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To: highball

Government needs to be limited but it must protect life and property and that means lives like Terri's.

Libertarians for Murder doesn't sound like the name of an organization anyone would want to be a member of. I think I have it right here.

Do you have a point of view about "hate crime" laws, anti-smoking laws and anti-trans fat laws? I think that's where government power needs to be curbed.

Also, what about eminent domain land seizure and land use laws that restrict the "pursuit of happiness" in the name of preventing development.

There again is government that is too big.

Lets go after those problems. How about it?

44 posted on 12/03/2006 8:27:24 AM PST by Nextrush (Chris Matthews Band: "I get high....I get high.....I get high....McCain.")
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To: All; BykrBayb

Dear Terri,


If you had any idea the attention that was drawn to you during the last couple years of your life, and continues unabated, it would have been very confusing to you. You’d have wondered what you could have possibly done to draw so much love, and so much hatred, from people you never knew. It had little to do with anything you did, or didn’t do. It was about who you were, and what you represented. You were one of God’s children, and you came to represent innocence, purity, and the grace of God.


We see the hand of God every day. In a rainbow, a bird in flight, or a white rose covered in morning dew. When we look into the eyes of an innocent, trusting child, we see God. When we hear “Where there is life, there is hope,” we recognize the voice of God. When we hear someone begging, with great difficulty, for us to let them live, we feel the hand of God pushing us to help them. The presence of God brings comfort to His followers, and bathes us in love. But it strikes great fear in the cold hearts of Satan’s minions, and fuels their hatred.


Those who banded together to kill you, didn’t just want to kill a woman. They wanted to kill truth, innocence, justice, and God. Whenever they’ve witnessed the truth being told, they’ve tried to silence it. But we will not be silent.


The battle we fought along side you, and continue to fight today, has been fought before. It consumed entire nations, and brought governments to their knees. It wiped out countless lives. We swore we’d never forget, but many of us have. Even the children and grandchildren of many of the victims have forgotten. They become enraged when confronted with the fact that The Holocaust included the very euthanasia they now impose on their own family members. But some of us have not forgotten. So the battle rages anew.


We learned many hard lessons over the course of your extermination. Although those lessons were painful, many of them have been invaluable. We’ve used those lessons to save others from the terrible fate you suffered.


When you died, I was ready to give up the fight. There didn’t seem to be any point in continuing a losing battle. But it was brought to my attention that a woman in Georgia was about to be starved and dehydrated to death. She needed help, and she needed it fast. I couldn’t turn my back. I joined with countless others in voicing our objections. Loudly! Because of the lessons we learned during your fight for life, we knew who to contact, how to contact them, what to say, and what not to say. And it worked! We had won our first victory in your name. And we’ve won a few battles since then, with a couple of them still ongoing. We expect to win those too.


Those who worked toward securing your murder, have worked toward securing similar murders. It was never just about you. It was about their hatred for God, and lust for murder. There continue to be many euthanasia-style murders, committed quietly, away from public scrutiny. But sometimes, someone shines a light, and Satan’s followers scatter like cockroaches. And that light is being shown brighter and more often. As more people see that light, they shine another light on another pending murder. The light gets brighter, and brighter.


I’ve lost count of the number of precious lives that have been saved since your murder. If we’d never heard of you, we probably wouldn’t have heard of them either. They would have been murdered, without as much as a peep from the media. There would have been no public outcry. No one to come to their defense. But we did hear. We made ourselves heard. And lives were saved. So many miracles have come out of your tragedy.


Forced euthanasia is nothing new, but widespread awareness of it is new. That awareness was your gift to us. Our gift to you is what we do with it. We continue to save lives, in your honor.





"We will not be silent.

We are your bad conscience.

The White Rose will give you no rest."

- - - Sophie Scholl


BykrBayb – Þ




45 posted on 12/03/2006 11:04:10 AM PST by 8mmMauser ("We will not be silent. We are your bad conscience. The White Rose will give you no rest.")
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