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Newsweek's Lorraine Ali And The Ghost Of Walter Duranty (MSM Totalitarian Stooge Alert) ^ | 03/0672007 | Dennis Prager

Posted on 03/06/2007 8:42:44 AM PST by goldstategop

In 1932-33, New York Times reporter Walter Duranty reported from the Soviet Union that there was no Communist-induced famine in the Ukraine, indeed, that no one was dying of starvation there. In fact, between 4 and 7 million Ukrainians were starved to death by Stalin's regime. Though Duranty's name has since been synonymous with Westerners who hid the evil committed by enemies of the West and enemies of liberty, he received the Pulitzer Prize for his false reporting.

An unwillingness to identify evil and a desire to hurt those who do confront it were not confined to Western fellow travelers during the age of Communism.

To cite one contemporary example, we have Newsweek senior writer Lorraine Ali. She recently reviewed Ayaan Hirsi Ali's autobiography, "Infidel," the story of Hirsi Ali's life as a Muslim girl and woman that led her to flee to the West, where she became a member of the Dutch Parliament and recently moved to America. Hirsi Ali is perhaps the most eloquent defender of Muslim women and gays living today. But to Newsweek's Lorraine Ali, the Islamists are not the problem, Ayaan Hirsi Ali is.

Hirsi Ali's "Infidel" has been widely praised in the mainstream media. The Washington Post review described Ali as "an internationally renowned spokeswoman for the rights of Muslim women," and went on to say, "How many women with Hirsi Ali's experience of radical Islam have emerged to tell their stories? And how many can do so with such clarity and insight? 'Infidel' is a unique book, Ayaan Hirsi Ali is a unique writer, and both deserve to go far."

Publishers Weekly gave "Infidel" a prized "starred review," and wrote: "Her voice is forceful and unbowed -- like Irshad Manji, she delivers a powerful feminist critique of Islam informed by a genuine understanding of the religion."

A New York Times review described "Infidel" as a "brave, inspiring and beautifully written memoir."

But for Newsweek's senior writer Lorraine Ali, Hirsi Ali is no protector of women and gays in Muslim societies. She is, rather, a "bombthrower," and the book is "single-minded and reactionary," written to appease "right-wingers."

To characterize Hirsi Ali -- rather than the people she is fighting in the Islamic world at the risk of her life -- as a "bombthrower" is almost beyond belief. But Newsweek may have hired an Islamist fellow traveler to cover these issues, just as in the Stalin era, Western media had some leftist fellow travelers on their staffs. That is almost certainly why Lorraine Ali wrote in her review, "In describing the 9/11 hijackers, [Hirsi Ali] comes up with an inflammatory conclusion tailor-made for her right-wing constituency: 'It was not a lunatic fringe who felt this way about America and the West. I knew that a vast majority of Muslims would see the attacks as justified retaliation against the infidel enemies of Islam.'"

Apparently Newsweek's senior writer is not aware or does not wish to acknowledge that, according to polls, a great many of those living in Muslim countries do indeed regard 9/11 as "justified retaliation against the infidel enemies of Islam" -- that is, if they even acknowledge that it was Muslims who perpetrated 9-11's terror.

Moreover, note the use of the words "right-wing" and "reactionary" to describe Hirsi Ali and her views. To Newsweek's Lorraine Ali, a woman who is a feminist, atheist, pro-gay and combats the greatest religious extremism of our time is "right-wing" and "reactionary."

Just as during the Cold War the Left was divided between those who fought Communism and those who fought anti-Communism, the Left today will have to decide whether it wants to fight Islamists or anti-Islamists. At least in this instance, Newsweek has decided to go with Lorraine Ali and fight those fighting Islamism, even when those fighting the Islamists are pro-gay, feminist atheists who only care about the greatest oppression of gays and women in the world at this time.

Meanwhile, in the morally inverted world of many Western media, where CAIR (Council on American-Islamic Relations) is described as "a civil rights organization" and where Ayaan Hirsi Ali can be described as a "bombthrower," Lorraine Ali, too, may well be awarded a Pulitzer Prize.

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KEYWORDS: ayaanhirsiali; communisn; dennisprager; drivebymedia; islamofascism; lorraineali; msm; newsweek; totalitarianism; townhall; whitewash
The MSM is A totalitarian stooge. Just as the New York Times whitewashed Soviet totalitarianism in Walter Duranty's day, today Newsweek whuitewashes Islamofascist totalitarianism by describing Ayaan Hirsi Ali's autobiography as a tome written to appease "right-wingers." Never mind that she is an atheist, a feminist, pro-gay and combats extremism in the name of religion. To Newsweek, despite her liberal credentials, she is the enemy because she criticizes Islam rather than the Right. To the MSM, America's greatest danger isn't from abroad; its from within in the form of those eevil conservatives. The latter are more dangerous than those who actually kill gays and women in the name of religion.

"Show me just what Mohammed brought that was new, and there you will find things only evil and inhuman, such as his command to spread by the sword the faith he preached." - Manuel II Palelologus

1 posted on 03/06/2007 8:42:47 AM PST by goldstategop
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To: goldstategop

Newsweek is giving Harper's a run for its money.

2 posted on 03/06/2007 8:50:39 AM PST by Eric in the Ozarks (BTUs are my Beat.)
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To: goldstategop

"Newsweek? Not in this house."

3 posted on 03/06/2007 9:37:46 AM PST by L98Fiero (A fool who'll waste his life, God rest his guts.)
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To: goldstategop

Counter-Terrorism: The Moral Degeneracy of Silence
Strategypage ^ | 3/6/07
Oddly enough, Western media don't like to cover the "Moslem killing Moslems" angle much either, but for more complex reasons. Western journalists tend to believe the Moslems aren't as responsible for the Islamic terrorism, as are the actions of Westerners. Not just colonial powers of a century ago, but the current presence of U.S. troops in Iraq as well. Thus, one can express ones anti-American attitudes, by downplaying the atrocities of the Islamic terrorists.


The radical loser (Long Read)
Der Spiegel ^ | 1/12/05 | Hans Magnus Enzensberger

There is also no mistaking other similarities, such as the fixation with written authorities. The place of Marx and Lenin is taken by the Koran, references are made not to Gramsci but to Sayyid Qutb. Instead of the international proletariat, it takes as its revolutionary subject the Umma, and as its avant-garde and self-appointed representative of the masses it takes not The Party but the widely branching conspiratorial network of Islamist fighters. Although the movement can draw on older rhetorical forms which to outsiders may sound high-flown or big-mouthed, it owes many of its idées fixes to its Communist enemy: history obeys rigid laws, victory is inevitable, deviationists and traitors are to be exposed and then, in fine Leninist tradition, bombarded with ritual insults.

The movement's list of favourite foes is also short on surprises: America, the decadent West, international capital, Zionism. The list is completed by the unbelievers, that is to say the remaining 5.2 billion people on the planet. Not forgetting apostate Muslims who may be found among the Shiites, Ibadhis, Alawites, Zaidites, Ahmadiyyas, Wahhabis, Druze, Sufis, Kharijites, Ishmaelites or other religious communities.


Contrary to what the West appears to believe, the destructive energy of Islamist actions is directed mainly against Muslims. This is not a tactical error, not a case of "collateral damage". In Algeria alone, Islamist terror has cost the lives of at least 50,000 fellow Algerians. Other sources speak of as many as 150,000 murders, although the military and the secret services were also involved. In Iraq and Afghanistan, too, the number of Muslim victims far outstrips the death toll among foreigners. Furthermore, terrorism has been highly detrimental not only to the image of Islam but also to the living conditions of Muslims around the world.

The Islamists are as unconcerned about this as the Nazis were about the downfall of Germany. As the avant-garde of death, they have no regard for the lives of their fellow believers. In the eyes of the Islamists, the fact that most Muslims have no desire to blow themselves and others sky high only goes to show that they deserve no better than to be liquidated themselves. After all, the aim of the radical loser is to make as many other people into losers as possible. As the Islamists see it, the fact that they are in the minority can only be because they are the chosen few.

4 posted on 03/06/2007 9:47:36 AM PST by Valin (History takes time. It is not an instant thing.)
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To: Valin

I have heard this brave female Muslim on many programs. She is braver than our own Congress, President et al. It continually takes the New Media, Talk Radio and blogs to tell the public the real truth about Islam. No one should ever trust the MSM on this issue. We cannot even profile these Muslims but we can an old lady in the wheelchair. It is sickening and if we continue to be PC with Islam, we will all pay a horrid consequence. England, France, Germany are already finding that out. Islam is not peace. This woman, Ali, should be up for a Nobel Peace Prize not Algore!

5 posted on 03/06/2007 11:27:07 AM PST by phillyfanatic
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To: phillyfanatic
This woman, Ali, should be up for a Nobel Peace Prize not Algore!

Dat B tru. And Newsweek portrayed her as a paranoid who had to have bodyguards, but never mentioned her role in the movie "Submission" and the personal death threat stabbed into her collaborator, Theo Van Gogh by another inbred stricken with Sudden Jihad Syndrome.

6 posted on 03/06/2007 5:38:43 PM PST by bukkdems (Middle East solution: ban the veil. Purge those who oppose.)
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To: goldstategop

Better to lie about radical Islamic abuses, then to give any kind of credit to mean, biggoted, warmongering, capitalist Amerikkka and it's actions.

7 posted on 03/06/2007 6:44:09 PM PST by tranzorZ
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