ….. Jacob, USMC, currently at Cherry Point, N.C. with orders for Iraq in February
* RoseofTexas ….. Mike (Army Lt. Col.) has deployed to Iraq

* denotes change to the list (an addition or sometimes, thankfully, someone who has come home safely)

(Please FReepmail me with changes to the list because I may miss pings.

Also, please let me know if you would like to be on or off of the ping list for this scripture and prayer post ... it is different from, and much smaller than, the Dose Ping List. Thanks.)

120 posted on 10/01/2006 4:33:34 PM PDT by kayak (Praying for MozartLover's son, Jemian's son, all our military, and our President every day!)
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To: NordP
1) Too bad about your Vikes. I was pulling for them. I like Brad Johnson---an average QB who just wins, baby.

2) The pic makes my butt look big . . . but I went on a diet since, Pres. Bush embarrassed me so by being in such great shape.

121 posted on 10/01/2006 4:39:31 PM PDT by LS
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To: ThePythonicCow

I don't ever update my Freeper page. Heck, I'm to the point I don't even update my VITA anymore.

122 posted on 10/01/2006 4:40:21 PM PDT by LS
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To: mystery-ak; LS
Neat-o!!  !
123 posted on 10/01/2006 4:41:13 PM PDT by Salem (FREE REPUBLIC - Fighting to win within the Arena of the War of Ideas! So get in the fight!)
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To: Wolfstar

I saw a blurb from NRO stating that Woodward's new book was not doing well at all at the book festival.

124 posted on 10/01/2006 4:53:20 PM PDT by CyberAnt (Drive-By Media: Fake news, fake documents, fake polls)
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To: LS
I can understand not updating ones curriculum vitae. I haven't updated mine in 18 years. Haven't needed it.

But one's FR home page - now that's important <grin>.

125 posted on 10/01/2006 4:54:29 PM PDT by ThePythonicCow (We are but Seekers of Truth, not the Source.)
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To: Miss Marple

You know, Miss Marple, way back when Rintense started the Dose, I had the same thought. I planned to do a daily, or at least weekly, recording of just what was going on with the Democrats and what Dubya was doing for our country. I wanted it for my grandchildren. I didn't do it.

Now I hate myself.

Congratulations to you on your well-carried out plans. This country will be better off for your efforts.

126 posted on 10/01/2006 5:04:41 PM PDT by kitkat (The first step down to hell is to deny the existence of evil.)
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To: Wolfstar

Oh, what a great picture of the President and First Lady!

127 posted on 10/01/2006 5:10:32 PM PDT by SuziQ
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To: CyberAnt
I saw a blurb from NRO stating that Woodward's new book was not doing well at all at the book festival.

Good to "see" you, CA. Hope all is going as well as can be expected for you.

As for Woodward's book, it's just another one of his BS tomes. One gets very tired of the same old pontificating by the same old elites who think their word is gold and their [blank] don't smell.

I've been reading where Roger Ailes is shaking things up at Fox. In my opinion one huge mistake they've made is to hire so many of the same old talking heads we've seen all over the political shows for at least 20 years; 30 in some cases. What we need are fresh faces with fresh perspectives, not tired retreads whose world view ossified around 1970.

128 posted on 10/01/2006 5:14:37 PM PDT by Wolfstar
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To: SuziQ
Oh, what a great picture of the President and First Lady!

That one is very special. I'd love to know what the President was thinking at that moment. His expression has a touch of irony to it.

129 posted on 10/01/2006 5:16:03 PM PDT by Wolfstar
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To: Wolfstar

Loved this first picture, thanks.

130 posted on 10/01/2006 5:42:38 PM PDT by jaycee
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To: Wolfstar; ohioWfan; MJY1288; mystery-ak; snugs; NordP; silent_jonny; GretchenM; bitt; dmd25; ...


This Friday (10/6) I will be attending a luncheon fundraiser for my congresswoman, Jean Schmidt. MUCH to my delight, the fundraiser is going to feature a very special Press Secretary that we all know and love, TONY SNOW . . . which brings me to my 'action plan':

I think we should dedicate one of our DOSE threads this week to the posting of photos and the writing of uplifting/supportive comments to our President and his Press Secretary -- ohiowfan has volunteered (or maybe I volunteered her) to do so on TUESDAY (10/3). I will then print this special DOSE and, should all go well, give the document to Tony on Friday!!


Relative to our Mr. Snow, the following link features an awesome Q&A between Tony and a reporter from one of the Pittsburgh papers:


It's not President Bush.
by William Kristol
10/09/2006, Volume 012, Issue 04

"Americans face the choice between two parties with two different attitudes on this war on terror."
--George W. Bush, September 28, 2006

President Bush is right. It would be nice if he weren't. The country would be better off if there were bipartisan agreement on what is at stake in the struggle against jihadist Islam. But despite areas of consensus, there is still a fundamental difference between the parties. Bush and the Republicans know we are in a serious war. It's not the Bush administration that is in a "State of Denial" (as the new Bob Woodward book has it). It's the Democrats.

You can read the rest of the article at

another Washington Post front-page hit piece against the Bush administration. Two weeks ago, it was Rajiv Chandrasekaran's false and misleading attack on the Iraqi reconstruction effort. Last week, it was Karen De Young's one-sided report on the National Intelligence Estimate, as fed to her by anti-administration leakers.

This week, it's Bob Woodward claiming that that "secret reports countered Bush optimism" on Iraq. Woodward's piece is a joke from the opening paragraphs. There he juxtaposes President Bush's claim that "years from now people will look back on the formation of a unity government in Iraq as a decisive moment in the story of liberty" and the beginning of a retreat by the foces of terror, with an internal report predicting that 2007 would be a bloody year in Iraq. But there's no contradiction here. Bush was not making a prediction about the level of violence in Iraq in 2007; he was stating that the formation of the government signaled the beginning of the long-term demise of terrorism. This prediction may be too optimistic, but it hasn't been shown to be, nor would a prediction about the long-term that turned out to be overly optimistic prediction amount to deception.

Back Talk has more on the Woodward hit piece. I guess we can expect the Post to lead with "drive-by" attacks in the Chandrasekaran, De Young, Woodward style every Sunday until the election.

UPDATE: Mario Loyola at NRO's Corner explains why Woodward himself is guilty of deception.

Posted by Paul at 04:01 PM

Go to the original post where you will find live links to the additional sources cited above:

By David Lawder

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - President Bush has confidence in Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld, despite accusations that he botched the Iraq war and earlier efforts by top Bush aides to replace him, the White House said on Sunday.

White House counselor Dan Bartlett also said Condoleezza Rice, who served as Bush's national security adviser before becoming secretary of state, had proposed a complete change of Bush's national security team after his 2004 re-election.

This was in addition to efforts by White House Chief of Staff Andrew Card to replace Rumsfeld, as reported in a new book by Washington Post journalist Bob Woodward on Bush's handling of the war.

"The president has full confidence in Secretary Rumsfeld," Bartlett told ABC's "This Week." Rumsfeld was doing an "enormously difficult job," he added.

. . . Rumsfeld, who critics say failed to adequately plan for the Iraq war or send enough troops, remains the right person to lead it, Bartlett said. "We recognize that he has his critics, we recognize that he's made some very difficult decisions. Some people don't like his bedside manner," Bartlett said.

Bush wants Rumsfeld "to bring him the type of information he needs to make the right decisions in this war," Bartlett said.

Rumsfeld said on Sunday he would not resign and that Bush had personally called to offer support. "Oh my lord, yes," he said in response to a question on whether Bush affirmed his support.

You can read the rest of the article at;_ylt=AmvtrfFOPTg3JyRfZNtZt_yWwvIE;_ylu=X3oDMTA4NGRzMjRtBHNlYwMxNjk5

By Doro Bush Koch

I purchased my copy of this book today (at my local Borders store) -- the photos are GREAT and the content looks great as well!

131 posted on 10/01/2006 5:52:32 PM PDT by DrDeb
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To: LS

LOVE the photo . . . you don't look too bad either (ha!).

Just wanted to let you know that I purchased your latest book, "America's Victories: Why the US Wins Wars and Will Win the War on Terror" and have added it to my MUST READ stack . . . I also plan to include a copy in EVERY appreciation package I send to Afghanistan and Iraq from now until Christmas!!

132 posted on 10/01/2006 5:56:11 PM PDT by DrDeb
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To: Wolfstar

Wolf, did you happen to catch Andy Card on one of the morning talk shows speaking about his part in Woodward's book? Anyone see this? I'm interested in what other's thought about Card's comments.

133 posted on 10/01/2006 5:56:27 PM PDT by 4integrity
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To: DrDeb

Woohoo for the special Tony thread!

Thanks to you for "volunteering" ohioWfan!

Thanks to ohioWfan for agreeing!

134 posted on 10/01/2006 5:58:32 PM PDT by Dinah Lord (fighting the Islamofascist Jihad - one keystroke at a time...)
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To: DrDeb

Sending copies of LS's book in packages to Iraq/Afghanistan is a great idea, Dr. Deb! Will do so too.

135 posted on 10/01/2006 5:58:39 PM PDT by 4integrity
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To: Wolfstar; ohioWfan; snugs; All

I am on and noticed this pretty lengthy bulletin. I copied it and sent it out as an e-mail. Now I am posting it on here!
Bruce Vincent is real. contacted him and he says that this is an accurate account of his encounter with President Bush in May, 2004.

George W. Bush
Story by: Bruce Vincent
For those of us who sometimes find ourselves having doubts about our President, here is an excellent piece--- Worth every minute it takes to read it. This is from a man, Bruce Vincent, from Montana who received an award from the President. He writes:

I've written the following narrative to chronicle the day of the award ceremony in DC. I'm still working on a press release but the White House press corps has yet to provide a photo to go with it. When the photo comes I'll ship it out. When you get done reading this you'll understand the dilemma I face in telling this story beyond my circle of close friends

Stepping into the Oval Office, each of us was introduced to the President and Mrs. Bush. We shook hands and participated in small talk. When the President was told that we were from Libby, Montana, I reminded him that Marc Racicot is our native son and the President offered his warm thoughts about Governor Racicot. I have to tell you, I was blown away by two things upon entering the office.
First, the Oval Office sense of 'place' is unreal. The President later shared a story of Russian President Putin entering the room prepared to tackle the President in a tough negotiation and upon entering the atheist muttered his first words to the President and they were "Oh, my God." I concurred. I could feel the history in my bones. Second, the man that inhabits the office engaged me with a firm handshake and a look that can only be described as penetrating. Warm, alive, fully engaged, disarmingly penetrating. I was admittedly concerned about meeting the man.
I think all of us have an inner hope that the most powerful man in our country is worthy of the responsibility and authority that we bestow upon them through our vote.

I admit that part of me was afraid that I would be let down by the moment -that the person and the place could not meet the lofty expectations of my fantasy world. This says nothing about my esteem for President Bush but just my practical realization that reality may not match my 'dream.'
Once inside the office, President Bush got right down to business and, standing in front of his desk, handed out the awards one at a time while posing for photos with the winners and Mrs. Bush. With the mission accomplished, the President and Mrs. Bush relaxed and initiated a lengthy, informal conversation about a number of things with our entire small group.

He and the First Lady talked about such things as the rug in the office. It is traditionally designed by the First Lady to make a statement about the President, and Mrs. Bush chose a brilliant yellow sunburst pattern to reflect 'hope.' President Bush talked about the absolute need to believe that with hard work and faith in God there is every reason to start each day in the Oval Office with hope.
He and the First Lady were asked about the impact of the Presidency on their marriage and, with an arm casually wrapped around Laura, he said that he thought the place may be hard on weak marriages but that it had the ability to make strong marriages even stronger and that he was blessed with a strong one. After about 30 or 35 minutes, it was time to go. By then we were all relaxed and I felt as if I had just had an excellent visit with a friend.
The President and First Lady made one more pass down the line of Awardees, shaking hands and offering congratulations. When the President shook my hand I said, "thank you Mr. President and God bless you and your family." He was already in motion to the next person in line, but he stopped abruptly turned fully back to me, gave me a piercing look, renewed the vigor of his handshake and said, "Thank you - and God bless you and yours as well."

On our way out of the office we were to leave by the glass doors on the west side of the office. I was the last person in the exit line. As I shook his hand one final time, President Bush said, "I'll be sure to tell Marc hello and give him your regards." I then did something that surprised even me. I said to him, "Mr. President, I know you are a busy man and your time is precious. I also know you to be a man of strong faith and have a favor to ask you."
As he shook my hand he looked me in the eye and said, "Just name it." I told him that my step-mom was at that moment in a hospital in Kalispell, Montana, having a tumor removed from her skull and it would mean a great deal to me if he would consider adding her to his prayers that day. He grabbed me by the arm and took me back toward his desk as he said, "So that's it. I could tell that something is weighing heavy on your heart today. I could see it in your eyes. This explains it."

From the top drawer of his desk he retrieved a pen and a notecard with his seal on it and asked, "How do you spell her name?" He then jotted a note to her while discussing the importance of family and the strength of prayer. When he handed me the card, he asked about the surgery and the prognosis. I told him we were hoping that it is not a recurrence of an earlier cancer and that if it is they can get it all with this surgery.

He said, "If it's okay with you, we'll take care of the prayer right now. Would you pray with me?" I told him yes and he turned to the staff that remained in the office and hand motioned the folks to step back or leave. He said, "Bruce and I would like some private time for a prayer."

As they left he turned back to me and took my hands in his. I was prepared to do a traditional prayer stance - standing with each other with heads bowed. Instead, he reached for my head with his right hand and pulling gently forward, he placed my head on his shoulder With his left arm on my mid back, he pulled me to him in a prayerful embrace.

He started to pray softly. I started to cry. He continued his prayer for Loretta and for God's perfect will to be done. I cried some more. My body shook a bit as I cried and he just held tighter. He closed by asking God's blessing on Loretta and the family during the coming months. I stepped away from our embrace, wiped my eyes, swiped at the tears I'd left on his shoulder, and looked into the eyes of our president.
I thanked him as best I could and told him that me and my family would continue praying for he and his. As I write this account down and reflect upon what it means, I have to tell you that all I really know is that his simple act left me humbled and believing. I so hoped that the man I thought him to be was the man that he is. I know that our nation needs a man such as this in the Oval Office.

George W. Bush is the real deal. I've read Internet stories about the President praying with troops in hospitals and other such uplifting accounts. Each time I read them I hope them to be true and not an Internet perpetuated myth. This one, I know to be true. I was there. He is real. He has a pile of incredible stuff on his plate each day - and yet he is tuned in so well to the here and now that he 'sensed' something heavy on my heart.

He took time out of his life to care, to share, and to seek God's blessing for my family in a simple man-to-man, father-to-father, son-to-son, husband-to-husband, Christian-to-Christian prayerful embrace. He's not what I had hoped he would be. He is, in fact, so very, very much more.

If you decide to forward this story...please do not add to it. Let his encounter stand as he wrote it.

136 posted on 10/01/2006 6:00:40 PM PDT by jlyspio ((JESUS LOVES YOU SO PASS IT ON! John 14:6 I LOVE BARNEY BUSH!)
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To: dmd25

Thank you for sharing your experience at the Michael W Smith concert . . . He's one of my favorites!

FYI: 'W' performed the 'flag' song at the Republican National Convention in 2004 -- the same evening that our 'Dubya' gave his acceptance speech. [I have the performance on DVD -- it was AWESOME!]

137 posted on 10/01/2006 6:01:29 PM PDT by DrDeb
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To: DrDeb

Wow. Thanks very much. I'm working on additions and new material for the paperback ed due out next May. (BTW, note the copy of "America's Victories" on the President's desk!)

138 posted on 10/01/2006 6:03:06 PM PDT by LS
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To: DrDeb

You know I am thrilled to have a special TS thread!!! Thank you Ohio. I am also thrilled that you get to go to the luncheon, Deb. We want a full report! :) Thanks for your work, as always.

Also, check my post, #88, for what I think is a cool GWB story.

139 posted on 10/01/2006 6:03:23 PM PDT by dmd25
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To: 4integrity
You know, every time I see a soldier in an airport---and if it's not intruding or too embarrassing for the person---I go up and shake his or her hand and thank them. I'd give them each a book, but soon would be on the street with the Katrina victims. So I give them a card and tell them, "This book is about YOU."

I've even had some write me back and tell me how grateful they were for people to stand up for them back home.

140 posted on 10/01/2006 6:04:41 PM PDT by LS
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To: hsalaw
Isn't it a GREAT book??? AND...I got to meet Gen. Franks at a book signing! He was soooo nice. I went with my brother, who was an 101st Airborne Ranger. He was in line before me. He mentioned some numbers to Gen. Franks, as he was signing his book, and Gen. Franks looked up at him, smiled and said, "AIRBORNE!" I've never seen my brother beam like that before. It really made him feel good. Then, I came next and said, "I'm Airborne's sister ;-)" and gave him a t-shirt my husband and I had made (we made hundred or so of them, and sweatshirts, caps and mousepads with "I PLEDGE ALLEGIANCE." (we were so sick of the "blame America first" crowds, that we wanted to do something patriotic and sell them) I gave one of the t-shirts to Gen. Franks and he looked up at me...a bit puzzled. Then, I said, "This is for liberated 50 million people...this is all I have to thank you." I told him that I realized the enormity of that task, and wanted to thank him. He said, "Stop it'll get me all choked up." He teared up just a bit. THEN...his "guy" that was standing near him for this whole thing, gave me the pen Gen. Franks signed my book with. It was wonderful. I felt like I shook the hand of goodness that day. It was a remarkable experience. It's a great book, too. I'm glad you got it.
141 posted on 10/01/2006 6:05:26 PM PDT by NordP (America: There are more Patriots than Punks!)
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To: DrDeb

Oops! Didn't see your post. :) I don't remember seeing MWS at the convention. I imagine that brought the house down. It is a powerful song--especially with the video.

142 posted on 10/01/2006 6:06:50 PM PDT by dmd25
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To: onyx

Does anyone know exactly where this is in the WH?

143 posted on 10/01/2006 6:07:55 PM PDT by SnarlinCubBear (Never cross a Dragon, for you are crunchy and taste delicious!)
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To: LS

When I encounter a soldier, I, too will say thank you for your service. Sometimes, though, I wonder if it sounds trite to them and I pray they know how sincere the words are. I am so grateful to our military men and women AND their families. I wish many many more Americans would outwardly 'show' their appreciation of our troops.
God bless you for what you do!

144 posted on 10/01/2006 6:16:42 PM PDT by 4integrity
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To: LS
Thank you so much for mentioning that, LS...I grieve. Thank goodness I'm not a SuperFan, like I was before Cris Carter retired.... It would have ruined my day, then. ;-)

I really like Bradley too. That's what I call him. Quick Story: A friend of mine was at the Super bowl one year, and when he finished interviewing Brad Johnson, he told him that there was a coworker of his that was a HUGE Viking Fan...Brad immediately said my name. I was soooooo excited. I walked around all day on cloud 9. Brad Johnson knew MY name!!!!! It was such an experience.

He's a GREAT quarterback...he's being paid a pittance, and he's playing so hard because he loves the game. That's MY kind of player!

(P.S. Notice how "Randy Moss" is doing his usual "best" for Oakland - ha ha ha ....HAVE HIM!--and his ego!)?font size>

Thanks again for sharing your pic, and kind words!


145 posted on 10/01/2006 6:31:56 PM PDT by NordP (America: There are more Patriots than Punks!)
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To: LS
We do too, LS. It's such a rewarding feeling to tell them. They are all making the World a better place.

I tell them that I look forward to reading about them in the history books--having changed the World for the better. Plant those seeds of Freedom and Democracy!!! The mission is noble and the cause is just.

146 posted on 10/01/2006 6:37:33 PM PDT by NordP (America: There are more Patriots than Punks!)
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To: dmd25

I saw that when he sang it at the RNC convention in 2004. It's a really great song.

147 posted on 10/01/2006 6:44:10 PM PDT by ilovew (I love being a DoD intern...)
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To: All

I'm off to help my daughter with her homework (teenagers are ALWAYS last minute)!

Until tomorrow night . . .

148 posted on 10/01/2006 6:44:57 PM PDT by DrDeb
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To: Wolfstar

Lots of great pics of B-Day dog Barney!
My fave is the one where he's looking out the window!
& the most humorous one to me, is the one
in the elevator
Thanks for posting Sunday Dose!

149 posted on 10/01/2006 7:03:29 PM PDT by Majie Purple
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To: onyx

Congratulations on getting Sunday's Toaster!

150 posted on 10/01/2006 7:05:02 PM PDT by Majie Purple
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