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Tanjug ^ | February 11, 2007

Posted on 02/11/2007 12:35:55 PM PST by joan

11.2.2007 16:34 DECANI, (Tanjug) - The Serbian Orthodox Church has condemned in the strongest terms ''barbaric'' messages of Self-Determination movement leader Albin Kurti and other participants of the Saturday demonstrations in Pristina who shouted that ''Serbs occupied Albanian churches and monasteries'' in Kosovo and that they should ''be destroyed.'' Several thousand Kosovo Albanian members of the Self-Determination movement and supporters of the so-called Kosovo liberation army protested against UN special envoy Martti Ahtisaari's plan for the status of Kosovo in Pristina on Saturday.

TOPICS: Crime/Corruption; Foreign Affairs; War on Terror
KEYWORDS: balkans; clintonlegacy; democracy; freedom; independence; kosovo; liberty; rop; selfdetermination; trop; wrongplace; wrongside; wrongwar

1 posted on 02/11/2007 12:35:59 PM PST by joan
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To: kronos77; Bokababe; DTA; tgambill


2 posted on 02/11/2007 12:36:23 PM PST by joan
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To: Pyro7480


3 posted on 02/11/2007 12:49:50 PM PST by Bigg Red (You are either with us or with the terrorists.)
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To: joan

Prayers for God to protect these churches and their people from the maohammedan barbarians.

4 posted on 02/11/2007 12:50:56 PM PST by Bigg Red (You are either with us or with the terrorists.)
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To: Bigg Red

maohammedan = mohammedan

5 posted on 02/11/2007 12:51:36 PM PST by Bigg Red (You are either with us or with the terrorists.)
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To: Bigg Red

Amen. But I don't hold out much hope.

6 posted on 02/11/2007 12:52:00 PM PST by processing please hold (Duncan Hunter '08) (ROP and Open Borders-a terrorist marriage and hell's coming with them)
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To: Salvation

Prayer ping for our Orthodox brothers.

7 posted on 02/11/2007 12:53:25 PM PST by Bigg Red (You are either with us or with the terrorists.)
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To: Bigg Red

And the world yawns.

This is simply stunning to me, I truly hope that those brothers and sisters can retain their lands and monasteries.

8 posted on 02/11/2007 12:59:30 PM PST by padre35 (I am from the "let's stop eating our own" wing of the Republican Party)
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To: padre35
35+ destroyed churches and monasteries in the Kosovo
All these holy sites, beside dozens of killed and 4,000 displaced Serbs have happened in the presence of 18,000 KFOR troops and thousands of UNMIK policemen.
1. Holy Virgin of Lyevish - Bogorodica Ljeviska (14th century)
2. Church of Christ the Savior (14th century)
3. Cathedral of St. George (1856)
4. Church of St. Nicholas (Tutic’s church, 14th century)
5. Church of St. Nicholas (Runovic’s church, 16th century)
6. Church of St. Kyriake (14th century, reconstructed later)
7. Church of St. Panteleimon (14th century, reconstructed later)
8. Church of Sts. Cosmas and Damian (14th century, reconstructed)
9. Church of St. Kyriake, Zivinjane, near Prizren
10. Holy Archangels Monastery (14th century)
*Serbian Orthodox Seminary of Sts. Cyril and Methodius
*Bishop’s residence in Prizren
11. Church of St. Kyriake, (1852), Brnjaca, Orahovac 1852
12. Church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary (16-19th century), with the parish home.
Cathedral church of the Holy Trinity (two bell-towers which survived the 1999 mining were razed to the ground. Kosovo Albanians remove all material from the site)
13. Church of St. Lazarus, Piskote, near Djakovica
14. Devic Monastery (15. century) burned to the ground with the tomb of St. Ioanichius of Devic opened and desecrated. Fire was burned in the tomb of the saint.
15. Church of St. John the Baptist (Metropolia, with the parish home)
16. Church of Virgin Mary, Belo Polje nr. Pec, burned again and desecrated
17. Church of St. John the Baptist (Pecka Banja)

18. Cathedral of St. Uros the Emperor, Urosevac
(According to the Athens media at least two more Orthodox churches which were under the protection of the Greek KFOR have been left unprotected. Initial information say that these two locations have been destroyed)
21. Church in Donja Slapasnica, Kosovska Kamenica
22. Church in Talinovci, nr. Gnjilane
23. Church of St. Archangel Michael in Stimlje
24. Church of St. Nicholas (19 th century), Pristina town
Kosovo Polje
25. Church of St Nicholas, Kosovo Polje, burned and desecrated
26. Church of St. Katherine, Bresje nr. Kosovo Polje, burned
27. Church of St. Elias, Vucitrn
28. Church of St. Michael in Obilic 
Kosovska Mitrovica
29. Church of St. Sava, Mitrovica South
30. Church of St. Elias, Podujevo
A total of 35 Orthodox churches and monasteries were destroyed or seriously damaged, as well as dozens of cemeteries from which the deceased were unburied and their bones scattered. The tombs of St. Ionnachius of Devic, the Serbian Emperor Dusan and old tombs in the villages of St. George in Prizren and St. Nicholas in Pristina were opened and desecrated. In the churches, hundreds of valuable icons, chalices, vestments and other church valuables were destroyed, as well as medieval frescoes and many church documents (books of baptisms, marriages, deaths).

9 posted on 02/11/2007 1:07:29 PM PST by navysealdad
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To: padre35

There's nothing anyone in civilized western Europe can do. Not with PC and multi-culti loons running the show. If this keeps up, islam attacking and limp-writed liberals retreating, it's gonna cause a backlash that will see the Far Right come to power. Then God himself can't save the muslims.

10 posted on 02/11/2007 1:09:10 PM PST by John Philoponus
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To: padre35
These are some recent photos of destroyed and desecrated cemeteries. The Albanians won't even let the dead rest in peace.

11 posted on 02/11/2007 1:10:05 PM PST by joan
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The Serbian Orthodox Church should be calling for a Crusade
against the Islamics bent on destruction of anything Christian in their benighted land.
12 posted on 02/11/2007 1:19:01 PM PST by wodinoneeye
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To: navysealdad

And what about the 10,000 Kosovars killed by Serbia over the years? Or the 900,000 displaced Kosovar refugees?

BOTH sides are equally brutal in this region; to try and say one is "better" than the other is non-sensical.

13 posted on 02/11/2007 1:22:45 PM PST by canuck_conservative
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To: processing please hold

May Our Lord save the Serbian Orthodox churches in Kosovo.

14 posted on 02/11/2007 1:24:37 PM PST by OldCorps
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To: canuck_conservative
No the number is not 10,000 or even 5,000 from all sides. Even accounting for all of the missing you can't get 5,000 or even 4,000.

Many of the dead were KLA soldiers.

The KLA ordered villagers out when NATO started bombing. This was admitted in court by a commander, and a German journalist who met with KLA commanders, testified he saw priority evacuation lists drawn up by the KLA over a month before NATO bombed.

These villages, controlled by the KLA, were immediately evacuated when NATO started bombing.

The violence was initiated by the Albanians. They started bombing and killing the police, kidnapping civilians, torturing and killing them often. They even kidnapped and tortured Albanians who were loyal to the Serbian government.

15 posted on 02/11/2007 1:29:59 PM PST by joan
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To: canuck_conservative
And what about the 10,000 Kosovars killed by Serbia over the years? Or the 900,000 displaced Kosovar refugees?

I agree. But the solution is to hold the mosques hostage to the chuches. Each church detroyed, destroy a certain number of mosques. But if the Muslims are too stupid to understand live-and-let-live, then perhaps we should finish Milosevic's work. After being given a chance by us, they owe it to us to honor the ideal that brought that about.
16 posted on 02/11/2007 1:38:42 PM PST by UnbelievingScumOnTheOtherSide (Give Them Liberty Or Give Them Death! - IT'S ISLAM, STUPID! - Islam Delenda Est! - Rumble thee forth)
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To: joan

Serbia was plenty violent itself, and is hardly an innocent party.

As for "who started it first", that depends on how far back in time you want to go.

Like I said, BOTH sides have blood on their hands.

17 posted on 02/11/2007 1:40:32 PM PST by canuck_conservative
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To: joan

Nothing will be done to stop this. We could, but TROP Bush Administration won't do a thing except sacrifice more Orthodox Christians to the dog vomit Albanian bacillus in a sucker move to show the Mohammedans how much the US loves them.

18 posted on 02/11/2007 1:59:40 PM PST by Kolokotronis (Christ is Risen, and you, o death, are annihilated!)
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To: joan
This is the true face of "the Religion of Peace".

Death, destruction and dhimmitude.
19 posted on 02/11/2007 2:14:31 PM PST by BenLurkin
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To: joan

Pretty much accurate Joan, the entire "Kosovo" bombing campaign was a sort of spasm of guilt by NATO for allowing the civil war to spread in Yugoslavia.

Both sides may have blood on their hands for different reasons, but only one side is claiming to be protecting the region while Orthodox Churches are burned and the province is ethnically cleansed.

NATO's hippocracy by allowing these things to happen while at the same time saying that "the Serbs will be given protections in an independent Kosovo" is daily joke that makes them look like two faced liars.

20 posted on 02/11/2007 2:16:00 PM PST by padre35 (I am from the "let's stop eating our own" wing of the Republican Party)
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To: canuck_conservative
Serbia is the most ethnically diverse region of the former Yugoslavia. The other statelets/territories are close to ethnically pure or have people separated and unable to have freedom of movement, property and job rights in the other parts (Bosnia, Kosovo, and increasingly Macedonia - Macedonians are still not able to get back to their homes from which they were ethnically cleansed from in northern Macedonia during 2001).

Kosovo is Serbian named and established, all the towns were Serbian named before the Albanians came. Kosovo was the center of Serbian culture and nobility during the Middle Ages. Albanians were brought in by the Ottoman Turks. They were a mountain people who were into theft and violence; they still have the primitive Code of Lek in parts of Albania.

21 posted on 02/11/2007 2:27:10 PM PST by joan
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To: joan

The civilized world must make a final stand against Islamics. Soon this world will not be fit to live in.
We need to start blaming our leaders that lead us into this mess.

22 posted on 02/11/2007 2:38:26 PM PST by tessalu
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To: canuck_conservative
"And what about the 10,000 Kosovars killed by Serbia over the years? Or the 900,000 displaced Kosovar refugees?"

The Farmer And The Cranes

SOME CRANES made their feeding grounds on some plowlands newly sown with wheat. For a long time the Farmer, brandishing an empty sling, chased them away by the terror he inspired; but when the birds found that the sling was only swung in the air, they ceased to take any notice of it and would not move. The Farmer, on seeing this, charged his sling with stones, and killed a great number. The remaining birds at once forsook his fields, crying to each other, "It is time for us to be off to Liliput: for this man is no longer content to scare us, but begins to show us in earnest what he can do."

If words suffice not, blows must follow.

The followers of Islam have chosen the path of murder and violence. We have waved our slings for the last few years to their amusement trying to stop the inevitable. Now at the end of our patience they, and their supporters cry even before we begin to charge our slings...

Too late .....

I feel nothing towards those who seek to kill and oppress our families and friends nor do I care what happens to the sea in which they swim. Nor their agents.

23 posted on 02/11/2007 2:45:39 PM PST by WLR ("fugit impius nemine persequente iustus autem quasi leo confidens absque terrore erit")
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To: John Philoponus

I don't think you will ever see a backlash in Western Europe. Two World Wars + Socialsm have pretty much emasculated the Europeans. They can't even muster the will to reproduce themselves.

24 posted on 02/11/2007 2:49:47 PM PST by rbg81 (1)
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To: OldCorps

I pray he does as well, but with it being the muzzies, they'll burn them to the ground and build a mosque on top of it.

25 posted on 02/11/2007 3:38:59 PM PST by processing please hold (Duncan Hunter '08) (ROP and Open Borders-a terrorist marriage and hell's coming with them)
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To: canuck_conservative

I agree. I was just commenting on the title of the article.

26 posted on 02/11/2007 4:39:30 PM PST by navysealdad
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Well said WLR. Also remember that senior KLA commanders have admitted to ordering out the Kosovo Albanians in 1999 and the prosecution in the Milosevic trial were unable to find a single Kosovo Albanian who could testify that they were told to leave Kosovo for Albania by the Serb security forces. They played us like a Stradivarius

27 posted on 02/11/2007 7:27:18 PM PST by Barnsleys Beck
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To: canuck_conservative
>>>>>>And what about the 10,000 Kosovars killed by Serbia over the years? Or the 900,000 displaced Kosovar refugees?<<<<<

This is fabrication created by NATO to justify murdering civilians in Serbia. This lie is kept alive by unscrupulous shysters.

Speaking of the terms you use to propagate the above mentioned fabrications. There are no "Ontariars", there are no "Torontars" nor there are "Nanaimars".

"Kosovar" is non-existing word in English language. There are Kosovo Serbs, Kosovo Roma and Kosovo Albanians. It is evident where Albanians came from. Kosovo was never part of Albania. The bogus term "Kosovar" try to hide this, it is a tell tale of someone shilling for Albanian terrorists.

28 posted on 02/11/2007 10:06:44 PM PST by DTA (Mr. President, Condy is asleep at the wheel !!!)
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To: canuck_conservative
>>>>Like I said, BOTH sides have blood on their hands.<<<<<

Trying to equate legitimate forces of a sovereign nation with Islamic terrorists aided by both Al Qaeda and NATO is an example of moral blindness.

In 1998 KLA terrorists trained by NATO forces in Turkey and North Albania have started their rampage by killing Albanians who were loyal citizens of Serbia. KLA was murdering posmen, forrest rangers and policemen.

It was deliberate, to provoke police and army to respond in protection of their citizens.

For example, in an event leadign to Racak incident KLA ambushed police car and murdered one Albanian policeman.

Before NATO started bombing Serbia as KLA airforce in March 1999, approx. two thousand people were killed, majority of them Serbs and Albanians killed by KLA.

After the war, KLA murdered more than 1000 Serbs and more than 1000 Albanians. Add this 2000 to those KLA murdered before the war and you will get the true scope of terrorism in Kosovo, aided and abetted by NATO.

Your claim that "BOTH sides have blood on their hands." is not only factuyally incorrect, it is morally flawed. It is open support to terrorism.

"Both sides" are actually NATO and KLA who attacked Serbia in contravention of all international treaties.

You may be conservative but you are terrorist supporter as well. How that two go together, I can not tell for the life of me.

29 posted on 02/11/2007 10:19:35 PM PST by DTA
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To: Barnsleys Beck; DTA
This is some of the testimony of a German reporter, Franz Josef Hutsch, who was embedded with the KLA before and during the war.

He witnessed the evacuation lists drawn up before the war and how the KLA asked the people to leave for Albania and Macedonia and used satellite phones to set up the routes:

… My impression was more and more that things were being staged. The KLA seemed to be advised by a very good PR agent. There were situations where refugees were kept in the woods until Western journalists visited the refugee camps. There were situations where the civil population were kept in the villages which were being attacked by the Serbian security forces, and the civilians were prevented from leaving the villages.

… It was very clear that at that time the KLA had a very great deal of interest in calling on people to flee their villages. So they actually purposefully created fear by telling people that the villages would in the future be attacked here, Straza, Ivaja, and Picevac up in the north. There the people living in the villages were asked to leave the villages, go into the woodland areas and were actually prevented from returning to their villages again.

As I observed it, the normal pattern of behaviour when Serb security forces had attacked a village and left again, the people tended to return to their villages and came to sort of arrangements again with conditions of life, which were hard enough for the civilian people already. But here the people were kept in these forests in order to initiate a refugee crisis.

… A. Okay. The behaviour to the village population was such that this intensified in autumn. I had evidence of people being prevented going back to their villages, or they were called upon to leave their villages. In spring 1999, at least you can see there was a certain systematic approach to this.

Q. And the population having been prevented by the KLA from going back went where having moved from their villages? In what you saw.

A. Well, they finally went into the woods. At the Kacanik offensive, the KLA, there was a larger refugee camp in this forest south-east of Kacanik, in this area. There was a refugee camp to the south of Kotlina towards Pustanik. About 800 to 1.000 civilians were there from the entire region. There was a refugee camp in the border area at Straza where people were kept.

Q. This period from February down to March and the NATO bombing, was your concern largely, if not exclusively, that area south of Urosevac down to Kacanik and the elephant foot? Is that where you were?

A. As I said, until mid-March, I was in this area. About the 10th, 11th of March, again I went to Malisevo along this road to Kacanik, Urosevac, through the woods to Stimlje Racak, to this street the Dulje pass, it was Malisevo, and what I saw in the two and a half weeks in this region was precisely that.

Q. The population, then, that was being told to leave the villages and go into the woods or elsewhere, what sort of numbers are you able to tell us were concerned with this?

A. Well, I'd rather talk about what I saw in the refugee camps, because there you have rough numbers. In this southern area of Kacanik and west of Kacanik, I would talk about, say, 5.000, and this would have to be multiplied by the number throughout Kosovo in its entirety. This is an estimate. It is simply my own opinion, but I think you're talking about a six-figure number.

… A. The KLA commanders and in the brigades were called upon to set up a list of priorities for the evacuations of the towns and villages. To indicate the villages, to pass on this information, a messenger service of the KLA command was set up. They had contact with satellite telephones with safe links to Albania. These officers had identification papers with them whereby they were able to take over the command of certain areas if necessary.

There was a communications system which was supported electronically, on the one hand, but it was also screened, and there was direct communication with these selected officers on the one hand and the individual regional commanders on the other. And they could give direct orders as to which villages should be evacuated where.

So the population was then asked, for example, to leave the village in the direction of Albania or Macedonia.

Q. Again so that we can get a picture of this, are you able to identify on the atlas the regions you're talking about where you were able to observe this happening? And if you could do that slowly so that the Court is able to identify for the record.

A. For example, the location of the village of Malusha, close to Malisevo, were one of the first to be asked to leave the village in the direction of Macedonia. The population of Gajre, here, was also asked to leave the village. The military objective was to have an area around Malisevo which could be used by their own operations command, and there were very hard and bloody battles in this town, so that the civil – the civilian population were taken out of the combat area, but also this rovided a possibility of using these towns and villages for the purposes of the KLA.

Q. And we're looking at map page 10. Again, any other areas where you were able to see this happening after the NATO bombing started on the 24th of March?

A. Yes. The same happened with the KLA between Orahovac and Suva Reka. This is on page 11, in this area. These were on the list of priorities of the villages which were to be evacuated, where the population was asked to leave.

30 posted on 02/12/2007 11:07:18 AM PST by joan
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To: joan
Not only this. Remember two columns of Albanian refugees being 'accidentally hit' by NATO planes? They DID NOT listen to KLA/NATO command and were moving towards Serbia proper and NATO wanted to send them a loud message.

"Disregard KLA/NATO orders and you will be killed". After NATO occupied Kosovo, more than 1000 Albanians, loyal citizens of Serbia were murdered. It was admitted by Demaqi in an interview to Renatte Flotau, Der Spiegel. Meny were dumped to the landfills.

So much of NATO humanitarian mission. In order to hide horrendous crimes, NATO had to invent Serbian ones and followed Hitler's doctrine of big lie.

KLA was only NATO's tool as it is still today.

Destruction of Christian churches is contract work.

31 posted on 02/12/2007 6:31:50 PM PST by DTA
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Yes, DTA, the loyalist Albanians were indeed loyal to Belgrade, and they paid for that loyalty with, not only their blood, but, in many cases, their families' blood too.

Take for example the small town of Djakovica in SW Kosovo.

For starters, NATO dropped almost 900 bombs, missiles on the area.

In the municipality, there were 18 Catholic villages - the vast majority of LOYALIST KOSOVO ALBANIANS were Catholic - all of them stayed put during the bombing, despite attacks and threats from the KLA.

In Batusa and Borovina, two villages in the area, the KLA expelled the entire population, when the Serb army routed the Al Qaeda linked terrorists, the villagers returned.

A similar story for the village of Meca, where the villagers called in the army to protect them from the KLA, who were forcing the inhabitants to leave for Albania.

In Junik, the KLA was routed, forced into retreat, and only made it into Albania by using the 700 women and children as human shields.

Although it is near Albania, of the approximately 70,000 inhabitants of Djakovica only some 30% chose Albania when NATO and KLA started attacking.

So much for Serb aggression. You can kiss the overwhelming majority of Catholic Kosovo Albanians a fond goodbye.




If you thought the 20th Century had some lows, you ain't seen nothing yet.

32 posted on 02/13/2007 9:29:51 PM PST by Barnsleys Beck
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Well pointed out. The NATO / KLA alliance wanted the Kosovo Albanians to go in one direction. TO ALBANIA. The fact that the Catholic Kosovo Albanians stayed put, or that 10's of 1,000s went further into Serbia or that an even larger number went in to Montenegro is lost on many.

And how about those lies we would hear?

A press release of the state department at the beginning of April 1999 that half a million people were killed in Kosovo?

A statement made by David Schaeffer , the American ambassador at large for war crimes, the one that he made on the 18th of April 1999, that hundreds of thousands of Albanians were killed in Kosovo.

Or Rubin , who said on the 19th of April, 1999, that hundreds of Albanians were killed? And also in May 1999, that 100.000 men were missing in Kosovo?

My oh my. Such support from the Clinton Administration for Islamists. And then on the 11th of September , 2001 , the whole world fell in.

33 posted on 02/15/2007 4:42:55 PM PST by Barnsleys Beck
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