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John McCain Warns Illegal Immigration Enforcement Could Lead to Riots
The National Ledger ^ | Jun 3, 2007 | John W Lillpop

Posted on 06/03/2007 10:23:58 PM PDT by TaxPayer2000

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To: TaxPayer2000
"In case you hadn't noticed, the thousands of people who have been relegated to ghettos have risen up and burned cars in France,"

What a fool! He is saying that all a group has to do is riot and he will kowtow to them!

No wait! He will kowtow to a group just because he fears they may riot. Pathetic wimp! His noble ancestors must be hanging their heads in shame.

Would he genuflect to Islam with a certain sort of feared threat? I don't trust Senator McCain as far as I could throw him.

341 posted on 06/04/2007 7:13:07 PM PDT by higgmeister (In the Shadow of The Big Chicken)
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To: TaxPayer2000
Unidentified member of crowd warns that tax enforcement could lead to another Boston Tea Party. Best to disband the IRS for fear of riots.
342 posted on 06/04/2007 7:14:55 PM PDT by Swordfished
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To: nonliberal
The government WANTS you to be poor and stupid and unarmed. You are easier to manipulate and ask fewer questions.
343 posted on 06/04/2007 7:18:50 PM PDT by Prokopton
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To: Swordfished

Now that’s the best idea you have had all day.

344 posted on 06/04/2007 7:18:57 PM PDT by Concho (IRS--Americas real terrorist organization.)
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To: TaxPayer2000
John McCain has been in Washington too long. Someone should ask him why he did nothing about immigration when there were “only” 5 million. Today we don’t know how many some figures I’ve read go to 30 million. Last year I wrote my amnesty voting Senator Judd Gregg and asked for a handbook on what federal laws are enforced and which ones are not. Of course the answer did not address this. Riots? I guess these Senators live in an alternative corporate jet country club reality.
345 posted on 06/04/2007 7:25:14 PM PDT by jackieaxe (This one hour pre-flight security screening is brought to you by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia)
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To: SWAMPSNIPER; TaxPayer2000; All
Hell, John, we ain’t French. There is already too much pandering to barbarians in this country, we don’t need more!

Check out this thread. The Frogs put Dubya to shame.

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346 posted on 06/04/2007 7:27:57 PM PDT by grey_whiskers (The opinions are solely those of the author and are subject to change without notice.)
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To: Travis McGee
If,speaking hypothetically,a defending group stood their ground and used deadly force against that huge crowd,I suspect the greater number of casualties would be from panicked mob members trampling their own.The very building would reduce the mobs options for attack,UNLESS,a violent armed assault was already part of the mob's plan,in which case,if they want war,let them have it.

The city's authorities have legally ,both a duty to quell riots,and the means to do so.Water cannons,firehouses,tear gas ,public address orders to turn back,and finally;this is what the State Miltias were supposed to deal with until the centralized power in Washington took control years ago and nationalized the little military power the states had.

Anyway,if a mob is coming to destroy you and yours,the choices are RUN,or FIGHT BACK.If enough fight back the bad guys lose.Freedom has never been free.

347 posted on 06/04/2007 7:37:21 PM PDT by hoosierham (Waddaya mean Freedom isn't free ?;will you take a creditcard?)
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To: F15Eagle

I agree. You’d think that he of all people wouldn’t bow down to terrorist tactics... I mean I’m using the government’s own definition as put forward by Homeland Security; “Those who threaten violence to achieve political goals”. If he’s bowing down to fear of violence in order to justify pushing this bill through then he is in effect making a precedent of bowing down to terrorists.

What happens when those who support Al Qaeda, or Hamas, or Hezbollah see this and decide they can subjugate our Congress and people with the mere threat of violence? What in the WORLD is McCain thinking???

348 posted on 06/04/2007 7:42:22 PM PDT by LibertyRocks (Liberty Rocks Blog:
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To: WildcatClan

You know, I didn’t even think of tear gas. I sure hope you’re right. When I read what he said my mind screamed out “NAZI SCUM!!!”. Well, it wasn’t quite that clean, but you get the picture. (o:

349 posted on 06/04/2007 7:45:06 PM PDT by LibertyRocks (Liberty Rocks Blog:
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To: The Sons of Liberty

Good point. I am ready to riot RIGHT NOW. Just get me a good place to start, say on my elected official’s office doorstep. WAIT until they pass amnesty, then there will be many thousands just like me...

350 posted on 06/04/2007 8:09:07 PM PDT by whipitgood (Let's burn some MEXICAN flags!)
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To: LibertyRocks
"What in the WORLD is McCain thinking???"

Don't know, but he spent whatever political capital he had left. I expect more Manchurian Candidates will be getting their phone calls. I wouldn't attempt to guess who will pop up next. The landscape is changing too fast to get a handle on the enemy's game plan, but it is certain they are well down field and getting ready to punt any day now.

351 posted on 06/04/2007 8:24:04 PM PDT by Eastbound
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To: Bryan24
In essence, this is what Senator McCain really said(paraphrased), “We cannot enforce our laws. We cannot control lawbreakers. Therefore, we should give in to them and let them have what they want so they won’t cause problems for us.”

Simply unbelievable.

Perhaps if McCain became President, he could sign a decree to setup Chicano Law in Aztlán, the same way the Danelaw was imposed on the Anglo-Saxons a thousand years ago.

Just to keep the peace he could then create the Sharia Law for enclaves of Muslims to hold them over until the birth rate will allow them to declare Dhimmitude for the rest of us. /s___

They wouldn't need McCain at that point. Ruh-roh! Relp!

352 posted on 06/04/2007 8:43:10 PM PDT by higgmeister (In the Shadow of The Big Chicken)
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To: Concho
Now that’s the best idea you have had all day.

What if someday somebody brings together a million people...these million then denounce their citizenship and become illegal aliens...they then take over the government. It would be PC to stop them.

355 posted on 06/04/2007 9:24:10 PM PDT by Swordfished
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"Biggest fear I ever had in my life was that we would really need a revolution, and I would be too damned old to see the sights on my rifle, that has about come to pass,"

I really didn't expect things would get this bad this quickly. Six months ago I figured, not in my lifetime. Now all bets are off.

It won't surprise any day now to hear the gummint openly proclaim on nightly news:


'Your "great experiment" has failed. Your next great experiment is now in progress and you will be furnished a new set of rules and regulations as soon as the burial parties have cleared the roads.

'You will have twenty-four hours to report to your nearest post office to turn in your weapons and receive your official I.D. cards and 'authority to travel' papers.

'There is an immediate need for 225,000 volunteers to begin construction of our new highway system. Volunteers will receive extra food rations and a clothing allowance which will include two pair of cheap shoes provided by our trade partners across the Pacific.'

Know what you mean about the kids. Don't forget to pass on the video, "Red Dawn."

I can't guess how this is all going to play out. At this point I'm too flabbergasted to think clearly. Tomorrow, perhaps. I'm hopeful that our military will choose the right path when the SHTF.

It's been a real bummer of a week. :(

I'm in agreement with those here who think McCain's dumb statement will be taken as an invitation to the illegals and terrorists to speed up their plans.

FRegards, -- Dave

356 posted on 06/04/2007 9:37:15 PM PDT by Eastbound
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To: F15Eagle

I support this President on just about everything but not this illegal immigration amnesty.

As for McCain, never liked him, never trusted him.

I always believed, thought, knew that Ted Kennedy was a sell out to American ideals and anyone who sided with him was the same. I always knew he was a murderer that got away with it but to have members of our party actually side with him on anything, astounds me.

I’m praying, and prayer does help, that this amnesty bill doesn’t pass.

Far too many of our elected officials cater to lobbies and eveyone but the american working people. And far too many of our people are clueless about any of this.

We’re either going to be a Socialist nation or an Islam nation in the near future unless the heart of this country stops it. That probably makes me a hatemonger or islamophobe in the eyes of most America, those too clueless to see what’s not only possible but actually coming. I never believed the masses were as stupid as portrayed but I’m starting to believe they are.

357 posted on 06/04/2007 9:50:11 PM PDT by Twink
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To: TaxPayer2000
I encourage all Freepers to

put their elected officials' phone numbers in their cell phone directories

for easy/frequent dialing!

/squeaky wheel

358 posted on 06/04/2007 10:18:04 PM PDT by SeafoodGumbo
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To: TaxPayer2000

Just say NO to Amnesty!! Before it’s too late!!

U.S. Senate switchboard: (202) 224-3121

U.S. House switchboard: (202) 225-3121

White House comments: (202) 456-1111

Find your House Rep.:

Find your US Senators:

359 posted on 06/04/2007 11:50:31 PM PDT by 2ndDivisionVet (Fred Thompson/John Bolton 2008)
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To: TaxPayer2000

This McCain believes is persuasive?

360 posted on 06/05/2007 1:48:23 AM PDT by Old 300
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