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Balkan-Muslim Gratitude - Fort Dix And Our Friends The Abanians
CaliforniaRepublic ^ | 5/10/07 | Julia Gorin

Posted on 05/10/2007 8:11:50 AM PDT by ParsifalCA

Monday night the FBI arrested six Muslims who were planning a commando-style attack on Fort Dix in New Jersey, to “kill as many soldiers as possible,” authorities said.

Four of the six men are Albanians, a fact that Fox News — which apparently thinks that “Yugoslavia” and “Albanians” are the same, and isn’t sure what those two things might have to do with “the Balkans” — reported thus:

The Associated Press reported that those captured were nationals of the former Yugoslavia, but the law enforcement source told FOX News that not all of them are of Albanian ethnicity. Federal sources also said the group is from the “Balkans.”

The only clue we get from other news sources that the four “Yugoslavs” are Albanian, and from Kosovo, is in sentences like these, which appeared in an earlier version of an AP report:

(Excerpt) Read more at ...

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1 posted on 05/10/2007 8:11:54 AM PDT by ParsifalCA
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To: ParsifalCA

Don’t tell Wesley Clark.

2 posted on 05/10/2007 8:14:01 AM PDT by The Pack Knight (Duty, Honor, Country. Thompson/Franks '08)
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To: The Pack Knight

Did you see the O’Reilly attack on Clark last night?

3 posted on 05/10/2007 8:16:45 AM PDT by sageb1 (This is the Final Crusade. There are only 2 sides. Pick one.)
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To: ParsifalCA

“..thinks that “Yugoslavia” and “Albanians” are the same..”

Not only is today’s MSM (FOX is a member of it) uninformed, they are too lazy to look at a map and notice that Yugoslavia (no longer exists) and Albania are two different countries. Why don’t they interview Tito to get a better picture of the situation.

4 posted on 05/10/2007 8:21:01 AM PDT by 353FMG (Liberalism is a satanic cult.)
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To: ParsifalCA; Bokababe; zagor-te-nej; Lion in Winter; Honorary Serb; jb6; Incorrigible; DTA; ...

Of course the Dhimmi press is going to cover the Kosovo connection! Can’t have people realizing we bombed the wrong side.

5 posted on 05/10/2007 8:35:25 AM PDT by FormerLib (Sacrificing our land and our blood cannot buy protection from jihad.-Bishop Artemije of Kosovo)
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To: ParsifalCA
There is severe damage control going on out there. NATO countries will now find it harder to say to the Muslims, “See we gave you an Islamic country in the heart of Europe, Kosovo and Bosnia, as an example of our fairness and as proof that we don’t hate Islam, so leave us alone”.

Tom Lantos (D-Ca.)said:

“Just a reminder to the predominantly Muslim-led government[s] in this world that here is yet another example that the United States leads the way for the creation of a predominantly Muslim country in the very heart of Europe. This should be noted by both responsible leaders of Islamic governments, such as Indonesia, and also for jihadists of all color and hue. The United States’ principles are universal, and in this instance, the United States stands foursquare for the creation of an overwhelmingly Muslim country in the very heart of Europe.” Meaning Bosnia and Kosovo.

But this idiot and many like him don’t realize that even if they gave up France and Germany to the Muslims the Jihad would still not stop.

The West needs a serious awakening. They also separate Islamofascism into cells and different organizations so they can manage perception better. The fact is, Muslims have one thing in common no matter what acronym you give them. Complete global submission to Islam. To hell with AlQaeda, KLA, Taliban, Hammas or whatever. They have one thing in common and that is to see Islam rule the world and affect global economics in their favor to that end.

I dare anyone here to prove me wrong. I know some of you out there are so caught up in PCism that you’re afraid to speak out for your country and for the safety of your own people. You’re afraid to speak out because someone might label you a radical, crazy, racist.

This country needs people to speak out and call a spade a spade.

“May God have mercy on my enemies because I won’t”. I bet many don’t even know who said that.

6 posted on 05/10/2007 8:48:36 AM PDT by SQUID
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To: sageb1

No, I missed it, though I’ve seen Clark on O’Reilly before.

7 posted on 05/10/2007 8:54:14 AM PDT by The Pack Knight (Duty, Honor, Country. Thompson/Franks '08)
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To: FormerLib; kronos77
The brothers were from Debar, Macedonia.  They were smuggled in by their father through Brownsville, TX in the mid 80's.  The father was a roofer in Queens.

Though one of the perps was a sniper in the KLA.

Here is Kronos77's thread:

Brothers behind Fort Dix plot were from pro-U.S. enclave (Idiotical Claim, Isn It?)

This may be "home grown" terrorism.


8 posted on 05/10/2007 8:54:14 AM PDT by Incorrigible (If I lead, follow me; If I pause, push me; If I retreat, kill me.)
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To: 353FMG
Why don’t they interview Tito to get a better picture of the situation.

He's a foreign policy expert? Who knew?

9 posted on 05/10/2007 8:56:24 AM PDT by dfwgator (The University of Florida - Still Championship U)
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To: ParsifalCA

Balkan gratitude. *eyeroll* They would have gone to war on the local Christians and others with or without Clintoon’s ‘help’. They pulled the wool over many people’s eyes, making themselves out as some kind of endangered minority. Not all of us were fooled however...

10 posted on 05/10/2007 9:15:15 AM PDT by fortunecookie
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To: The Pack Knight

O’Reilly exposed Clark as one of Soros’s minions. We may have already known that, but it was news to Bill and probably to a good share of most viewers. They got into a brief shouting match, although not at the level of the one with Geraldo. I would have liked to see O’Reilly question Clark on the Balkans.

11 posted on 05/10/2007 9:21:26 AM PDT by sageb1 (This is the Final Crusade. There are only 2 sides. Pick one.)
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To: ParsifalCA

Islam has been telling the civilized west many things, which go unheeded.

12 posted on 05/10/2007 9:24:51 AM PDT by truth_seeker
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To: The Pack Knight
Don’t tell Wesley Clark.

The Fort Dix Six probably don't even need him; when there's a threat to US security, can Hans Blix and the Chicksie Dix be far behind?

13 posted on 05/10/2007 9:31:54 AM PDT by Migraine (...diversity is great... until it happens to YOU...)
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To: 353FMG

I heard the Muslim terrorists described as Yugoslavians as well. It seems to me that the MSM has been agonizing over finding a term that wouldn’t be ‘Muslim’-which is doomed to become a ‘racist’ term and is falling from usage. I did see the term ‘Islamic radicals’ used a couple of times. The MSM may be banking on the idea that the typical reader can’t connect ‘Islamic’ to ‘Muslim’. In my town, a bicyle shop owner was recently accused of racism for using the term ‘Kenyan’ to describe a man from Kenya-that’s how bad it’s getting.

14 posted on 05/10/2007 9:33:03 AM PDT by Spok
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To: ParsifalCA
Wolf Blitzer on CNN also called them Yugoslavians and, during the specific report I watched, he never mentioned the words Albanians or Muslims.
15 posted on 05/10/2007 9:51:02 AM PDT by Dante3
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To: ParsifalCA

another shining example of the Clinton Legacy.. The FRuits of ‘Wag the dog’ lives.

16 posted on 05/10/2007 10:45:46 AM PDT by NormsRevenge (Semper Fi ... In FReeP We Trust ...)
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To: FormerLib; Bokababe; kronos77; ma bell; DTA; Kolokotronis; eleni121; joan
Even the liberal-sh*t paper that dominates our metropolitan area had the Fort Dix story on the front page yesterday, and called the terrorists ethnic Albanians!!!!

Perhaps the truth will out. Then, Lord willing, the evil plot to set up an independent "Kosova" at the center of a muslim "Greater Albania" will be TOAST!!!!

17 posted on 05/10/2007 8:15:53 PM PDT by Honorary Serb (Kosovo is Serbia! Free Srpska! Abolish ICTY!)
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To: Spok; 353FMG
I heard the Muslim terrorists described as Yugoslavians as well.


18 posted on 05/10/2007 8:48:13 PM PDT by F-117A (Mr. Ahtisaari, give Sapmi it's independence! Free the Sami!!!)
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To: FormerLib

Entrapment defense may be presented in court for alleged plot against U.S.

The Associated Press

Updated: 8:17 p.m. MT May 10, 2007

CHERRY HILL, N.J. - He railed against the United States, helped scout out military installations for attack, offered to introduce his comrades to an arms dealer and gave them a list of weapons he could procure, including machine guns and rocket-propelled grenades.

These were not the actions of a terrorist but of a paid FBI informant who helped bring down an alleged plot by six Muslim men to massacre U.S. soldiers at New Jersey’s Fort Dix.

And those actions have raised questions of whether the government crossed the line and pushed the six men down a path they would not have otherwise followed.

It is an argument — entrapment — that has been made in other terrorism cases, and one that has failed miserably in this post-Sept. 11 era.

One defense attorney on the case, Troy Archie, said no decision has been made on whether to argue entrapment, but based on the FBI’s own account, “the guys sort of led them on.”

Rocco Cipparone, a lawyer for another one of the defendants, said he will take a hard look at “the role of paid informants and how aggressive they were in potentially prodding or moving things along.”

The Fort Dix Six were arrested earlier this week after a 15-month FBI investigation that relied heavily on two paid informants who secretly recorded meetings and telephone conversations in which the suspects talked of killing “in the name of Allah.”

U.S. Attorney Christopher Christie defended the government’s handling of the case. He and the FBI portrayed the defendants as Muslim fanatics who were nearly ready to strike. They were arrested Monday night during what the FBI said was an attempt to buy AK-47 machine guns, M-16s and other weapons.

‘Really, really solid’ evidence

Former FBI agent Kevin Barrows said prosecutors appeared to have done things right.

“They corroborated with surveillance, and they had a gun buy set up,” Barrows said. “That further solidified the case, as opposed to it just being a tape of somebody saying, ‘Yeah, I want to buy guns.’ They worked this for a long time, and the evidence seems really, really solid.”

Prosecutors portrayed the six men — Serdar Tatar, 23; Agron Abdullahu, 24; Mohamad Ibrahim Shnewer, 22; Dritan “Anthony” or “Tony” Duka, 28; Shain Duka, 26; and Eljvir “Elvis” Duka, 23 — as driven by hatred of America, a description disputed by relatives and acquaintances.

“I never in my wildest dreams imagined what they’ve been accused of,” said Ismail Badat, trustee of the Islamic Center of South Jersey in Palmyra, where the Duka brothers worshipped.

The same documents that prosecutors used to build a case against the suspects also depict them as somewhat disorganized, lackluster plotters. And clumsy and amateurish, too: The FBI learned of the alleged plot when the men went to a Circuit City store and asked a clerk to transfer a jihad training video of themselves onto a DVD. Also, they mistakenly thought an AK-47 costs $500, instead of $1,500 to $3,000.

Also, one of the men, Tatar, called a Philadelphia police officer in November, saying that he had been approached by someone who was pressuring him to obtain a map of Fort Dix, and that he feared the incident was terrorist-related, according to court documents.

“It could be a defense, that he felt he was being pressured to do things and actually called law enforcement to report it,” Sohail Mohammed, a lawyer and Muslim community leader in New Jersey who is not involved in the case.

Entrapment occurs when law enforcement officials entice others into committing a crime they otherwise would not have committed. Under the law, people cannot be convicted if they were entrapped. But there is no entrapment if a person is willing to break the law and law officers offer to help.

“If the source talks them into committing a crime, that is entrapment,” said retired FBI agent Craig Dotlo, a 32-year veteran. But “if they are predisposed to commit a crime, and you give them the opportunity, that’s fine.”

Hard to win an entrapment defense

Among other things, even before the informant presented the list of weapons he said he could get, Dritan Duka unwittingly asked an undercover federal agent he had seen at a firing range about where he might buy an AK-47 or M-16, according to the FBI.

Archie, the defense attorney, conceded it is difficult to win an entrapment defense. “Basically, if they are just constantly pushing someone to go in a particular direction,” he said. “It’s just got to be obvious, obvious entrapment for it to fly.”

Attorney Henry Klingeman unsuccessfully argued that government agents had entrapped London merchant Hemant Lakhani, convicted in New Jersey in 2005. Lakhani was caught in a sting trying to arrange the sale of at least 50 shoulder-fired missiles for shooting down American airliners. He is serving a 47-year prison sentence.

“In the post-9/11 era, the entrapment defense is basically useless,” Klingeman said. “For a defendant, merely saying he wishes he could do harm to America, the jury has heard enough.”

Failed in 2003 terror case

Entrapment also failed as a defense in the case of Shahwar Matin Siraj, who was convicted in New York City of plotting to blow up the Herald Square subway station in 2003. Authorities had recruited an Egyptian man as an informant.

Siraj’s lawyer, Martin R. Stolar, argued at trial that Siraj had no interest in violence until the informant showed him photos of prisoners being abused at Abu Ghraib and told him it was his duty as a Muslim to retaliate. Siraj was found guilty and sentenced to 30 years.

“The government often overreaches in its zeal to give itself a pat on the back,” Stolar said. “In my case, my position was that they created the crime in order to solve the crime so that they could then claim a victory in the war on terror.”

Vincent Henry, director of the Homeland Security Management Institute at Long Island University and a 21-year veteran of the New York Police Department, said he is convinced that the Fort Dix defendants really were capable of pulling off such an attack.

“I’m sure they were,” he said. “The arrests were made as they were on their way to purchase the weapons, or at least some of the weapons. They had seemed to plan it out very, very well.”

© 2007 The Associated Press. All rights reserved.

19 posted on 05/11/2007 9:28:06 AM PDT by tgambill (I would like to comment.....)
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To: F-117A

May have to cut and paste into your address bar.

20 posted on 05/11/2007 3:14:56 PM PDT by tgambill (I would like to comment.....)
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