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Brief history of the modern childlove movement
Various - Cited in Sources

Posted on 03/03/2007 9:23:28 AM PST by Calpernia

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To: Elyse
Elyse, they, (these groups) are out to prove???? that sex isn’t harmful to children, and in their opinion, it is beneficial. These people have allowed their minds to go completely off the deep end in believing this, and their sole purpose for believing it, is much like the gays. To justify their behavior and beliefs.
141 posted on 05/18/2007 10:41:26 AM PDT by gidget7 (2Th 2:11 And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie:)
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To: Calpernia

Thanks for posting. Bookmarked.

142 posted on 05/18/2007 10:43:00 AM PDT by BigFinn
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Related post 107

Thread on Sash Bash and added info on the Radical Faerie demonstration in Moscow:

Harry Hay in Red Square, Moscow

143 posted on 05/27/2007 10:22:31 AM PDT by Calpernia (
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Marxist Theory of Homosexuality: Past, Present and Future
Part I: The Past
Bob Nowlan

November 1992
Revision History
Revision 1 November 1992
The Alternative Orange. November 1992 Vol. 2 No. 2 (Syracuse University)
Revision 2 September 10, 2000
DocBook XML (DocBk XML V3.1.3) from original.

144 posted on 05/27/2007 12:04:04 PM PDT by Calpernia (
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Post showing Radical Faeries threatened Judge Alito.

145 posted on 06/09/2007 6:15:21 AM PDT by Calpernia (
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To: Calpernia
"Radical Faeries: We are a network of satyrs, sissies, butch leather queens, ceremonial drag queens, queers, pansies, activists, revolutionaries, workers, artists, farmers, witches, pagans, sacred fools, rural and urban dwellers who see gays, lesbians and transgenders as a distinct and unique people, with our own culture, our own spirituality and our own path of Being."

Good grief!

That sounds just like a major American political party whose name escapes me for the moment...

146 posted on 06/09/2007 6:21:00 AM PDT by MarineDad (Whenever mosques and JDAM's meet, civilization benefits.)
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To: MarineDad

Try to look through the thread. Your thoughts are correct.

147 posted on 06/09/2007 6:49:10 AM PDT by Calpernia (
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To: Calpernia
Thanks, Calpernia. I did, and I saw.

It became a "fill in the blank" sort of thing, unfortunately.

Thoroughly disgusting...

148 posted on 06/09/2007 6:54:33 AM PDT by MarineDad (Whenever mosques and JDAM's meet, civilization benefits.)
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To: MarineDad

See this post:

The last line, about Log Cabin Republicans and Victory Funds...

Now go to this thread:
2004 - Log Cabin Congratulates Our Victorious Candidates (2004)

Take a look at the link at post 3, the brochure shows the anti war crowd throwing a thank you party to the Log Cabins in thanking them for their assistance. Note the other parties affiliated.

Then, back at the same thread:

I found the contracts they sign to get the financial endorsements and posted them at 13 and 15. Also, see the excerpt of a brochure I posted at 16 with their blatant affiliations.

149 posted on 06/09/2007 6:55:36 AM PDT by Calpernia (
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To: Calpernia

Male ducks don’t quack.

150 posted on 06/09/2007 6:59:53 AM PDT by airdalechief
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To: airdalechief

Raspy quake of a drake:

151 posted on 06/09/2007 7:04:50 AM PDT by Calpernia (
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Wednesday, June 20, 2007
Romney finance chairman sued for mass child abuse

Lawsuits hit a Romney money man

By Alexander Bolton

June 20, 2007

Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney (R) has collected hundreds of thousands of dollars through the fundraising efforts of a supporter targeted by several lawsuits alleging child abuse.

In a lawsuit filed in the U.S. District Court for the District of Utah, 133 plaintiffs have alleged that Robert Lichfield, co-chairman of Romney’s Utah finance committee owned or operated residential boarding schools for troubled teenagers where students were “subjected to physical abuse, emotional abuse and sexual abuse.”

The complaint, which plaintiffs amended and resubmitted to the court last week, alleges children attending schools operated by Lichfield suffered abuses such as unsanitary living conditions; denial of adequate food; exposure to extreme temperatures; beatings; confinement in dog cages; and sexual fondling.

A second lawsuit filed by more than 25 plaintiffs in July in the U.S. District Court of the Northern District of New York alleges that Lichfield and several partners entered into a scheme to defraud them by operating an unlicensed boarding school in upstate New York. The suit does not allege physical or emotional abuse.

These are two active lawsuits against Lichfield. Several others suits have alleged child abuse on behalf of dozens of plaintiffs, but judges have thrown out the suits for procedural reasons. As a result, the merits of the allegations have not been weighed. In some suits, plaintiffs have settled their cases for undisclosed amounts of money.

The allegations could force Romney to re-examine his relationship with his Utah finance co-chairman or put pressure on him to give away the contributions Lichfield helped raise.

Lichfield helped to organize a February event in St. George, Utah, that raised about $300,000 for the Romney campaign.

Romney has six finance committee co-chairmen in Utah. Since the beginning of 2003, Lichfield has given money to at least seven other Republican candidates and also to the National Republican Congressional Committee and Bush-Cheney ’04 Inc.

Overall, Romney has raised $2.7 million in Utah for his presidential campaign, far more than any other candidate, according to data compiled by the Federal Election Commission (FEC). Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) has raised the second most in the state, $113,000.

“Mr. Lichfield is one of 6 Co-Chairman of our Utah finance team,” said Romney spokeswoman Gail Gitcho in a statement.
“He has donated to numerous Republican candidates and committees. The Romney campaign will continue its policy to make our fundraising efforts as transparent as possible.”

Lichfield did not respond to requests for comment made through the World Wide Association of Specialty Programs and Schools (WWASPS). WWASPS is his co-defendant in several lawsuits and Lichfield sits on its board of directors.

Plaintiffs represented by the Dallas-based Turley Law Firm claim Lichfield and WWASPS helped to run boarding schools where staff abused students and “acted in concert” to “fraudulently conceal the extent and nature of the physical, emotional, mental and sexual abuse occurring at its [member] schools,” their complaint states.

The plaintiffs include former boarding school students and their parents.

The president of WWASPS, Ken Kay, said in an interview the lawsuits are a ploy to get money and dismissed the credibility of former students making allegations.

“Most of them are ludicrous,” Kay said of the claims made against his organization and the boarding schools. “A certain percentage of the kids [who participate] are never going to be happy. They weren’t happy with public schools, they weren’t happy with law enforcement, and they have a long history of lying, fabricating and twisting the story around to their own benefit.

“Many of them have done poorly and have filed suits [since leaving the schools],” he added. “They have had problem with their families, churches, public schools and outpatient therapy. A large percentage of these kids have been [in] other treatment programs.”

The legal disputes shine light on the obscure world of boarding schools for troubled teens.

Years ago, parents set their troublesome teenagers to military schools. In recent years, boot-camp boarding schools, where staff emphasize discipline, have become popular. The schools affiliated with Lichfield and WWASPS fit this mold.

The parents suing Lichfield sent their kids to WWASPS-affiliated schools such as Cross Creek Center for Boys in LaVerkin, Utah; Majestic Ranch Academy in Randolph, Utah; and The Academy at Ivy Ridge in Ogdensburg after they got into trouble for insubordination, drug use or petty theft.

The parents learned of the boarding schools through Teen Help, a business owned by Lichfield that matched parents and their children with boarding schools around the country and in Mexico, Costa Rica, and American Samoa. Lichfield had consulting relationships with nearly all the schools, according to Kay. In some instances Lichfield rented property to the schools, said Kay, who did not name the properties specifically.

Plaintiffs have alleged that Lichfield made millions from the schools.

Former students allege they were transported against their will — sometimes in handcuffs — by operators such as Clean and Sober Solutions and Teen Escort Services to far-away locations.

Once at the boarding schools, they say they were subject to harsh treatment. Some students say they never attended classes and simply received books to read on their own without supervision. Others allege that staff at the schools threatened them with cattle prods and punished severely violations of school rules. Several students alleged in legal complaints that they were forced to lie face down on the floor for hours at a time, forbidden from moving their arms or legs.

Kay said WWASPS worked only with the schools and never had direct contact with the students. He also said only a very small percentage of former students have brought complaints.

Kay also said that the vast majority of former students never alleged abusive treatment.

A survey by The Hill found at least nine lawsuits filed in the last nine years against specialty boarding schools affiliated with Lichfield. Judges threw out more than half of the complaints because of procedural objections.

For example, a suit filed in Los Angeles Superior Court in 2005 on behalf of more than 20 plaintiffs was dismissed by a judge who found California did not have jurisdiction over the matter, according to Henry Bushkin, the plaintiffs’ attorney. Bushkin said he would gather more evidence to show a California court could hear the suit.

One of the lawyers making allegations against Lichfield is Thomas M. Burton, by his own account, a relative of Romney through marriage and a one-time friend of the ex-governor’s late father, George Romney.

Burton said he has filed six unsuccessful suits against Lichfield. He said judges have thrown out his complaints because of various procedural difficulties.

Citing an example, Burton said one case could not proceed because his client, Clayton Bowman, a resident of the state of Washington, could not bear the psychological anguish of testifying about his experience at one of the WWASP-affiliated schools.

152 posted on 06/21/2007 4:29:58 AM PDT by Calpernia (
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Gay marriage bill is new reason to celebrate gay pride as parade approaches

153 posted on 06/24/2007 1:54:14 PM PDT by Calpernia (
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To: Calpernia
One problem that aging gay men face is that youthful adult gay men have no interest in them. But fatherless young boys can be seduced with money, presents, and offers of friendship.

When I was in high school, a manager at my summer job spent a long while trying to seduce me. I was naive enough that it took me a long while to figure out why he was so interested in being my friend, until he became more explicit about wanting me to spend the night at his place

154 posted on 06/24/2007 2:03:33 PM PDT by SauronOfMordor (Open Season rocks
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To: SauronOfMordor

I had a boss try to seduce me at a part time job too. He had a daughter my age. It was very degrading.

155 posted on 06/24/2007 2:18:28 PM PDT by Calpernia (
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To: Calpernia


156 posted on 06/24/2007 2:39:28 PM PDT by GiovannaNicoletta
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To: CobaltBlue

Ping to whole thread

157 posted on 06/24/2007 3:25:21 PM PDT by Calpernia (
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To: DakotaRed
They are sick deviants.
Paragon of the 60’s Alan Ginsberg was one.
Their bid for legitimacy is where the homos were a few decades ago. Both are sick and twisted.

A hollow point bullet between the eyes is what a child molester should get. Not legitimacy.

158 posted on 06/24/2007 3:29:51 PM PDT by HereInTheHeartland (Never bring a knife to a gun fight, or a Democrat to do serious work...)
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How America Went Gay

159 posted on 07/01/2007 8:39:02 PM PDT by Calpernia (
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To: Calpernia

You can pull the facts into a complete report, better than anyone I know.

All you need to add is the communist manifesto 1963 and the story is complete.

Well done, thank you for alerting me to it.

160 posted on 07/10/2007 6:05:06 PM PDT by nw_arizona_granny ( Today is a good day for working on some heavy praying. The world needs God to hear them.)
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