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Resolved: We need conservative presence in traditional media. The internet isn't enough.
8 November 2006 | RPTMS

Posted on 11/07/2006 10:50:36 PM PST by RPTMS

The main-stream media, the old media, the liberal media, whatever you want to call them, have shown that they can still screw this country up when they really want to.

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To: RockinRight
So that's 17 for a buck. Freeper donations?

Sure, that's one way to do it.. Bulk mail out copies once a month, postage makes it closer to 15 for two bucks. Raise it to three bucks and you can actually pay someone to put it together each month. You're still talking less than a quarter a pop.
21 posted on 11/07/2006 11:00:17 PM PST by kingu (No, I don't use sarcasm tags - it confuses people.)
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To: albie

I don't think just one national paper would be enough. I think we need a conservative paper at least in each state so that we can be persuasive on local issues as well as national issues.

22 posted on 11/07/2006 11:00:55 PM PST by RPTMS
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To: UpAllNight

Don't forget to thank National Review, the American Spectator, and George Walker Bush and Karl Rove....I'm so everlasting sick of the way they're so ashamed of conservatives and the way they hamstring us at every opportunity. Let them go pewling to CATO. Now is the time to found our third party.

23 posted on 11/07/2006 11:01:33 PM PST by Mamzelle
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We got our message out. The people were not buying what we were selling.

24 posted on 11/07/2006 11:02:07 PM PST by staytrue
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I think we need some rabid attack dogs in the style of Carville on TV everytime a rat does something.

25 posted on 11/07/2006 11:02:38 PM PST by razorback-bert (I met Bill Clinton once but he didn?t really talk ? he was hitting on my wife)
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To: oceanview

We had more money than they did, regardless of Soros.

26 posted on 11/07/2006 11:02:53 PM PST by staytrue
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Hey ... we gota lock on AM radio Mon - Fri during working hours.... what else do we need?

27 posted on 11/07/2006 11:03:33 PM PST by GregoTX (The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.)
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Yes indeed, we need a conservative media platform that is able to penetrate the crap out there with good information and entertainment that doesn't paint itself as conservaitve.

Chris Matthews, Katie Couric, etc. would never call themselves "liberal." Professional media with high standards and a different point of view, especially in the war on terror and the situation in Iraq.

Fox News has not done enough to really dig deep into the good things that are happening on the streets of Iraq.

They do a lot of glamour and glitz, you know, alongside some good reports.

I want it all, audio, video, interactive etc. on a platform somewhere.

Edward R. Murrow and his band invented broadcast journalism out of their hatred of Naziism. We must invent a new media journalism out of the threat of Islamofascism.

The big media companies may not give us access so we must consider the web as the place to do it and do it right with no wild eyed approach, but a professional and factual approach that confronts the evils head on.

28 posted on 11/07/2006 11:03:40 PM PST by Nextrush (Communism died in the Soviet Union, but Diversity lives on everywhere)
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Well we have just witnessed the old media flexing that they still control the dialog. CNN ABC CBS et al were all smiling tonight.

Since 2004 it has been a non-stop assault on the president and the Republicans but ot be fair the Republicans did nothing to help their cause.

So I welcome this change to get my party back to it's base ( us) and realize that CONSERVATISM WINS not mealy mouth moderation. As Jason Lewis put it...if you run like a Democrat and sound like a Democrat...the American public will elect the real Democrat!

Boy 2008 is gonna be a mess. We better get our ***t together.

29 posted on 11/07/2006 11:05:27 PM PST by generationfixit
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Am I just NOW!-Hearing what I have been saying for YEARS!!!

Is there some else out there!!.. I mean!: Should I dare to HOPE! that there IS "Someone" else out there that Realizes that in 2006-

The Republicans not ONLY "FOUGHT" against the Dems & LIBBIES--

But ALSO THE MEDIA!!! and that "SOMETHING" --ANYTHING has to be "Done" about it!!

THE LIBERAL--All Pretense at being "fair" and impartial FULLY SUPPORTING the DEMS! Media!! was 50% if not MORE the "ENEMY" in this election cycle!!


You can't take all that money with you!

Hell! Just give the Freepers even a FEW dollars!! And see what WE CAN DO with that MEDIA WISE!!

Let me tell you something from a retire Ad "honcho".-YOU would get Such unexpected and advantageous MEDIA ATTENTION- results : For a Mere 20-25,000$ given to a Chosen (bid on ) group(s) of (a) Conservative 527(s) in Key Areas than ANY MILLION DOLLAR " Electric/Print " ads that were (sadly ) produced this election cycle!

I have been writing to Rove for years!-- and have kept WRITING To Rove!religiously every month about this!!--he so far to date from the last 15 years of writing; has never even has written me back a " get Lost Please " letter so far!

30 posted on 11/07/2006 11:06:01 PM PST by AirBorn
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To: kesg

We don't need so much a conservative voice in old media as much as we need a conservative in congress! They governed as kinda-conservative and the American public does not like kinda!

31 posted on 11/07/2006 11:07:12 PM PST by generationfixit
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I agree. Up here in Northern California, around the Russian River a conservative HAS a paper. It's the only one, and it's small, in the entire Northern California area that is conservative.

On the other hand, the Press Democrat of Santa Rosa is owned by the NYT, and I hear the NYT is bleeding money. I'm hoping that someone offers to buy them. Someone from the RIGHT.

32 posted on 11/07/2006 11:07:17 PM PST by I_Love_My_Husband
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To: AirBorn

Are you excited?


33 posted on 11/07/2006 11:08:04 PM PST by pax_et_bonum (I will always love you, Flyer.)
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To: AirBorn

Uh, why are you shouting with the big letters?!?!

34 posted on 11/07/2006 11:12:02 PM PST by Ciexyz (Satisfied owner of a 2007 Toyota Corolla.)
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The only way you will ever get that is to start a conservative journalism college and then start your own TV stations and newspapers. How much time and money do we have?

35 posted on 11/07/2006 11:12:45 PM PST by WVNan
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This election sucked but the Democraps can't pretend or rather fool the American people for long. Their insane. They 'll show their true colors because they can't help it.
We all know people that pretend they're something they are not, eventually they reveal themselves for what they are.
Bill Clinton was a pervert and a liar and eventually he showed that he was a pervert and a liar and he was an exceptionally good liar.

The Democraps still have no strategy for Iraq but to surrender. They want to get rid of the tax cuts, thus drying up gov't revenues and destroying the economy. They still want to give amnesty to illegal aliens which America is strictly against. They haven't come out of the closet yet.

And lets face it the Republicans betrayed Conservatives and blew the election themselves. Don't give the idiots in the Pravada Press that much credit, the Republicans spent like pigs expanding the Nannie State w/ the medicare plan, "no child left behind" nonsense and were absolutely shameful when it came to protecting the borders. They should not have betrayed their conservative principles (this assumes they had them).
36 posted on 11/07/2006 11:13:35 PM PST by Vinny
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To: SmoothTalker

Smooth Talker,

Republican win elections because most Americans agree with the GOP and not the leftists that dominate the Democrat Party. The problem for the GOP is getting their message out and an inability or unwillingness to take on the media and call them on their propoganda.

Fox news reaches maybe two million peole an evening, ABC, CBS, and NBC alone reach about 26 million homes a night. You throw in the network cable affiliates, the print media including AP, the New York Times, Washington Post, etc. and It's absolutely no contest. The number of Americans being propagandized every day by the traditional media dwarfs all forms of conservative media. If it were not for talk radio we would really be in the tall grass.

Our real battle is not with the Democrats, they are easy to defeat when they are shown for who they really are. Our battle is with the media who shill for them and conceal their true nature, actions, and beliefs. Until we go after the media for theri hostility to the GOP and conservative ideals we will always struggle to win elections.....even when most Americans believe as we do.


37 posted on 11/07/2006 11:13:36 PM PST by PresidentFelon (Reuters Reporter Adam Entous beats his Mother.)
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There are things I like about the NY Sun, but very few people read it - it must be even deeper in the red than the Post. Fortunately for it, Roger Hertog of Alliance Capital, Michael Steinhardt and Tom Tisch have plenty of vanity and deep pockets.

38 posted on 11/07/2006 11:15:01 PM PST by slaymakerpowertape
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We need conservative presence in the Republican Party. Talk radio isn't enough.
39 posted on 11/07/2006 11:15:16 PM PST by snarkpup
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To: kingu

Now there is a plan. I'm for it.

40 posted on 11/07/2006 11:16:04 PM PST by WVNan
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