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Muslim Societies Can't Be Trusted ^ | June 26, 2007 | Barrett Kalellis

Posted on 07/02/2007 7:20:47 AM PDT by prman

Not many in the media, much less in the general public, have a real understanding of what is incessantly and mistakenly called the "war on terror," and for this reason, our military initiatives in Iraq and Afghanistan, as well as peacemaking efforts in Palestine, have all come a cropper.

Our enemies are not just a few numbers of radical Islamists, committed to violent and subversive acts. They are only the activist vanguard of a sizeable population of Muslim sympathizers with an agenda: to establish Islamist states throughout the world, whether by subverting established governments, or by letting increasing Muslim demographics accomplish this for them, as in Western Europe.

In surveying the level of global revolutionary terror or threats of violence, with few exceptions one would find a reinvigorated jihadism at the root. The geography is frightening: from the Philippines to Indonesia, from Thailand to Bahrain, from Mauritania to Ethiopia, in all Middle East countries, in ethnic Albania and the former Soviet republics, and including the current strife in France, Spain, Germany, the Netherlands, Denmark, and now even in Switzerland. In the U.S., the jihadists remain more or less under cover.

Our policy benightedness in dealing with Islam has a long paternity — clueless politicians and diplomats, wrongheaded advisors; widespread ignorance of history, foreign cultures, languages and beliefs; and naïve acceptance at face value of adversary claims and promises — all wrapped in the feel-good but self-delusional world of multiculturalism.

For these and other reasons, State Department men of yesterday have gotten it wrong for decades, failing to understand that Muslim societies cannot be trusted in international relations. Americans have to recognize that our most pressing Middle East foreign problems, current and future, lie in the nature of Islamic belief itself.

Islam is not simply a system of theology, doctrine and laws, but more accurately, a political ideology disguised as a religion. It is totalitarian and supremacist and according to its central tenets, followers cannot question what they have been taught, and they must not tolerate other beliefs. In the Muslim mind, there are believers and there are infidels.

At a recent conference on the current impact of Islamic fundamentalism on Europe sponsored by the American Freedom Alliance, author Dick McDonald succinctly summarized the matter: "Islam is promoted by the left as a ‘religion of peace,' but in reality is headed by a God that believes in killing non-believers. That makes Islam not a true religion but an ideology which demands the death sentence for you, should you depart from it or its rigid demands . . . a cult in which the allegiance of its devotées is not to America but to their ideological group, Islam."

What, then, does this mean for America? It means that Muslims in the U.S., as they are in Western Europe and other countries, are a self-segregating and generally unintegrable population whose collectivist beliefs are fundamentally inimical to American values of democratic government and individual freedoms, to equal rights for women, as well as to skeptical inquiry and intellectual rejection of religious dogma.

This has historically led Muslims to be submissive to despotic regimes, where Islamic state power usually falls into the hands of the most extreme elements.

Since 9/11, Muslim enclaves in the U.S., supported by whining advocacy lobbies like CAIR, MPAC and others, are bringing lawsuits demanding special accommodations: Islamic prayer rooms in public places, the right of taxi drivers to refuse passengers who carry bottles of alcoholic beverages, the right to broadcast the "call to prayer" over loudspeakers five times a day in communities surrounding a mosque, publicly funded foot washbasins at college campuses, and so on.

At the same time, these groups are pressuring federal legislators to outlaw profiling of Muslims by law enforcement and national security personnel as a matter of discrimination, and threaten defamation lawsuits against anyone who singles out a Muslim engaged in suspicious activity. Yet CAIR itself — a Hamas spin-off organization funded primarily by Saudi money — has been named an unindicted co-conspirator in the Hamas funding court case in Texas.

For the most part, the mainstream media have taken a preposterously non-judgmental position on matters relating to Muslim appeasement and possible terror threats, succumbing to the fog of deception that Muslim advocacy groups are only too eager to spread.

For example, The New York Times saw fit to put the story of the three Muslims that were going to blow up JFK airport on Page 37, in favor of an Indian brick-making business article on Page One.

In Britain, a government survey of university Islamic Studies courses has shown that students are being exposed to extreme teachings that condone terrorism. Is this any different in the U.S., where great sums of Saudi money are going to university Islamic Studies programs, mosque-building projects and Muslim advocacy groups across the country, where Wahhabism is the main message?

Who is behind the increased recruitment and conversion of prisoners by Muslims in U.S. prisons, and why are they involved in 14 Muslim paramilitary training camps here? Who is funding these operations?

Taken as a whole, the mainstream media is unusually silent about the fifth column nature of Islam in this country. Isolated cases are simply labeled as such; not part of a larger pattern. This leaves most Americans unaware of the true threat of increasing Islamization over time.

In areas where Muslims predominate, the push to introduce Sharia (Islamic) law is ever-present. American Muslim magazine published an article in February 2007 which suggested that this could be accomplished by using Native American tribal law as a model, "as we attempt to implement Muslim family law in North America."

A few years ago, Canadian Muslims were pushing provincial government in Ontario to set up Sharia law to adjudicate disputes within Muslim communities. In response, a united group of secularists fought this move and legislation was passed mandating that family legal arbitrations must now use Canadian law.

These skirmishes are far from over since Islamic jurists have determined that whenever Muslims become a majority in a nation, Sharia must become the law of the land.

Muslims in America represent both a short-term and a long-term problem. In the short run, we must be vigilant against homegrown terror plots and those imported from abroad. This seems to be the only threat the media are concerned about.

Fear rather the long term: If we remain in the dark about this unassimilable group whose entire belief system is incompatible with American values, we will do little to resist it. And considering Europe and other countries, once Muslim numbers grow, societies are destabilized.

Although America is the land of the short-term fix, we should really be looking at the big picture. The growth of Islam in the U.S. should be watched closely — immigration should be controlled and newcomers should be scrutinized for jihadist tendencies. If the number of Muslims here increases significantly in coming years, we will sooner or later lose whatever it is that makes us Americans.

In this case, the past is indeed prologue.

Barrett Kalellis is a Michigan-based columnist, writer and pundit whose commentary appears regularly in various local and national print and online publications.

TOPICS: Culture/Society; Foreign Affairs; News/Current Events; Philosophy
KEYWORDS: dhimmitude; enemywithin; eurabia; globaljihad; ideology; infiltration; islam; muslims; religion; terrorism
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To: prman

Also remember that the Muslims in America are right now minding their p’s and q’s because the non-Muslims are keeping a close watch on them and the former know that a number of the latter have “packed heat” and do not want to take a chance for now.

21 posted on 07/02/2007 9:41:35 AM PDT by Biggirl (A biggirl with a big heart for God's animal creation.)
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To: prman

We need to end all immigration from Muslim countries and expel Muslims here illegally. And any legal Muslims who are involved with conspiracies tied to funding or carrying out terrorist attacks. We also need to investigate the mosques, the training camps, and shut down any that are a problem.

22 posted on 07/02/2007 9:45:15 AM PDT by WashingtonSource
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To: Dick Bachert
"There’s a very revealing scene at the end of the epic “Lawrence of Arabia.”

An excellent movie and an interesting piece of history. I've always found Lawrence an incredibly paradoxical enigma: Tactically brilliant and strategically naive.

23 posted on 07/02/2007 9:49:19 AM PDT by Joe 6-pack
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To: Thombo2

You aren’t a bigot. You’re just facing reality.

24 posted on 07/02/2007 1:51:50 PM PDT by ViLaLuz (2 Chronicles 7:14)
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To: Maneesh
You could move all of Israel to Arizona and it would not lessen the desire of Muslims to exterminate Jews one iota. You cannot negotiate peace with Muslims, they only understand the language of overwhelming force as a deterrent.

I definitely agree with your comments and have thought the same myself. If they don't have Jews, Christians, Westerners, etc. to hate/kill, then they do it to themselves. They don't like animals. They don't like people. They don't like anything that's alive. This is a generalizaiton, but I think it holds true for a good portion of them. We have to face it. We can't wish it away.

25 posted on 07/06/2007 12:52:44 AM PDT by beaversmom
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To: Dick Bachert

One of my favorite movies. If I remembering correctly, Feisal seems to be saying that in a sarcastic way. The once scene I enjoy, and I think it definitely represents Arabs, is the “meeting” toward the end of the movie of all the Arabs after they have taken over Damascus.

26 posted on 07/06/2007 12:59:01 AM PDT by beaversmom
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To: prman

I worked/lived in islamanazi countries for almost 20 yrs and witnessed a wide variety of conditons from several countries in the ME. When I returned home yrs ago I hardly ever spoke of things I witnessed. Most Americans just couldn’t believe the true horror of these animals but slowly ...very slowly... this is changing. The doctrine from these lunatics is for all to convert or die. Free people need to decide...convert, die or fight back.
These are the most dangerous people on earth. The second most dangerous people on earth are the apologist for islamanazis. This is the gang that will proclaim our support for Isreal is the cause of all problems.

27 posted on 07/06/2007 1:19:56 AM PDT by rrrod
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To: prman
Where ever the Muslims live so does a police
state or a military dictatorship exist.

28 posted on 07/06/2007 1:28:53 AM PDT by Major_Risktaker (Global Warming is a cover story for Peak Oil.)
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To: beaversmom

Yes, Feisal (Guiness) delivered the line with an upturned lip.

The entire film is most revealing of the darker character of those we must now confront or perish.

29 posted on 07/06/2007 5:17:43 AM PDT by Dick Bachert (Wor)
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To: beaversmom
ISLAM was created in war and throughout its existence it has existed to expand its control over the earth primarily by war. It is a core tenet of their belief system to win all of earth for Allah and they have been in a constant state of war to accomplish this.

You are also right that if they don’t have an external enemy then the Sunnis will kill Shias and if not that they will kill sub tribes. These people are inherently incompatible with the modern world, have loyalty only to their tribes and no rational thought or dialogue will ever change that. The liberal apologist who believes that if you just get along with them and appease them, they will leave you alone is a suicidal lemming.

30 posted on 07/06/2007 6:18:43 AM PDT by Maneesh (A non-hyphenated American.)
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