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To: DoughtyOne

“How much money is the EU sending to Israel? The answer of course is not one dime.”

As a german I can tell you - that’s wrong. The size of military help and cooperation between germany and israel is enormous.

We gave them second strike ability and they hardly payed for it.

The german army just ordered several hundreds of mine-proof transport vehicles - for what do you think ?

If you followed the debate about meassures against terror in germany you’d see that one part of germany is systematicaly peparing the other for a prolonged war.

10 years down the river germany wasn’t even able to conduct a simple mission outside it’s borders - if you see where we’ve come from the changes are enormous. Yesterday sending a field lazarett was an outrageous thing to do for our people today we are part of OEF and getting involved more and more.

But if we have to take these risks - we want to sit at the table if decisions are up to be made.

Fair enough ?

67 posted on 07/23/2007 9:36:43 AM PDT by Rummenigge (there's people willing to blow out the light because it casts a shadow)
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To: Rummenigge

I appreciate your response. It is good to hear that Germany does provide more help to Israel than I hear about. It still does not help to read article after article from Europe taking Israel to task for it’s actions, then note that the Palestinians get a pass from similar condemnations.

I asked you what the Palestinians had been asked to give in the conquest for peace. Has the EU asked them to give up land? Has it asked them to turn in all arms? Has it asked them to stop demonizing Israel in it’s press? Has it asked them to stop teaching children in grade schools that Jews are sub-human and to prepare for killing them at every opportunity? Has it demanded that surface to surface missile launches be stopped? The answer is no. Israel is asked to give up land or the administration of land and the Palestinians are free from demands.

Monetary support still pours in for the Palestinians from the EU. Not one request is made for the Palestinians to stop what they do, but support still pours in. For this reason I cannot accept on face value your claim that the EU is a serious supporter of Israel.

Look, I don’t hold the US guiltless on this either. We berated Israel until it allowed self-rule in Gaza. So did you guys. What did that buy the world? Hamas took control and now Israel puts up with tens to hundreds of missiles pouring down on it’s territory every day.

When Israel makes incursions to eliminate terrorist cells trying to reduce the missile attacks, they get condemned for it. Frankly, I’m sick of it. The EU would go crazy if Israel fired missiles into the Gaza Strip every day. You know it and I know it. Despit this, the EU remains silent on the subject as long as the Palestinians are doing the same thing to Israel.

During the rule of Yasser Arafat, the Palestinians spent decades calling for and planning for the destruction of Israel carrying out terrorist attacks at will. During this time the European nations and later the EU send billions of dollars into the Palestinian territories without a single enforced demand. Why is that, if the EU is as pro-Israel as you claim?

And please explain why the effort by Israel to build a wall between the Palestinian territories and itself was so demonized by the EU, when it was nearly eliminating mass suicide bombings against it?

On about a monthly basis Israel is compared to the NAZIs with regard to it’s treatment of the Palestinians. Frankly I have never heard it claimed once that the Palestinians were like NAZIs despite their announced goal to destroy Israel and all it’s inhabitants. Has Israel EVER proclaimed a goal of destroying all the Palestinians?

Europe has a long way to go before it can be trusted with a collective Security Council seat. And when it gets that seat, IF EVER, it should not come at the expense of the most pro-Israel state amongst you. It should come at the expense of France which has become a very disgusting player on the world stage. As for Germany, I don’t frankly see it as much better. You folks have been the major European players and yet there is still no recognition that the Palestinians have behaved evily and that terrorists must be confronted and eliminated.

How many troops does the EU have in Iraq? None the less the EU wants a Security Council seat. The EU is a laughing stock when it comes to world stability. Iran has long range missiles that could reach Europe and is about to turn into a Nuclear state, if it hasn’t already. None the less, Europe will not join an effort to isolate Iran and destroy it’s nuclear programs.

Do you guys deserve a seat at the table. LOL, you’ve got to be kidding. You can’t even be counted on to defend yourselves and you want a voice in defending us. What a joke.

For some reason the EU as become a hot-bed of anti-US sentiment. Frace’s most recent leader was incredibly anti-US. Take their seat if you can get it. France should be more than willing to give it’s seat up. The EU seems to be of a single mind these days.

Of all the seats to take, you folks have zeroed in on the only power on the continent that stood up and rescued the rest of Europe twice. And now-a-days the EU sounds as anti-US as it ever has.

Why is it that you folks can’t offer more troops and funding for the war in Iraq that is designed to save us all grief down the road?

Give the EU a seat at the Security Council? Uh, no thanks. You folks need to be able to walk before you can run.

You take no responsibility and demand command. Bull s—t.

68 posted on 07/27/2007 3:07:28 PM PDT by DoughtyOne (Victory will never be achieved while defining Conservatism downward, and forsaking it's heritage.)
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