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He Did Not Have Relations With that Woman, Anna Nicole Smith
NewsBusters ^ | Mark Finkelstein

Posted on 02/21/2007 5:20:36 AM PST by governsleastgovernsbest

"I did not have sexual relations with that woman, Miss Lewinsky." -- Bill Clinton
"He had no sexual relationships with that woman, Anna Nicole Smith." -- Debra Opri, attorney for Larry Birkhead, alleged father of Anna Nicole Smith's daughter

Same raised finger. Virtually identical line.

View video here.

You might have thought the sad soap opera that has been the life and death of Anna Nicole Smith would have offered a safe haven for those seeking respite from presidential politics. But Hillary cannot be pleased that echoes of a low point of her husband's presidential tenure managed to work their way into the three-ring circus yesterday and onto this morning's "Today" show.

Lawyer Opri uttered her line outside the courtroom where Judge Larry Seidlin was conducting a Catskills comedy act in the guise of a trial. The question arises as to why Opri decided to do her best Bill Clinton impression. My theory: Birkhead has been cast as a relatively minor character in this tragi-comedy. Beyond Anna Nicole herself, much more of the attention has focused on her companion, Howard K. Stern. Even Zza Zza's ninth, the Prince, has garnered more than his fair share of air time.

So evoking Clinton was Opri's way of getting some media attention for her client -- and herself. And as we see, when it came to this morning's "Today" -- and to NewsBusters -- it worked.

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1 posted on 02/21/2007 5:20:40 AM PST by governsleastgovernsbest
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To: Behind Liberal Lines; Miss Marple; an amused spectator; netmilsmom; Diogenesis; YaYa123; MEG33; ...

He-did-not-have-sexual-relations-with-that-woman ping to Today show list.

2 posted on 02/21/2007 5:21:46 AM PST by governsleastgovernsbest (Watching the Today Show since 2002 so you don't have to.)
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To: governsleastgovernsbest

Opri and sterns blonde lawyer will be having a mud-wrestling match on greta-tube friday nite, LOL

3 posted on 02/21/2007 5:23:38 AM PST by Vn_survivor_67-68
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To: governsleastgovernsbest
Seidlin joins Ito, NiFog, Fitz-idiot as examples of our pathetic justice system.

These people are not even embarrassed at the face they are showing America.

4 posted on 02/21/2007 5:29:53 AM PST by OldFriend (Swiftboating - Sinking a politician's Ship of Fools by Torpedoes of Truth)
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To: governsleastgovernsbest
"He Did Not Have Relations With that Woman, Anna Nicole Smith"


5 posted on 02/21/2007 5:33:32 AM PST by Enterprise (Drop pork bombs on the Islamofascist wankers. Praise the Lord and pass the hammunition.)
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To: All

I'm looking forward to Burkett taking that baby away from the murderer slimy lawyer.

6 posted on 02/21/2007 5:37:08 AM PST by Fawn (LEMME IN
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To: OldFriend
DId you know that that Judge--Seidlin....has already made and submitted VIDEO TAPES for an audition to be on a tv show? He wants to be like a Judge Judy.

He's ready for TV

7 posted on 02/21/2007 5:39:52 AM PST by Fawn (LEMME IN
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To: Fawn


8 posted on 02/21/2007 5:41:41 AM PST by spectre (Spectre's wife) (Duncan Hunter 08 "Will you join us"?)
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To: Lizarde the video link..

9 posted on 02/21/2007 5:42:14 AM PST by ken5050 (The 2008 winning ticket: Rudy/Newtie)
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To: ken5050; All


10 posted on 02/21/2007 5:48:06 AM PST by governsleastgovernsbest (Watching the Today Show since 2002 so you don't have to.)
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To: governsleastgovernsbest

I hope this melodrama has some positive impact on someone somewhere, because it turns my stomach.

11 posted on 02/21/2007 6:04:40 AM PST by ClaireSolt (Have you have gotten mixed up in a mish-masher?)
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To: governsleastgovernsbest

Okay...this is to the fellas reading this. Although ladies' opinions welcome as well.

I am not making this up.

I, frankly, am very intrigued by this Anna Nicole story despite it being very cool to act disdainful. I am mostly intrigued, beyond my more normal gossipping nature, because I am writing a book about fathers, the importance of fathers, the diminishing roll of fathers in this culture, how someday fathers will not be needed at all. Get rid of that sperm cell requirement, and what with cloning and everything, men will become obsolete. Then we will have a peaceful world run by women who will reproduce via any old cell from another person, male or female but likely female because we're going to get rid of men. Get it?

So yesterday I listen to this pundit, a lady, youngish....again, I am NOT making this up. The female pundit said that the government (florida, California, bahamas? Who knows which governemtn?) should give Anna's baby to the man she INTENDED to be her father.


Well I said I didn't make it up.

Indeed, this lady pundit continued, this Birkhead guy doesn't matter or the husband of Zsa-Zsa Gabor or whoever owned that sperm cell, Anna Nicole obviously WANTED Howard Stern to be the father of her child because, and I quote this lady pundit..."she set up housekeeping with him".

So where does Fox dig up these idiots? I mean just because Anna WANTED Stern to be the father of her baby (and who says that's true because why not just make him the baby's daddy like it's normally done?) than the government should declare Stern to be the father of her baby.

And so it begins. Fathers have NO rights. None. Zero. Zippo.

It matters not who is the genetic father of a child, it matters who the woman WANTS to be the father of child, illustrated by such actions as living with the guy or other indicators that the government should consider and interpret.

So does it work the OTHER way. Can a man declare hey, I didn't WANT you to be the mother of my child, then declare the woman with whom he lives was who he REALLY wanted to be the mother so government, make my live-in love the mother of my child and take that child away from the woman who gave birth to it?

Is this getting too complicated?

I mean, it's a simple damn thing here. SOMEBODY is the father of that baby and it doesn't matter that the child might be very wealthy someday. Lots of fathers get nailed for child support of very poor babies they fathered and hey, it swings both ways here.

Whoever is the genetic father of that baby gets custody of her, period. We do not have a right to look into his intentions, however evil or mercenary. If he's the father, dear Lord he's the father.

If he does a lousy job taking care of the kid, well we have social workers and such to handle this. I'd suggest that this child will be closely watched most likely and not liable to be mistreated at any rate.

Anyway....yeah...Libs. You gotta love them. Now we declare fathers based on who the mother WANTED to be the father as opposed to, say, who is REALLY the child's father.

Soon fellas, real soon. You'll no longer be needed.

I predict it. No I don't like it but I can see it coming.

12 posted on 02/21/2007 6:10:54 AM PST by Fishtalk (
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To: Fawn

The Judge would be a perfect candidate for JACKASS.

13 posted on 02/21/2007 6:20:57 AM PST by OldFriend (Swiftboating - Sinking a politician's Ship of Fools by Torpedoes of Truth)
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To: OldFriend

Where's everybody claiming to be the father instead of Tom Brady? Oh, that's right. The money will be going the other way.

14 posted on 02/21/2007 6:26:08 AM PST by massgopguy (I owe everything to George Bailey)
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To: Fishtalk

I see it as an outgrowth of the way we (as fathers) been marginalized - well, MORE than marginalized, when it comes to our unborn offspring. If a woman aborts a child we've created together, we have NO say, either legally OR (in their eyes) morally (though, of course, the moment it's born, we're suddenly responsible for it for the next 18-21 years). Given their one-sided view of procreational rights (fully supported by a liberal court system), I'm not surprised at the next step - that THEY get to choose who the baby's father is, based on who they prefer to pay for them... ahem, I mean based on who they prefer to live with. After all (in their minds), if they can choose life or death for the (unborn) baby, why shouldn't they have every other right as well?

15 posted on 02/21/2007 6:33:24 AM PST by Pravious
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To: Pravious

Well I agree with every word of your post. Spot on, a father gets denied his rights completely between conception and birth and then all hell breaks loose, like you say, for the next 18-21 years. Yep, that's when it began.

And when I said a "peaceful" world ran by women I did have my tongue in cheek. There likely would not be much war in a world run by women but likely some Saddam type would pretty much be running the world if you get my drift.

Hey, marginalizing fathers is one way to destroy the human race. Men exist for a reason but give the Libs time dear gems and your time on this planet is not for long.

16 posted on 02/21/2007 6:46:08 AM PST by Fishtalk (
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To: governsleastgovernsbest

I think the judge is brilliant...he is taking things further then Stern wants...and want to bet today when he has the Bahamas on the phone line that he asks the Bahamanian court to have Stern take a paternity test once and for all to declare who the father is. ANS was in no mental state to have custody of this baby...which is obvious of the video of her all made up as a clown when she is 7-8 months pregnant and on drugs at that time this is b4 the death of her son...ANS got into a dumb argument with Birkhead and at that time she decided she would move somewhere where Birkhead could never get custody of that child. Stern only helped facilate this whole mess...if Stern had been a good friend with her he would have helped her get the true medical treatment she needed at a clinic and encouraged her to makeup with her mother. If she would have had the loving help of her mother like the mother gave her once b4 she might be alive today. This judge is going to see that the baby gets the help that she needs and a father...again, ANS was in no mental state to name Stern the father. How many mothers end up in a court case after delivery with a maid who states ANS was not feeding the baby enough food, wanting the baby to look sexy, not wanting the baby to say I love you to anyone else but is nuts and this judge is going to make the best of this situation. It was only providence that she died in Florida and not the the Bahamas would have honored ANS bizarre wish for Stern to be the babies father and he would have leached onto that chick also. Look how many cases ANS has going at this time:

1. Bankrupcy case in California
2. Paternity case
3. Developer in S. Carolina trying to get back his house in the Bahamas
4. Case in Bahamas looking into the death of her son
5. Housekeeper filing charges against her

Just flipping amazing...

17 posted on 02/21/2007 9:28:57 AM PST by LADYAK
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I tend to agree with you.

I see Howard K. Stern as an EVIL parasite. ANS wasn't terribly bright to begin with and HKS literally exploited her to death. He didn't have to pop the pills in her mouth or shoot her up ... he let HER do that. He isolated her so no one could interfere. He went to the Bahamas to stay out of the reach of U.S. law, KNOWING they're not sophisticated when it comes to cause of death and wouldn't care. Aruba the Bahamas, Mexico ... they're all the same. Drug gateways and corrupt. Just look at the Immigration guy, laying around on the bed with ANS to speed up her paperwork. I doubt that ANS had any clue on what was going on.

Initially I chuckled at her too. Now, I am terribly sorry for her. I didn't seek out coverage on her but you can see through interviews how she was slowly slipping away from reality with that cold hearted, **astard by her side grinning.

Now that ANS is gone ... it's time to save her baby from these sadistic people. I hope that little girl knows NOTHING about her mom. I hope she gets a fresh start with a loving family. Ideally I hope the money is all used up in legal fees. Let that little one have a new start and not be the lottery ticket she is now.
18 posted on 02/21/2007 10:32:24 AM PST by nmh (Intelligent people recognize Intelligent Design (God) .)
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To: governsleastgovernsbest

Google the word rapist and see how long it takes for Bill Clintons name to come up.

19 posted on 02/21/2007 1:13:11 PM PST by csmusaret (Mnimum wage today; maximum wage tomorrow. It's the Socialist way.)
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To: Fawn
Me too!!!

Stern is so slimy

20 posted on 02/21/2007 4:34:43 PM PST by SunnyUsa (No man really becomes a fool until he stops asking questions.)
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