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Giuliani fears ex-wife will hit presidential bid
London Times ^ | 1/7/07 | London Times

Posted on 01/07/2007 11:46:24 AM PST by wagglebee

THERE is one woman who could cause Rudy Giuliani, the former New York mayor, more problems than Hillary Clinton in the race for the White House: she is Donna Hanover, his second wife, writes Sarah Baxter.

Hanover, an actress and broadcaster, was enraged by Giuliani’s flagrant infidelity towards the end of their 18-year marriage and the divorce case was vicious. Giuliani’s advisers fear that she could be a loose cannon in the 2008 campaign.

Giuliani was acclaimed as the “mayor of America” for his heroic role during the attacks on September 11, 2001 and is revered for his leadership. At the time he was living in the spare room of an apartment belonging to gay friends after Hanover forced him out of Gracie Mansion, the official residence.

Hanover refused to confirm that she would vote for Giuliani as mayor of New York even when she was married to him. “What kind of wife is that?” Raoul Felder, Giuliani’s lawyer, fumed. “She’s essentially saying she’s not going to vote for him.”

Hanover once stood outside a shower at Gracie Mansion, expecting to confront Judith Nathan, Giuliani’s mistress, now his third wife. In the event, a startled golfing friend of Giuliani’s emerged.

Hanover was also accused of a lack of sympathy while the former mayor was battling prostate cancer, by banishing him to a spare bedroom and exercising noisily on a treadmill at 5am.

New Yorkers relished the details of Giuliani’s larger-than-life personal story. But conservative “values voters” could be different, as Giuliani’s own aides noted in a 140-page memo leaked last week by supporters of a rival candidate.

The campaign dossier suggested that Hanover could be one of several potentially “insurmountable” vulnerabilities that could cause him to drop out of the race. It was an embarrassing start to a campaign that is not yet officially under way.

Giuliani’s record in fighting crime and terrorism has placed him at the top of several polls for the 2008 Republican nomination, edging out Senator John McCain in popular support. But the party base may be turned off by his support for abortion, immigration, gun control and gay rights (although not gay marriage). It is their votes that he needs to secure the nomination.

“It would be one thing if Giuliani could say, ‘I’m a strong social conservative in my private life’, but he can’t even say that,” said Ramesh Ponnuru, a conservative commentator and author of The Party of Death, an attack on social liberalism. “It’s not just the fact of his multiple marriages, it is the way the Hanover marriage melted down. It was operatic.”

When Giuliani met Hanover on a blind date in the early 1980s, his first marriage to Regina, his second cousin, was already over. Hanover, who went on to appear in the television series Ally McBeal, was a glamorous soulmate who seemed to enjoy the spotlight as much as he did.

They had two children, Andrew, 21, and Caroline, 17, but in 1996 Hanover stopped calling herself by his last name and a year later Vanity Fair magazine said that he was having an “intimate relationship” with a senior member of his staff.

In 2000, without telling Hanover first, Giuliani announced at a press conference that he was separating from her. She retaliated by accusing him of being unfaithful with the employee, but he was already with Nathan.

Maggie Gallagher, a family values campaigner, was outraged by Giuliani’s “scummy” performance, accusing him of making Bill Clinton “look good as a husband and father”.

New Yorkers learnt during the divorce case that their cancer- afflicted mayor was temporarily impotent and Hanover demanded a huge settlement, including £760 a month to care for Goalie, the family’s golden retriever.

Felder struck back, accusing Hanover of being an “uncaring mother” who was “howling like a stuck pig”.

In the end Giuliani, who was beginning to earn big consultancy fees after September 11, agreed to a settlement of $6.8m to avoid the full horror of a court case.

Hanover has married Ed Oster, her university sweetheart, and written a book, My Boyfriend’s Back, about rekindling an old romance. Even if she stays mum, there is enough in the public domain to rattle conservatives. Yet however vicious the personal attacks on Giuliani, they are unlikely to dent his reputation for competence. He did, after all, handle the September 11 attacks while bunking with gay friends in the midst of an affair and a divorce battle.

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To: paulat
I'll be voting in the Republican primary.

And turning the general election into a second Democrat primary...

261 posted on 01/07/2007 2:56:40 PM PST by Sir Francis Dashwood (LET'S ROLL!)
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To: Torie

An NH poll is useless before Iowa. NH polls are notorious for going towards the leader and then against him after Iowa.

I am surprised at how much support Mitt is getting at this stage given the lack of name recognition compared to Rudy and McCain.

262 posted on 01/07/2007 2:57:11 PM PST by AmishDude (It doesn't matter whom you vote for. It matters who takes office.)
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To: calcowgirl

The story I read said Rudy thought this was his third cousin and was shocked to find out she was his second cousin.

263 posted on 01/07/2007 2:57:33 PM PST by Arizona Carolyn
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To: Torie

Right now McCain is leading Rudy in NH 29/25%.

264 posted on 01/07/2007 2:58:02 PM PST by Arizona Carolyn
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To: McGavin999
we're in a war and it's going to take someone who is tough as nail and who is going to scare the CR*P out of the terrorists.

Of those who have already stepped forward and shown any interest in running for the office of President, who would fit that bill is Rudy. Within a couple of hours after the first plane hit on 9/11, Rudy stepped up to the plate and took charge. Besides being a leader he's also shown he can delegate and get the job done.

His previous marriages are in the past and he now seems to have met and married his soulmate. From what I've read and heard about his 2nd marriage, I'm surprised he stuck it out as long as he did with that unbalanced b****.

Those that keep posting the pictures of Rudy in drag either have a problem themselves and have forgotten how to have fun and laugh or haven't matured. Some of the funniest times and best laughs we had while active duty were when we would all cross-dress and put on a show for charity. Some people need to learn how to lighten up and relax.

I live in fear as to what will become of the future for America and her citizens and prayer that a proven leader such as Rudy will be the one to lead us out of the dark tunnel the commies on the left now in power are forcing us into.

IMO, after 24 years in DC and still a relative unknown Hunter does not have the Presidential quality that's needed when we are engaged in the most dangerous war of all times and our very lives depend on winning. If Hunter was the man, his name would have been on everyones lips long before now.
265 posted on 01/07/2007 2:59:56 PM PST by AmeriBrit
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To: AmishDude

Sometimes Iowa has NH as its boy toy, and sometimes not. It depends on the tone of the campaign, and what is emphasized, and what is not, and what the polls are showing as to who seems most likely to beat the Dem. But among the big three, winning Iowa probably would be a substantial plus, if it was reasonably decisive.

266 posted on 01/07/2007 3:00:42 PM PST by Torie
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To: Arizona Carolyn


267 posted on 01/07/2007 3:00:59 PM PST by Torie
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To: UWconservative

Romney's wife, Ann, has MS.

268 posted on 01/07/2007 3:02:49 PM PST by surrey
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To: Torie

I can't remember where Romney fell in the latest poll, but it was substantially lower than the two front runners. They explained this morning, on Fox, that the way the primaries are laid out this time, it's the candidate with a lot of money who can literally run from state to state and venue to venue who is going to win, they are laid out to benefit money and go against the smaller, underfunded candidates.

269 posted on 01/07/2007 3:03:21 PM PST by Arizona Carolyn
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To: Arizona Carolyn

Arnold wants the California primary moved up to February. :) California is the best fit for Rudy after New York itself. I would love to see a California GOP primary poll of the contenders.

270 posted on 01/07/2007 3:05:38 PM PST by Torie
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To: UWconservative
Personally I do not care about his past personal life.He needs to admit his mistakes early on in his campaign,then move on.I will support Rudy anytime before McCain,and unfortunately whether we admit it or not they are the ONLY ones who can defeat Hillary.
271 posted on 01/07/2007 3:07:56 PM PST by patriciamary
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To: Sir Francis Dashwood
>>>>>How is turning a blind eye to illegal immigration fiscally conservative?

Its not. Never said it was either. While I think the illegal immigration issue is more of a social issue, then a fiscal issue, it has far reaching ramifications across the board.

272 posted on 01/07/2007 3:08:25 PM PST by Reagan Man (In 2007, its Conservatism versus Liberalism..... the choice is yours.)
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To: Torie

I think Rudy would put California into play for the GOP this time around. That's a lot of points.

273 posted on 01/07/2007 3:09:39 PM PST by Arizona Carolyn
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To: calcowgirl
Guess what Eleanor Roosevelt's maiden name was.

FDR was her 5th cousin. Not exactly close.

To be a second cousin, you must share a great-grandparent. Not exactly close either.

274 posted on 01/07/2007 3:10:09 PM PST by Polybius
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To: Reagan Man

We agree...

I was pointing out the fallacies of the "no social issues" crowd...

There is no way I would vote for Julie-Annie, even if he won both the Democrat and Republican primaries...

275 posted on 01/07/2007 3:10:33 PM PST by Sir Francis Dashwood (LET'S ROLL!)
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To: Reagan Man

It's a huge fiscal issue. Just more hidden so people don't see what it is really costing them in increase health insurance costs, auto insurance costs, school taxes, etc.

276 posted on 01/07/2007 3:10:50 PM PST by Arizona Carolyn
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To: tomcorn

My husband and I just watched a TV movie about Rudy while on a Jet Blue flight. It starred James Woods and my husband felt it was a real hit piece. It was about his handling of 9-11 but had a lot of coverage of his marriage to Donna. With respect to his marriage, he looked just awful. She came out the heroine.

277 posted on 01/07/2007 3:11:36 PM PST by surrey
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To: Torie

For the Pubbies, there's no Vilsack to make Iowa irrelevant. Iowa usually produces 3 viable candidates, I think it will produce only 2 in the GOP.

Usually there will be a big gap between NH and the rest. Not so this year, especially for the Dems. That plays to Hillary's advantage. She makes the Iowa caucuses irrelevant, downplays the cranky NH voters and then goes to the bigger states running nothing but TV ads. She needs to avoid retail campaigning at all costs.

For the Republicans, this works in favor of McCain, he has a lot of big donor money. He could be defeated by a (1976) Reagan, someone supported uniformly by the grassroots of the party, but if Romney cannot stake out that ground alone, he won't be able to overcome that natural advantage.

278 posted on 01/07/2007 3:12:23 PM PST by AmishDude (It doesn't matter whom you vote for. It matters who takes office.)
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To: surrey

When you seek the Presidency, your life becomes an open book. For all her faults, Rudy hardly handled it well.

The length of this thread (and all Rudy threads) indicate how deeply divided Republicans are on Rudy.

279 posted on 01/07/2007 3:15:12 PM PST by BW2221
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To: BW2221

I like him. I can get past some of his liberal leanings because I think he would be a tough S.O.B on terrorism and right now that's my major concern.

280 posted on 01/07/2007 3:18:36 PM PST by surrey
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