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CBS13 Talkback: Is 'Barack The Magic Negro' Song Racist? (Readers Make Mincemeat Of TV Station)
CBS12 Talkback ^ | May 7, 2007 | CBS13 Talkback Readers

Posted on 05/07/2007 2:54:17 PM PDT by PJ-Comix

"Do you guys do ANY research before reporting a Non-Story, or do you just stick your finger in the air?"
- Roger Andersen

"Much ado about nothing. A slow news day out there?"- Todd Wilson

"No, Rush Limbaugh's parody Barack the Magic Negro is not racist. It's HUMOR!!"
- Mary Jo Robbins

"You guys need to get a life!!! Quit being offended at evertthing you think you know about!!! The media attempts to try and fool people that they are the expert on everything, you like to point the finger at everbody. What about looking at yourselves!!
- Ben

"As a frequent visitor to your city and seeing you on Channel 13 I could not believe that you are creating quite a stir on your news story about the Magic Negro - I think in this time of the way the world is you all need to have a little smile on your faces and enjoy life - it is only a song and the world will not come to an end - it is not racist and take it for what it is "a parody". I am a proud hispanic and I am not offended by the many names that I have been called in my 77 years of life - if I were to take them all serious I would have been dead by now - life life and enjoy it - LIVE LA DULCE VITA!!!!!! Keep us the good work on Channel 13 and when I return to Sacremento again for a visit I will again tune into Channel 13."
- Frank R Gonzalez

"Your talking about something you know nothing about, listen to the parody, it's humor!!!!"
- Bob Bennett

"Did you guys actually listen to the song? Its lyrics?"
- Joshua Kahn

"It points out the hypocracy of the Democrats....since many of their own words are emphasized in the song. Do your homework next time."
- Scott Gales

"This is so typical of air-headed television personalities that are hired because of the way they look rather than how smart they are. They don't have the capablities to actually go out and find news so they manufacture it themselves. This story is based upon the most shallow reporting...i.e. looking at only ONE word of the song ignoring the rest and, more importantly, ignoring the context and what the song actually means. Shallow, Shallow, Shallow."
- d.w. anderson

"this parody has been running for a month or so, get with it!"
- Susan Langenheim

"NO! It's not and if you listened to it you would know that."
- John Machado

"Rush's "Magic Negro" parody is based on an LA times editorial (I'm sure you are now aware of this). This story is 2 months old."
- Craig Mossman

"Of course it's not racist. The real race problem in this country is people like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson and the lapdog media that props them up"
- anonymous

"Rush is making fun of the liberal media that came out with Barrack the Magic Negro in the LA Times. Your liberal media friends started the whole thing and then you jump on Rush when he makes fun of the drive by media that started it all. I was Democrat Joe Biden that said he was even clean and articulate. Al Sharpton is mad because Barrack is getting all the attention and not him."
- Howard Wilkerson

"You guys are morons! You would understand humor if the rubber chicken slapped you in the face."
- John Stevenson

"Your people are left wing agitators and cause racial turbulence!"
- Richard Morris

"Your poll will show your audience overwhelmingly thinks the song is racist. Who but a committed left wing nutcase would watch your idiot mannequins? Please explain to them this non story IS TWO MONTHS OLD. "
- George Harter

"I hope you guys are listening to Rush today, he is exposing you for the idiots you truely are."
- Kevin Powell

"You should really make sure your host have done all, ALL their homework before degrading your station with total ignorance. Their comments about Rush are examples of why more and more people in this country have no confidence in what the news media reports as news."
- Michael Harrison

"Do your homework before you expose your stupidity."
- Diane Munoz

"Mr. Limbaugh did was not the first person to call Brother Barack the " MAgic Negro". It first appeared to here in Califonia. "
- Calvin Watts

"High Point, NC formerly Rancho Cordova You folks on the morning show are a trio of illinformed, blithering idiots. Breaking News? To whom? You guys are the epitome of the worthless media that often skewers. The only controversy here how could three such inept idiots be hired by any media outlet for any reason other than to clean up at night!"
- Tony Moschetti

"No, Rush's song is not racist, but I DID vote in Rush's poll that YOU guys are morons threatening racial harmony."
- Tim D

"Before going with something like this deal w/Obama and Rush you should become better informed as to the subject."
- Skip Schexnayder

"Wow, your anchors and commentators do not even listen to the words, the song is self explainatory, using liberal sources, The LA Times used Barack The Majic Negro in an article about the man, Joe Biden (LIBERAL DEMOCRAT) called Barack a clean well spoken candidate. Good luck with the speech police, you might be able to shut down free speech, but do not forget, you will be targeted by the establishment when they do not like what you have to say, SEE RUSSIA and freedom of the press."
- Joe

"If you read/listen to the lyrics, it is self explainitory. LA Times called Barack that name, Limbaugh was making fun or the racism in the Liberal Driveby Media"
- Michael Haire

"Obviously you so called "journalists" are too lazy to do any research. If you had only just went to Rush's website you would of found out why this parody was made. It was made two months ago and there has never been any controversy. Also, Obama has heard it and he didn't think it was racist. Why would he. If you listen to it (I doubt that any of you talking heads have even listened to it) you would find out that it doesn't parody Obama but the left wing and their hypocrisy that you are demonstrating."
- Stephen Quinn

"Yes, it is racist to call Barak "a magic Negro" David Ehrenstein of the NY Times, who was the one to use that phrase, should be fired. What does Rush Limbaugh have to do with this again?"
- Rick Hickson

"Why don't you show the poll results now that more than the three intellectually challenged reporters have voted."
- Stanley Bennett

"Rush is not racist - get a life!"

"Your station is an embarrassment to California. It's not bad enough that we are known as Left Coast whackos, but then your 'Reporters' start commenting on "Barack the Magic Negro' without knowing anything about it, trying to imply it was a racist parody. You need to replace your entire anchor staff. Please research your 'reports' before you broadcast them. Report the 'news' and not your personal opinions.
- Rick Jones

"YOU GUYS ARE MORONS! Do you not understand the concept of journalism? listen to the show for once and you would understand. "Barack the magic negro" was coined by a black liberal in a Los Angeles paper!" - Ted Masterson

"You guys have got to be kidding me!!! Had you taken the time to look into this you would have realizied that Barack has already commented on this and thought it was funny. He was on the Paul W. Smith show and said Rush's show is entertaining. Check out your sources before reporting on a story that really ISN'T A STORY!" - Sheila Mugler

"Where have you people been? That parody has been around since March. Senator Obama has dismissed the charge as 'Ho Hum.' The 'Magic Negro' term was created by a black writer in the LA Times months ago."
- Don Milbury

"No, Rush's song is not racist, but I DID vote in Rush's poll that YOU guys are morons threatening racial harmony." - Tim D

"Your "newscasters" just might check their facts before opening their months to the public. Please take the time to be factual regarding the Barack the Magic Negro parody from the Limbaugh radio show. LISTEN TO THE WORDS FOLKS! RUSH IS RIGHT ABOUT THE "Drive by media".
- Barbara McIntyre

"The song was made to point out the LA Time editorial that used the term "Magic Negro." It is the LA Times that was degrading and it is the LA Times that should be questioned about their obvious racist comments. It is Rush that is pointing out the double standard and your team fell into the trap. The sad part is that your on air team did not listen to the parody prior to the on air comments. Rush is owed an apology."
- Ian Morcott

"Where have you been? This parody, which you have taken out of context, has been around since March. There is nothing racist about it. The term "Magic Negro" was used in the L.A. Times in an editorial. Are you going to poll your audience and ask if the L.A. Times was racist in using the term in reference to Obama? Shanklin merely used the words of various critics of Obama, all of them on the left side politically, in his song. KOVR, you need to get a clue."
- Jim Finney

"are you so ignorant, what about biden proclaiming that obama is articulate and clean ? you are morons. Barak the Magic Negro is based upon a 1950's commentary. Before you spew your liberal leftist propaganda address the Sharpton ignorance first"
- jack fisherkeller

"Don't you brilliant journalists even know that the song "Barack the Magic Negro" is based on an LA Times article with the same name? Your analysis is hardly worthy of being called "journalistic". You wouldn't even be able to spot a PARODY if it hit you in the face. Next time before you decide to run a hit piece on someone, you should actually do your homework on the issue. Stop getting your info from left-wing kook sites. You guys are pathetically lazy and an embarrassment to CBS."
- Luke James

"The song in question is a parody and not racist. I think you need to relax, laugh, and enjoy life a little more. If you took time out of your day to listen to the whole show you would actually understand more of what is actually being discussed on Rush's show. All you people in the media want to do is nick pick every little word that comes out of certain peoples mouths. I think you really need to get on to more important things to talk about. Thank you for your time in reading this response."
- Rodney Lax

"Have you actually analzed this piece? It's a parody of what Democrats are saying about Obama! The LA Times, Joe Byden, Al Sharpton! You should listen to it before rushing to judgment!"
- Mike Campbell

"You morons. This is a parody on what Senator Joe Biden said about Senator Obama and the article by “David Ehrenstein, L.A.-based DAVID EHRENSTEIN writes about Hollywood and politics. March 19, 2007”. What don't you moonbats do a little research."
- ER Barker

"An informed media is an effective media. Do your homework and look at your own poll. It's ok to be embarrassed from time to time like CBS 13 surely will after you announce this poll on the air, if I doubt you will."
- Ed Lewis

"It is sung by an Al Sharpton impersonator, and it isn't an attack on Obama; it's an attack on Sharpton. It is based upon statements by Sharpton that Mr. Obama was a "magical Negro", and not "authentically black", like Mr. Sharpton. In other words, the real racist here is Al Sharpton. You media people, get the story right for a change."
- Nick Byram

"Thank you for proving the point that Rush has been preaching. Being that each of you probably went to some type of journalism school where they hopefully taught the basics of journalism such as completing basic source research. It may have saved you the embarrassment. You owe an apology"
- William Hyatt

"You folks need to find out the whole story, the real story about "Barack, the Magic Negro." A black writer in the LA Times. first call him that. You want the truth? Well, get the truth first and then report it so you can be "authentic."

"No. I do not think Rush is the racist in this case. He is merely pointing out the comments and attitudes that others have shown toward the candidate."
- Tracy Austin

"Arnold, how can you coabitate with these racist morons from CBS-13 ? Move the capital to Crescent City and you will be better off far from the self-absorbing agrandizing red liberals from Sacramento. These guys are the true racists, who every second inject the race in us even when is not waranted. It reminds me the former Communist government of Romania from where I risked my life to escape from. Californians, leave these true red-dopping racist-babies in the dust of history and follow the true social harmony of 21st Century
Thank you, I believe in your final judgment Californians."
- Viorel Lupsa

"You are the racists for even brining up the concept. Obama is a political candidate. You are the ones that are looking at him as a black candidate. You are the ones tring to keep black people in their place. If you were not racists, you would not have raised the blackness of Obama."
- Karen Ryan

"Rush's parody comes from the media. Do your research first before you criticize. It's funny and a jab at what the media and other personalities have stated, i.e. LA Times, Sharpton, Biden, etc."
- Holly Beeman

"The only racists I see are "pseudo-intellectual, fashiomable liberals" like you!!! The LA Times started the whole "magic negro" thing, you idiots. Don't you read the local racist liberal tripe on the LA Times as part of your daily prep?"
- Rick H

"This song is far from racist. If you've ever listened to Rush, you'd know it was a black columnist from L.A. who first coined the phrase BarackThe Magic Negro. I am betting you did not think that person was racist. But then, the editorial staff @ L.A. Times is a bunch of good Bush-Hating liberals. and its differant if you are a Bush-Hating liberal. And besides there is a lot of truth in the parity."
- Kevin Goettl

"You people truly are morons just as Rush says. Do your homework before spouting off about something you nothing about. This is why you're still in Sacramento!"
- David Bjornstad

"Hi, You might want to pull this story and apologize for putting it out. If you research the parody, you will find it is made up from stories and quotes from an L.A Times stories and Joe Biden not Rush Limbaugh. Also, Barrack Obama says that he is not offended by it and does not mind people poking fun at him. Racial relations are hurt by these kind of stories. "
- Mark Roberson

"Chris Burrous, Lisa Gonzalez and Jeff James are complete morons. They all get an "F" for not doing their homework before commenting on Rush's parody of Barack Obama. Once again those "journalists" did not even do 5 minutes of investigation.
Did they skip "Fact Checking 101" back in college? I forgot that course was replaced with "Fashionable Liberalism 101, 201, 301 and 401". And I bet they all wanted to be journalists because they "Wanted to make a difference!" But guys - Isn't that what politics is for? "
- Troy Dugo

"Please remember a columnist in the LA times coined the phrase.,0,5335087.story?coll=la-opinion-center
The song parody only reflects what the LA times, Joe Biden, and others already have said about Mr Obama. Get the lyrics. Listen to the song. it explains the origin of the phrase. Honestly, a little bit of research would have answered the question you pose. I also find it interesting that 95% of the people taking your poll think the song is not racist."
- Larry Clairmont

"You guys are ridiculous. The Magic Negro song has been around for months and you act like it's news. And you failed to mention it came from a newspaper. You've made fools of yourselves."
- Micah McCcoy

"Rush Limbaugh is NOT racist. The parady is NOT racist. Thanks"
- Jane Thur

"Did you people even listen to the words of the "Magic Negro" song??? I would think people who consider themselves intelligent enough to give their worthless opinions over the radio would at least take the time to know what they are talking about. Of course, I guess this is exactly what we should expect from P.O.S. left wing liberals from California."
- Chris Warner

"Why would you call the believe the LA times is Racist? that is the source for the "Magic Negro" label? I could agree with the lable of 'Racist' when Sen. Joe Biden (D) when he called Obama as 'clean'. Now please discuss that. HAve a great day"
- Greg Palmer

"I am a black American and the sad thing about this is that you guys didn't open your mouths when the liberal media was questioning Obama's blackness! Questioning his blackness? How racist is that? You have gone out of your way to point the finger at Rush, while choosing to ignore that this whole thing began with the L.A. Times."
- Sam Murrell

"Look into the mirror media and liberal politicians. The lyrics of the Barak parady came from you!"
- Patty Frank

"Have you listened to the words of this parody? It list the sources from the news media where PAUL SHANKLIN got the idea for the lyric. Try listening to Rush's show before you get excerpts from the web.Glad I moved out to the right coast in 99."
- jon w

- Radar Radford

"Follow up. I see that your news reporting consists of google. The video you currently have up was not published by EIB but some moron on the internet who had no idea what the story was. Great going just keep up the good work. Maybe someday you'll actually be able to produce a news cast."
- Glenn Shoup

"Your criticism of Limbaugh shows your total stupidity and demonstrates your total CBS leftist bias! You obviously are trying to foment a backlash against the parody to which you haven't even listened. The target of the piece is Al Sharpton and HIS reaction to Obama, not Obama himself and the term "magic negro" came from your own beloved leftist rag LA TImes. What a bunch of Adam Clymer wannabees you are!"
- Roy Scott

"Listen to his radio show before you spend time make assumptions that are out in left field. Take that video down, it has nothing to do with his radio show."
- Rich Reuman

"I am typing slowly so that you can understand this. I will try to use one syllable words so that this is not too hard for you. Congratulations, your station wins the EEOC award for the month! You not only hire the handicapped, but you promote this fact by putting them on the air. These people are obviously from Rio Linda. Now I know why Rush has to explain his comments for these residents. Call me for further explanation, if you do not understand this. Sarcastically yours,"
- MIchael S. Haywood

"Man, what a racist song! I think Rush's song puts Barrack Hussein Obama in terrible danger from all of those racist, right wing neocon conservatives out there with thier dangerous guns. If I were to have a say, I'd appoint a secret service detail to protect him! I mean look at what Rush and his ilk did to convince McVeigh to bomb that building in OK City! We have abortion clinics bombed every day in this country because of his fanatical beliefs. The right in this country should take a clue from the peaceful socialist party in France. Look how well they've taken the obviously rigged election of a conservative to run thier country."
- John Gualt

"This is a parody using phrases and humor that is acceptable. To contrast this to Don Imus' off the cuff derogatory remark is irresponsible. Let me explain:
The parody potrays the typical reaction of Al Sharpton - using a phrase that has been around for years "magic negro" and is not racist. Further, the parody uses words and phrases from leaders from Sen. Joe Delaware - D when he patronizingly referred to Obama as "articulate". There is no link to Imus, the only thing we see here is another example of drive by media. Say hi to Dan Rather and Katie for me, if she's still around.
- Paul B

"I listened to your comments today on the Rush Limbaugh radio show. I am really wondering why you suggest the parody is racist as you must be pretty dense not to see the humor and pointed hypocrisies of Al Sharpton in this. As Mr. McCain said to Mr. Murtha, you all need to lighten up and get a life! It may well be that you are the racists here as you chose to make disparaging remarks on something you haven't a clue about. I suggest a few more journalism courses for each of you as it is most obvious you need them now."
-Mike esther

"Really took the Rush bit out of context. reporting like this is what continues to erode the credibility of the news.if I can't trust you on this one, can I trust you on others...really poor job."
- mike jones

"I am very disappointed that Rush would create a video you have shown on your website. As a Rush fan, I knew about the song and thought it was funny, now I won't be listening to Rush or buying any of his products. Thank you for pointing out the kind of person he is. "
- Jim Kruse

"Guess what. The LA Times coined the phrase Barack the Magic Negro. NOTE RUSH! Good try. "
- Jason Piccola

"I think the Media has been the biggest culprit in lthe racial tone brought to this campaign. The parody only mentioned what a columnist, Joe Biden, & Al Sharpton have already said about Mr. Obama. Why has no one contacted the LA Times or Joe Biden? Your whole story illustrates your (channel 13) ignorance & lack of thorough story research."
- Doward Williamson

"Well, now you have heard from Rush! Your journalists need to actually find out what and in what context they are commenting on. Maybe they need should apologize, since that seems to be the most important thing these days."
- Michael Bonday

"I think your absolutely completely wrong to think rush is being racist. You and the rest of the liberal media. I trust rush any day over what you say."
- John Davis

"I cant belive that you put up a video that portrays racist steriotypes and takes Rush's and Paul Shanklins pardoy way out of context. Your "news" network should really check sources. Do you know who made that video? Wow. Welcome to KOVR pre-school caliber journalism. Why not take SNL skits and say President Clinton really said those things? "
- Anonymous

"Chris, Lisa and Jeff talked this morning about Rush and they obviously don't know what they are talking about. All they had to do was to go to his webpage to get the TRUTH. Is this an example of your news reporting what is NOT the truth? If so, I wll find another way to get the news. There are many other sources that actually research and find out what the truth is. You are probably only using Rush to try to get your viewership ratings up. The vast majouity of America wants to hear the truth. Why don't you try reporting it sometime. "
- Lansing Waters

"Now I remember why I don't watch your show anymore... it's like all the rest of the Mass-Media, way left."
- Todd Pasterski

"HILARIOUS!!!!!! Did the L.A. Times really call Obama "The Magic Negro"?!"
- Anonymous

"Typical of the press these days. First of all... the video is not from Rush Limbaugh (are you guys manufacturing the video to create news?) Second... the words of the song come from a newspaper article that was written by a BLACK MAN! Hello!"
- Jeff Stewart

"I am surprised that your level of news broadcasting has stooped this low. This was started by a DEMOCRAT!!! But are you reporting that?? NO! And you news toes wonder why the public does not trust you anymore!"
- Cynthia Grant

"You stated that the poll was higher yes and I just look and your ststament is way off. Looks like no is the winner.
Q: Are Chris Burrous, Lisa Gonzales and Jeff James of KOVR Channel 13 Sacramento morons who are threatening racial harmony? Looks like Rush poll has you as morons who are threatening racial harmony. You should listen and find the truth. I know that it must be hard for you do this."
- Charles Rayfield

"Know I know why I never watch you station or go on your website. Why don't you do some extencive researve before you put something on your station. and since when does your weatherman get involve in personnel bashing. If any of you ever listened to Rush you would know how these parodies come about. As for your poll and what you are trying to do with this it just reaffirms my view of the mainstream media. You try to MAKE THE NEWS, not report the news. You would like nothing better than to portray Rush as a racist. IF ANYONE IS A RACIST IT IS YOU THE MEDIA AND SOME OF THE HIGH RANKING AFRICAN AMERICANS SUCH AS SHARPTON AND JACKSON"
- Bethel

"You folks are either despicable or just stupid. Just about every in the word of the parody song is taken from the words of liberals and the drive-by-media coverage. In fact, much of the lyrics actually explain the source of the song lyrics. I suggest that you learn from the Dan Blather experience and eat crow now, rather than extend your embarassment....asuming you have any shame. BTW the video does not originate from Rush. I must admit though, none of this really surprises me."
- Anonymous

"Rush did not produce that horrible video you're running with the song. I suggest you quit using it while attributing everything else to him and his staff or I predict legal trouble you do not want. Story is old. You obviously haven't listened to the song or you'd know the answer to your question. The song is not racist, the liberals commenting on Mr. Obama (and quoted in the song) are. Wow, what TERRIBLE reporting on your part. Old story, self explanatory, and pursuit of the wrong racist culprit. You all, on-personalities, PA’s, writers, and producers, are really terrible at what you do!"
- Kevin Gotts

"I don't think it is racist. I think you are making this racist. Rush said they don't make videos in the studio and you need to take this down. You also need to get verification that this was his before you put things on your website. Your research is really undependable."
- Paul Matthew

"Unfortunately, we can no longer trust most of the media for information, as they no longer assign "Reporters" that investigate then report on a subject, most just parrot or reinterpret the information to fit their bias or their employers bias and then publish (this is called yellow journalism), thusly we have a world of disinformation and junk science."
- Dr Coles

"You owe your viewers better than they got this morning on your morning program. Your hosts are getting "owned" on Rush's show today because of their utter ignorance about that of which they commented. The effort to gin up a controversy where no exists is deplorable."
- Joey Self

"You are the typical lib media outlet. If you had any sene of reality you would have researched this first and seen that Rush is repeating a story from the LA Times. Disgusting of you to attack Rush like this."
- Mat Toenniessen

"I think your news crew should do their journalistic research before reporting on a story like this one. The parody targets the way liberal journalists write about blacks in the media. This "Barak the Magic Negro" headline came from the liberal LA Times newspaper. Rush took the headline and made it into a parody to make fun of liberal journalists. Come on and do your research. No wonder the mainstream media is losing subscribers."
- Andy Anderson

"FYI..I'd be careful with that video because Rush does not make videos and you are probably setting yourself up for a lawsuit..Remember his brother David IS a very good constitutional lawyer. Also the term "magic Negro" actually first appeared in an editorial in the LA Times. Rush just took the term and made a parody song including it...not the video. It was the opinion of the writer of the original article that "magic Negro" was a term meaning that the Democrats had found a black candidate that would be "acceptable" to all voters. "
- Mary Strickland

"Are you trying to denigrate Rush Limbaugh or are you trying to stir up racial disscontent? In either case your reporting of this incident is shaby, reckless and irresponsible. Your facts are incorrect and the video has nothing to do with Rush Limbaugh. You'll be lucky if you are not sued. The lirics of "Barack the magic Negro" parady were inspired by remarks made by Democrat, formost among them, Joe Biden. Why not get your facts straight first before reporting and putting your collective feet in your mouths? "
- Jerry Borge

"You people are morons. Do some basic research to place this story...or ANY story, for that CONTEXT. The Magic Negro is a classic Hollywood prop character used in more movies and TV shows than it's possible to list in only 6000 characters. Do some basic background research and save some time on-air later in the week for a sheepish retraction."
- Robert Conner

"You people really need to get a clue. This song is not racist. In fact it's pretty funny."
- Joe Sanchez

"About the "song" from Rush's radio show... you guys should do your homework. This was created in quoting Democrats!!!!
You would also know it if you listened to ALL the words. Don't you guys ever check anything before you open you ignorant mouths!"
- Laurisa Jones

"You are bias, racist biggots. If you had one ounce of common sense, you would do your research and realize that all the things PARODIED in this song are those opinions and views expressed by liberal media outlets, such as yourselves. Why not post this poll (unless of course you're spineless as I suspect); Is this "news" station, in you the viewers opinion, so biased and agenda oriented that we're self loathing hypocrits? You make me sick, and yet I am not surprised at your laughable attempt to grasp at straws. Do your job, and not the action line you take from the democrats. See what happens when you become relevant. "
- Thaddeus Mack

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This is tooooo FUnnie!!! The CBS13 radio morons are catching hell from their own readers in their talkback section.
1 posted on 05/07/2007 2:54:24 PM PDT by PJ-Comix
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To: PJ-Comix
The CBS13 radio morons

The radio morons are TV morons.

2 posted on 05/07/2007 2:55:49 PM PDT by ElkGroveDan (When toilet paper is a luxury, you have achieved communism.)
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To: PJ-Comix

Rush tagged them correctly. They are MORONS indeed. The laughing stock of their industry now.

3 posted on 05/07/2007 2:57:53 PM PDT by cubreporter
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To: PJ-Comix

Oops! I mean TV Station.

4 posted on 05/07/2007 2:58:27 PM PDT by PJ-Comix (Join the DUmmie FUnnies PING List for the FUNNIEST Blog on the Web)
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To: cubreporter

I love it. I love it. I love it.

5 posted on 05/07/2007 3:03:14 PM PDT by unkus
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To: cubreporter

I love it. I love it. I love it.

6 posted on 05/07/2007 3:03:39 PM PDT by unkus
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To: PJ-Comix
You just have to wonder about J Kruse up there about 2/3s of the way down.

I hope he just forgot to put in the sarcasm tag.

7 posted on 05/07/2007 3:08:53 PM PDT by PeteB570 (Guns, what real men want for Christmas)
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To: PJ-Comix

the actual lyrics to the melody might be considered apropos and poignant to the matter at hand.....

Puff, the magic dragon lived by the sea
And frolicked in the autumn mist in a land called honah lee,
Little jackie paper loved that rascal puff,
And brought him strings and sealing wax and other fancy stuff.

Together they would travel on a boat with billowed sail
Jackie kept a lookout perched on puff’s gigantic tail,
Noble kings and princes would bow whene’er they came,
Pirate ships would lower their flag when puff roared out his name.

A dragon lives forever but not so little boys
Painted wings and giant rings make way for other toys.
One grey night it happened, jackie paper came no more
And puff that mighty dragon, he ceased his fearless roar.

His head was bent in sorrow, green scales fell like rain,
Puff no longer went to play along the cherry lane.
Without his life-long friend, puff could not be brave,
So puff that mighty dragon sadly slipped into his cave.

8 posted on 05/07/2007 3:09:54 PM PDT by Vn_survivor_67-68
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To: PJ-Comix

It’s ... a Sac-FU!

9 posted on 05/07/2007 3:10:23 PM PDT by ShorelineMike (Constituo, ergo sum.)
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To: unkus

Me too, me too, me too. :)

10 posted on 05/07/2007 3:17:42 PM PDT by cubreporter
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To: PJ-Comix

Doesn’t matter. The facts, don’t matter. The MSM has its story and will simply ignore that which is inconvenient to smear Rush. Thus, the facts in their minds are: the song is racist, it just aired recently, it was based on nothing but quotes from Rush, and Obama needs secret service protection because of it.

Just like WMD’s and the democrats. The MSM has its story, “Bush lied people died.” Screw the democrats own words, screw their voting record on Iraq. Facts serve no purpose, afterall, other than ruining perfectly good propaganda.

11 posted on 05/07/2007 3:18:01 PM PDT by FlipWilson
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To: PJ-Comix

Chances are they’re loving all the attention they are getting and all the extra hits to their website.

12 posted on 05/07/2007 3:18:36 PM PDT by Tall_Texan (NBC News - the preferred network of assassins and terrorists.)
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To: PJ-Comix
Interesting that CBS isn't more interested in Obama's pastor.
13 posted on 05/07/2007 3:20:54 PM PDT by sono (TITVS PVLLO in MMVIII - Paid for by the Aventine Collegium for Pullo)
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To: PJ-Comix

That’s what you get for relying on Rather again. By the way, when did he start feeding your slop?

14 posted on 05/07/2007 3:25:03 PM PDT by Waco
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To: PJ-Comix

If I were one of this trio I think I would show up at work with a paper bag on my head tomorrow.

15 posted on 05/07/2007 3:32:16 PM PDT by stayathomemom
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To: stayathomemom

I wonder if they’ll issue an “update”/correction tomorrow, or just change the topic?

16 posted on 05/07/2007 3:33:12 PM PDT by rightwingintelligentsia
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To: rightwingintelligentsia
I wonder if they’ll issue an “update”/correction tomorrow, or just change the topic?

It certainly is a "stay tuned" moment. (Drat!)

17 posted on 05/07/2007 3:36:24 PM PDT by stayathomemom
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To: Waco

Dan Rather just got a fax from Kinko’s saying the Rush DID make that video and that they are awaiting confirmation of this. They apparently have the original BetaMax recording with Rush’s fingerprints on it. ;-)

18 posted on 05/07/2007 3:39:10 PM PDT by Right Wing Assault ("..this administration is planning a 'Right Wing Assault' on values and ideals.." - John Kerry)
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To: PJ-Comix
I like this one.

"Where have you people been? That parody has been around since March. Senator Obama has dismissed the charge as 'Ho Hum.' The 'Magic Negro' term was created by a black writer in the LA Times months ago." - Don Milbury

Does the MSM realize it parodies them?

19 posted on 05/07/2007 3:44:20 PM PDT by fortunecookie
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To: stayathomemom

One of the CBS13 trio “apologized” for using the Barack the Magic Negro YouTube video. I put “apologized” in quotes because he made it sound like he knew that Rush didn’t produce the video but just didn’t make that fact clear to the viewers. Sorry, Chris. But you were just too LAZY to check out whether or not Rush produced it.

20 posted on 05/07/2007 3:52:39 PM PDT by PJ-Comix (Join the DUmmie FUnnies PING List for the FUNNIEST Blog on the Web)
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