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To: Anti-Bubba182


Minuteman Civil Defense Corps Board of Directors

6501 Greenway Parkway Suite 103-640 Scottsdale, AZ 85254 :: Phone (520) 829-3112

Minuteman Civil Defense Corps Replaces Volunteer Administrators

The Minuteman Civil Defense Corps (MCDC), the country’s largest volunteer grassroots border security advocacy group with more than 350,000 volunteers and supporters has become the standard bearer for the secure borders movement. MCDC is the largest National Citizens Neighborhood Watch – Securing the American Border.

With our borders wide open and the Senate seeking to give away citizenship to illegal aliens, we find this letter a regrettable but necessary diversion to make you aware of actions recently taken by the MCDC Board that are essential for the continued health of the Minuteman Civil Defense Corps.

MCDC remains structurally and financially strong as the largest grassroots organization in America dedicated to securing the border. You are invited to review our financial statements for 2005 and IRS 990 filings publicly available since November 2006 that MCDC is required to submit to the federal government, and is pleased to make publicly available at:

These documents represent not only our Form 990 but also independently audited disclosures that detail MCDC receipts and expenditures. The same level of public disclosure fully compliant with federal regulation of non-profit civic organizations for the calendar year 2006 will be filed and available in the fall of 2007 and will be posted in similar fashion to year 2005 on the front page of the website at

MCDC donations have been used wisely and effectively, and have focused the nation on illegal immigration. The public disclosure by MCDC of the Form 990 and financial statements is a fulfillment of our promise and commitment to expend donations on working to solve the vital problem of border security.

Routinely, internal organizational matters are addressed by the MCDC Board and Executive Director on a regular basis, to answer questions and address concerns by loyal volunteers. These have always been welcome and are always answered fully. We cannot however accept responsibility for conspiratorial, disruptive, and inappropriate speculations about MCDC organizational process and finances, nor will we waste precious time or resources upon those who refuse to accept the IRS non-profit organization financial accountability standards.

The Board of Directors and volunteer leaders of MCDC are hard at work all across the nation fighting to stop the backroom deal for the Bush-Kennedy Instant Amnesty Bill being forced through the U.S. Senate this week. A powerful coalition combines MCDC border watch efforts, the building of the Minuteman Border Fence, MCDC PAC, MinutemanPAC, College Campus Forums, a network of local State Chapters and support from well-established, like-minded civic organizations such as the Declaration Alliance, RightMarch and other border security advocates.

MCDC Board Members and the Executive Director are doing countless media interviews and speaking all across the nation, as well as working in Washington, DC leading a team of Minutemen and going office to office speaking to Senators and urging them to vote NO to AMNESTY. This full-court press is coupled with the more than 70 local chapter efforts on-going in highly visible states like CA, AZ, WA, IA, GA, NM, TX and all the other states. This work is led by registered Minuteman volunteers, is supported and guided by resources from the national MCDC organization, and has made illegal immigration the most important domestic issue to conservatives according to recent polls.

The success of this 5-year effort that started with Chris Simcox and Carmen Mercer doing a local neighborhood watch in Tombstone, AZ is self evident, as even the mainstream national media is reporting about the debate over the negative effects of amnesty for illegal aliens in the U.S. Chris Simcox has been quoted, “It’s been worth all the sacrifice and effort to bring this important issue to the forefront, to wake up the American public and start to get this government to do its job and secure the border.”

Regrettably, in the last several days, after reports to national headquarters from state and chapter directors around the country it became clear that a very small group of volunteer administrators within the organization had become ambitious of power, ineffective and distracted from our primary mission, and were in fact determined to attempt to defame and oust the MCDC Board of Directors and Al Garza, MCDC Executive Director. Local leader reports, intercepted emails and phone calls revealed plans to attempt to install their own Board and to take over the organization that Chris and Carmen founded and have dedicated themselves to building.

Five principal “organizers” created an unauthorized “State Directors and National Leadership Ad Hoc Committee” and calling a “State Directors Meeting,” they violated the official corporate By-Laws of MCDC, Inc. regarding legal authority for conducting business and affairs for the corporation. Further, such activity is a violation of the spirit and the letter of the MCDC Standard Operating Procedures (SOP).

These and subsequent actions resulted in the termination or resignation of ten members of MCDC, five of whom served as national administrator volunteers. None were part of the national Board or executive leadership of MCDC.

We realize that some volunteers may have been misled by the intent of the “Ad Hoc Committee” and they may be offered by the Board a later opportunity to return in good standing as MCDC volunteers.

In respect to the service of those terminated or resigned, MCDC offers our sincere thanks for their past service, dedication and sacrifice to the goals and mission of MCDC. They have helped make the issue of the illegal alien invasion a national concern. We regret that they have chosen to end their MCDC affiliation as a volunteer and wish them well in the future.

As MCDC moves forward, unsolicited applications have already been presented and reviewed to fill the volunteer positions vacated at the national and state levels, and we are pleased to announce we are expanding our volunteer staff to include a national director position as Law Enforcement/DHS liaison and a national director of Community Service.

MCDC continues the Mission: To secure the United States borders and coastal boundaries against the unlawful and unauthorized entry of all individuals, contraband, and foreign military.

As always, we have only the best wishes for those no longer fighting with us side by side, and hope they will continue so seek to secure the border now and for our children and grandchildren in the future.


Minuteman Civil Defense Corps
Chris Simcox – President – MCDC Board Member
Carmen Mercer – Vice President – MCDC Board Member
John Acer – Secretary – MCDC Board Member
Al Garza – Executive Director

10 posted on 05/24/2007 3:57:31 PM PDT by Halcontent
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To: Halcontent

I don't think so or Simcox and crew would not have to keep making new Press releases to explain why members of the organization who are dissatisfied are also disloyal and worthy of firing. This has happened since the beginning with several unrelated groups within his organization with members being fired for asking questions.

12 posted on 05/24/2007 4:10:39 PM PDT by Anti-Bubba182
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To: Halcontent; NautiNurse
BREAKING NEWS: Dissenting officials kicked out of Minuteman Civil Defense Corps

> BISBEE - At least two state-level officers of the Minuteman Civil Defense Corps have been expelled from the civilian border-watch group after raising questions about its executive leadership, particularly that of MCDC President Chris Simcox.
> According to internal documents that surfaced on the Internet this week, 18 state MCDC leaders sent a memo on May 8 to Simcox, Vice President Carmen Mercer and Executive Director Al Garza asking them to attend a meeting in Phoenix to address perceived problems, including a lack of financial accountability and Simcox’s leadership style.
> In a memo dated May 14, Simcox responded by denouncing the meeting as unauthorized and informing the 18 signers that their membership in the Minutemen organization would be terminated if they attended the meeting.
> Simcox told the Herald/Review that he objected to the meeting not because of the issues it meant to address, but because of how it was organized.
> “The way they about it was pretty underhanded,” he said. “The meeting was called the very day that I went on a three-week working vacation. It was basically set up so that it would be impossible for us to attend and so that it would create this kind of (conflictive) situation.”
> An estimated 12 or 13 state leaders proceeded with their meeting last Saturday and issued a vote of no confidence against Simcox, one of the attendees told the Herald/Review under conditions of anonymity.
> Simcox said that two of the leaders at the meeting — Greg Thompson, MCDC chapter head in Oklahoma, and Bob Wright, the group’s state director in New Mexico — had been dismissed, while two others were still under review.
> Wright declined to comment, saying his dismissal was an internal matter that would be resolved within the MCDC.
> The deposed leaders are now demanding to be reinstated and have given Simcox until Friday to schedule a meeting to resolve the crisis.
> See Thursday’s Herald/Review for more details.
> ------------ --------- --------- --------- --------- --------- --------- --------- -----
> Monday May 21, 2007
> Dear State Leaders, Chapter Leaders and fellow Minutemen,
> By now you have probably heard rumors or received an email about a
> massive
> purge of your National and State Leaders. These rumors are true. The
> numbers
> are staggering and to any one who is capable of reason, the
> devastating effect
> on your MCDC is inescapable. As you review the documents attached you
> will
> recognize many of the names of those leaders. Maybe one is your state
> leader, or the leader of a State in which you served on the border.
> Others you
> will recognize by their reputations as long time, completely
> dedicated Minutemen
> and Leaders. None of these men have ever had their dedication
> questioned,
> or have ever brought even a hint of disgrace or scandal to your MCDC.
> Each is
> a proven dedicated Patriot who has always kept our mission foremost
> while
> fiercely protecting the integrity of the organization you and they
> have built.
> All of you know and /or have served with at least one of these
> Leaders. You
> know their quality and integrity.
> What great crime was committed by this group to bring about the
> termination
> of half the National Leadership and almost half of the State
> leadership? As
> the accompanying documents, the actual termination letter, and the e-
> mails
> exchanged between this committee of state leaders and Chris Carmen,
> and Al Garza
> will clearly establish, we were terminated for Inviting Chris,
> Carmen, and
> Al to a meeting of this committee so we could discuss those issues
> described
> below. This sounds preposterous but read the documents and the e-
> mails and
> they will affirm that is the reason.
> The following is a rough time line and sequence of events that has
> led to
> this madness.
> As the serving Deputy Executive Director of MCDC I was charged with
> contacting State Leaders. Toward the end of April of this year I was
> contacted by a
> Minuteman and asked to moderate a planned conference call involving
> up to 18
> State Leaders.
> I agreed and thought it a good opportunity to ascertain the
> health of the organization as seen through the eyes of these state
> directors.
> During the course of this tele-conference a number of issues
> developed that
> were common to most of the directors, were of a long standing
> nature , and
> each had at different times attempted to address these issues with
> Chris,
> Carmen or Al Garza only to be put off, ignored or the promised
> resolution never
> developed.
> As you survey the list of grievances attached to this missive you
> will see
> that most of the issues are certainly not new, all directly affect
> the health
> of the organization, the credibility of the organization, and if
> there is
> valid problems the aftermath of those problems will directly affect
> every
> Minuteman in his community, with his family, and his friends as each
> of us has
> staked our personal reputations on our Minuteman activities.
> During the course of the first tele-conference much of the anger and
> frustration was worked through and the state leaders distilled the
> issues down to 10
> distinct areas they felt had to be addressed with Chris Simcox as
> soon as
> possible as all were tired of being put off, ignored or receiving
> promises for
> resolutions that were never kept. Knowing that Chris was doing a
> number of
> speaking engagements across the country they discussed flying to one
> of the
> cities in which he was speaking and having a face to face with him
> there. Upon
> learning that this speaking tour was in conjunction with a family
> vacation
> that plan was scrapped as all felt it inappropriate to intrude on the
> family
> vacation in this manner.
> It was then determined that Chris would be back in Arizona . For the
> May 19th
> Muster. The State leaders determined to set up a meeting in Phoenix
> on the
> 19th so Chris would have no problem making it as this is his home
> town and he
> would be there. Still considering myself a facilitator to this
> committee I
> set up a meeting place and time that would make it easy for Chris to
> attend.
> I then sent an e-mail to Chris, Carmen, And Al notifying them of the
> meeting.
> I did not expect Chris to be happy about it but neither I nor the
> State
> Leaders anticipated the paranoia driven nightmare we were about to be
> plunged
> into.
> Bob Wright
> Deputy Executive Director
> ************ ********* ********* ********* ********* ********* ********* **
> 6501 Greenway Parkway, Suite 103-640, Scottsdale, AZ 85254
> Phone (520) 829-3112
> TO: Chris Simcox, President, Minuteman Civil Defense Corps
> Carmen Mercer, Vice President
> Al Garza, Executive Director
> FROM: State Chapter Director Leadership Committee
> DATE: May 8, 2007
> RE: Requested Meeting / Content
> Dear Mr. Simcox,
> We, the State Chapter Director Leadership Committee request a meeting
> with
> you and the National Team to discuss the issues we need addressed.
> Many in the
> committee will be coming in from out of state at our own cost; we
> encourage
> you to make every effort to attend this meeting. We understand you
> will be in
> Arizona that day.
> Saturday May 19th 2007
> 1PM-5PM
> Clarion Hotel
> 5121 E La Puenta Ave
> I-10 & Elliot Rd
> Phoenix, Arizona (480)893-3900
> The purpose of this meeting is to openly address the issues and
> concerns
> that many of us as leaders continue to have, with out resolution.
> This open
> format presents an opportunity to air grievances, disputes, protocol
> practices,
> all while in a private arena. We are hopeful that the issues we bring
> to the
> table will be talked about with hopes of resolution, time frame for
> possible
> changes, and future direction.
> Listed below are the issues in which we would like to discuss:
> 1) Financial Accountability: To date, there has not been a serious
> form
> of financial accountability on many levels, to Chapter Leadership. We
> believe strongly that current accountability should be provided to
> each local and
> State chapter upon request. Current and past requests go unanswered.
> 2) New Chapters are not getting the tools and resources they have
> been
> instructed the will receive, such as seed money and merchandise.
> 3) Reimbursement of expenses not made in a timely manner if at all.
> 4) Micro-management from Mr. Simcox: It appears to us that 1 person
> has complete control of the organization from financial, operational,
> new
> chapter development, leadership placement, media and public
> relations. Discuss the
> problems this presents.
> 5) SOP: Long Arms on posts (State to State difference on SOP). I.e.:
> Setting up U- Shaped entrapments at AZ operations in April 2007.
> National
> interaction over local authority in localized issues.
> 6) National Leadership Restructure: Mr. Simcox should remain as Pres
> of
> MCDC with sole purpose of working our political arm and media/public
> relations. Not involved in operations, chapter management, or
> finances. We seek to
> have a National Leadership Team that represents the Minutemen body of
> volunteers, and are held accountable by the same. We would like to
> address this
> restructure to include either appointing National Leadership Teams by
> State
> Chapter Director Leadership Committee, or by an open vote from
> members of MCDC.
> 7) Poor communication structure throughout MCDC leadership, National
> down to local chapter levels. Recommend monthly conference calls,
> regional
> conference calls.
> 8) Full explanation of the status of the 501C-3, relationship between
> Denier, Declaration Alliance, Alan Keyes, MCDC PAC, MCDC Fence and
> any other
> organization that MCDC has agreements with or intends on interacting
> with.
> 9) National HQ Office, is it worth the 60K annual expense to man and
> fund?
> These are the issues we would like to discuss at great length. We
> firmly
> believe in the organization we have all built, and do not want to see
> it become
> fractured. This is our effort to keep MCDC whole, and make it
> possible for
> future growth. We look forward to meeting with you and sharing our
> ideas.
> Semper Vigilans,
> Bob Wright, NM State Director, National Leadership, Committee Chair
> Committee
> Bill Irwin, National Operations Officer
> David Jones (Pineapple 6), Prescott AZ Chapter Director
> Pete Lanteri, NY Chapter Director
> Greg Thompson, OK Chapter Director, New Chapter Development Director
> Hal Washburn, WA Ops Director
> Warren Mcquiggen, National Communications Officer
> Walter Adams, PA Chapter Director
> Jim Furnison, OH Chapter Director
> Ed Hayes, KS Chapter Director
> Jeff Henry, CO Chapter Director
> Dennis Murphy, NE Chapter Director
> Ron Oplinus, NH Chapter Director
> Claud Leblaus, WA Chapter Director
> Tom Franiac, MO Chapter Director
> Jim Carter, TN Chapter Director
> Mike Forest, OR Chapter Director
> Stacey O'Connell, Minuteman, past Phoenix Chapter Director, past AZ
> Chapter Director
> ************ ********* ********* ********* ********* ********* ********* **
> Minuteman Civil Defense Corps
> 6501 Greenway Parkway ● Suite 103 - 640 ● Scottsdale , AZ
> 85254
> : Phone (520) 829-3113
> TO: Bob Wright
> May. 14, 2007
> Subject: Unauthorized State Directors Meeting in Phoenix, AZ
> 5/19/2007
> To: Bob Wright and Appended CC List
> In response to your letter of May 8, 2007 to Chris Simcox, Carmen
> Mercer and
> Al Garza you are notified that the meeting scheduled for Saturday May
> 19th
> 2007 at 1PM-5PM at the Clarion Hotel in Phoenix, Arizona you have
> proposed is
> unauthorized, and under no circumstances is it sanctioned or approved
> by the
> Minuteman Civil Defense Corps, Inc.
> Further, the Board of Directors of MCDC, Inc. has at no time
> authorized a "
> State Leadership Committee" and this shadow entity and any business
> or actions
> proposed by it violate the organizational chain of command most
> recently and
> formally agreed to in leadership meetings held with national
> leadership
> volunteers October 2006. By calling a "State Directors Meeting" you
> have
> violated the official corporate By-Laws of MCDC, Inc. regarding legal
> authority for
> conducting business and affairs for the corporation.
> Additionally, the proposed listed agenda is not within the scope of
> any
> tasks assigned to Bob Wright, who volunteered to report to Al Garza
> in a purely
> administrative role to provide support to MCDC Board-appointed
> national
> leaders to plan successful border operations and assist in expanding
> the number of
> state locations seeking to establish MCDC chapters.
> This proposed meeting therefore cannot be called by Mr. Wright nor
> his
> associates, nor conducted to address MCDC business as it relates to
> any aspect of
> MCDC operations, procedures or organizational structure.
> It is the right of anyone to freely assemble. However, this letter
> will
> serve as notice to all those listed in the "CC Appendix" of Mr.
> Wright's May 8,
> 2007 communication that Bob Wright, Greg Thompson, Stacey O'Connell
> and Bill
> Irwin have been terminated for cause as volunteers and volunteer
> leaders
> within MCDC. This proposed meeting is not an MCDC sanctioned meeting
> and should you choose attend with the stated purpose and meeting
> agenda, you will be
> terminated by MCDC.
> Your written response, confirmed via facsimile sent to 281-242-9820,
> for
> MCDC Arizona Headquarters records, is required by 5 PM EST on
> 5/16/2007. Your
> response must include a statement of whether you have elected to
> withdraw from
> this proposed unsanctioned meeting and wish to continue with MCDC
> affiliation, or resign.
> If you fail to respond within this deadline to the above referenced
> fax
> number, MCDC will assume you have elected to resign all association
> and
> affiliation with Minuteman Civil Defense Corps.
> If you have any questions or would like to discuss this matter
> further, do
> not hesitate to contact any of the members of the Board of Directors
> or the
> Executive Director, listed below.
> Sincerely,
> Minuteman Civil Defense Corps
> Chris Simcox, President – MCDC Board Chairman
> Carmen Mercer, Vice President – MCDC Board Member
> John Acer, Secretary – MCDC Board Member
> Al Garza, Executive Director
> Cc:
> Bill Irwin, National Operations Officer
> David Jones (Pineapple 6), Prescott AZ Chapter Director
> Pete Lanteri, NY Chapter Director
> Greg Thompson, OK Chapter Director
> Hal Washburn, WA Ops Director
> Warren Mcquiggen, National Communications Officer
> Walter Adams, PA Chapter Director
> Jim Furnison, OH Chapter Director
> Ed Hayes, KS Chapter Director
> Jeff Henry, CO Chapter Director
> Dennis Murphy, NE Chapter Director
> Ron Oplinus, NH Chapter Director
> Claud Lebas, WA Chapter Director
> Tom Franiak, MO Chapter Director
> Jim Carter, TN Chapter Director
> Mike Forest, OR Chapter Director
> Stacey O'Connell
> ************ ********* ********* ********* ********* ********* ********* ****
> **
> TO: Chris Simcox
> FROM: State Directors and National Leadership Ad Hoc Committee
> DATE: May 21, 2007
> SUBJECT: Motion
> SENT: Certified Mail, Return Receipt Requested
> Enclosed please find a Motion, passed by the State Directors and
> National
> Leadership Ad Hoc Committee on Saturday, May 19, 2007 by unanimous
> vote of 13
> of the members.
> Motion:
> Resolved May 19, 2007 by the
> State Directors and National Leadership Ad Hoc Committee
> Whereas; the Minuteman Civil Defense Corps Deputy Executive Director
> was
> directed to contact the State Directors on a regular basis
> And
> Whereas; in the course of fulfilling the directive, many questions
> arose and
> requests for a national meeting to discuss problems was
> overwhelmingly asked
> for by the State Directors. Therefore a meeting was scheduled at a
> time
> and place thought to be convenient for Chris Simcox; this meeting was
> offered
> in good faith with a goal of resolving these important issues
> including managerial misconduct, in confidence and minimizing the
> turmoil within the organization
> And
> Whereas; Chris Simcox responded to the proposed meeting with the
> attached
> letter which threatens the very existence of the organization at a
> time in our
> nation's history when it is vital for all citizens to work to secure
> our borders and prevent amnesty.
> We therefore move, and resolve that we have lost confidence in Chris
> Simcox'
> s ability to lead Minuteman Civil Defense Corps.
> We move that Mr. Simcox reinstate the unjustly terminated Minutemen
> immediately, and restore them to the positions they held.
> Mr. Simcox shall be given through May 24, 2007 to schedule a meeting
> for all State Directors, to be held no later than 10, June 2007. At
> which the issues enumerated in the attached letter sent to Mr. Simcox
> on May 8, 2007 will be discussed and resolved.
> In addition a business plan will be developed at this meeting that
> will provide
> the volunteers an effective voice in the direction and leadership of
> The plan must include a Leadership Council, or Board of National
> Leaders and
> State Directors which will, from that date forward provide input and
> oversight
> into the organization in an effort to end the one man rule MCDC
> currently
> operates under. All expenses incurred by the state directors to
> attend this
> meeting will be reimbursed by MCDC.
> Failure to respond to this motion by May 25, 2007 will result in the
> entire
> matter being turned over to the national media for their
> investigation.
> Passed by a unanimous vote of 13 ad hoc committee members:
> Please contact Bob Wright if you have any questions or comments.
> Bob Wright
> Deputy Executive Director

No wonder they call Simcox, "The Little Prince". The Red is typical of his long standing high handed practices. This is not the first schism in his organizations. Gilchrist himself left early.

24 posted on 05/25/2007 3:41:13 PM PDT by Anti-Bubba182
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