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Posted on 01/09/2007 9:32:02 AM PST by paltz


Humanism is as old as the garden of Eden, but few know what it is. The idea of Humanism replacing Godism can be seen in the garden of Eden when Satan taught Eve that she would know longer need God, she could be as her own god and do what she pleased after she got enough knowledge of her own.

Men have written on the subject since Plato and Aristotle, but still most people only think it means 'kind' or 'humane'.
A better definition is required if we are to understand the forces moving in the world systems today.
John Dewey gave us that definition when he signed the Humanist Manifesto.

That definition expressed by the Humanist Manifesto was given to us by no less than the man who has been called the father of modern American education. He influenced teachers in Russia, Asia, and Europe as well.
We should take note of the words of such an influential man.

The Humanist Manifesto reveals a large picture of intent for education which Dewey shaped. It also shows a picture of what our government is doing, since it has been shaped so much by graduates of this modern system of education.

Please note the U.S. Dept. of Education did not exist until Lyndon B. Johnson as President. Such a department was never intended by the Founding Fathers. They didn't even want their children fed by the government, much less taught what to think by the ruling powers.

John Dewey had great influence in the National Education Association and reshaping America's schools. He has had a profound influence of generations of philosophers.

No one who leads or teaches others should be ignorant of purposes laid out in the Humanist Manifesto nor of the significance of those others who signed or agreed with the document.

The list of individuals, corporations, and trust funds is impressive with its power to influence. We come to see that the National Humanist Foundation, Society for the Humanities, and other such names do have a common philosophy and intent.

Seeing how great is the list of those who have publicly and openly endorse humanism in one way or another, it becomes clear that a common system of thought drives many sources of great economic and political power.

Having a common idea and goal makes it unnecessary to conspire. Just having a common philosophy and goal will eventually lead them closer and closer to support the same ways and means of accomplishing their common goal. How could anyone understand what is happening if he is ignorant of who is doing it, or ignorant of the power behind it, or is ignorant of the goal?

A few historical events focused into perspective can show you a picture of today's politics and economic powers that are shaping our government and education of our children. To draw that picture is the goal of this writing.

The Humanist Manifesto was signed by many prominent people. Since then a second, called The Humanist Manifesto II has been written and signed by many more.

That document, Humanist Manifesto and its follow up, Humanist Manifesto II , define a collectively held goal of many political-economic powers. No education is complete without understanding the big picture of Humanism.

The list of signers and their offshoots must also be traced even to see the connections between that philosophy and many things happening now. A clear example can be seen when you study the how The New Standard for American History has been developed by major Humanist supporters.

Philosophers have written on the subject since Plato and Aristotle. Later writers include French revolutionaries such as Rousseau in throwing off the authority of kings, and then Engles and Karl Marx in establishing the right of men to rule themselves.

Growth of the concept was slow for the first few thousand years of recorded history, until French and European philosophers further developed some of the details prior to the French Revolution.
Then in 1859, Darwinism gave accelerated growth through the concepts of evolution, relativism and positivism. See Encyclopedia Britanica, 1952.

Law courses adopted the ideas of 'relativism' and 'positivism' in major universities as early as 1870.

By 1940, relative law or case law also called evolutionary law had replaced the absolute standard of original intent law.
Justice Rhenquist has a book called Original Intent. Several other authors have books with the same title showing how different the new law interprets our Constitution by the changed standards of relativism.

A 1996 book, Original Intent, published by Wallbuilders with a four way index contrasting the original intent of our Constitution and how it has been changed, should be in all our schools. This contrast is clearly shown by original documents from those great men who signed the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution and other documents of that time.

Relativism as a positive gain relative to man's changing standards became popularized by the educational elite. Educators said since man evolves, his society evolves, and therefore his law must also change to fit the changing man. That's how Darwin's evolution impacted law, society, government, politics, economics of teaching in text book sales, as well as science in all its branches. Not only biology would change from Creationism to Evolution, but physics and math would change from Ordered Systems to Chaos as a focus of teaching.

Oliver Wendel Holmes was the first graduate of 'relative' legal standards interpretation.

Holmes began his influence on the Supreme Court in 1920.

By 1940 the absolute standards of Blackstone's Law Commentary had been discarded nearly everywhere.

Blackstone had been the standard of law interpretation since the British courts were developed.

Blackstone based all understanding on God, and natural law that came forth from God, and man's government law as derived from nature that was created by God. He believed in God, an absolute God, and he accepted an absolute system of law that like God did not change. The absolute system of Blackstone was discarded were discarded in favor of relative or situational law by 1940.

Engles and Marx brought Humanism to nation-wide birth for the Bolshevik Revolution.

After reading and correspondence with Europe, John Dewey, the Father of Modern Education John Dewey, traveled to Europe, China, and Turkey in the early nineteen thirties.

Upon his return to America, he helped author and did sign the Humanist Manifesto which was the Americanized version of the Communist Manifesto penned by Karl Marx.

Positivism says that what is a perceived gain, a plus, is a good thing. The plus or minus is measured from the relative point of view of an individual, not any absolute standard . Positivism along with Relativism are the basis of saying "The end justifies the means."

Humanism with its relative and subjective values feeds systems like, I'm OK. You're OK. or Tolerance in a big way. No absolutes. Each person establishes his own system of values as he sees fit with no absolutes or external authorities.

This results in calling them bigots who would impose any external authority or absolute standard of reference to right and wrong. It allows for saying the end justifies whatever means it takes to get a gain. So long as that gain seems to me as being a positive gain relative to how I see things, that's what I call good.

Humanism says forget the absolutes. Judge things by what seems to be right for you. Just like Satan tempted Eve in the garden. Humanism has crept into the pulpit of many churches.

During the 1950's and 60's many preachers strived to show where they could write or teach in a humanistic way. Such thinking was justified under the more naive definition of mankind doing good to man. The core idea being that Humanism as a system denies God, and Jesus as the Son of God who said that only God is Good.

Removal of God from the value system was done not only in the Bolshevik revolution but also in the Humanist Manifesto. Having no absolute standard leaves then only each individual to define his own ideas of what 'feels good' to him.

Another way of saying the same thing is to say, "Your way is OK for you, and my way is OK for me. Let's just be tolerant of each other and agree to disagree while still saying each other is right for himself.

Humanism has existed from the beginning of time. It was defined in the garden of Eden where Satan used his most tempting bait to get Eve first doubting and then ignoring the word of God. " shall be as gods..." Ancient philosophers, Plato, Aristotle and others, wrote on the theme of Humanism without recognizing its full picture.

Humanism can not be seen in its biggest context from its on point of view. Humanism denies God so it denies the total context. Only in a faith towards God can Humanism be seen for what it is in the highest context.

To those who believe in God, Humanism is man's way of saying, exactly what the Humanists proclaim, man must be his own god. That means to a Christian, rebellion against God.

The first rebellion was in the garden of Eden. It was over the idea of being as a god, self-directing and without further need of Almighty God. Thus the oldest Biblical word for what we call Humanism is Rebellion against God Almighty.

Most literature on humanism does not speak of rebellion against God. However humanistic writings were used to inspire rebellions against government in many places. Most notably, the Bolshevik Revolution which clearly and openly denounced God.

Humanism has been manifest since Eve was tempted to do away with her need for Almighty God and be her own god through partaking of all knowledge. Plato and Aristotle wrote on some ideas of Humanism.

Darwinism gave strength to Humanism after 1859. Engles and Karl Marx developed the European version of Humanism. By 1920, the Communist Revolution had motivated people around the world to read the ideas of Engles and Marx.

China did not ignore the rising trend of Humanism as expressed in the border nation of Russia. After reading and correspondence on these ideas, John Dewey traveled to China and Turkey. There he taught on state education to help develop students to better serve the state system.

Upon his return to America, John Dewey, the Father of Modern American Education wrote The Humanist Manifesto in 1933.

No education is complete today without understanding The Humanist Manifesto I and II and tracing the influence of those signers and supporters of the intentions expressed therein.

It is clear to see that the humanist designers of contemporary education do not want our children to have a complete education, else they would see what is happening.

To see where we came from and how we got where we are is to be able to see where we are headed. The direction and momentum must be realized to project a future path.

Read the article on Value of History comparing the graph of a golf ball's path to understanding the graph of where our nation is going.

Naivety and ignorance are a pitfall to everyone who assumes that humanism only means to be 'humane' or 'kind' to your neighbor. Teachers, pastors, and senators all need to recognize the strategy and goals of Humanists.

The system of money, philosophies of men, text books and politics that has entangled itself in America is now teaching our children from eight a.m. to 3 p.m. five days a week.

Look closely and you can see a loosening up of definitions, much like Satan redefined what God said to Eve. Teaching by loose analogies in the name of creative reasoning or higher order thinking is used to accustom children to believe anything can equal anything, which is exactly what Chaos says. But God says, I AM that I Am and I change not. Who will listen to the word of God and who will continue pleasing men, for the sake of paychecks going along and being friends with the system.

Pastors, you have the responsibility to warn your people. If you warn them and they do nothing, you are free; but if you do not warn them, then where does scripture say you are?

Humanism is nothing but a redefined label for the rebellion against God that happened in the garden, by adding to and taking from the truth of his word so to justify mankind in doing its own thing, whatever that may be.

The hearts of our children are the goal of those who have taught against absolutes and encouraged 'relative positivism' as a way of thinking based on loose association and calling it higher order thinking.

Be on guard. Be not deceived when you see those fine sounding phrases of "Changes in education for excellence" or "higher order thinking" or "critical thinking"; because most of those actions covered by those words are used to destroy faith in God.

Viewpoint from the New History" Consider this viewpoint from the New Standard of American History. Man emerged from the slime of a soupy organic ocean as he evolved from a protozoa form to higher and higher forms. So man is growing up. There was not a fall as the Bible teaches, but an upward evolution and therefore no need for a Savior. And as the humanists write, if man is going to be saved, he must do it himself.

Example of new history lesson: After many tribes of people grew, different ways of solving problems grew. Idols and many gods were one way man evolved to cope with his problems.

Then in the middle of civilization after man had been existent for thousands or millions of years, some small tribe called the Jews developed a system to cope with their problems, but their system was different, it was called monotheistic. And out of that failed system came what is called Christianity. But other systems were competing with Christianity and grew even bigger such as Buddhism and Islam and Brahman.

Today, dear students, we have the advantage of 'higher critical thinking' and as you compare and analyze the way those religions competed for converts, you can see how they slowly died out because their hope in God wasn't really solving problems. They still had wars and hunger and even killed one another in the name of their religions.

New history teaches children this way. So today, we clearly know that only man with clear thinking logic can save himself from his own problems. And as the new state religion of humanism, logic and reasoning by man, grows we will see the wonderful man made institutions of international scope solve the problems of our world. Man made cooperation for peace through the United Nations, the World Bank, and other such agencies are our way for peace in the new world economic order.

Dear parent or pastor, if you expect to send your child to school where this is taught and not have it impact his heart, please think again. The humanists expect to win the hearts of many children with their campaign. Scripture says they will succeed in doing much of their plan. They will ultimately fail. But meanwhile let those who hear take heed.

William Bennett Even William Bennett, past Secretary of Education has called the educational system a 'blob'. If you stop it in one place, it just pours out in someplace else. If you ask for responsibility in one place, it just shifts the blame or question to someplace else. It includes the humanist favoring news reporters where they exist, the humanists in the N.E.A., and within each school system who do not teach God, and the U.S. Dept. of Education with its funds allocated to the "relativist, positive, no absolute standard " teaching methods that have done away with the absolute standards of teaching that helped us put men on the moon.

If humanistic ideas were not dominating the news how is it that such things as the Religious Freedom Restoration Act of 1993 and President Clinton's speech on it to a high school in 1995 could have been so kept from the parents and pastors of our churches?

When we are given clear right to restore Christian context to our school classes, the powers in effect keep the news from reaching those who would actually restore the Christian context.

If anyone says the news did reach the school districts, then let it also be said that not enough explanation reached the people to encourage the implementation of restoration of Christian context. The restoration must be done, and therefore people must be given enough encouragement from friendly media to accomplish the job!

Christian class books used to have little children reading stories with moral values and life helping information in them. Then the system switched to brainless Dick and Jane and from that to the current mass of nonsense and chaos books that fill our elementary schools. For example of a current title in elementary reading, I give you, "The Upside Down School". Rather than building values, such books are acclimating our children to nonsense so they can equate anything with anything, another example of Chaos instead of Ordered Systems, or Relative Values verses the Absolutes of Christianity on which this nation was built. Restore values for our children!!!

The World's Oldest False Religion ,Humanist Manifesto I and II,Encyclopedia Britannica, 1952, Vol. 7, p 297

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1 posted on 01/09/2007 9:32:07 AM PST by paltz
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To: paltz

The author states that there was no Dept. of Education until LBJ. Actually it was then HEW -- Health, Education, and Welfare. It was not the Dept. of Ed until Carter.

The problem with the article is not the thrust and direction but with the poor writing. It needs longer direct quotes from Dewey and less jumping through the decades.

2 posted on 01/09/2007 9:49:18 AM PST by Monterrosa-24 (...even more American than a Russian AK-47 and a French bikini.)
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To: paltz

John Taylor Gatto - "The Underground History of American Education"

Charlotte Iserbyt - "The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America"

Beverly Eakman - "The Cloning of the American Mind"

If people would read all these books, you'd have your kids out of school tomorrow.

3 posted on 01/09/2007 9:51:22 AM PST by cinives (On some planets what I do is considered normal.)
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To: Monterrosa-24
The problem with the article is not the thrust and direction but with the poor writing. It needs longer direct quotes from Dewey and less jumping through the decades.

Yes and thank you. Dewey's work speaks for itself.

4 posted on 01/09/2007 10:27:34 AM PST by Lil'freeper (You do not have the plug-in required to view this tagline.)
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To: cinives
John Taylor Gatto - "The Underground History of American Education" Free online copy
5 posted on 01/09/2007 10:39:15 AM PST by SmartAZ
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To: paltz


6 posted on 01/09/2007 10:56:23 AM PST by kitkat (The first step down to hell is to deny the existence of evil.)
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To: paltz

Everybody should read Dewey's actual writings. He was an oddity--an American philosopher.

7 posted on 01/09/2007 10:58:06 AM PST by RightWhale
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To: paltz
The idea of Humanism replacing Godism can be seen in the garden of Eden

It's amazing what you can find in this very forum.

Pope Urges Need for 'Renewed Humanism' ^
8 posted on 01/09/2007 3:30:40 PM PST by gcruse (
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