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Tanjug ^ | March 29, 2007

Posted on 03/29/2007 1:10:13 PM PDT by joan

28.3.2007 16:10 SREBRENICA, (Tanjug) - Advisor in the Belgrade Documents Center for Investigating Crimes Against Serbs, Strahinja Zivak, has said that the Center has processed documents and gathered data proving that a total of 3,262 Serbs were killed by Muslims in the region of Srebrenica, Bratunac and the neighborhood from 1992 - 93.

TOPICS: Foreign Affairs; War on Terror
KEYWORDS: balkans; clintonlegacy; dhimmitude; jihad; wrongplace; wrongside; wrongtime; wrongwar
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To: Banat
Some of these were later sent to Africa as mercenaries. That is what they said (Serbs in the unit), and it was confirmed that some (Croats and Serbs) were in the fighting there, when they (2 or 3 Serbs) were caught in 2000 trying to kidnap or assassinate Milosevic.

I suspect they are doing the dirty work of the international community/internationalists who start wars for various agendas - whether over African resources, the Balkans agenda, war profiteering, etc.

21 posted on 04/02/2007 3:26:14 PM PDT by joan
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To: mile
You wrote:

"Yes, they were pouring into Tuzla. Thousands of them, except for those 8,000 who were hunted down, ambushed, killed and whose remains are still in mass graves in and around Srebrenica. "

"hunted down, ambushed, killed"

Shows you how much you know, mile. The ICTY - Ruez , their expert witness Butler, etc -both admitted that the deaths from the fighting were completely legitimate. Completely.

Or maybe you think that if an entire division strikes deep into enemy territory, the opposing side aren't allowed to fire back.

22 posted on 04/02/2007 3:30:32 PM PDT by Barnsleys Beck
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To: Banat
I found the details of the men caught trying to kidnap or assassinate Milosevic, and that they had been members of the French Foreign Legion and were in its pay. But it was 1999, not 2000. It appears they were often working for NATO - infiltating the Yugoslav/Serbian army and helping provide bombing targets during the wars then going after Milosevic afterwards.

In November 1999, members of an assassination squad, code-named "Spider," were arrested in Yugoslavia. According to Minister Goran Matic, "French intelligence was behind" the Spider group, whose aim was the assassination of President Milosevic. Planned scenarios included a sniper attack, planting an explosive device alongside a route they expected Milosevic to travel, planting an explosive in his car, and organizing 10 trained commandos to storm the presidential residence. The leader of the group, Jugoslav Petrusic, had dual Yugoslav and French citizenship. Matic claimed that Petrusic worked for French intelligence for ten years. During interrogations, Petrusic said that he had killed 50 men on orders by French intelligence. Matic announced that one of the members of Spider was a "specialist for killings with a truck full of sand" - the same method used against Draskovic the previous month.

Following the Bosnian war, Petrusic organized the transport of 180 Bosnian Serb mercenaries to fight for Mobutu Sese Seku in Zaire, an affair that was managed by French intelligence. According to a Bosnian Serb businessman, Petrusic "did not hide the fact that he was working for the French intelligence service. I have personally seen a photo of him next to Mitterrand as his bodyguard." In younger days, Petrusic was a member of the French Foreign Legion. During NATO's war against Yugoslavia, the Spider group infiltrated the Yugoslav Army, supplying information to the French and guiding NATO warplanes to their targets.

Yugoslav secret service sources revealed that the Spider group trained at NATO bases in Bosnia where "buildings resembling those where Milosevic lives were constructed." Money from the French intelligence service for Spider was brought to the border between Hungary and Yugoslavia by a man named Serge Lazarevic. (8)

23 posted on 04/02/2007 3:36:11 PM PDT by joan
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To: Barnsleys Beck
It wasn't the deaths prior to capture which constituted genocide at Srebrenica, but the execution of thousands of POWs after their capture.

Denying what happened at Srebrenica is now only an option for the ignorant or the willfully deceptive.

Take your pick.

24 posted on 04/02/2007 4:51:31 PM PDT by Hoplite
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To: Hoplite

Serbs did not catch thousands, but only hundreds, and they were put in prisons and hospitals, which visited by the Red Cross withing the following weeks and months and eventually released.

25 posted on 04/02/2007 5:17:35 PM PDT by joan
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To: joan

Simply put, Joan, you lie shamelessly.

26 posted on 04/02/2007 5:45:50 PM PDT by Hoplite
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To: mile

Most of the 8,000 besides the 3,000+....killed who were combatants....were sent to Kosovo to stir up more of the BS and support the lies that Cohen said about the 100,000 massacred, or was it later the 10,000, or the 2,108 bodies they actually found...of which 22 was a mass grave of Serbs murdered. They are lying out of their butts about Kosovo. My country is doing a very bad thing.............and have assisted the murder of Serbs since 1999 by not focusing on the actual perps...supporting the Independence...helping Albania Mafia...(Ceku, Ramush, and Thaqi...Xhavet Haliti...the list goes on...........

27 posted on 04/02/2007 5:45:56 PM PDT by tgambill (I would like to comment.....)
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To: mile
Can you explain why those dead muslims are appearing in St Louis, Portland Oregan and other parts of BiH, Serbia? Or,they happen to carry the same name and age by coincidence?

You believe everything you read? Explain the details of the fight for Srebrinica that led to those poor lost muslim souls to die. If you dig into the details, you learn and will know where the majority of those dead came from.

Yes, there were revenge killings on a very small scale in retribution for the dead Serb villagers that Orics gang committed. That is a given, even US Soldiers have done it in previous years.

28 posted on 04/02/2007 8:39:43 PM PDT by ma bell (bollocks...)
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To: ma bell
They are burying bodies in Potocari of those who died during the war - before the fall, July 1995 - from 1992, 1993, 1994, etc., AND also bodies of those who died years before the war even began - including a man who died in 1982!

But yet the entire site is presented as POWs massacred by Serbs.

They bury all soldiers from the war there and include civilians who died before the war and some after, like in 1996.

Due to creation of false picture of big number of innocent muslim victims, remains of soldiers and other civilians were transported from various locations and again ritually buried at Potočari. Several hundreds of individuals are included in this kind of public betrayal.

Here are dozen particular examples. In the first inhumation at march the 31st 2003, body of Hamed(Hamid) Halilović (1940-1982) was moved from local Srebrenica mezarje Kazani and buried again in Potočari. As it can be seen, it's a person who has died 20 years before the war. During the fourth inhumation, bodies of one soldier died in war and one civilian, who died before the war, was also moved from Kazani to Potočari. They are Osman (Ibro) Halilović (1912-1989) and Nurija (Smajo) Memišević (1966-1993). During the fifth inhumation at July 11th, four persons were buried again: Salih (Šaban) Alić (1969-1992), Mujo (Hašim) Hadžić (1954-1993), Ferid (Ramo) Mustafić (1975-1993), Hajrudin (Ismet) Cvrk (1974-1992)

4. It isn't known for one group of BH Army soldiers, buried in Potočari, when and where they died, and where they were buried before, but it is certain that they are not victims of "Srebrenica massacre" from July 1995. They died before November 1993, when the decree of social care and housing of their families was written.

The group included soldiers of BH Army: Čerimović (Mustafa) Mujo 12.04. 1938, Sejbočina-Vlasenica; Hasanović (Mujo) Hamed 9.07. 1966 ; Malić (Ibrahim) Ramiz – 1970, Here-Vlasenica; Omerović (Nurko) Nurija – 1953. Urković-Bratunac; Hasim (Ćamil) Selimović 1959; Ramiz (Suljo) Alić 1942, Jusuf (Safet ) Osmanović 1947; Ramiz (Hakija) Alić 1979, Munib (Mujo) Alić 1962; Jusuf (Juso) Omerović 1962; Meho (Mehmed) Osmanović 1942, Sead (Osman) Salkić 1960; Safet (Šaban) Korkutović 1960; Omerović (Habib) Aziz 1.5. 1965 Sikirić-Bratunac.

5. The names of several hundreds soldiers died before march the 7th 1994. were noted at the document for the Chronicle of BH Army, that we've mentioned before. In this case also, it's not about victims of some execution or soldiers died at battle for Srebrenica in July 1995. Here are for illustration several dozens of names, some from the brigades of 8 operative group, and then from 28. division of BH Army. They are: Mujuć (Rizvan) Ibro – 1952, Sućeska, Srebrenica; Mehmed (Meho) Hodžić – 1960; Hafizović...

29 posted on 04/02/2007 9:13:04 PM PDT by joan
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To: Hoplite
But there's so many HUGE problem with the ICTY and the Dutch report's version of what happened.

It's pretty simple really. PROBLEM NUMBER ONE

They claim the 6,000 or so gave up in the first day or so of there attempt to make it to Tuzla in the column. They were trapped behind the Konjevic Polje to Nova Kasaba road and after some pretty one sided ambushes and accurate shelling gave themselves up in the 1,000's. Now here's the problem.

It was only the SECOND half of the column that was trapped behind the Konjevic Polje to Nova Kasaba road . The FIRST half of the column had already made it accross the Konjevic Polje to Nova Kasaba road before the VRS had had time to seal it

Now the SECOND half of the column was made up entirely of CIVILIANS from Srebrenica - with the exception of remnants of the 282nd Brigade. The 28th was in the lead and they didn't get caught behind the road. So, according to the ICTY and the Dutch report - i.e. the official line on Srebrenica - it was only civilians who gave themselves up to the VRS.

So care to explain this little fact.

The ABiH admit to losing 40% casualties in the attempt to get to Tuzla so how did they get these casualties?

Also bear in mind that the soldiers of the 28th division had intention of surrendering. None at all. There are literally 100's of statements from them saying they'd rather die than surrender. Indeed their kamikaze attacks on dug in VRS armor bear that out.

30 posted on 04/02/2007 11:19:52 PM PDT by Barnsleys Beck
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To: joan
Yep. And the French connection helps solve a rather bizarre puzzle.

During July 95 in the Prodrinje area, the ABiH were trying to listen in on the VRS communications - for the trials of Krle they added some awfully, painfully, cringe making fake smoking gun statements to incriminate Krle and Blagojevic and Jokic trials -

Anyway, back at the ranch, they somehow picked up some French being spoken. The prosecution have no answer for this and Butler admitted he was baffled by this. However it ties in perfectly with what the VRS have claimed about the 10th SD and Erdemovic and the French


31 posted on 04/02/2007 11:29:17 PM PDT by Barnsleys Beck
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To: joan
Erdemovic supplied some unintended hilarity to his confessions - he made more than one, each time contradicting the previous ones -

He claimed he was a VRS soldier but had no idea what his salary was. He then claimed that a guy came up to him and his mates, told them he was a colonel, gave them some gold and then said "kill those POWs"

Now Erdemovic admitted that just a couple of days before he'd been given both verbal and written orders to obey the Geneva Convention.

The guy also spent time in a loooooooooney bin

Hollywood wouldn't accept this nonsense.

32 posted on 04/02/2007 11:34:42 PM PDT by Barnsleys Beck
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To: Barnsleys Beck
One final thought. Erdemovic was the ICTY's star witness. The MSN went all wobbly over his....cough.....testimony though they forgot to tell their readers about his mental state - even the judges felt obliged to hold hearings as to his sanity

Another supposed star witness, a Momir Nikolic of the BLIB also testified that the VRS was massacring 1,000's of POWs too.

Guess what?

Yep, he'd spent time in a looooooooooooony bin too.

What is it with the ICTY and their Srebrenica witnesses?

Good for a laugh I guess

33 posted on 04/02/2007 11:39:13 PM PDT by Barnsleys Beck
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To: Barnsleys Beck
And yet another aspirant to the title of "David Irving for the Serbs" enters the fray.

It works this way - the more you convince yourself of the soundness of your arguments and denials, the less relevant you become and the lower on the IQ chart you place yourself.

In short, you can't win, and will only make an ass of yourself by trying. The records of the VRS, witness statements, and physical evidence culled from all the primary, secondary, and tertiary mass graves are overwhelming, leaving no hope whatsoever of your prevailing with your idiot denials and selective misrepresentation of fact.

34 posted on 04/03/2007 12:11:06 AM PDT by Hoplite
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To: Hoplite
So you can't explain it then.

Jolly good.

35 posted on 04/03/2007 12:13:27 AM PDT by Barnsleys Beck
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To: Barnsleys Beck
So you can't explain it then.

Can, but as when confronted with a halfwit who goes on about the Leuchter Report and typhus epidemics, why should one bother to muster up anything but contempt when faced with similarly constructed denials regarding Srebrenica?

Considering you've missed out on the transition from "It didn't happen" to "It wasn't my client's fault" in Srebrenica related defence arguments at the Hague and International Court of Justice, your whole argument is about 7 years behind the times and is so much recycled garbage at this point.

36 posted on 04/03/2007 12:57:58 AM PDT by Hoplite
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To: Hoplite
So that's a "no" then.

I see.

37 posted on 04/03/2007 1:03:02 AM PDT by Barnsleys Beck
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To: Hoplite
Didn't you talk a lot about Momir's confession? You were aware he'd just been released from a mental hospital I take it?
38 posted on 04/03/2007 1:23:11 AM PDT by Barnsleys Beck
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To: Barnsleys Beck; Hoplite
Momir Nikolic was a self-admitted liar and perjurer who was caught in his lies. The particular one below wasn't his only one. He did this as part of a deal with the prosecution. They get people to lie/confess in order to pin crimes on other Serbs/higher ups and use it to prove their propaganda. They do coach and push prosecution witnesses to lie.

Key Srebrenica Witness Admits Lying

"You needed to give him [the prosecutor] something he did not have, right?" said Michael Karnavas, defending. "You wanted to limit your time of imprisonment to 20 years, that was part of the arrangement, yes? Quid pro quo?"

Nikolic admitted he had lied, "I did not tell the truth when I said that. Afterwards I said I had made a mistake, I had lied.

"I apologise. All I can do is confess and say that discussing the crime is a very difficult situation to be in."

"I think we should call it for what it is, a bald faced lie," said Karnavas.

"I'm still a little bit confused," the American lawyer continued. "How is it that you thought by admitting to one of the most horrendous executions in this area, that this would help you in getting the kind of sentence that you are hoping and praying for?"

"I wanted the agreement to succeed," responded Nikolic. His original statement to prosecutors included testimony that while at Kravica, he had observed the involvement of another war crimes suspect, former army officer Ljubomir Borovcanin, in the killing.

He has now told the court that although he was not present, he was certain that Borovcanin had been there.

"You implicated Borovcanin in your falsehood in order to make your story more convincing, so that the prosecutor would buy it?" said Karnavas. "You needed to give him [the prosecutor] some more facts to sweeten the deal - that's why you provided false information about Kravica?"

He went on to ask Nikolic whether he had lied so as to make his story impressive enough for prosecutors to offer him a plea-bargain deal. "Your lawyers had a laundry list of factors that the prosecutor was expected to agree to," said Karnavas.

39 posted on 04/03/2007 5:32:18 AM PDT by joan
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To: joan


40 posted on 04/03/2007 6:02:57 AM PDT by Unicorn (Too many wimps around.)
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