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To: Graybeard58

I live near this new mosque. I've seen the home now being used as a place of worship, and I've seen the pig pen.

Some points of interest:

Craig Baker's family has deep roots in Texas that go back before the Texas Revolution from Mexico. There are over 450 mentions of the Baker name in the Handbook of Texas, some of them fairly famous. It is not clear who in that long list is directly related to Craig Baker, but certainly some of them are. In any event, the Baker family were one of the pioneer settlers in this area.

To be strong armed to leave the family property by new neighbors, who have only owned their property for a week, is a bit ridiculous. Craig Baker has offered to pay for a polygraph test for himself and the two owners of the mosque to determine who is telling the truth about that strong arm tactic. So far, no takers.

To develop the land the way the mosque has indicated in the press will require something like 25 acres. The mosque currently owns 11 acres. Coincidentally, Craig Baker owns about 14 acres.

The owners of the mosque have been offered a million dollars for their land, which they purchased for substantially less than that amount. Until today, they have refused to even discuss that offer. Today they told a reporter that the offer was way too low for them to purchase an alternative site.

The mosque has rebuffed requests from several surrounding home owners associations to discuss their plans. The mosque has been, and continues to be, very opaque about their plans. Further, they have begun construction of a parking lot without appropriate County approval. That has been stopped by local citizens and the mosque is now going through the approval process.

Local residents also protested when a Baptist Church was developed in the area, because the church destroyed a large number of trees and installed intrusive parking lights. Eventually, agreement was reached on using about 1/10th the number of lights, to lessen the impact on the neighbors. The point of this is that the community has a history of resisting intrusions that impact the quality of life as perceived by the residents, no matter what the religion. The opposition to the mosque really is not a religious thing at all.

Islam as a culture has become viewed with suspicion throughout out the world, by people who are not members of that culture. The reasons are obvious. Locally, two aspiring Muslim jihadists were arrested within the past few days and charged with conspiracy to aid the Taliban. The arrests followed their observed firearms training in a facility north of Houston owned by the Islamic Society of Greater Houston.

Part of the basis for suspicion is the stated philosophy that lying and deceiving outsiders is an acceptable tactic within Islam, if it furthers that group's aims.

Because of the existing well founded suspicion of Islamic culture, it is incumbent of the developers of the local mosque to be particularly open and transparent with their plans and intentions. Otherwise, the surrounding community justifiably views their intentions with concern and dismay.

3 posted on 12/02/2006 10:05:58 AM PST by LOC1
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To: LOC1 America sleeps. :( ....the threat grows.
4 posted on 12/02/2006 10:13:03 AM PST by skinkinthegrass (Just b/c your paranoid; Doesn't mean they're NOT out to get you. :^)
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To: LOC1


5 posted on 12/02/2006 10:20:06 AM PST by Suzy Quzy
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To: LOC1

Here is an instructive tale for any other "houses of worship" in
the area to steer wide and clear of the Islamics.
Give the Muslims an inch...they'll take a mile (or much more).
And maybe effectively take your church's parking lot.
(you'll have to scroll about half-way down for the passage reproduced below)


After 9/11, Dar al-Hijrah tried to strike up an interfaith dialogue with
area churches. The neighboring Church of Christ, for one, was willing
to participate -- that is, until the mosque wanted its pastor and
flock to accept Islam. The church, along with a neighboring
church, nonetheless have agreed to allow the growing mosque to
use their parking lots during Friday prayer services, which draws
some 3,000 Muslims from around the Washington area. But for their
generosity, the 9/11 mosque would be out of business.

8 posted on 12/02/2006 10:37:36 AM PST by VOA
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To: LOC1

Wherever a Muslim foot has trod, that land forevermore shall be subject to Islamic rule.

Nothing bashful about those fellows, is there? The ratchet is only supposed to work one way.

Here's to more pigs everywhere, and remind these Muslims, that a lot of the place they step here in the North American continent, there have been pigs here long before they were, and pigs have dropped a considerable amount of poop.

So somewhere, they won't know beforehand, they are going to walk exactly where some pig has passed excreted material onto their paths.

And some few among us Americans really like the taste of pork, in several different forms. "High on the hog" means something here, in terms of social standing.

Incidentally, does the Koran even actually MAKE any references to consumption of the flesh of swine? Only that they believe that the Jews are simply apes and swine made over into human form, but there is no reference as to how this situation came about. Just that the pigs and monkeys are unclean and not "halal".

Eating pork is some form of cannibalism?

I would be in favor of setting up a bratwurst stand across from every mosque in this country.

9 posted on 12/02/2006 10:42:14 AM PST by alloysteel (Facts do not cease to exist, just because they are ignored. - Aldous Huxley)
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To: LOC1

12 posted on 12/02/2006 10:57:33 AM PST by rawcatslyentist (When true genius appears, know him by this sign: all the dunces are in a confederacy against him.)
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