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Tanjug ^ | March 29, 2007

Posted on 03/29/2007 1:10:13 PM PDT by joan

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Comment #51 Removed by Moderator

To: Hoplite
Hoplite-o-baby , you spoke so glowingly of Momir Nikolic's testimony , didn't you?

Let's be honest now, you never actually bothered to read his crap did you? You just read the MSN - probably a bit of CNN with a bit of BBC chucked in and for the indepth bit you half read some ignorant IWPR bullshite - garbage for the trash handlers, that's all they're good for.

Am I right? Course I am.

We could spend forever and a day laughing over the sheer nonsense - we're talking nonsense to the n'th degree here folks - of what he said.

Let's take a very small look at his crap - here we'll see his penchant for lying. The guy was a natural , believe me.


Question:Let me just digress here for a second. You were a captain, were you not?


Question:You weren't even a first-class captain, you were just a captain. Right?

Nikolic: That's right.

Qestion: You were not a major?

Answer:What do you mean, I was not a major? What do you mean? If I'm a captain, then of course I'm not a major.

Question:But you would on various occasions represent yourself to be a major.


Yes folks , the wee lad went round fibbing that he was some hot shot guy , whereas in fact he was a hated , and I mean a F*&^&*$ hated , nobody.

52 posted on 04/04/2007 5:59:53 AM PDT by Barnsleys Beck
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To: Barnsleys Beck
You have issues, and I don't mean only with what happened at Srebrenica.

But if it will help, here is the relevant portion of the closing statement from Mark Harmon at the Krstic trial:

Now, what are the findings of these experts who participated in these exhumations? I mentioned to Your Honours and I've shown Your
far, Mr. President and Your Honours, we know that a minimum number, and
this is a very conservative number, of 2.028 bodies have been recovered
from the sites thus far exhumed. At virtually all of these sites,
blindfolds or ligatures were found.


Now, there has been some suggestion by Defence witnesses that
these grave sites contain battle casualties; in other words, people who
lost their lives in active combat or were collateral damage, collateral
casualties. Now, as the experts who have testified about their findings
have made clear, it's preposterous, utterly preposterous to suggest that
the people who were blindfolded and who had their hands bound behind them
were battle casualties.

As to the defence's rebuttal of these assertions, there was none. Instead the defence chose to attempt to show that General Krstic hadn't taken over command of the Drina Corps when it was engaged in the mass execution of prisoners from Srebrenica or that the elements which were engaged in the mass executions weren't under Krstic's control.

Their lie'n'deny was dismissed as garbage, just as your and Joan's lie'n'deny is garbage.

Since Mr. Harmon's closing argument in 2001, exhumations of Srebrenica related mass graves have continued. (You will feel free to work yourself into a huff over the phrase "plastic and cloth bindings around the victim's arms", won't you?)

53 posted on 04/04/2007 7:38:19 AM PDT by Hoplite
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To: Hoplite

But no names and id’s for the individual victims described, and given that so many remain unidentified (and therefore likely Serbs), he may be describing Serb victims of Muslims and Croats, including earlier wars (which were much bigger than the last one) in which victims were thrown in mass graves and they weren’t ever dug up or reburied.

54 posted on 04/04/2007 5:08:36 PM PDT by joan
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To: Hoplite
Hoplite wrote

"You have issues"

I must say that's very Oprahish. You've really got to stop watching so much Dr. Phil.

BTW, I'm still laughing over your claim that "thousands" of Muslim bodies had "blindfolds"

Why not make it "millions" ? Billions perhaps?

Liar liar pants on fire

55 posted on 04/04/2007 5:23:09 PM PDT by Barnsleys Beck
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To: joan
he may be

He's not.

In the same way you think you may be making valid points.

You're not.

56 posted on 04/04/2007 6:45:43 PM PDT by Hoplite
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To: Hoplite
So still no evidence to support your claim that "thousands" of Muslim bodies had been "tied up".

Even the wretchedly Serbophobic Dutch report could only manage the following

"In many of the graves, a large number of blindfolds and various restraints - mostly fashioned from iron wire and used to bind wrists or arms - were found. This clearly indicates executions, yet in the mass graves at Nova Kasaba and Konjevic Polje few such clues were found. There had also been combat in this area, and so it is possible that these victims fell on the battlefield. It will never be possible to distinguish victims of the executions from 'regular' casualties of war"

All rather vague. Just how many? And what exactly is a large number ?

You know for a fact we're talking small potatoes here. If, indeed there had've been "thousands", we'd have never heard the end of it.

And the final sentence, It will never be possible to distinguish victims of the executions from 'regular' casualties of war" all but proves my point.

Far, far removed from your bombastic and erroneous "thousands and thousands had been tied up" nonsense.

57 posted on 04/04/2007 11:56:52 PM PDT by Barnsleys Beck
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To: Barnsleys Beck
And in the Krle trial, very few of the bodies unearthed had blindfolds or ligatures. For example, Dr. Clark, the chief pathologist, admitted that only one site he examined - Kozluk - had any at all:

"the fact that Konjevic Polje, Nova Kasaba, and Glogova ( bruial sites ) , none of the victims there had blindfolds or ligatures"

58 posted on 04/07/2007 1:07:01 AM PDT by Barnsleys Beck
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To: Hoplite

Hi Hoplite. I just thought I could share with you some images of Srebrenica mass graves, showing victims with ligatures and blindfolds.
And yes, these are mass grave images of those Srebrenica Muslim “war casualties”, you know, those who “deserved it” or those whose deaths were “legitimate. Completely”.
These were taken at (only?) seven different mass grave locations. I’ll leave it for the “others” to do a research on how many of these victims had blindfolds/ligatures and of what ethnicity they were. Regards.


Cancari Road mass grave no 3->

Liplje mass grave 2->


Hodzici Road mass grave no 5->

Nova Kasaba->


59 posted on 04/11/2007 3:43:36 AM PDT by mile (ICTY?)
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To: Hoplite

Sorry, but more and more evidence keeps being revealed that most of the Muhammedan soldiers died in military actions during their retreat from Srebrenica.

This victory against the Jihadists will continue to be propagandized as a “massacre” ONLY IF the Jihadists and their Dhimmi toads win.

60 posted on 04/20/2007 6:37:14 AM PDT by FormerLib (Sacrificing our land and our blood cannot buy protection from jihad.-Bishop Artemije of Kosovo)
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To: mile

“Hi here big boy Hoplite” Talking to yourself again? LOL

61 posted on 05/18/2007 11:21:07 AM PDT by eleni121 (+ En Touto Nika! By this sign conquer! + Constantine the Great)
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