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VA Tech official praised defeat of student self-defense proposal in 2006
One News Now ^ | 04.16.07 | Jeff Johnson

Posted on 04/16/2007 1:20:58 PM PDT by Coleus

A Virginia Tech official in 2006 praised the defeat of a proposal to allow students with state-issued concealed handgun permits to carry their handguns on college campuses in Virginia. At least 20 unarmed students were killed on the VA Tech campus Monday morning by a single gunman. Virginia House Bill 1572 was proposed in 2005 by Shenandoah County, Va., Republican Del. Todd Gilbert after a VA Tech student with a state-issued concealed handgun permit was arrested and charged only with "unlawfully" carrying a handgun on campus. The bill would have prohibited state universities in Virginia from enacting "rules or regulations limiting or abridging the ability of a student who possesses a valid concealed handgun permit ... from lawfully carrying a concealed handgun."

After the proposal died in the state's House Committee on Militia, Police and Public Safety, The Roanoke Times quoted VA Tech spokesman Larry Hincker as celebrating the defeat of the bill. "I'm sure the university community is appreciative of the General Assembly's actions," Hincker said on Jan. 31, 2006, "because this will help parents, students, faculty and visitors feel safe on our campus."

Following Monday's multiple-victim shooting at VA Tech, Erich Pratt with Virginia-based Gun Owners of America called that philosophy "idiocy." "I think gun control advocates will say, 'See, we need more gun control,' even though this is exactly the product of gun control," Pratt said.

Currently, only Utah has a statute specifically authorizing law-abiding individuals with concealed handgun permits to possess their firearms on state university property. Most other states have explicit or implied prohibitions. "Every school campus [other than those in Utah] in this nation is a 'gun free zone,' supposedly," Pratt bemoaned. "But, isn't it amazing that criminals, bad guys never obey those laws."

Regarding Utah, Pratt adds, "Isn't it interesting that that's the one state where we haven't heard of any school shootings." At least two school shootings have been stopped by armed civilians before police arrived:

· January 9, 2002, Appalachian School of Law in Grundy, Va. - 43 year old Peter Odighizuwa, who had flunked out of the small law school earlier in the week killed three people and wounded three others. Two law students - Tracy Bridges and Ted Besen - retreived a handgun from Bridges' vehicle and held Odighizuwa at gun point for several minutes before police arrived. (Bridges was a reserve deputy sheriff, but was not on duty at the time of the incident.)

· October 1, 1997, Pearl High School, Pearl, Ms. - 16 year old Luke Woodham carried a rifle onto the school campus, killed his ex-girlfriend and one of her friends and wounded seven other people. Assisstant Principal Joel Myrick retreived a handgun from his truck and held Woodham for police. It was later learned that the teeneager had beaten and stabbed his own mother to death before the attack at the school.

Pratt is not optimistic, however, that lawmakers will allow public university students and faculty members to protect themselves from mass murderers like the one who struck VA Tech Monday. "The only schools and universities where these tragedies have been stopped abruptly were the places where law-abiding citizens had a gun that was accessible to them and they were able to stop the shooter," Pratt noted. "The schools and universities that had to wait for the police to arrive, those are the ones that find these high death tolls.

"It's just a real shame," he concluded, "that these guys never get it."

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To: migjig
” Increased security of people trained to use these weapons should be looked into first.”

Look, most people have been brain washed into thinking that the “police” will come and save the day - well, that only happens on TV. And from my generation, having grown up in a rugged area of the country, my view of the “police” is that of Barney Phyfe, not Rambo, and from recent observations there is no need for this to change.

81 posted on 04/16/2007 3:05:44 PM PDT by Herakles (Diversity is code word for anti-white racism)
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To: Dogbert41

“I’ve completely given up on government entirely for my family or my country’s security.”

Likewise, and I think that feeling is becoming very widespread. Too bad the imbeciles in DC don’t understand this.

82 posted on 04/16/2007 3:06:49 PM PDT by navyguy (We don't need more youth. What we need is a fountain of SMART.)
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To: Dick Bachert
Great post!

I had earlier posted my hunch that the shooter was indeed an Islamist (student, most likely) and if you check out post # 50 on this thread, LibLieSlayer reported that he heard a radio report that that was true, though still unconfirmed.

83 posted on 04/16/2007 3:09:12 PM PDT by justiceseeker93
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To: Herakles

Liberal stupidity is not an oxymoron. It’s redundant.

84 posted on 04/16/2007 3:11:54 PM PDT by MeanWestTexan (Kol Hakavod Fred Thompson)
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To: Drennan Whyte; jude24; Finny
The cause of death was some wacko with a couple of hand guns. Don't make it into something it isn't.

Virginia has a concealed carry law. However, it is suspended at VA Tech, thanks to liberal minds who for some reason believe that a college campus is immune from the dangers that exist in the rest of society (and that guns are by their very nature evil).

Tech also differs from elite colleges, where it is unusual to meet anyone who grew up on a farm or in a rural environment. Lots of kids in Virginia grow up in rural environments. It's not unusual for them to get their first guns at a fairly young age. By the time they go off to Tech some of them are no doubt expert marksmen.

There were hundreds of kids in that dorm this morning. At least a few were probably quite capable of using a firearm. If only they had been allowed to have one in their possession, there probably wouldnt be 32 people dead at the other side of campus.

The above is how I see what happened. Of course, some will disagree.

85 posted on 04/16/2007 3:15:55 PM PDT by freespirited (Resentment, redistribution, and re-education. The three Rs of liberalism.)
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To: freespirited

I’m one person who won’t be disagreeing with you. I live in a rural part of Virginia. There was a headline update on the online version of our twice weekly local rag.....none of the folks from this area who attend VT were among those injured or killed.

86 posted on 04/16/2007 3:23:24 PM PDT by Gabz (I like mine with lettuce and tomato, heinz57 and french-fried potatoes)
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To: justiceseeker93
I don’t know if there’s anything to this but CNN’s Blitzer was interviewing some Palestinian from VT who offered his condolence to the victims.
87 posted on 04/16/2007 3:34:14 PM PDT by tobyhill (only wimps believe in retreat in defeat)
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To: rwgal
May you stand before God and man as my two precious grandchildren's killer if you pass any more gun legislation that will make me a felon should I own a handgun or any other gun for that matter.


Mary Carpenter

88 posted on 04/16/2007 3:44:33 PM PDT by Copernicus (A Constitutional Republic revolves around Sovereign Citizens, not citizens around government.)
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To: Coleus

When you outlaw guns, only outlaws will have guns.

89 posted on 04/16/2007 3:46:27 PM PDT by Zeon Cowboy ("Show me just what Muhammad brought... and there you will find things only evil and inhuman.")
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To: migjig

Then don’t fire at the person unless you’re closer than 15 feet. If you have a gun, you MUST use your head. I’m all for training. No, not everyone should have a gun. About half the people are just too emotional to handle having a gun. And the cops should be better at accessing a situation. If you demand training for gun owners, then it won’t be a wild-west shootout. If a killer is shooting and civilians return fire, no, they won’t hit each other. But I say again, you have a right to be alive. A God-given right IMHO. Not cowered in corner waiting for death. Ayn Rand was right.

90 posted on 04/16/2007 4:02:33 PM PDT by Clock King ("How will it end?" - Emperor; "In Fire." - Kosh)
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To: Coleus

I listened to the Lars Larson Oregon show discuss the shooting today. He has a national show in the evening. He said Oregon’s concealed carry law was written to specifically prohibit local authorities from passing ordinances or administrative rules prohibiting lawful carry on public property like school campuses. Sheriffs and school administrators go ahead and write up the rules anyway and have to be continually slapped down.

91 posted on 04/16/2007 4:13:16 PM PDT by Retain Mike
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To: jude24
Conservatives have no more business hijacking a tragedy of this sort than the gun-control advocates do trying to further crack down on guns. It's crass opportunism at its worst.

It is irresponsible to tell the story without pointing out the fact that over 30 people were brutally murdered because they were denied, by the state, the right to defend themselves.

That's not opportunism, it's a fact.

92 posted on 04/16/2007 5:34:23 PM PDT by jess35
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To: baclava
"Anybody gotta liability theory on who’s gonna be “responsible”?"

George Bush?

93 posted on 04/16/2007 7:32:01 PM PDT by YHAOS
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To: Coleus


94 posted on 04/17/2007 8:00:36 AM PDT by stevio ((NRA))
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To: freespirited
There were hundreds of kids in that dorm this morning. At least a few were probably quite capable of using a firearm. If only they had been allowed to have one in their possession, there probably wouldnt be 32 people dead at the other side of campus

How do you know that some didn't?

95 posted on 04/18/2007 5:54:17 AM PDT by Drennan Whyte
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To: goldstategop

The VA Tech idiot Larry Hincker has the blood of innocent people on his hands... well as all the VA legislators who voted to pass the ban. I say publish their names and give them some grief for their foolhardy votes. They should bear some responsibility and be held accountable for their votes to ban.

96 posted on 04/18/2007 6:08:24 AM PDT by IM2MAD
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To: Drennan Whyte
How do you know that some didn't?

I think it is a reasonable inference based on two facts: campus rules prohibit them from having a gun, and second, nobody used one against the gunman.

97 posted on 04/18/2007 6:23:07 AM PDT by freespirited (Resentment, redistribution, and re-education. The three Rs of liberalism.)
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To: Coleus

*** Bookmark ***

98 posted on 05/31/2007 2:31:01 PM PDT by NonLinear (This is something almost unknown within Washington. It's called leadership.)
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