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2006 - Giuliani Endorses McCain-Kennedy Immigration Reform [Amnesty]
Youtube ^ | April 25, 2006 | Rudy Giuliani

Posted on 05/18/2007 10:31:35 AM PDT by EternalVigilance

GIULIANI: And I think that, you know, we're going through a very serious debate on immigration and I think that I look at it from the point of view of how do we create more security for the United States? How do we, in an era of a war on terrorism, which is going to continue for the indefinable future, and then some of the other problems that we have, how do we create more security? And I think that either extreme is not the right answer.

One extreme is what I would call the punitive approach, which is reflected in the House legislation that was passed, which is to make it a crime to be an illegal or undocumented immigrant; it is illegal now but it's not a crime and I believe, if I recall correctly, that it would make it a five-year felony and there are 11 million illegal immigrants in the United States. It would become a law that was honored in the breach and it could not possibly be enforced.

To give you the dimensions that I remember, at least when I was the Mayor, it's estimated that there are about 400,000 people in that category in New York, it could be more now but it used to be about 400,000. The Immigration and Naturalization Service, I believe, deports about 1,500 to 2,000 people a year so I pretty quickly figured out that I was going to have 398,000 illegal immigrants no matter what the federal government did and I had to do something sensible about it rather than something stupid and kind of make it work in the society in which we exist.

Well, that's really the picture for the whole country and to deal with it in a punitive way is actually going to make us considerably less secure than we already are because the problem is that we have such a huge underground that we can't really keep account of who's here, who they are, identify them, and kind of separate the ones that are here for benign or neutral purposes, which we can argue about the competitiveness and the economy and everything else, but they're not really doing damage to our society, might even be making vast contributions to it, and then focus on the people that we have to focus on who are the people that might come here to carry out terrorist acts or to sell drugs or to commit crimes and the reason we can't do that well is that we have a system already that's unenforceable, that's unrealistic given the numbers of people that want to come here, the size of our borders, the number of resources that we could conceivably have to apply to it.

So the right answer is to do the things that have to be done to secure our borders, introduce new technology, require more of people in describing who they are, identify them effectively, fingerprint them or finger image them if you have to, photograph them, come up with cards for them, use the modern methods that we presently have for identifying people but don't try to legislate against the inevitable forces of, you know, social movement and the economy because it isn't going to work. So we have to find a way and I think that the compromise the Senate was looking at something along those lines makes sense.

Give people a way to earn citizenship, give them a way to earn citizenship in which they have to demonstrate facility with English and they have jobs and they're paying taxes and they've put themselves in an entirely legal status, recognize the economic forces that are realistic ones that require people to come into the United States or require people to have people come into the United States, and you identify them and you have them pay taxes and you find out who they are and then you concentrate on the people who are avoiding that and you'll be capable of doing that because it'll be a problem the dimensions of which you can touch and feel and measure and see and it'll be much harder for terrorists to hide in a situation like that.

And I think that the Manhattan Institute, which sort of turns on trying to figure out the logical and sensible answer to a problem, can play a big role in getting us to think about immigration in a way that it is sensible and it gets us to a resolution that makes us more secure because I think that going in either extreme is going to hurt us.

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KEYWORDS: amnesty; giuliani; giulianitruthfile; immigration; openborders; rinos
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To: EternalVigilance

Hey Rooty, this is for you for claiming it’s not a crime to be here illegally. Then explain what illegal means.

81 posted on 05/18/2007 12:09:37 PM PDT by Pinkbell (Hunter/Thompson)
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To: Pinkbell; All

Here’s the link to the transcript of the speech that heads up this thread:

82 posted on 05/18/2007 12:12:40 PM PDT by EternalVigilance (Since yesterday morning the manpower for another army division has crossed the southern border)
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To: pissant

I know so many people who are seriously struggling financially and if this crapola immigration proposal goes through and lowers wages anymore we might as well move to MEXICO! I have emailed both my Senator Mitch McConnell and Congressman Geoff Davis and plan on calling their offices and Jim Bunning. There really need to be a strong message out there to get people to understand what cheap labor will do for the wages of Americans.

83 posted on 05/18/2007 12:15:41 PM PDT by red irish (Gods Children in the womb are to be loved too!)
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To: red irish

Keep those phones and emials burning. We need to slap then out of their stupor.

84 posted on 05/18/2007 12:16:30 PM PDT by pissant
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To: EternalVigilance


85 posted on 05/18/2007 12:22:41 PM PDT by kellynla (Freedom of speech makes it easier to spot the idiots! Semper Fi!)
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To: NapkinUser

Oh wow. Such a surprise that Rooty takes the liberal, America-destroying side in this.

All you Rootyphiles who think he’s soooooooooooo tough on Terror should look at this and weep.

86 posted on 05/18/2007 12:22:58 PM PDT by VictoryGal (Never give up, never surrender!)
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To: monkapotamus

HAH! I *LOVE* it!

87 posted on 05/18/2007 12:26:28 PM PDT by VictoryGal (Never give up, never surrender!)
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To: red irish

> I know so many people who are seriously struggling financially and if this crapola immigration proposal goes through and lowers wages anymore we might as well move to MEXICO!

Ya know, I don’t get it! I thought the Libs were all pro-lower/middle-class and big minimum wage hounds. Yet they support the biggest influx of cheap labor in decades!

Nobody who supports illegal amnesty is serving America. They are serving themselves, their donors, and/or their political power. And they’ll destroy this country to do it, too. GOP, Dims, everybody. They’re all corrupt b@stards!!!

88 posted on 05/18/2007 12:30:27 PM PDT by VictoryGal (Never give up, never surrender!)
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To: pissant

“Go post this at Wideawkes”

What’s the name of the site??

89 posted on 05/18/2007 12:44:50 PM PDT by wolfcreek (DON'T MESS WITH A NATION IN NEED OF MEDICATION !)
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To: red irish
Can something like that be sent out in mass emails? Like a bumper sticker?

Of course it can be emailed, it's just a ~40k jpeg file. It wouldn't be very good as a bumper sticker, but if you mean a virtual bumper sticker in an e-mail, sure. Help yourself.

90 posted on 05/18/2007 1:01:32 PM PDT by Petronski (Ron Paul will never be President of the United States.)
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To: EternalVigilance

Bye now.

It’s up to Fred. Will you run Fred?

91 posted on 05/18/2007 1:02:53 PM PDT by RinaseaofDs
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To: VictoryGal

92 posted on 05/18/2007 1:40:27 PM PDT by monkapotamus
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To: pissant


93 posted on 05/18/2007 1:55:20 PM PDT by Guenevere (Duncan Hunter for President, 2008!!)
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To: Petronski
As much as I disliked Rudy's positions, I didn't think that he was always wrong. Apparently he is. I think its safe to say that the Giuliani candidacy is dead.
94 posted on 05/18/2007 1:59:37 PM PDT by Old_Mil (Duncan Hunter in 2008! A Veteran, A Patriot, A Reagan Republican...
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To: TommyDale

LOL Good pic.

Who here is surprised he supports this?

95 posted on 05/18/2007 3:35:02 PM PDT by 383rr (Those who choose security over liberty deserve neither- GUN CONTOL=SLAVERY)
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To: TheRiverNile
1. Nice old ladies who believe that New Yorkers are tough (only about 2% are. The rest are fops and phonies like Rudy).

2. Idiots who believe that "we must stop Hillary!" even if it meant voting for Stalin.

3. Folks who hang on Sean Hannity's every word.

96 posted on 05/18/2007 6:19:27 PM PDT by Clemenza (Rudy Giuliani, like Pesto and Seattle, belongs in the scrap heap of '90s Culture)
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To: EternalVigilance
He is sunk.
97 posted on 05/20/2007 7:19:36 AM PDT by grey_whiskers (The opinions are solely those of the author and are subject to change without notice.)
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To: grey_whiskers
He is sunk.

Good. Leaky old wrecks with stuck rudders that only sail left belong on the bottom.

98 posted on 05/20/2007 7:23:03 AM PDT by EternalVigilance (GW Bush has broken the first rule of Texas politics: "Dance with the one that brung ya.")
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To: EternalVigilance

I’ll never vote for Rudy! He’s a closet RAT and bad for the Nation. My take on illegals is so extreme now that I’ll vote for the guy who closes the borders first, deports as many as possible and generally makes it his issue. Tancredo fits the bill now, but he has too many enemies, including many Freepers. Maybe it’s to be Fred, but he has not really joined the fray and may not.

99 posted on 05/20/2007 7:28:13 AM PDT by Paulus Invictus
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