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Why do Democrats crave defeat? ^ | March 25, 2007 | Kevin McCullough

Posted on 03/24/2007 10:39:38 PM PDT by jazusamo

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Please explain something to me. What is this obsession that liberals have with seeing America destroyed?

Why are they so intent on humiliating their fellow citizens? And why don't they have at least some modicum of pride about the greatest nation the world has ever produced?

In other words, why are they so insistent on seeing America pummeled?

It is clear from the way they recoil when someone refers to them as "anti-American" or "unpatriotic" that there is a piece of them (however insignificantly tiny) that does not wish to be classified as such.

But I cannot for the life of me comprehend why they are so offended. It seems to me that if you love your country, that you love it most when it faces its toughest challenges. But this is not the case with John Murtha, Nancy Pelosi, Rahm Emmanuel, and the other 215 that first authored, then voted for, the bill that would hand over victory to the terrorists we have been battling so hard to defeat since 9/11.

In their own echo-chamber vanity Murtha, Pelosi and company believe themselves to be smarter than the commanders of the operations in the war on terror. And they believe that we will sit mesmerized, like sheep, while they single-handedly attempt to give the terrorists a date for victory - August 31, 2008.

But they didn't just author defeat - they campaigned for it.

Only a day or two earlier the "let the terrorists win" bill looked like it was in deep trouble. Some of the more socially conservative blue-dog democrats argued that it would not play well to the average citizen to be authoring a bill, and to hold hostage the paychecks of the men and women in uniform over the issue of when we give victory to the other side.

And that is when the $96 million dollar supplement began to expand like Murtha's waistline. When it was finally passed it had ballooned to nearly $124 million.

Now don't get me wrong - I think that spending more on defense is nearly always a good thing. The problem with this evolving spending measure was that it was all about the pork. The additional $28 million added to the bill was the price of all the "gimmes" that Democrat leadership was forced to pony up just to bribe, er... buy, scratch that... secure the reluctant congressional members’ votes. And by increasing the price tag by more than an additional one fourth of the monies of the original supplement, they were only able to get 218 votes - the barest of bare minimums to get the measure passed.

So not only did the Democrats author a resolution that called for the terrorists to claim victory on August 31, 2008, not only did they twist arms of lower ranking members to get them on board, now they were willing to spend the money that you and I are sending them by way of our tax bill - to fund the effort to buy congressional members' loyalty to the concept of the terrorists winning.

Am I the only one in America that thinks this is truly, dastardly, diabolically - sick?

Personally I believe I work far too many hours, for not nearly enough money, to be paying the exorbitant amount of taxes - to only have them be used against the safety and welfare of my family.

How do these people sleep at night?

It is one thing to attempt to a have a philosophical position that spouts platitudes about the violence of our world. It's another to be against war as a general principle and long for the day when conflicts can truly be decided by judgment and fair play.

But when we have sinister forces on earth that seek our destruction and we have members of Congress who instead of representing the safety, security, and freedoms of America - decide instead to take our own income and bankroll our future destruction, then somebody, somewhere has to say something!

Fortunately we have a President who will have the judgment to veto this measure. But I am still greatly disturbed by the fact that the "People's House" of those who represent us, are so eager to wave the flag of surrender. They could not telegraph any more precisely how they would like to see us lose, and the terrorists win, than by putting a date on a piece of legislation for total terrorist victory… And they did it before our watching eyes.

It is unwise to believe that 218 congressional members know more about the situation on the ground than the commanders who serve us without political bias or corruption.

It is unsafe to surrender the type of staging ground Iraq would become if we were to leave the terrorists there unmolested and undefeated.

It is un-American to act in the interest of our enemies.

It is unpatriotic (against one’s love for one’s own country) to legislate, campaign in favor of, and bribe representatives to vote for defeat.

And it is unacceptable that Democrats spit on “We The People” in this fashion.

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KEYWORDS: democrat; democrats; dncvalues; kmc; liberalagenda; liberals; stuckonstupid
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1 posted on 03/24/2007 10:39:40 PM PDT by jazusamo
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To: jazusamo
Because Democrats were brought up to believe that the USA, unlike any other civilized society, was born out of sin--slavery, genocide, cheating, bigotry and greed. Thus, it is an unholy creation and deserves to be squashed so a new, pure socialist society can be created from the ashes, a society clean of sins because it overthrew that tainted civilization.

Thus, anything done to hasten the destruction of this nation is a GOOD thing.

2 posted on 03/24/2007 10:41:27 PM PDT by Darkwolf377 (Anti-socialist Bostonian, Anti-Illegal Immigration Bush supporter, Pro-Life Atheist)
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To: jazusamo

After September 11, President Bush decimated the Taliban, chased Al Qaeda into the caves, established an ally in Pakistan while keeping good relations with India, and averted economic catastrophe in this country. Democrats could only recover from his success by destroying him at all costs.

So lowly partisan interests of the left demanded the war in Iraq must be lost. Victory in the conflict would extract too high a political price for them. They and their allies in media needed America to be humiliated in Iraq, no matter the price to our nation’s security.

Democrats have yet to achieve the defeat they require, but we have already paid a price for their banal political interests. We have paid in blood, treasure, and prestige. This alone is cause enough for my permanent contempt of them, which every Democrat has earned and should count on in perpetuity.

And there is something even uglier in their treachery. The war in Iraq may not break America. Even if denied victory, which every Democrat has as primary unwavering goal, our nation might recover. Yet there is a price paid that cannot ever be restored.

Every American, who serves in Iraq, though they may not know this, is engaged in the most significant endeavor of their lives, no matter what else they do. There is a reason old men who fought put on their memorial hats, medals, some even their uniforms, and assemble with regularity their whole lives to commemorate the battles in which they were called to fight. War and its outcome lasts a lifetime; its effect on those who fight is indelible.

During two years working in the Pentagon and one year on a Navy base, I knew many veterans of the Vietnam War. Every one had something stolen from them. The same leftist political interests, whose most important agenda today is defeat in Iraq, denied them the glory of victory in Vietnam forty years ago. You can sense in every Vietnam veteran the loss they carry, having been robbed of such great honor they had earned.

Every member of the United States military today should find a Vietnam veteran and ask them what it is like to go through life having lost a war. Then they should recognize that the leftist agenda requires they be forced to live the same.

Of course, Democrats will blame President Bush. They will proclaim forever that he “lied us into war”.

But it was George Tenet, appointed to be Director of the CIA by Bill Clinton, who told President Bush that WMD in Iraq was a “slam dunk”. In October 2002, Tom Daschle demanded the debate on an Iraq War resolution, which most Democrats including the Senate Majority Leader voted to support.

Hillary Clinton stood in the Senate and said of her decision to support the Iraq War resolution, “In the four years since the inspectors left, intelligence reports show that Saddam Hussein has worked to rebuild his chemical and biological weapons stock, his missile delivery capability, and his nuclear program.”

Clinton then asserted of Saddam Hussein, “He has also given aid, comfort, and sanctuary to terrorists, including Al Qaeda members.”

If George Bush lied us into war, then so did Hillary Clinton and a number of Democrats. If we were not lied into war, then Democrats today are trying to lie us into defeat. Either way, the leftists are trying to steal from our soldiers the honor they are due and on which they should stand their whole lives as they remember the travails of combat.

In the aftermath of 9/11, America left victorious would do too much damage to the agenda of the left; a defeat had to be arranged. We have no way of knowing if Democrats planned for the U.S. to be bogged down in Iraq, but it was not long after the war started before Democrats started using words like “quagmire” and “Bush’s Vietnam”.

If Democrats get their way, and they might, America’s Iraq War veterans will carry the burden of defeat their whole lives. They will pay the price and suffer loss for the leftist agenda. It was the only way for the left to survive after September 11.

3 posted on 03/24/2007 10:42:57 PM PDT by advance_copy (Stand for life, or nothing at all)
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To: jazusamo

Why do Democrats crave defeat?....they don't, to a leftist, America's defeat is victory for the worlds left

4 posted on 03/24/2007 10:45:26 PM PDT by tophat9000 (Al-Qaidacrats =A new political party combining the anti American left and the anti Semite right)
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To: Darkwolf377
Why do Democrats crave defeat?

I am not sure, but I honestly believe many demon rats (democrats) are socialists at best and outright communists at worst and the US has been a bone in the throat of communism for a long time.

5 posted on 03/24/2007 10:46:10 PM PDT by Mark17
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To: jazusamo
The Democrats could never have passed the bill without the pork - period. They cannot make an intellectually honest argument for ending the war NOW. They hate America and are too terrified to tell that to the American people. Their bill is not a resounding vote of confidence in the Cut N Run crowd that can't even stand up for principle.

"Show me just what Mohammed brought that was new, and there you will find things only evil and inhuman, such as his command to spread by the sword the faith he preached." - Manuel II Palelologus

6 posted on 03/24/2007 10:46:20 PM PDT by goldstategop (In Memory Of A Dearly Beloved Friend Who Lives In My Heart Forever)
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To: jazusamo

With few exceptions, Democrats are cowards, traitors, liars and fiends. They deny and/or despise God and all that is Holy, they believe it is their destiny to drag down our Nation into dishonor and defeat so that they can build a socialist/Communist-style society on the ashes of our Constitutional Republic.

The Democrats wage war on conservatives, not on America's enemies. Democrats prefer to give aid and comfort to those who would rob, rape and murder us, in their view, criminals are the victims, and the victims (as long as they are conservative Republicans) deserve whatever they get.

Democrats believe that every day is April 15th, conservative Republicans believe that every day is July 4th, and RINOs believe that we need to 'reach out' to our poor, misunderstood, unappreciated 'friends across the aisle'.

And that's just for starters.

7 posted on 03/24/2007 10:46:44 PM PDT by mkjessup (If Reagan were still with us, he'd ask us to "win one more for the Gipper, vote for Duncan Hunter!")
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To: advance_copy; smoothsailing; freema; RedRover; Just A Nobody; GitmoSailor

Great post, AC. Thank you for it, I couldn't agree more.

8 posted on 03/24/2007 10:51:19 PM PDT by jazusamo (
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To: jazusamo

Anything to maintain THEIR political power: military defeat, blame Bush for everything, keep the people pessimistic and dependent on Big Govt for a hand out and solution to every personal problem, fewer freedoms, legislate from the bench, no moral judgments, no more "can-do" spirit (because ya just "can't do" without the Govt), etc., etc.

9 posted on 03/24/2007 10:52:34 PM PDT by DTogo (I haven't left the GOP, the GOP left me.)
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To: goldstategop
The Democrats could never have passed the bill without the pork - period.

I agree. I also believe this vote is going to hurt them in the long run. They knew it probably wouldn't get thru the Senate and for sure the president wouldn't sign it but I guess Pelosi wanted to show her leadership ability. It's going to come back to bite her, JMO.

10 posted on 03/24/2007 10:57:57 PM PDT by jazusamo (
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To: mkjessup

I like your analogies to the dates, they're right on.

11 posted on 03/24/2007 11:01:08 PM PDT by jazusamo (
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To: DTogo
Anything to maintain THEIR political power:

Exactly, everything else comes after including the well being of our country.

12 posted on 03/24/2007 11:04:27 PM PDT by jazusamo (
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To: advance_copy
This article might be appropriate in this case. Old articles have a way of becoming timeless.

Dems plan to undermine America to beat Bush
January 6, 2003 | By DOUG THOMPSON

Democrats plan to undermine public confidence in President George W. Bush by challenging his credibility and raising doubts about America, sources within the party tell Capitol Hill Blue.

A multi-pronged attack against Republicans and the President will focus not only on economic issues, but question American values, raise doubts about how this country is viewed by other nations and question the patriotism of Bush and his party.

The extensive campaign, developed by senior Democratic consultants and party leaders, was launched last week with attacks on the Bush economic plan by Democratic presidential hopeful Rep. Richard Gephardt.

In coming weeks, Democratic elected officials will question the President's intentions on the pending war with Iraq. Writers and broadcasters friendly to the Democratic cause have already been provided talking points suggesting the war is about oil, not terrorism. "The talking points were developed before the end of last year and sent out to operatives and friendly media," one Democratic consultant confided. "No Democratic member of Congress will question the President's patriotism openly but we will use the media and other surrogates to raise doubts."

Capitol Hill Blue obtained a copy of the talking points when the Democratic National Committee sent them to a news outlet recently acquired by CHB's parent company. The talking points outline a strategy to raise public doubts of the President's real intentions, including: --Saying the war is about oil and will be fought to benefit oil companies that have long supported Bush and the Republican party;

--Claiming the Bush administration has "manufactured" evidence against Saddam Hussein and used that evidence to encourage Britain and other allies to join the American fight against Iraq;

--Suggesting a wartime economy is the only way the administration can revive the country's lagging economic situation.

"It is clear that the current approval ratings of the administration are tied directly to strong American feelings toward traditional values," the talking points say. "To counter this, doubt must be raised as to America's true position within the world community and the true intent of the Bush administration in waging war."

Some Democrats admit privately they are uneasy with the party strategy to undermine American values in an attempt to get Bush.

"My boss doesn't want anything to do with it," one senior Senate aide told Capitol Hill Blue on Monday. "You don't undermine this country to win elections." Others, however, are willing to try anything to put the White House and Congress back under Democratic control. "The real war isn't in Iraq," one Democratic consultant said. "It's right here at home, at the ballot box in 2004."

Among the other points Democrats hope to make in the coming weeks:

--Both President Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney are controlled by oil and defense industry special interest groups.

--The war on terrorism is a failure because Osama bin Laden is still at large.

--America is unprepared for another terrorist attack because of White House preoccupation with Iraq. --War will increase the country's economic woes. --Bush will be forced to raise taxes to finance the war.

"It's time to take the battle to the people and make them understand just how dangerous George W. Bush's policies are to the future of America," the talking points conclude.

Democratic sources say the talking points were developed by Democratic Chairman Terry McAuliffe, former Clinton campaign strategist James Carville, Senate Majority Leader Daschle and former House Democratic Leader Gephardt.

"This is a classic, Jim Carville, scorched earth campaign," crows one DNC staffer. "Take no prisoners. That's how you win elections." Democratic party spokesmen would not return phone calls seeking comment on this report.

Capitol Hill Blue has since removed this article from their web site. However, it is still available online through the "WAYBACKMACHINE" Internet Archive.

You may try this link:

However, if that link does not work, go to and then copy the following web site address into the service

You can then see the original version that was posted on Capitol Hill Blue.
13 posted on 03/24/2007 11:06:18 PM PDT by Tut
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To: Darkwolf377


14 posted on 03/24/2007 11:09:22 PM PDT by PetroniusMaximus
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To: jazusamo
The liberal holy grail is global government under the UN serving an opaque regime of total corporate corruption maintained by indentured constituency, all of which are achievable only if Amrerica is brought down.

Is that too hard to understand?

15 posted on 03/24/2007 11:12:02 PM PDT by Carry_Okie (There are people in power who are truly evil.)
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To: jazusamo

In fact tratitorous

16 posted on 03/24/2007 11:14:26 PM PDT by tomnbeverly (The Liberals are dancing a political fandango with the diabolical. Putting all our lives in Jeopardy)
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To: Tut

Doug Thompson sure put it out there, it's almost eerie.

17 posted on 03/24/2007 11:14:28 PM PDT by jazusamo (
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To: jazusamo
The Democrats have their set of sponsors, and the Republicans have their own. It's not about defeat and/or victory for this nation, but rather who gets to operate the sheep shears for the next four years. The issue of war is simply a tool to be used towards that ends.

If an American victory were deemed to put the sheep shears into the Democrats hands, then they'd be warmongers.

Follow the "Benjamins" (aka "el dinero").

18 posted on 03/24/2007 11:15:19 PM PDT by The Duke (I have met the enemy, and he is named 'Apathy'!)
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To: Carry_Okie

No it's not too hard to understand and they've got the libs on SCOTUS helping them.

19 posted on 03/24/2007 11:17:17 PM PDT by jazusamo (
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To: PetroniusMaximus

I disagree. The leftists I know--and I know a lot of them, living in Boston and working in Cambridge--all walk around with their arms in casts from all the back-patting they do to themselves.

There is an article here from the NYT--look it up by typing in the words "toilet paper" in keyword search--that shows a perfect example of lefty self-love.

20 posted on 03/24/2007 11:17:43 PM PDT by Darkwolf377 (Anti-socialist Bostonian, Anti-Illegal Immigration Bush supporter, Pro-Life Atheist)
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