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Saddam Hussein Hanging LIVE Thread

Posted on 12/29/2006 9:11:00 AM PST by AVNevis

Since it now seems very imminent, I decided that it was an appropriate time to start this up. Links to information and pictures (if we get them) can be posted here.

TOPICS: Breaking News; Crime/Corruption; Foreign Affairs; War on Terror
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Fox News has the smokin' hot Julie Banderas. No better way to cover an execution.

321 posted on 12/29/2006 10:07:40 AM PST by isom35
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To: BunnySlippers
Saddam will be allowed to make a final statement if he wishes.

Otherwise known as talking until you are blue in the face.

322 posted on 12/29/2006 10:07:46 AM PST by higgmeister (In the Shadow of The Big Chicken, Cobb County, Georgia, USA!)
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To: doug from upland

LOL! Very good!

323 posted on 12/29/2006 10:07:58 AM PST by retrokitten ("I don't know you! That's my purse!" -Bobby Hill)
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To: doug from upland

*Let's all go out to the lobby!*

324 posted on 12/29/2006 10:07:58 AM PST by Rte66
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To: AVNevis
Perry: When you hit the end of the rope... your muscles lose control. I'm afraid I'll mess myself.

Prison Guard: It's nothing to be ashamed of. They all do it.

~Capote "In Cold Blood"

325 posted on 12/29/2006 10:08:13 AM PST by I see my hands (_8(|)
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To: AVNevis

Honestly, is it just me or does hanging him going to not do us any good?

326 posted on 12/29/2006 10:08:20 AM PST by SelectiveJNJ
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To: Recovering Hermit

Does anybody else see that host on the sun?


Not a hanging chad again?

327 posted on 12/29/2006 10:08:34 AM PST by sodpoodle (if you can't handle the truth, try satire.)
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To: Tijeras_Slim
I have been discussing with some friends what President Bush will say when the execution finally happens.

We all agree that the President will include the words May God have mercy on his soul.

Dubya is that kind of man.

328 posted on 12/29/2006 10:09:12 AM PST by Churchillspirit (We are all foot soldiers in this War On Terror.)
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To: AVNevis
This is Saddam's cent jours moment.

All of his planning has been focused on today.

Will he die, or be President of Iraq?

I say, 65-35 he dies - but his chances of being Presidnet have never been better.

We'll see.

329 posted on 12/29/2006 10:09:16 AM PST by Jim Noble (To secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity)
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To: ko_kyi

Kaite Couric: "Oh Mama Mia...Mama mia..."

330 posted on 12/29/2006 10:09:51 AM PST by joebuck
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To: SelectiveJNJ

Fox: Saddam still in US custody.

Ok. I'm let down.

331 posted on 12/29/2006 10:10:03 AM PST by Right_in_Virginia
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To: Earthdweller
"Someone has probably already wrote a book about it."

My money is on Bob Woodward.

332 posted on 12/29/2006 10:10:18 AM PST by A Citizen Reporter
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To: steveegg

The day is Friday....

Friday is the Muslim sqabbath. They will wait till the first day of the week and that is Saturday 12 29. It is ir nearly is the last day of the Arab month as well. very soon perhaps sundaor or monday the new month begins. That is the Hajj month so I think it means Saddam dies on Saturday.

333 posted on 12/29/2006 10:10:19 AM PST by bert (K.E. N.P. .... you'll run the bill up kid!....)
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To: Recovering Hermit

Hmmmm.... An Occurance at Tigris Bridge, catchy name for a story...

334 posted on 12/29/2006 10:10:21 AM PST by Tijeras_Slim
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To: Libertarian444

" CNN's coverage right now is absolutely hysterical. They're in an absolute panic."

Last night, CNN had on a pathologist to discuss the mechanics of hanging-complete with a plastic cervical spine.
The anchor was very concerned with the potential suffering involved in a hanging.
The pathologist said there probably isn't much, but, the anchor was not placated.
I expect that tonight Brian Williams will give the mother of all send offs to Saddam .
He'll probably do the maudlin hat trick and tie in Ford, James Brown and Saddam in one roiling, overwrought soliloquy.

335 posted on 12/29/2006 10:10:22 AM PST by Wild Irish Rogue
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To: doug from upland

Now you know why an NBC poll today voted GW Bush as the top *villain* of 2006! Top *hero,* too - but guess which made the headline.

336 posted on 12/29/2006 10:10:34 AM PST by Rte66
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To: Churchillspirit

FOX NEWS Breaking.........

Sadaam still in US custody. Could be a ruse?

337 posted on 12/29/2006 10:10:44 AM PST by Chuck54 (later..............)
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To: isom35
Fox News has the smokin' hot Julie Banderas. No better way to cover an execution.

They had a guest commentator on a bit earlier. She was rambling so badly and incoherently, I changed the channel to CNN. Julie is a good host.

FoxNews says per Bush that Saddam is still in US custody.

338 posted on 12/29/2006 10:10:56 AM PST by TomGuy
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To: Chuck54

I wonder why his attorney would confirm the transfer....

339 posted on 12/29/2006 10:11:24 AM PST by Right_in_Virginia
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To: Daveinyork

"Two Hangmen" by Mason Profit, 1969

340 posted on 12/29/2006 10:11:28 AM PST by raccoonradio
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