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To: Hoplite; Bokababe; joan; montyspython; DTA; getoffmylawn; ma bell; Beckwith; ...

"Were the K-Albanians ethnically cleansing the Serbs as part of a government directed pogrom, complete with police and army planning and involvement in criminal behavior? No, they weren't."

"B..S..." !!!!! Yes they were...Ramush was in charge of the Albanian Parmilitaries, mainly the "Black Eagles"..they murdered, intimidated, and cleaned out villages by murdering at least one or two, in one case an old couple in one village....thus the rest moved out the next few days. The government did direct these actions but not overtly. It was done covertly while attending functions at the American Consulate. It doesn't have to be complete, it was done covertly and all the while denying or downplaying it. You are not getting away with this one......

The KLA continued to cleanse the Serbs from 1999 to 30 October 2006 and will continue.......with direction and planning. It doesn't matter what conditions you set, cleansing is cleansing. Now, it was confirmed by investigators that there were no rape camps, ethnic cleansing, or genocide by Milosevic. His paramilitaries got out of hand, they did murder POW's, but the rest was fabricated. The Muslims murdered POW's, raped and murdered innocent Serbs, burned their houses.....and continued from Bosnia in the early 90's to Kosovo, to date, to include killing Serbs in Presevo valley trying to provoke the Serbs in Serbia and the Macedonians in Macedonia.....but it failed. These are the facts........

"Hoe"-lite, (clever use of a word, you think) have been lying to these posters since the early 2000''s amazing. Oh by the way....I was working on your little WWII need to know, and got distracted...with the following...interesting bit of trivia....

Relative to this posting.......since we are talking about interesting connections and links.....

Apple doesn't fall to far from the tree.......

Check out what little bit of trivia I discovered after pouring over my files.........:)

Quote from a report:

Kosovo Wiping the Slate Clean for Some Dirty Work Ahead
by Christopher Deliso February 1, 2006

“Another old hand from the Kosovo bombing, former NATO Secretary-General Javier Solana, will necessarily play a crucial role in his current incarnation as the EU's foreign policy chief. He has dispatched a senior adviser, Stefan Lehne, as the Euro-envoy. And the Americans are sending for their envoy one Frank Wisner, a former Pentagon official, ambassador to India (among other countries), and old Enron man with a reputation for driving a hard bargain, but no apparent connections to the Balkans. Last week this "seasoned diplomat," as Condoleezza Rice described him, said that the U.S. was "deeply committed to the negotiations that lie ahead and their rapid conclusion." We all know that there is only one conclusion that can be reached "rapidly": independence.”

“It looks like Wisner had a behind the scenes role in the Balkans for years. Scroll to: Holbrooke's Best Friend to be the US Special Envoy for Kosovo Status Talks:
Former US Ambassador turned businessman Frank Wisner is said to have been selected to become Washington 's envoy in the Kosovo status negotiations, the Belgrade media reported on a Reuters news item. The news agency commented that, through this appointment, the US are demonstrating the wish to give encouragement to the negotiations and get the job done in the right way. Wisner, who served in India, the Philippines, Egypt, and Zambia, is accused by his critics for having worked for the CIA all that time, and for having promoted the interests of the former powerful energy company Enron."

Enron-CIA scandal about that Dabhol plant when Wisner was US ambassador to India. The Power Elite: Enron and Frank Wisner: A Wisner staffer told InterPress Services that "if anybody asked the CIA to help promote US business in India, it was probably Frank." Greater Albania is a major US strategic aim to safeguard the route of the Albania-Macedonia-Bulgaria Oil pipeline [AMBO] and to ensure US regional hegemony. In January 1997, Edward Ferguson, "Director of Oil & Gas Development in Brown & Root, was appointed President & CEO of AMBO." Halliburton's Brown & Root also built Camp Bondsteel, which is "strategically placed near the Kosovo-Macedonia border, giving it easy access southwards. So easy, in fact, that the KLA [Kosovo Liberation Army] used it for their subsequent incursions into Macedonia - unhindered." The CIA's William Walker & Carlyle Group's Frank Carlucci are on the board of advisors of the Alliance for a New Kosovo, which is doing the PR work for Kosovo "independence."

now we have this report:

"Frank Wisner, Jr. was a big catch for Enron Corporation. His lineage is
impeccable, since his father, Frank Wisner Sr., was a senior CIA official
(from 1947 until his suicide in 1965) who was involved in the overthrow
of Arbenz of Guatemala (1954) and Mossadeq of Iran (1953). Wisner Junior
was well-known in the CIA and he worked as Under Secretary of Defense for
Policy and Under Secretary of State for International Security Affairs;
his current boss, Kenneth Lay, Chief Executive Officer of Enron Corporation,
also worked for the Pentagon during the US war in Vietnam . With "economic
espionage" as a task for the CIA (see PD, 12 October 1997), there is little
doubt that Wisner used this instrument during his long-tenure as Ambassador
in Asian nations. A Wisner staffer told InterPress Services this year that
"ifanybody asked the CIA to help promote US business in India , it was
probably Frank".

Impeccable??????? who's kidding who......when we find this little gem...and something the msm
fails to mention about his father and just a little bit of a connection to " finishing what his father was involved in decades before....and greater Albania failed then.

The CIA and Greater Albania: The Origins of the US Role in the Balkans
By Carl K. Savich

"The US even sent aid and weapons to a Communist country. Following the 1948 split between Joseph Stalin and Josip Broz Tito, the Yugoslav government requested through CIA channels that the US provide arms to Yugoslavia , fearing an invasion by the USSR . Frank Lindsay, the Office of Policy Co-ordination (OPC) deputy to Frank Wisner, recalled: “Tito was the man for the West to back… We sent him five shiploads of weapons.”
The US and UK were also determined to keep the Communist guerrillas in Greece from taking power. Operation Valuable/Fiend was also a diversionary operation meant to deny bases for Greek Communist insurgents and to divert Soviet or Communist resources away from Greece .

Operation Valuable/Fiend

British foreign secretary Ernest Bevin approved the MI6 operation to overthrow the Hoxha regime in February, 1949. The chief of MI6, Stewart Menzies, was not enthusiastic about the paramilitary operation but saw it as a way to appease the former SOE “stinks and bangs people.” The Albanian regime change was a rollback operation meant to “detach” Albania , a “captive nation”, from the Soviet bloc. Strategically, the UK and US objective was to establish a strategic presence on the Balkan peninsula . The British wanted the US to finance the operation and to provide bases. Senior British intelligence officer William Hayter, who chaired the Joint Intelligence Committee (JIC), came to Washington in March with a group of Secret Intelligence Service (SIS) members and Foreign Office staff that included Gladwyn Jebb, Earl Jellicoe, and Peter Dwyer of MI6 and a Balkans specialist. They met with Robert Joyce of the US State Department’s Policy and Planning Staff (PPS) and Frank Wisner, who was the head of the Office of Policy Co-ordination (OPC), which was administered by the CIA. Wisner had been an attorney who had represented the financial interests of wealthy Albanian refugees who had been members of the Nazi-fascist collaborative group, the Balli Kombetar. So there had also been a monetary connection between US intelligence and the former Nazi/fascist Albanian Balli Kombetar members.

The strategic goal was to establish a foothold on the Balkan peninsula . Before this could occur, the Soviet-backed Hoxha regime had to be overthrown. According to Wisner, the Albanian operation was to be “a clinical experiment to see whether larger rollback operations would be feasible elsewhere.” Amery revealed that the British planned to recruit Balli Kombetar insurgents in the regime change against the Hoxha government. He outlined his plans for the proposed operation to the military commander of the Balli Kombetar, Abas Ermenji.
On May 20, 1949, Harold Perkins, the director of the Special Operations Branch, Neil McLean and Ermenji flew to Rome to meet with Midhat Frasheri, the wartime leader and founder of the Nazi/fascist Balli Kombetar, to discuss the operation. Frasheri was supportive of the operation. Amery believed that “clandestine operations directed at Hoxha would lead to a major uprising” the success of which would “depend on the million odd Albanians living in the Yugoslav Kosovo region.” So Kosovo was always crucial to the planners and organizers of Operation Valuable/Fiend.

By 1952, the CIA had taken over all the intelligence operations of the British in the Balkans. On July 23, 1951, the US air dropped 12 commandos in Albania . Six were killed immediately, four were surrounded and burned to death in a house, and two were captured. The operation was a complete disaster. Abas Ermenji did not want to witness any more of his Balli Kombetar followers to take “another tumble through the meat grinder” and so discouraged any more missions. Wisner, nevertheless, sought to continue the pixie incursions, having the support of CIA Deputy Director Allen Dulles. The CIA airdropped Hamit Matjani, the Tiger, in 1952, who was killed during this operation, his 16th mission. Dulles stated: “At least we’re getting the experience we need for the next war.”

Up to 200 agents would be killed during the operation with an estimated additional several thousand Albanian civilians killed in reprisal. Abas Ermenji stated: “Our ‘allies’ wanted to make use of Albania as a guinea-pig, without caring about the human losses, for an absurd enterprise that was condemned to failure.” Halil Nerguti stated: “We were used as an experiment. We were a small part of a big game, pawns that could be sacrificed.” There is no question that the CIA and MI6 used the operation as a small-scale exercise in regime change. The stakes were small. Failure would not be noticed. John H. Richardson, the CIA Director of the South-East Division, terminated Operation Fiend and by 1954 the Company 400 was disbanded and the training facilities in Heidelberg , Germany shut down, as well as the CIA base on the Greek island. The remaining Albanians were resettled in the US , UK , and the Commonwealth countries.

13 posted on 10/30/2006 1:21:13 AM PST by tgambill (I would like to comment.....)
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To: tgambill
No, you've got it all wrong! It's quite simple really: Serbs bad, bad, bad! No matter what, Serbs bad! Questions about the official version of the Balkan wars? Serbs bad! Facts that might cause a logical person to possibly reconsider some of his points? No, Serbs bad! Serb victims of ethnic violence? They asked for it! And if you express any doubts, you are an evil, Milosevic-serving- Serbo-crypto-fascist-apologist for genocide. Got it?
14 posted on 10/30/2006 1:35:13 AM PST by drew
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To: tgambill
Remember this?

Apparently not.

18 posted on 10/30/2006 6:50:28 AM PST by Hoplite
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