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To: Firefigher NC

They will only attack if Republicans maintain control of the House and Senate. ;)

8 posted on 10/16/2006 8:19:43 PM PDT by sageb1 (This is the Final Crusade. There are only 2 sides. Pick one.)
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To: All

my post concerning this in the other thread

here is my take on Paul Williams from the exact same story almost a month ago

Whomever asked is this a reliable source, NO, Paul Willaims, and Joseph Farah have been saying this for almost all annual holidays, every ramadan, every hiroshima and nagasaki anniversary since 9/11. These people are sensationalists. If this information was so dire, people like ryan mauro and Farah wouldnt be charging 100 bucks a year for their intelligence news letters.

the threat is real however the entire 7-10 city thing has been around since 2002 when a fake email went around saying that they were going to do this.
im not saying this shouldnt be our number 1 concern and everything should be done for it to be stopped.

i dont like how Farah and the people he is associated with continaully taking comments by people like Chertoff, Cheney, Bush ect about the biggest threat facing America are terrorists with a WMD and then using them to make it sound like its something only the people very high up in the CIA/ NSA/ FBI know.

Williams has a terrible EGO problem, he wrote at WND, i called senator specters office to cut through the red tape and introduced myself as a award winning journalist and former FBI consultant.
He also claims to know where Jafar the pilot is yet the FBI wont listen to him, (umm right). I also wonder why some sites refer to him as a doctor while others do not.

Paul Williams has a new book to pimp and its not doing well at all, its ranked over 49000 on Barnes and Noble, over 34000 on Amazon. it is also published by none other than Joseph Farahs WND. Put a bunch of sensationalist scaremongers together and you will get scary stuff.

Here is what is in my opinon of him trying to sell books through WND (this is just one example to save space but he pimps his book in every article)

"The couple became more convinced that the figure in question was the elusive terrorist after reading "The Al Qaeda Connection" by Paul L. Williams, a WND contributor and former FBI consultant"

He takes things out of context to make things look worse that they might actually be. this article is a perfect example of that. notice how this Abu Dawood says DC and NYC but williams says 7-10 cities. Notice how Mir says, dangerous materials which could be nothing more than explosives while Williams goes 7-10 suitcase bombs. he also contradicts himself and ive heard for myself Willaims adding cities and not mentioning other cities durning different radio broadcasts. Here is another example in a previous WND article (go figure) he says Tenet told bush that suitcase nukes have been smuggled across the border, he however never goes on to say that the informant was wrong in his information.

How Scary is this without the added information in the next part

"tenet told bush that multiple suitcase nukes have been smuggled across the border, bush blew up and ordered multiple underground bunkers to be built instead of securing the borders" (Its funny that the bunkers have been there since before Kennedy was in office)

Now how scary is the last comment with the new information

tenet told bush that multiple suitcase nukes have been smuggled across the border, The informant dragonfire reported a weapon had made it across the border and headed to NYC. After 2 weeks the report was found to be false and no weapons were found. make no mistake about it, Delta force, NERT, all were looking for this device.

The comment he used is now less scary because he made it sound like weapons are here while the new information he didnt add says they knew and looked and nothing was found.

Willaims and Dastych also claim that Bin Laden tested a all out suitcase nukes in Afghanistan and NO ONE ever found out. this isint a so called dirty bomb like Mir says, Williams takes his own spin and says a all out nuke.

Mir telling Mauro it was a dirty bomb

Willaims and Dastych saying it was a Nuclear weapon

Williams also claimed to be beat up by the chechyen mob on one radio station and then on another it was the sicilians or another group. Why does that sound fishy to me? In another radio show he stutters and you cant make out who atacked him. he also claims that a senator (or some US offical) was there

Williams claims in his new book that OBL has 88, eighty eight nukes, 68 suitcase and 20 warheads. he may very well have them but even the morons at the MSM would pick that up. Another claim he makes is that he started his collection in 1992, it must have been a real pain in the arse to move 68, 80-160 pound cases along with nuclear warheads when the bombs started to fall back in 2001. i also dont understand that if they had nukes since 1992, a full 9 years before 9/11, why they were using aircraft for attacks instead of those weapons.

i remember reading in another thread that the guy sounds very sincere and made it sound urgent. There are 2 possible anwsers, 1, he is telling the truth, 2, he is trying to sell his book. I have listened to a a few shows with him on it and he stutters a lot. that could be a problem he has or could be a sign of lying. For those who think he sounds sincence, if you grew up in the big city, you will know people will make everything sound real when they want your money.

Here are links for all those who are scared about the risk of suitcase weapons.

now for those who say its info i dont want to hear so i deny it. that is simply not true however i would (as have i) take a closer look into the people who are saying these things over and over, remember this isint the first time, nor the 2nd or 3rd time that Williams and Farah have brought up this information. They are helping people become complacent to a very real threat that needs to be taken seriously, crying wolf dosent help in that.

please take this into consideration also

1, as i have pointed out, Williams has a book out which is a flop

2, This new article which is EXACTLY the same outside the first paragraph has a new author and another was taken off, Williams and Dastych wrote this the first time and now Dastych is gone and Jeffrey Epstein is in. Why oh why would they do such a thing, OH WAIT

3, the reason they added Epstein is simple, they have a conference to pimp. Its 109 bucks per person for Friday night and 150 per person for Saturday, thats 259 bucks for the 2 days

lets pray it never happens

11 posted on 10/16/2006 8:22:22 PM PDT by oldstyle81
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