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Jewish Support For Kosovars Sought
The Jewish Week ^ | 12/29/2006 | Walter Ruby

Posted on 12/29/2006 2:42:28 PM PST by Decombobulator

Amid signs that the Bush administration may be backing away from unequivocal support for independence for Kosovo, the head of the Albanian American Civic League is appealing to the American Jewish community to advocate on behalf of Kosovo, a region of the former Yugoslavia that is predominantly inhabited by ethnic Albanians.

“When Serbian dictator Slobodan Milosevic was massacring Albanians in Kosovo in 1998-99, the American Jewish community took the lead in pressing President [Bill] Clinton to bomb Serbia, because they instinctively understood the nature of genocide and were determined to keep it from being repeated,” said Joseph DioGuardi, a onetime Republican congressman from Westchester County who has become a passionate advocate for the rights of Kosovo Albanians since leaving Congress in 1990.

“Today, with the international community seemingly backing away from prompt implementation of independence [for Kosovo] out of a misguided inclination to appease Serbia,” DioGuardi continued, “we need the American Jewish community to get involved in this issue again because genuine independence is not only just and right, but is also the only way to secure stability in the Balkans.”

In his effort, DioGuardi is reminding Jewish Americans of the little-known fact that Albania was the only nation in Europe that refused to turn over even one Jew to the Nazis during World War II, saving about 2,000 during the German occupation of that Balkan country.

DioGuardi, who served in Congress from 1984-‘88, learned during that time that his father, who emigrated to the U.S. from a village in southern Italy, was not really of Italian ancestry, but was actually descended from Albanian Christians who moved to Italy in the 15th century to escape a takeover of that country by the Ottoman Turks.

Embracing his newfound Albanian identity with vigor, DioGuardi was responsible for the first congressional hearing on the situation in Kosovo (or Kosova, as the region is known in Albanian and as DioGuardi always refers to it).

After losing his congressional seat in 1988 to Nita Lowey, DioGuardi founded the Albanian American Civic League, the only registered grassroots lobby representing the 700,000 strong Albanian American community. And in 1990, he visited Kosovo and Albania with Rep. Tom Lantos (D-Calif.), the only Holocaust survivor in Congress. When the two met with then-Albanian President Ramiz Alia, the Albanian leader handed Lantos a thick file from the nation’s archives with evidence—since authenticated by Yad Vashem—that hundreds of Albanian families rescued Jews during the 18 months in 1943-44 that the Nazis occupied Albania.

Lantos and two Jewish congressmen from New York, Jerrold Nadler and former Rep. Ben Gilman, were instrumental in getting the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum to add Albania added to its section listing the “Righteous Among the Nations.” Lantos has consistently been a strong advocate of the rights of the ethnic Albanians of Kosovo, repeatedly expressing support for full Kosovo independence from Serbia in years since that province was placed under United Nations control in 1999.

While the United Nations originally promised to decide Kosovo’s final status by the end of 2006, that decision has now been delayed until after Serbia holds its elections on Jan. 21, and it is not clear when the issue might be resolved after that. While the U.S. has expressed rhetorical support for independence for Kosovo, the European Union has been more tepid and conditional in its support, whereas Russia, a traditional ally of Serbia, has threatened to veto a Security Council resolution backing Kosovo independence.

DioGuardi’s wife and fellow advocate on behalf of Kosovo, Shirley Cloyes-DioGuardi, believes that European ambivalence and Russian opposition to Kosovo independence have caused the Bush administration to search for an accommodation. That, she worries, might put Kosovo independence on hold, or give it a form that will be “more than autonomy and less than independence.” In such a case, “Kosovo would not have a Foreign Ministry or an army, and an EU-led ‘International Civilian Office’ would control much of its political life.”

Longtime Jewish supporters of Kosovo independence remain on board but are less avid in pushing for a rapid consummation of the process than are the DioGuardis.

Bob King, a spokesman for Lantos, who next month is to become chairman of the U.S. House Committee on International Relations, told The Jewish Week, “Congressman Lantos is convinced that independence for Kosovo, something he has been advocating for years, will become a fact after the Serbian elections…and has been pressing the Bush Administration to move more decisively on the issue.”

Still, King predicted, “Independence will not come precipitously,” since work still needs to be done to convince the Serbian minority in Kosovo their rights will be protected.

King’s point was seconded by Rabbi Arthur Schneier, President of the Appeal of Conscience Foundation, and another longtime supporter of the rights of Kosovar Albanians, who remarked, “Kosovo independence is a foregone conclusion, but a lot still has to be done to implement confidence building measures for the Serb minority.”

For his part, DioGuardi believes that a decision by the international community to delay granting genuine independence for Kosovo “will destabilize a country where there is 70 percent unemployment for people under 30.”

He said that while Kosovars, like other Albanians a predominantly Muslim people, have spurned the blandishments of Islamic fundamentalism so far, that might possibly change if they come to feel abandoned by the West or if the Serbs elect ultra-nationalist parties dedicated to renewing the violence in Kosovo.

According to DioGuardi, “We need the support of the Jewish community again because the Kosovars are still in peril. We hope American Jews remember the heroic actions of the Albanian people on behalf of Jews during the Holocaust, and stand with us today in support of independence for Kosova.”

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To: LjubivojeRadosavljevic

I'm getting there also, I will admit that it can become frustrating, but this is the purpose and objective.....the best defense is an overwhelming offense......:)) and some good old rock and roll, for others, an open can of "Whoop a$$"....lolol....

21 posted on 12/30/2006 3:01:48 AM PST by tgambill (I would like to comment.....)
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To: LjubivojeRadosavljevic
Why don't you just cut through all the manure and stop being so nice and really come out and say what you mean?

Like so?

As to the Serbs being the nearest thing to decent, rational people in the Balkans, that may have held true under Tito, but under Milosevic they turned into either bystanders or active participants in the biggest bloodletting in European history since the 1940's, and are now engaged in the biggest mass denial since Germans decided that none of them were ever members of the Nazi Party - it's strange how the Serbs, victimized as they were during the 1940's, chose to emulate their antagonists from that era, complete with sonderkommando and concentration camps, albeit on a necessarily smaller scale.

What a novel idea.

I'm ashamed I didn't think of it years ago.

22 posted on 12/30/2006 11:03:15 AM PST by Hoplite
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To: Hoplite
["complete with ...concentration camps..."]

So teach me some history Hoplite. Can you tell me where the gas chambers and crematoriums are located in Bosnia?
23 posted on 12/30/2006 11:26:08 AM PST by LjubivojeRadosavljevic
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To: LjubivojeRadosavljevic
Can you tell me where the gas chambers and crematoriums are located in Bosnia?

There weren't any.

The point remains, however, that the Bosnian Serbs set up a system of concentration camps in Bosnia, and that further, said concentration camps were expressly for the purpose of creating a Serbian monoethnic state it Bosnia, that conditions in said concentration camps were inhuman, and any attempts to deny their existence or the execrable conditions prevalent in said camps merely bring discredit upon the parties attempting such idiocy.

Dragan Nikolic: Susica Camp.
Sikirica et al.: Keraterm Camp.

I leave you with part of the statement given by Biljana Plavsic, which goes a long way towards explaining the continuing nonsense of Serbian denial over what they wrought in their various wars under Milosevic:

I have now had time to examine these charges and, together with my
lawyers, conduct our own investigation and evaluation. I have now come to
the belief and accept the fact that many thousands of innocent people were
the victims of an organised, systematic effort to remove Muslims and
Croats from the territory claimed by Serbs. At the time, I easily
convinced myself that this was a matter of survival and self-defence. In
fact, it was more. Our leadership, of which I was a necessary part, led
an effort which victimised countless innocent people.
Explanations of self-defence and survival offer no justification.
By the end, it was said, even among our own people, that in this war we
had lost our nobility of character. The obvious questions become, if this
truth is now self-evident, why did I not see it earlier? And how could
our leaders and those who followed have committed such acts? The answer
to both questions is, I believe, fear, a blinding fear that led to an
obsession, especially for those of us for whom the Second World War was a
living memory, that Serbs would never again allow themselves to become
victims. In this, we in the leadership violated the most basic duty of
every human being, the duty to restrain oneself and to respect the human
dignity of others. We were committed to do whatever was necessary to
Although I was repeatedly informed of allegations of cruel and
inhuman conduct against non-Serbs, I refused to accept them or even to
investigate. In fact, I immersed myself in addressing the suffering of
the war's innocent Serb victims. This daily work confirmed in my mind
that we were in a struggle for our very survival and that in this
struggle, the international community was our enemy, and so I simply
denied these charges, making no effort to investigate. I remained secure
in my belief that Serbs were not capable of such acts. In this obsession
of ours to never again become victims, we had allowed ourselves to become

Biljana finally faced the facts.

It's high time the rest of her fellows did the same.

24 posted on 12/30/2006 1:27:39 PM PST by Hoplite
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To: Decombobulator

Kosovo Albanians are the scum of the earth. Kosovars dominate the heroin and child-sex trafficking rings in Europe. Moreoever Albanians served in Hilter's Muslim SS units, and murdered two groups of people: Jews and Serbians. Any Jew who would lift a finger to help a single Albanian should have it chopped off.

25 posted on 12/30/2006 1:46:53 PM PST by montag813
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To: gitmogrunt
DioGuardi(fakename) backs the KLA islamic terrorists, taking over Kosovo, just as the Ottoman turks/islamic terrorist attempted to take over Kosovo in the 15th Century.

It sickens me when someone supports evil just because they have blood from that region. Like Peter King with Gerry Adams, and DioGuardi with the Kosovar vermin.

26 posted on 12/30/2006 1:48:09 PM PST by montag813
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To: Decombobulator
Albaian Kosovars are verminous pigs. They should be driven from Kosovo, not supported by anyone. They were murderous Nazis criminals during WWII...our enemies. Today they are the enemies of all Europe.

On right, Kosovar Albanian Muslim Nazir Hodic, a member of the Nazi SS Division Handzar in Bosnia. On left is Rudi Sommemer, the commander of the Nazi SS Albanian Battalion, 6/28 in Handzar. Hodic is shown wearing the Albanian skull cap issued by the SS with a Nazi swastika on his collar. Far right: Fez worn by Kosovar Albanian Nazi SS troops.

Above: Albanian Kosovar SS Troops in formation during a visit from SS Reichsfuhrer Heinrich Himmler, 1943.

27 posted on 12/30/2006 1:56:14 PM PST by montag813
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To: Decombobulator
He said that while Kosovars, like other Albanians a predominantly Muslim people, have spurned the blandishments of Islamic fundamentalism so far, that might possibly change if they come to feel abandoned by the West or if the Serbs elect ultra-nationalist parties dedicated to renewing the violence in Kosovo.

So now a veiled threat from this prick DioGuardi. What a bunch of bullshit. Here is the symbol the Albanian Kosovars took for themselves during WWII...

A scimitar, prepared to behead...look familiar given today's terrorists?
Muslim Kosovars and Nazism---perfect together. Any Jew who supports them is a traitor and an idiot. Tell DioGuardi to go to hell.

28 posted on 12/30/2006 2:01:48 PM PST by montag813
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To: Hoplite

Here's one that I can leave you with:

"The human suffering during the course of the war (in Bosnia) and the atrocities committed were terrible; yet this real suffering was exploited and manipulated for political ends to demonize the Serbian community. Successful attempts were made by Izetbegovic's regime - which employed a US-based PR firm - to give the impression that atrocities were conducted only by the Serbs, whereas all sides were responsible. The scale of atrocities was also massively inflated for political effect during the course of the war. While estmates as high as 200,000 to 300,000 by Izetbegovic's government, most informed estimates now suggest an upper limit of 35,000. Izetbegovic government also suggested that up to 30,000 women had been raped, which rightly caused intense international outcry and condemnation. The Serbs were accused of being primarily responsible for these appalling crimes and of having a systematic policy of mass rape, organizing 'rape camps' for that purpose. Evidence does not seem to bear this out, however. A UN report concluded that a total of approximately 2,400 rapes had taken place, committed by all sides in the conflict."

By: Kate Hudson, Principal Lecturer in Russian and Eastern European Politics at South Bank University.

29 posted on 12/30/2006 5:46:28 PM PST by LjubivojeRadosavljevic
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To: LjubivojeRadosavljevic

Addendum to the rejoinder.

Hudson, K. (2003). Breaking the South Slav Dream: The Rise and Fall of Yugoslavia. Pluto Press: London.

See pages 103-105.

30 posted on 12/30/2006 10:03:32 PM PST by LjubivojeRadosavljevic
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To: Hoplite; LjubivojeRadosavljevic

HOppie really knows how to pick them...and so gullible!

This broad collaborated with Bosnia’s NATO occupiers and her statement from the Hague show trials sounds like one lifted from the Beria show trials during the 30s.

Your gullibility is really laughable hoppie/helot...

31 posted on 12/31/2006 2:26:03 PM PST by eleni121 ( + En Touto Nika! By this sign conquer! + Constantine the Great))
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To: eleni121

["This broad collaborated with Bosnia’s NATO occupiers and her statement from the Hague...]

You're right. It's just an anecdotal report from ONE person.

32 posted on 12/31/2006 2:35:55 PM PST by LjubivojeRadosavljevic
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To: LjubivojeRadosavljevic
Hi LR . Let's see the recent history of Kosovo since the KLA started giving the orders. Hmmmmmmm !

They started off well by torching the entire Jewish community out of Kosovo .

All of 'em

It's Judenfrei Time , folks .

Even the Nazis with Albanian Fascist help couldn't achieve that .

What next . Oh , they've started renaming schools and roads after the glorious WW2 local Fascists while at the same time destroying monuments that commemorated the WW2 partisans .

Every single ethnic minority supported the Serbs in Kosovo

including many of the non Muslim Kosovo Albanians . Now , if the Serbs were indeed such rascals why would they have such support .

BTW Hoppie old bean , you haven't yet told us why you were so enamoured with Dr. Balls testimony against Milosevic .

I don't know what it is with so many Liberal Jews in the States as opposed to the Conservative , Orthodox Jews have seen the light .

- Compare Lantos with heroes like Julia Gorin and Don Feder on the Balkans -

It's real simple . Simply follow what Israel does

Israel was the Serbs biggest supporters ( with the possible exception of Greece ) . On the other hand , the KLA were and still are lionised in practically every Muslim land .

Islamist websites talk of the Jihad in Kosovo

33 posted on 01/01/2007 5:46:06 AM PST by infidel_pride
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To: Decombobulator

the shiftars of Albania or the shiftars of Kosovo? How conveniently they fail to mention the distinction of the two during shameful...blatabt liars. The shiftars of kosovo cleansed the Jews of Kosovo Bergen Belsen during ww2 and to Belgrade and points beyond in the 90's.

34 posted on 01/02/2007 3:45:44 PM PST by Celebratelife008
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