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John Stossel: The Global Warming Myth?

Posted on 04/20/2007 3:52:39 PM PDT by Omega Man II

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To: Omega Man II

I’m gonna guess that Stossel must not get along well with Sam Champion.

61 posted on 04/20/2007 9:54:04 PM PDT by Scotswife
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To: Kay Ludlow
One of the environmentalists ... took off on a little rant about how "there is no reason, absolutely NO REASON, that there shouldn't be native brown trout there"...

Except that brown trout are "native" to Europe and not North America. At least since the last ice age.

62 posted on 04/20/2007 10:26:17 PM PDT by kitchen (Over gunned? Hell, that's better than the alternative!)
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To: M203M4

Is that a web page? I would love a link to it to send to some friends who believe in consensus science. I’d love to let them see who is on their side. If it’s not a web page, can you cite a reference?

63 posted on 04/21/2007 4:45:08 AM PDT by sig226 (Where did my tag line go?)
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To: Steve_Seattle

How many times have we heard liberals say that Bush uses fear of terrorism to get his way, but there is no more fear-mongering element in society today than the global warming cultists...

Great observation! I’ll be using this here in my liberal university mecca.

64 posted on 04/21/2007 4:45:48 AM PDT by AFPhys ((.Praying for President Bush, our troops, their families, and all my American neighbors..))
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To: M203M4

Many wonderful “Earth Day” #1 quotes. I remember hearing some of these at that first rally. Dolts. I didn’t believe them then, I don’t believe them now.

65 posted on 04/21/2007 4:47:59 AM PDT by AFPhys ((.Praying for President Bush, our troops, their families, and all my American neighbors..))
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To: SuziQ
And they are really beginning to push this carp in the schools, showing Algore's environmental scarefest

Being from a progressive school district, and near the end of the baby boom, I can tell you they started back then. We were shown a lot of stuff, woven into both english class (through sci-fi lit), science and social studies about how by 2000 there wouldn't be any good air to breath - anyone left would be wearing gas masks to survive. We were shown Future Shock about every year in Jr High. Rachel Carson was quoted as nearly a messiah. We were the test subjects - getting every flaky new education idea coming out of the University College of Education. During the X-er years they were deploying it across the country.

My kids though, in the same progressive school system and getting all the same kind of agenda driven stuff are part of a generation that is savvy to spin. They and their classmates really didn't take any of the indoctrination seriously - they saw it as part of the game you play to make it through the system without getting in trouble. I think that's one of the reason the educators keep raising the volume - it's having less and less impact over time. I remember hearing about kids 50 years ago not understanding that the point of commercials is to part you from your money - today kids not only see the point of commercials, they talk among themselves about the strategy behind it! Between the increasing savvy of the kids, the proportion of kids in conservative homes, and the move toward more family centered education, I'm not too worried about the future. They don't buy everything they see or hear, and if they wonder about something they hear the resources are at their fingertips to find out more, and that gets them all sides. That's why 'Google" has become a verb as well as a noun ;-)

66 posted on 04/21/2007 4:52:26 AM PDT by Kay Ludlow (Free market, but cautious about what I support with my dollars)
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To: Omega Man II
How jernalszym works:

Step 1: Form a conclusion.
Step 2: Interview researchers in the field of your conclusion.
Step 3: Discard or downplay any evidence that does not support your conclusion.
Step 4: Rely on evidence that won't stand scrutiny from a clever ten year old.
Step 5: Generate public hue and cry.
Step 6: Report when there is significant evidence to dispute your conclusion.
Step 7: Never admit that your new conclusion is diametricly opposed to your old conclusion.
Step 8: Lather.
Step 9: Rinse.
Step 10: Repeat.

67 posted on 04/21/2007 4:55:33 AM PDT by sig226 (Where did my tag line go?)
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To: goldstategop
Environmentalists think man has no right to manage Nature and tame the wilderness.

Now that's an interesting statement, because I think that depends on which environmentalists you're around. There are those (the Dave Foreman/Re-Wilding side) who believe just that; then there are the 'steady state of nature' environmentalists, who believe that there is on perfect state of nature that can be quantified, we've messed it up, and they can fix it by making sure there are exactly the right number of the right species in each spot. The groups have worked together for years to increase governmental control of our activities, but the more power and control the get, the more they come to realize their goals aren't the same. There's a big crack in the environmentalist front, and it will tear them apart. Yet another reason I have a lot of hope for the future.

68 posted on 04/21/2007 5:04:19 AM PDT by Kay Ludlow (Free market, but cautious about what I support with my dollars)
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To: sig226
Yes (I first saw this particular compilation in 2001/2002):

EcoFreakQuotes (see also Right Wing News ).

Some more ecofascist nonsense:

Quotes from Pentti Linkola:

"A minority can never have any other effective means to influence the course of matters but through the use of violence."

"Any dictatorship would be better than modern democracy. There cannot be so incompetent dictator, that he would show more stupidity than a majority of the people. Best dictatorship would be one where lots of heads would roll and government would prevent any economical growth."

"The most central and irrational faith among people is the faith in technology and economical growth. Its priests believe until their death that material prosperity bring enjoyment and happiness - even though all the proofs in history have shown that only lack and attempt cause a life worth living, that the material prosperity doesn't bring anything else than despair. These priests believe in technology still when they choke in their gas masks."

"That there are billions of people over 60kg weight on this planet is recklessness."

"Alternative movements and groups are a welcome relief and a present for the society of economic growth."

"We will have to...learn from the history of revolutionary movements — the national socialists, the Finnish Stalinists, from the many stages of the Russian revolution, from the methods of the Red Brigades — and forget our narcissistic selves."

"Everything we have developed over the last 100 years should be destroyed."

"A fundamental, devastating error is to set up a political system based on desire. Society and life are been organized on basis of what an individual wants, not on what is good for him or her...Just as only one out of 100,000 has the talent to be an engineer or an acrobat, only a few are those truly capable of managing the matters of a nation or mankind as a whole...In this time and this part of the World we are headlessly hanging on democracy and parliamentary system, even though these are the most mindless and desperate experiments of the mankind...In democratic countries the destruction of nature and sum of ecological disasters has accumulated most...Our only hope lies in strong central government and uncompromizing control of the individual citizen."

"If the present amount of Earths population is preserved and is reduced only by the means of birth control, then:
- Birthgiving must be licenced. To enhance population quality, genetically or socially unfit homes will be denied offspring, so that several birth licences can be allowed to families of quality.
- Energy production must be drastically reduced. Electricity is allowed only for the most necessary lighting and communications.
- Food: Hunting must be made more efficient. Human diet will include rats and invertebrate animals. Agriculture moves to small un-mechanized units. All human manure is used as fertilizer.
- Traffic is mostly done with bicycles and rowing boats. Private cars are confiscated. Long-distance travel is done with sparse mass transport. Trees will be planted on most roads.
- Foreign affairs: All mass immigration and most of import-export trade must stop. Cross-border travel is allowed only for small numbers of diplomats and correspondents.
- Business will mostly end. Manufacture is allowed only for well argumented needs. All major manufacturing capacity is state owned. Products will be durable and last for generations.
- Science and schooling: Education will concentrate on practical skills. All competition is rooted out. Technological research is reduced to extreme minimum. But every child will learn how to clean a fish in a way that only the big shiny bones are left over."

(see also his wikipedia page). Some greens (deep ecology movement) are beginning to court the label of ecofascist, while others have extended their amoral nihilism to the point where they seek to forge alliance with Islamic extremism (since they face a common enemy in western civilization, especially capitalism):

See this FR article (with source found at this website).

69 posted on 04/21/2007 6:01:28 AM PDT by M203M4 (Constitutional Republic has a nice ring to it - alas, it's incompatible with the communist manifesto)
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To: Leonard210

I just read the Wikpedia entry for ironic that when the entry gets to his special on global warming, the narrative shifts more to what his critics have to say about why they think he is wrong. Typical liberal spin...

70 posted on 04/21/2007 6:24:43 AM PDT by dave k (Unplug the spin machine...)
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To: Omega Man II

John Stossel is the best thing _BC has going for it.

71 posted on 04/21/2007 6:47:51 AM PDT by ChessExpert (Global warming follows every Ice Age. Global cooling precedes every Ice Age. Trends reverse.)
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To: Leonard210
Geraldo was hit by a chair on the set of his talk show by a neo-Nazi

I was thinking it was Geraldo that got flattened. Maybe just wishful thinking on my part.... ;-)

72 posted on 04/21/2007 6:50:24 AM PDT by Thermalseeker (Just the facts, ma'am)
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To: Omega Man II
I LOVE Stossel!
73 posted on 04/21/2007 8:37:34 AM PDT by Ditter
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To: Omega Man II; tubebender; hedgetrimmer; forester; All
"Robert Kennedy Jr., grand poo-bah of the environmental zealotry movement"

And chief EnvironMental advisor to CA's Gubernatorial pretender, both during the historic Recall election, and now!!!

74 posted on 04/21/2007 8:55:46 AM PDT by SierraWasp (CA is plagued with a GANG-GREENOUS REPELLICAN GOVERNOR!!! He's worsened the Gray Davis' MESS!!!)
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To: Omega Man II


75 posted on 04/21/2007 11:17:30 AM PDT by Cacique (quos Deus vult perdere, prius dementat ( Islamia Delenda Est ))
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To: M203M4

Good Lord. I will forward these links to my friend, in order for him to examine some of the lunatics in his movement. It might open his eyes a little. Thank you.

76 posted on 04/21/2007 5:17:31 PM PDT by sig226 (Where did my tag line go?)
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To: dave k
Good catch. Wikipedia is a rather liberal site, but conservatives don’t seem interested in developing stuff like that. They are an “open source” project I believe. Maybe you can edit it. I don’t know what the posting criteria is. Have your secretary call my secretary on Monday. I’ll tell my secretary to contact the secretary at Wikipedia. My secretary will yawn and head out to work. I better check myself.
77 posted on 04/21/2007 9:28:29 PM PDT by Leonard210 (Tagline? We don't need no stinkin' tagliine.)
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To: Thermalseeker

Sorry, it was Stossel...Stossel lost hearing in the ear he was bitch slapped. I always joked about Stossel in that if you were going to question someone about “fake” wrestling, why would you pick a guy named Dr. Death to ask that question?

78 posted on 04/22/2007 6:52:12 AM PDT by The Iceman Cometh (Democrats In Control! (Where's my friggin' free stuff?))
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To: Omega Man II

bump to read later

79 posted on 04/23/2007 9:45:01 AM PDT by Patriotic1 (Dic mihi solum facta, domina - Just the facts, ma'am)
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To: Omega Man II

The climate is always changing. It’s a constant process. It warms, it cools. Not a problem, and the global warming crowd knows it.

80 posted on 04/24/2007 8:03:19 AM PDT by TBP
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