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To: Carry_Okie
No, none of that, it was Hillary and Albright. The behind the scenes account of these two and their hands in Kosovo have been described in detail years ago here on FR. Too bad we have to revisit the mess they created because her Highness is getting ready to crown herself.

Recall that in 1998 Hillary was in her full power as President of the President traveling in Africa with full regalia, an entourage so large and so expensive that even her sycophant's in the press could barely contain their disgust at the waste and extravagance. There was Hillary in Morocco in flowing garb and head wrap with Chelsea by her side while her man-boy subordinate was indulging young interns less than half his age in the Oval Office.

Then there was Hillary's hand-picked midget underling known as the US Secretary of State who had taken over the Balkan problem from Holbrooke and wanted to repeat for her Highness, and at the direction of her Highness, the success of Richard Holbrooke's partition of Yugoslavia, for what? To show a 'Strong Woman' would do better.

It was Hillary in Africa that ordered Albright to get Milosevich's signature on the Rambouillet accord agreement. That agreement meant losing Kosovo. Now understand that Kosovo is as sacred to Yugoslavia as Gettysburg is to the USA. No way were Serbs going to allow anyone to dictate to them to give up essentially the most important piece of their cultural heritage. No matter what you think of Milosevich (as Krauthammer characterized him "a bad guy in a very rough neighborhood filled with very bad guys"), he at least would not back down from Albright's ultimatum.

Now do you see the pattern? Remember Waco? Remember all the child abuse propaganda reported that was never proved? Remember the brutally harsh military tactics used in an enforcement action that required only that local sheriffs or Federal Marshals to hang out at a local grocery store to pick up Koresh on gun charges?

So in Kosovo the pattern repeated. Albright phoned Hillary in Africa saying "that man will not do what I tell him to do!". Telling that to her Highness is for her the most enraging thing that could be told to her as her entire life is about getting her heel on men, especially because in her view they are all the same as the man-boy that she married and that she used in her climb to power.

When Albright told Hillary the above, Hillary immediately telephoned her subordinate in the Oval Office and ordered him to bomb the Serbs back to the stone age "Bomb Them!". To form a pretext for her hideousness, Kaplan at CNN concocted the Balkan ethnic cleansing holocaust hyperbole.

And Milosevich was never found guilty because he was not guilty. Oh, he was bad alright but he never rose to the diabolical crimes of Hitler.

Hillary Clinton is as dangerous as megalomaniacs come. She must not be allowed anywhere near the Oval Office.
36 posted on 01/26/2007 3:18:16 PM PST by Hostage
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To: Hostage
No, none of that, it was Hillary and Albright.

What you cite here are symptoms, not causes.

Just whose interests do they serve? Power-mad politicians and idiot stooges like the Hildabeast and Albright don't do what they do for mere idealogy; they do it for power. Acquiring and holding power takes, as you would say, "cashola." That means somebody who's got it has to have reason to "donate." One of the reasons Soros is so committed to getting rid of GWB is that he was making buckets of money off the Democrats. He's got plans too, which is why he's the biggest landowner in South America. He and his buddies are maneuvering into controlling America's food market.

The power to regulate is the power to sell favors; it's the power to pick winners and losers in the marketplace. Socialism destroys wealth, and everybody knows it; so Democrats have to regulate in order to have something to sell. The only people committed to them are either dependents or those who have the cashola to call the shots.

The resource racketeering game has two sides: constraining domestic production and acquiring foreign assets on the cheap. Soros' favorite gambit is to do the latter after crashing the currency, but he's not above other means.

In the case of Kosovo, Soros was looking to corner the silver and coal production there and a war was very handy toward letting him pick up those assets for a song. As to the dope business, well, let's just say that it's a dandy reserve currency sink and it's better us than the Euro.

Now do you see the pattern?

Sigh. I already had seen the pattern, one that you apparently didn't investigate. Kosovo was typical Clintoid smash-mouth politics. Blowing the Chinese embassy was a real gem.

Kaplan at CNN concocted the Balkan ethnic cleansing holocaust hyperbole.

Oh he amplified it, but it was only after cousin Bill Walker had staged the material. Check out the link and the rest of the thread and remember Mark's first law of politics:

Nothing big and bad goes on for very long unless both sides are dirty.
37 posted on 01/26/2007 5:59:16 PM PST by Carry_Okie (Islam offers three choices: fight, submit, or die.)
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