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Ermira Hatija (America's Most Wanted: Albanian citizen drug/human trafficker U.S./Canada border)
AMW ^ | March 2007

Posted on 03/26/2007 10:51:27 AM PDT by joan

Busy At The Northern Border

Investigators say that Albanian citizen Ermira Hatija was a leader in an Ecstasy trafficking ring based out of Detroit, Mich.

Authorities also believe that Hatija has been involved in human trafficking along the Canadian-US border. This serious crime lets criminals like Hatija profit off the misfortune of others. But when human beings are treated like objects, the price in life can be high.

Tragic Traffic

Hatija first came onto the police radar in 2003, when police say that she arranged for a 13-year-old-boy and his mother to cross the Canadian-US border on a Wave Runner. According to investigators, the young boy fell off and drowned, and the mother was subsequently arrested by the Coast Guard. Allegedly, when Hatija went to collect her money for trafficking the boy and mother, the person who hired her refused to pay up because of the drowned boy. Authorities say that Hatija then beat up the payer, and Canadian police arrested her for the assault. But without enough evidence to hold her for the death of the young boy, she was released and returned to the US. But her business through the northern border wasn't over.

No Lesson Learned

It was in December 2005 that authorities arrested two couriers attempting to smuggle 14,000 tablets of Ecstasy from Canada into the US. Investigators determined that the Ecstasy was going to Hatija. In April 2006, police arrested Hatija at her apartment in Wixom, Michigan. However, she was granted bond and then disappeared. Police believe that Hatija may be in New York or Albania.

TOPICS: Crime/Corruption; Culture/Society
KEYWORDS: crime; drugs; drugstrafficking; humantrafficking; mafia; narcotics; organisedcrime

Mug shot from April 2006

1 posted on 03/26/2007 10:51:30 AM PDT by joan
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To: kronos77; Bokababe; DTA; tgambill


2 posted on 03/26/2007 10:51:56 AM PDT by joan
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To: joan

Greater Albania! Coming to your city soon!

3 posted on 03/26/2007 11:06:12 AM PDT by F-117A (Mr. Ahtisaari, give S?pmi it's independence! Free the Sami!!!)
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To: joan
Interesting, because I ran a search on that site to see if there were more Albanians and came up with a three more Albanians -- 1 for murder, 1 for attempted murder and one for assault.

I did the same search for "Serb" or "Serbia" and came up with (as expected) zero!

4 posted on 03/26/2007 11:47:44 AM PDT by Bokababe (
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To: Bokababe
Good work. I didn't even think of doing a search like that.

It seems these criminals are able to move around the country and between countries easily to evade arrest.

The only one captured I had posted on several weeks earlier. He attacked a woman with a screwdriver in her home after she woke up and caught him rummaging through her dresser. It was a brutal attack with 2 screwdrivers (guess he carried a spare) and he'd thought he'd killed her which is why he stopped. But he only received a sentence of 3 1/2 years.

Are Canadian (or U.S.) women going to be safe with that kind of sentencing. How many more people is he going to injure or kill? People like that rarely change - you just can't remove the tendencies to homicidal violence which drive a person to do that in the first place.

Assault reaps intruder six years

Fri, March 23, 2007

A man who savagely beat a single mother with a screwdriver in her home before fleeing the country for a year was sent to prison yesterday.

Skerdi Zena, 33, an Albanian who came to Canada as a political refugee in 2001, was sentenced to six years for aggravated assault.

Another 18 months was tacked onto the sentence for breaking and entering a Wellington Street home four months before the shocking attack on the London woman.

Zena was given a four-year credit for the two years he has been in custody, reducing his sentence to 3 1/2 years.

Superior Court Justice Lynda Templeton called the attack by a stranger on the single mother of five children "a nightmare for all law-abiding citizens in our community."

Zena, who pleaded guilty to both charges, had no criminal record before yesterday's sentence.

He studied to be a veterinarian in Albania before coming to Canada, but was not qualified to work here.

He was employed in construction and highly valued by his employers. He also has a fiance with a daughter.

The attack on the woman on Jan. 31, 2004, was terrifying.

She woke up in her Bow Street home to find Zena rummaging through her clothes, he said, looking for a knife. Her children were asleep in other bedrooms.

He straddled her, then attacked her with a screwdriver, leaving her with multiple injuries to her face, back, shoulder and chest, requiring a long recovery.

He left her for dead, but she was able to flee her house and summon help.

Zena left behind his cellphone, his jacket with condoms and keys in the pocket and his shoes.

Investigators were able to determine where Zena had been in the hours after the attack, but he had left by the time police arrived.

Zena was hauled back to Canada two years ago from Michigan after he was picked up on a shoplifting charge.

DNA taken from under the woman's fingernails matched DNA from a cigarette found in the garage at the Wellington Street home.

The victim, who was in court yesterday, told in her victim impact statement read at an earlier court appearance of the long-lasting scars to her body and mind from the brutal attack.

Templeton stressed the right to privacy and the sanctity of a home. Zena's actions "dramatically misplaced" that sense of safety.

She said she did not put much weight in her decision on the defence assertion that Zena was intoxicated when he attacked the woman.

She said while alcohol may have played a role, there was no evidence of his level of sobriety at his guilty plea.

Templeton added Zena never ran afoul of the law in the United States because of alcohol abuse.

The judge also ordered him to provide a DNA sample and imposed a lifetime weapons prohibition on him.

5 posted on 03/26/2007 12:16:45 PM PDT by joan
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To: Bokababe
The one for assault is also suspected in the 2001 disappearance and probably murder of his ex-wife he had threatened to kill. The 1998 assault was against her which left these marks:

6 posted on 03/26/2007 12:39:12 PM PDT by joan
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To: joan

If she were my friend or family, he'd be the one who "disappeared" and was "presumed dead"! What kind of a man does this stuff to his wife? Sick bastard.

7 posted on 03/26/2007 12:59:44 PM PDT by Bokababe (
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To: Bokababe
Nonsense, Bokababe, you're a cynic People like this are the salt of the earth.

They are heroes or at least NATO seem to think so. Both Thaqi (recruited by US ) and Haradinaj ( for the UK) were analysed as being violent psychopaths, and after passing the "psycho-nut-job" test with flying colours were given the job of choosing bombing targets for NATO planes. They'd phone in the co ordinates and NATO pilots happily obliged with the rest.

Let me see. Killing people simply because a psycho with links to Al Qaeda says so.

Yep, all fine and dandy. Move along now, nothing to see.

8 posted on 03/27/2007 4:22:51 AM PDT by Barnsleys Beck
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To: Barnsleys Beck
"Nonsense, Bokababe, you're a cynic People like this are the salt of the earth."

Actually, people like this make me eternally grateful for the Second Amendment.

But then again, perhaps our politicians who promoted our alliance with these nut-jobs have more in common with psychopaths than they do with the rest of us!

9 posted on 03/27/2007 8:12:35 AM PDT by Bokababe (
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To: Bokababe

Terrible. Let's pray this criminal will be caught.

But Serbia needs your attention and dedication.

Don't forget the plight of the Serbian women who suffer without the world knowing.


Domestic violence – a burning issue

Did you know that one in six children and one in three women in Serbia fall prey to the scourge of family violence, including sexual abuse?

Until recently hidden behind closed doors, women and children who are the victims of family violence and sexual abuse are now flooding front pages and TV screens. The number of those seeking help from the social institutions, counselors and shelters has been constantly on the rise in the past couple of years.

____________end quote______________________________________________________________

Donate time and money if you can.

10 posted on 03/28/2007 5:06:09 PM PDT by shpirag
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To: shpirag
"Donate time and money if you can."

I wouldn't donate to a Soros organization like that one, if if I was on fire! It's complete bull. Most Serb women I know would take a guy's arm off at the elbow if he hurt her, let alone her children.

And as for sex trafficking, even Amnesty International says that most of it is coming out of Kosovo, through the Albanian Mafia.

11 posted on 03/28/2007 5:22:32 PM PDT by Bokababe (
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To: Bokababe

A great number of Serbia women are in desperate conditions, according to their own findings:

'One out of three women in Serbia suffer physical violence and one in two women are subject to physiological abuse either by past or present partners.'

There has probably been many years since you visited the country, and that's why you seem to have lost touch with reality. could be a could site to inform and help the domestic cause.

In the 2006 State Department Report on Serbia you should read the section on women and trafficing:

"Violence against women was a problem, and high levels of domestic violence persisted. The Serbian Victimology Society reported in July that one-third of women have been victims of physical violence, and half of women have been victims of psychological violence.

Serbia was a transit point, and to a lesser extent a point of origin and destination, for trafficking in women and minors for the purpose of sexual exploitation. Serbia was primarily a transit point for internationally trafficked women going to other Balkan countries and Western Europe. Eastern European countries were the primary source countries for persons trafficked to and through Serbia.

During the year authorities filed 34 criminal charges against 77 persons for trafficking. Antitrafficking groups worked with 56 trafficking victims and received 1,775 telephone calls on an assistance hotline for victims."

12 posted on 03/28/2007 7:05:29 PM PDT by shpirag
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To: shpirag

You are quoting from a Soros-run organization for your statistics, which ought to set off the bullpucky alarms right away. Those numbers are ridiculous. It's an NGO trying to justify its existence. And your pretense in "caring about Serbian women" is even more ridiculous

There is domestic violence in every developed country in the world, and Serbia is no exception -- especially with unemployment high and after many years of war and sanctions.

Ironically, the very communism that ALL the peoples in the former Yugoslavia were raised with, was supposed to end discrimination against women yet it did just the opposite. Women in all those former republics are worse off today than they were in their pre-communist cultures.

But having said that, no Serb father ever gives a bullet to a new son-in-law on his daughter wedding day "in case she misbehaves", as is the Albanian custom. So I wouldn't worry about Serb women when you have so many desperate Albanian women in even worse circumstances!

13 posted on 03/28/2007 7:45:17 PM PDT by Bokababe (
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To: Bokababe

In 2004 a Russian woman died every 40 minutes from domestic violence.

Today's improvements could have raised the time to 50 minutes or one hour.

How sad the world doesn't know!

14 posted on 03/28/2007 7:52:33 PM PDT by shpirag
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To: joan
Serbian propaganda does not stop in any level or limit. They want to portret Albanians like they are the bad guys and Serbians are angels. For all of you that live in a delusional world I have some answers
there is one
there is two
even though I'm not saying that she is not an Albanian (she is young and probably stupid )
Screw you.
15 posted on 03/29/2007 7:37:10 PM PDT by KRESHNIK
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