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TO THE DOSE COMMUNITY: Common Tator, one of FR's long-time bright lights, was in an auto accident as a result of suffering a seizure. He has been diagnosed with a brain tumor, the cause of his seizure. His last post was Sept. 25, and FReepers close to him have only just found out about what happened. Here is a link to the prayer and best-wishes thread for Common Tator: focus/f-news/1711690/posts?page=19#1

Thanks, mystery-ak for bring this sad news to my attention so I could post it on today's Dose.

1 posted on 10/01/2006 2:32:58 PM PDT by Wolfstar
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To: Wolfstar


2 posted on 10/01/2006 2:33:15 PM PDT by onyx (We have two political parties: the American Party and the Anti-American Party.)
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To: Wolfstar


3 posted on 10/01/2006 2:33:21 PM PDT by ThreePuttinDude ()...Hey Libs........NO FITZMAS FOR YOU.....()
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To: Wolfstar


4 posted on 10/01/2006 2:33:25 PM PDT by ThePythonicCow (We are but Seekers of Truth, not the Source.)
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To: Wolfstar
PHOTO OF THE DAY: I really like this photo, so even though it was taken Friday night as the President and Mrs. Bush attended the annual National Book Festival gala at the Library of Congress, I'm making it today's photo of the day.

5 posted on 10/01/2006 2:33:34 PM PDT by Wolfstar
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To: Wolfstar


6 posted on 10/01/2006 2:34:15 PM PDT by Cicero (Marcus Tullius)
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To: Wolfstar

Good afternoon. How are you?

11 posted on 10/01/2006 2:35:49 PM PDT by MamaB (mom to an Angel)
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To: Wolfstar; All

That my fav cartoon beside Saddam one LOLOL

My prayers goes out to Tator

34 posted on 10/01/2006 2:45:53 PM PDT by SevenofNine ("Step aside Jez"=Det Lennie Briscoe)
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To: Wolfstar
I also saw the Common Tator thread. Very sad and am praying for his recovery. Thanks for the dose as always.
39 posted on 10/01/2006 2:48:54 PM PDT by ladyinred
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To: Wolfstar; 3D-JOY; admiralsn; altura; anniegetyourgun; azGOPgal; Bama Tom; Betteboop; ...

Psalm 18

 1 I love you, O LORD, my strength.

 2 The LORD is my rock, my fortress and my deliverer;
       my God is my rock, in whom I take refuge.
       He is my shield and the horn of my salvation, my stronghold.

 3 I call to the LORD, who is worthy of praise,
       and I am saved from my enemies.

Please remember the following members of the military and their families/friends in prayer:

~ azGOPgal’s friend’s friend, Jeremy who is in the 10th Mountain Division
~ FresnoArmyBrat ….. a cousin
~ Jim Robinson ….. two nephews
~ tinacart ….. best friend's son, Cody - 4th Infantry
~ bigghurtt ….. 5 years in the Army, soon-to-be Special Forces
~ JulieRNR21 ..... friend Betty's grandson, Matt, in US Army
~ ladyinred ….. Josh, newly deployed to Iraq
….. Also, Josh's sister Pamela
….. their mother now has 2 children over there and one who has just returned home
~ ntnychik ….. the members of the 10th Mountain Division (which will be in Iraq for the long haul) and their families
~ Pan_Yan & Pan_Yans Wife ….. friend, Mike, stateside now but expects to go back to Iraq in late winter
~ hoosier_RW_conspirator ….. son Jake
~ Jaguar Girl ….. nephew Jimmy is serving in the Air Force
~ Kewlhand Tek, a FReeper, is currently serving in Iraq
~ St.Mark ….. nephew, somewhere between Syria and Fallujha (Marines); and son, in Twentynine Palms CA in training (Marines)
~ savagesusie ….. son Cory is in Afghanistan
~ Militiaman7 ..... son, Jonathan, who is a FReeper, is in Afghanistan with the Virginia Army National Guard.
~ jonsie ….. son Ryan has been in Iraq as a medic with 1st Cav since Sept. 2003, he is now guarding the green zone
~ elder5 ….. brother-in-law W0-2 Brian F., Army Reserve Chopper pilot, on his 2nd tour in Iraq
~ Kate of Spice Island ….. son has been sworn in as a Marine Reserve in the delayed entry program as he finishes up high school
~ Don'tMessWithTexas ….. 2 brothers-in-law in the service
….. … a Lt.Cmdr in US Navy deployed in Guam
….. … a Major in US Army deployed in the Sunni Triangle outside Baghdad.
~ Texas Princess ….. nephew Roland, (Air Force), currently stationed in Korea
~ an anonymous FReeper ….. son, Stephen (Army), in Baghdad
~ Kentucky ….. has a request for prayer from a Marine Mom whose son, Ramsey, is in Iraq
~ snowtigger ….. Peter, 1/24 INF (he drives a Stryker armored vehicle) ….. just shipped out to Mosul
~ homemom ….. Kelsey, a young lady now serving in Iraq
~ mamaduck ….. cousin, Carl, is a Sargeant Major stationed in FL right now and will deployed to Iraq after the new year
…..niece, Melissa, is in the AirForce, currently stationed in GA
~ Blue Scourge ….. a Freeper (Air Force), leaving for basic training
~ Collier ….. friend, Jim, father of 3 girls....Iowa National Guard, currently in Afghanistan
~ Severa ….. husband, Jason (FR screen name Hostel), USN P-3 Aircraft Mechanic
….. ….. brother Wes, USAF First Lieutenant
….. ….. Jason's cousin David, 101st Airborne
~ MontanaCowgirlCop ….. brother Ted, who is an 18-year-old Marine medic overseas right now
~ FReeper MikeinIraq
~ nelibeli ….. nephew Tres (Army), is serving his 2nd deployment to Iraq (he volunteered to go back!)
~ pGfwabf ….. son Mark (Marines) has been assigned state-side duty after graduating from boot camp.
~ It's_me_K.E.T. ….. son, Brian (U.S. Army), deployed March 6 to Iraq for 13 months.
~ FreedomHasACost ….. brother Ted (Marines) is in the Middle East
~ hoosier_RW_conspirator ….. son, Jake (Army) deployed to Afghanistan
~ hoosier_RW_conspirator ….. friend's son, Danny (Army) awaiting deployment for 2nd tour in Iraq
~ jch10 ….. son, Maury, US Army, who is in Qatar, soon to be in South Korea before returning home
~ GVgirl ….. son Nathan, active duty, California National Guard
~ herewego ….. brother-in-law Robert has just left for Iraq
~ FReeper stompk has re-enlisted, this time in the Army Reserves after serving active duty in the past in the Navy, and hopes to be serving in the War on Terror soon as a medic
~ jtill ….. Vic, Youth Minister at her church, will be leaving for Iraq for one year
~ BUSHdude2000 ….. brother currently stationed at Fort Drum, NY, will be going to Iraq in August
~ TruthNtegrity ….. Friend from church has returned from the mid-East. Retired Navy pilot hubby trying to get his wife to retire but she is committed to helping the military in her field of expertise and wants 2 more years to support the WoT.
~ Prophet in the wilderness ….. nephew (Marines) has returned home from Iraq but has shipped out elsewhere.
~ ntnychik ….. friend's son, Erik, an Army Ranger, on second tour in Iraq
~ from hoosiermama …
….. … George, in Iraq
….. … Bill was home but is heading back to Iraq
….. … Dan, our teacher, is still working stateside and his son has been accepted to one of the Military academies (West Point I think).
….. … Brad is doing his second tour in Iraq
….. … Tre, from work, has reinlisted and is currently working stateside.
~ PhiKapMom’s daughter, Jennifer, U. S. Navy; Jennifer’s husband, Tyler, U.S. Navy – both currently deployed
~ Happy2BMe ….. son Aaron has returned safely from Iraq (having been awarded a Bronze Star), though quite a few from his Arkansas National Guard unit made the ultimate sacrifice. Prayers for their families.
~ CyberAnt ….. nephew Jody (USMC) … awaiting deployment orders
~ Sea2ShiningSea … Chad, her “adopted” soldier
~ Marysecretary ….. Jerry, a dear friend's only son, is going to Iraq
~ RoseofTexas ….. Richard from Texas left for Iraq this past Feb.
~ Reagan79 ….. brother, Chris, a Marine Reservist from MS, is in Iraq
~ JulieRNR21 ….. a friend's grandson, Wesley in the USAF, is in Iraq
~ Slip18 ….. nephew, Allen (USMC), is expecting to soon be deployed for his fourth tour of duty in the mid-East
~ TruthNtegrity ….. cousin's son, Andy, is a Firstie (senior) at the US Navy Academy, and passed Phase 1 of qualifying for pilot training.
~ BonnieJ ….. cousin Doug (Army) will be returning to Baghdad by December
~ BonnieJ ….. cousin Josh will be going to Afghanistan with the Green Berets by the end of summer
~ OldSarge ….. a FReeper, Kentucky National Guard, is deployed to the mid-East
~ SuziQ ….. Chrissy, a West Point graduate and the daughter of friends, serving in Army Intelligence in Iraq
~ Marine_Uncle…..nephew LCpl Steven (USMC) currently in Iraq, second tour
~ StarFan….. son's friend Scott (USMC) just ended basic and will be deployed to Mid-East soon
~ Warriormom…..requesting prayers for the family of the Navy Seal in Afghanistan whose death has been confirmed
~ Warriormom….. updates prayer requests for Thomas Howes, Marc Gonsalves and Keith Stansell, CIA agents whose plane crashed in Columbia two years ago and are being held captive by the FARC according to a State Dept. briefing on June 27, 2005.
~ Kate of Spice Island ….. cousin, Kenneth, US Navy in California
~ Keith Matthew Maupin, the soldier who was taken hostage and whose whereabouts are unknown. Prayers for his well-being and for his safe release and for strength and courage for his family.
~ Scott Speicher from Desert Storm
~ shezza ….. husband in Afghanistan, brother in Germany (med-evac crew bringing wounded troops to Walter Reed), sister-in-law in Afghanistan
~ N8VTXNinWV ….. brother-in-law in Afghanistan, brother in Germany (med-evac crew bringing wounded troops to Walter Reed), sister-in-law in Afghanistan.
~ notpoliticallycorewrecked ….. Kenny (Marines) is going to Iraq in August. Please remember his mother, also … she is having a very difficult time with this.
~ pGfwabf ….. nephew Sam (Marines) leaving for Iraq in September
~ jtill ….. Bob, who is the son of her friend Bess
~ hoosierkitties ….. brother Philip is currently at Groton, CT, training for submarine duty
~ Jewels1091 ….. Ross, friend of daughter, is about to deploy to Iraq for a year (his third deployment in the War on Terror and he’s only 23!)
~ marylina ….. friend’s son, Brandon (Navy), has returned from the Middle East and is now in San Diego, awaiting Navy Seals school
~ Jen's Mom ….. daughter SPC Jennifer is in Ramadi where she is a medic
~ TexKat ….. son, SS Khevin (US Army), is currently in Iraq
~ Ladysmith ….. brother's fiance's son, Shane, is in Iraq
~ JFC ….. nephew Micah who is a Marine fighting now in Iraq.
~ Kate of Spice Island ….. Sister-in-law, Deanna, USAF stationed in Alaska
~ mrs tiggywinkle ….. cousin, Jason (Army National Guard), has deployed to Iraq for a year
~ DebWisconsin ….. nephew has graduated from his specialty training and now is in South Korea for one year.
~ reaganite ….. gr nephew, Scott (Marine), just arrived in Iraq
~ LUV W ….. son David, a Captain in the Air Force, is home from Iraq and is stationed in FL
~ Jet Jaguar (U. S. Air Force) – is home on leave after a tour of duty in Korea and is awaiting his next assignment
~ mrs tiggywinkle ….. nephew Michael, Naval intelligence, being deployed to Iraq this spring
~ SuziQ ….. nephew, Alexander, an Apache Longbow pilot, has finished his tour of duty in Afghanistan – his unit is currently in Germany
~ jlyspio ….. friend, Chris (Air Force) currently stationed near London, England
* ~ patriciaruth …..
….. * At Baghdad -- Tommy, Jeffrey, Juan, Matthew, Steve, Matt, James, Chad, Brandon
….. At Kirkuk – Timothy
….. At Irbil – Dave
….. At Ramadi – Chris
….. At Bagram, Afghanistan – Sonya
….. roaming Afghanistan - Sonya’s husband
….. At al Asad - * James
….. At Mosul - * Chris
….. heading to Fallujah ... *Jacob (Marines)
~ GOP-Pat ….. friend Chip has been in Iraq since November
* ~ MozartLover ….. son Ev (Army National Guard) is back in the mid-East after being home on leave
* ~ hoosierpearl ….. friend Robert, in Afghanistan in a particularly volatile location right now
* ~ arbee4bush ….. daughter Kristen (Freeper KB4W) has completed training and is now a loadmaster on a C-17 stationed at Charleston AFB.
* ~ Himyar ..... son, Robert (Air Guard) is in Iraq
* ~ mystery-ak ….. son Jonathan has left for Ft. Dix for intensive training and then goes to Iraq
* ~ Jemian ….. son [and Freeper] JemiansTerror has left for Ft. McCoy for extensive training before being deployed to the mid-East.
* ~ cibco ….. Warrior Nurse just deployed to South Korea
* ~ repubmom ….. son Spc Brian is deploying with the 1st Cav this fall from Ft. Hood; son, Pfc Matt is in basic training at Ft. Benning.
* ~ gatorbait ….. niece Gretchen is in the mid-East
* ~ STARWISE ….. Ryan, a Marine Sgt., returning to Iraq for his 3rd tour of duty
* ~ SoldierDad …..
….. * son, Robert (Army), stationed in Baghdad
….. * brother's son, Jeremy, will soon be in Baghdad
….. * By the end of this year Joshua, my sister's son will return for his second tour in Baghdad
….. * wife's brother, Dan, who is with the FBI, stationed in the mid-East where part of his job is questioning captured terrorists
….. * dandilion's daughter, Laura "Roxy" (USAF) is somewhere in Baghdad
* ~ Gosh I love this neighborhood ….. grandson is heading back to Iraq and his Dad (National Guard) is in Kosovo.
* ~ Lauratealeaf ….. son, Riley, and brother, Bobby, both deploying to Iraq in late September but in separate units with different missions
* ~ Ladysmith ….. nephew, Elliott, will be heading to Iraq next week
* ~ GretchenM ….. Jacob, USMC, currently at Cherry Point, N.C. with orders for Iraq in February
* RoseofTexas ….. Mike (Army Lt. Col.) has deployed to Iraq

* denotes change to the list (an addition or sometimes, thankfully, someone who has come home safely)

(Please FReepmail me with changes to the list because I may miss pings.

Also, please let me know if you would like to be on or off of the ping list for this scripture and prayer post ... it is different from, and much smaller than, the Dose Ping List. Thanks.)

120 posted on 10/01/2006 4:33:34 PM PDT by kayak (Praying for MozartLover's son, Jemian's son, all our military, and our President every day!)
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To: Wolfstar

I saw a blurb from NRO stating that Woodward's new book was not doing well at all at the book festival.

124 posted on 10/01/2006 4:53:20 PM PDT by CyberAnt (Drive-By Media: Fake news, fake documents, fake polls)
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To: Wolfstar

Loved this first picture, thanks.

130 posted on 10/01/2006 5:42:38 PM PDT by jaycee
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To: Wolfstar; mystery-ak; GretchenM
Thanks for the info and thanks Gretchen for advising the good news of the update on commontator.
157 posted on 10/01/2006 7:48:21 PM PDT by snugs ((An English Cheney Chick - BIG TIME))
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