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Threat Matrix: April 2007 ^

Posted on 04/01/2007 6:46:34 PM PDT by nwctwx

:::FreeRepublic's Threat Matrix:::
Ahmadinejad Vows News Soon on Atomic Work
-Full Story-

Iran's president promised on Sunday Iranians would soon hear more news about the Islamic Republic's nuclear program, which the West believes is a covert effort to build atomic bombs despite Tehran's denials.

"The Iranian nation will soon hear fresh news about our country's nuclear transition," Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was quoted by the official IRNA news agency as saying.

He did not give details about any announcements or when the news would be released but Ahmadinejad is due to hold a news conference on Tuesday.

Iran Accuses U.S. Planes of Violating its Airspace

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To: All




21 posted on 04/01/2007 8:04:36 PM PDT by Cindy
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To: nwctwx
Thanks for the ping, Ian. The BIG QUESTION: The Brits....will they or won't they? If they we pull the trigger right along side them? If so, what then?
22 posted on 04/01/2007 8:05:08 PM PDT by ExSoldier (Democracy is 2 wolves and a lamb voting on dinner. Liberty is a well armed lamb contesting the vote.)
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To: All



Note: The following post is a quote:

The Christian victims of Iraq (Christians being crucified in Iraq)
Telegraph ^ | March 31 2007 | Damian Thompson

Posted on 04/01/2007 8:03:49 PM PDT by jmc1969

Holy Week is a time when Christians think of the crucifixion of Jesus. This year, they should also be meditating on another crucifixion: that of a 14-year-old boy, nailed to a cross by Islamists in Iraq.

This diabolical crime was part of a campaign by jihadists to extinguish one of the most ancient Christian Churches in the world, that of the Assyrians. Thanks to the indifference of the West, the campaign is going jolly well.

(Excerpt) Read more at ...

23 posted on 04/01/2007 8:07:46 PM PDT by Cindy
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To: All; Jet Jaguar; Jeff Head; backhoe


Note: Photo included.

"N.Korea Develops High-Speed Military Hovercraft"
Chosun Ilbo ^ | 04/02/07

Posted on 04/01/2007 7:43:45 PM PDT by TigerLikesRooster

"N.Korea Develops High-Speed Military Hovercraft"

ARTICLE SNIPPET: "South Korean military authorities say they have intelligence that Pyongyang is attempting to export the boats to other Asian countries. North Korea also has 130 hovercraft landing vessels to transport personnel which move at a speed of 50 km/h with 50 people aboard. They are able to ride up the beach and move over mud flats, the South Korean military believes."

24 posted on 04/01/2007 8:14:35 PM PDT by Cindy
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To: Donna Lee Nardo; All
RECAP: - INTELLIGENCE AND TERRORISM INFORMATION CENTER at the Israel Intelligence' Heritage & Commemoration Center (IICC): "Following an appeal from the Argentinean Attorney General, Interpol issued international extradition warrants for five senior Iranians and one senior Hezbollah operative. The charge was involvement in the suicide bombing attack of the Jewish community center building (AMIA) in Argentina in 1994.") (March 28, 2007) (Read More...) - INTELLIGENCE AND TERRORISM INFORMATION CENTER at the Center for Special Studies (C.S.S.): "Argentina accuses Iran of responsibility for the Hezbollah terrorist attack which destroyed Jewish Community Center in Buenos Aires, 1994. The Argentinean Attorney General's office announced it had found Iran responsible for the terrorist attack and an Argentinean judge issued arrest warrants for seven senior Iranians and one senior Hezbollah member" (November 14, 2006) (Read More...) "COULD A MISSING IRANIAN SPARK A WAR?" by Robert Baer (ARTICLE SNIPPET: "As IRGC commander in Lebanon, Asgari was also one of Hizballah's stepfathers. In the late '80s and early '90s, he was Hizballah Secretary General's Hasan Nasrallah's primary Iranian contact, and certainly in a position now to provide evidence of Nasrallah's involvement in terrorism. Asgari was the primary Iranian contact for one of the world's most lethal and capable terrorists, 'Imad Fa'iz Mughniyah. Mughniyah is indicted in the U.S. for the 1985 hijacking of TWA Flight 847 and the murder of a Navy diver.") (March 22, 2007) (Read More...)
CEDARS - blog (WASHINGTON "SYRIA'S TERROR NETWORKS" by Farid N. Ghadry (ARTICLE SNIPPET: "Sources say that Mugniyeh was designated by Hezbollah Secretary-General Hassan Nasrallah as the head of Force 2800.") (February 22, 2007) (Read More...) - weblog (NEWSWEEK): "MUGHNIYEH MAKING A COMEBACK?" (January 28, 2007) (Read More...) - Terrorism Monitor: "IRAN'S TERRORIST ASSET: A HISTORY OF IMAD MUGNIYAH" by Carl Anthony Wege (September 8, 2006) (Read More...)

FRONTPAGE (WEEKLY STANDARD): "MIND OF MUGNIYEH" by Dan Darling (July 25, 2006 (Read More...)


"" (VIEW PHOTO. Click Here.)

25 posted on 04/01/2007 8:18:27 PM PDT by Cindy
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To: nwctwx

Thanks you kindly sir; your efforts are appreciated.

26 posted on 04/01/2007 8:27:42 PM PDT by Oorang (Tyranny thrives best where government need not fear the wrath of an armed people - Alex Kozinski)
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To: nwctwx

Thank you!

27 posted on 04/01/2007 8:29:00 PM PDT by PeskyOne
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To: FARS; backhoe; piasa; All

Thank to FARS for the ping to this post:

and this thread:

"Gang focus now on immigrants-Feds, county plan to deport criminals[LAPD]"
LA Daily News ^ | 31 March 2007 | RACHEL URANGA

Posted on 04/01/2007 7:03:57 PM PDT by Dacb

ARTICLE SNIPPET: "As the LAPD cracks down on the city's most violent street gangs, federal and county officials have launched their own campaigns to apprehend and deport gangsters who are in the county illegally.

For the first time, federal immigration officers are tracking incarcerated gang members, and the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department is creating a database of gang members who are in the U.S. illegally. The FBI is also strengthening its ties to international police agencies and hopes to create a gang intelligence center in El Salvador."

28 posted on 04/01/2007 8:29:43 PM PDT by Cindy
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To: Cindy; fanfan; All
Update to the "phony cop in the Canadian hospitals" story posted here:

Man arrested for impersonating officer
Apr 1, 2007

The Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) have a person in custody after a man was caught on camera at Mississauga's Trillium Health Centre dressed as a police officer. Officers from the OPP Orillia detachment took a 23-year-old man from Ramara Township into custody last night, said OPP Const. Dave Woodford. The man was arrested after police made a deal with his lawyer, the officer added.

Police said the man was spotted at seven GTA hospital emergency rooms over a 24-hour period, beginning Friday evening. He was allegedly wearing an authentic OPP uniform and carrying an air-pistol in his holster. The man raised suspicions among hospital staff after asking several strange and "disturbing" questions, police said.

The man faces four charges, including impersonating a peace officer. At this time, his name is not being released.

29 posted on 04/01/2007 8:31:46 PM PDT by Oorang (Tyranny thrives best where government need not fear the wrath of an armed people - Alex Kozinski)
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To: All; nwctwx; Miami Vice; Marine Inspector

REWARDS FOR "WANTED Adnan G. El Shukrijumah Up to $5 Million Reward" (Click Here.) - Seeking Information: "ADNAN G. EL SHUKRIJUMAH" (ALIASES: "Adnan G. El Shukri Jumah; Abu Arif; Ja'far Al-Tayar; Jaffar Al-Tayyar; Jafar Tayar; Jaafar Al-Tayyar") (VIEW POSTER. Click Here.) - Focus: "ADAN GULSHAIR EL SHUKRIJUMAH" (Read More...)

"" (View Photos.)

"" (View Photos.)

30 posted on 04/01/2007 8:33:33 PM PDT by Cindy
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To: Oorang

Oh neato.


31 posted on 04/01/2007 8:34:29 PM PDT by Cindy
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To: fanfan; JellyJam; flutters; backhoe; piasa

PING to Oorang's post no. 29.

Suspect has been arrested in the hospitals/phony cop case.

32 posted on 04/01/2007 8:36:17 PM PDT by Cindy
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To: nwctwx


33 posted on 04/01/2007 8:41:58 PM PDT by processing please hold (Duncan Hunter '08) (ROP and Open Borders-a terrorist marriage and hell's coming with them)
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To: Cindy; MamaDearest; nwctwx; Godzilla; All
Bin Laden's Son In Iran, Experts Say

Dubai, 30 March 2007 - Osama bin Laden's son, Saad bin Laden, and a number of leaders of the al-Qaeda terrorist network are in Iran, according to a group of terrorism experts featured in a programme on the Arabic satellite television channel Al Arabiya. The programme, entitled "The Death Factory, is expected to air on Friday evening. The programme is part of a weekly series that examines Islamic terrorism and armed groups active in Iraq and other warzones.

According to these experts, the leader of al-Qaeda's old guard have either been arrested or are free but under the surveillance of Iranian authorities.

Among these al-Qaeda members is Saad bin Laden, as well as Sayf al-Adel, the former spokesperson of the group, as well as Suleyman Abu al-Ghaith, Muhammad Shouki al-Islambuli and other Arab terrorists.

According to a researcher at the Centre for Arab-Iranian Studies in London, Nuri Zadah, all these al-Qaeda members are believed to be in Iran since the fall of the hardline Taliban regime in Afghanistan in late 2001. This opinion was shared by the Egyptian researcher, Abdel Rahim Ali, who also noted that the former al-Qaeda spokesman, Kuwaiti, Suleyman Abu al-Ghaith, is in Iran because his government refused the offer by the Iranian authorities to send him to Kuwait City.

Terrorism to Be Key Issue at SAARC Summit
2 April 2007

NEW DELHI — Terrorism will figure strongly at this week’s summit of eight South Asian nations, including India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Afghanistan, an Indian official said yesterday. After a preparatory meeting of top Foreign Ministry officials from the region, India’s Foreign Secretary Shivshankar Menon said they would recommend “a very strong statement against terrorism” to the summit, which will be held April 3-4 in India.


34 posted on 04/01/2007 9:10:39 PM PDT by Oorang (Tyranny thrives best where government need not fear the wrath of an armed people - Alex Kozinski)
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To: All; backhoe; piasa; JohnathanRGalt



APRIL, 2007:

"Chavista Mobs Howl For RCTV Private Media Expropriation"
(April 1, 2007)



"Venezuela Arabs Deny Al Qaeda Claim"
Prensa Latina ^ | 22 Feb 2007


JANUARY, 2007:

Note: The following text is a quote:

Note: Adding links to this link collection.



December 03, 2006
"Just in time for Hizballah and al-Qaida operatives to start moving towards North America..."
"Hezbollah America Latina: Strange Group or Real Threat?"
Dr. Ely Karmon
November14, 2006


"Iran's Ahmadinejad to tour Latin America"
AFP ^ | Jan 10 , 2007

1,465 posted on 01/25/2007 1:29:52 PM PST by Cindy

35 posted on 04/01/2007 9:20:51 PM PDT by Cindy
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To: Oorang; Straight Vermonter; Jet Jaguar; JohnathanRGalt; backhoe; piasa

Thank you Oorang for the ping and post.


36 posted on 04/01/2007 9:23:53 PM PDT by Cindy
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To: All

Thanks to Nick Grace for another edition of GLOBAL CRISIS WATCH.


Global Crisis Watch
April 2, 2007 | Episode #47

Iran hostage crisis, Hezbollah reactivation, Internecine violence in Iraq

With the hostage crisis in Iran entering into its second week, Global Crisis Watch assesses London's options and the risks of action, analyzes signs that Iran is reactivating its Hezbollah assets across the world while resupplying Hezbollah forces in Lebanon, and dissects the relationship between the various Sunni and Shi'a militant groups in Iraq. Guests: Daveed Gartenstein-Ross, Foundation for the Defense of Democracy (FDD) and author of "My Year Inside Radical Islam." Dr. Walid Phares, FDD Senior Fellow and author of "The War of Ideas," and Nibras Kazimi, Hudson Institute and


Listen Here:
32:00 minutes | 14.6 Megs

37 posted on 04/01/2007 10:45:46 PM PDT by Cindy
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To: All

Adding 1 link to post no. 37:

38 posted on 04/01/2007 10:49:50 PM PDT by Cindy
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To: Cindy


"'Walking dead' cross line into Afghanistan to kill"
By Philip Smucker
April 2, 2007

ARTICLE SNIPPET: "KHOST, Afghanistan -- Gazing out at the wheat fields, a haggard police chief pointed to the distant goat paths leading from Pakistan's territory of North Waziristan. Known here as "Osama bin Laden's children" or "the walking dead," nearly two dozen suicide bombers entered Khost province over those paths in the past year."

ARTICLE SNIPPET: "As elsewhere in the Islamic world, al Qaeda is usually a facilitator of terrorism, rarely the direct instigator. Bin Laden's operatives exploit anti-American sentiment within home-grown Islamist groups and dispatch young men over the mountains toward martyrdom.

Al Qaeda and Taliban leaders in nearby Pakistani community of Miram Shah, mimicking similar martyrdom celebrations in the West Bank and parts of the Arab world, throw lavish parties for the families of the suicide bombers."

39 posted on 04/02/2007 1:32:19 AM PDT by Cindy
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To: JohnathanRGalt; backhoe; piasa


40 posted on 04/02/2007 1:33:04 AM PDT by Cindy
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