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'Hillary Haters' have claws out
UPI ^ | August 26, 2007

Posted on 08/27/2007 6:19:06 AM PDT by 2ndDivisionVet

The Internet is helping so-called "Hillary Haters" prepare for battle should Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton become the Democratic presidential nominee.

A vast army of the self-proclaimed "haters" is repackaging old news and rumors for use on the blog-loaded Internet, the Chicago Tribune reported.

Among them is Richard Collins, a wealthy Texas philanthropist, businessman and political aficionado who openly aims to destroy the presidential ambitions of the New York senator.

Collins, 60, is behind, a snide Web site with a cartoon called "The Hillary Show," a satire portraying Clinton as a mean and unforgiving talk show host, the Tribune reported.

Collins and others aim to crystallize voters against Clinton, much the same way as the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth in the 2004 election denigrated John Kerry's military service in Vietnam.

Clinton said she knows the attacks will come and she's ready to fight back, the Tribune reported.

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Another example of good ol' left wing bias from UPI and the Chicago Tribune.
1 posted on 08/27/2007 6:19:16 AM PDT by 2ndDivisionVet
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To: 2ndDivisionVet

Getting out my file right now.

2 posted on 08/27/2007 6:21:07 AM PDT by madison10
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To: 2ndDivisionVet
"old news and rumors"

3 posted on 08/27/2007 6:23:44 AM PDT by BenLurkin
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4 posted on 08/27/2007 6:25:01 AM PDT by BenLurkin
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To: 2ndDivisionVet

This is their version of pre-emptive strikes, trying to demonize anyone who dares to criticize her. It ain’t gonna work.

5 posted on 08/27/2007 6:26:12 AM PDT by SueRae
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To: 2ndDivisionVet

Who needs rumors with Hillary? There’s enough material to burn a hundred Republicans.

6 posted on 08/27/2007 6:27:28 AM PDT by subterfuge (Today, Tolerance =greatest virtue;Hypocrisy=worst character defect; Discrimination =worst atrocity)
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To: 2ndDivisionVet

I don’t hate Clinton.

I just want the change from the Clinton/Bush administrations.

Why do we have to have Clintons and Bushes? Isn’t there anyone else out there?

I can’t stand the idea of these two families constantly running this country!

What happens after an eight year Clinton debacle? Do we get another Bush?

Then a Chelsea?

What the heck is wrong with the country when all we have to vote for is a slate of lame candidates on the left and on the right?!

7 posted on 08/27/2007 6:27:30 AM PDT by OpusatFR
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To: 2ndDivisionVet
The best way to attack Hillery is with her own words in her own voice.

Garde la Foi, mes amis! Nous nous sommes les sauveurs de la République! Maintenant et Toujours!
(Keep the Faith, my friends! We are the saviors of the Republic! Now and Forever!)

LonePalm, le Républicain du verre cassé (The Broken Glass Republican)

8 posted on 08/27/2007 6:28:01 AM PDT by LonePalm (Commander and Chef)
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To: BenLurkin

What’s on the finger? Background please.

9 posted on 08/27/2007 6:28:27 AM PDT by liberty or death
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To: BenLurkin

I can’t tell what the photo on the right is showing. Is that Vince Foster?

10 posted on 08/27/2007 6:29:02 AM PDT by Aria (NO RAPIST ENABLER FOR PRESIDENT!!!)
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To: 2ndDivisionVet
Yep, and to the UPI/AP/CNN/CBS/NNC/ABC,, groups like Moveon and the Kos Kool Aid drinkers are just participating in the political process.

The double standards are pathetic.

11 posted on 08/27/2007 6:31:12 AM PDT by The South Texan (The Drive By Media is America's worst enemy and American people don't know it.)
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To: liberty or death
I guess that's supposed to be a ring.The source website seems concerned about "reflectivity" of the pistol

Here's a shot without the circle:

12 posted on 08/27/2007 6:33:15 AM PDT by BenLurkin
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To: Aria


By P.J. Gladnick

Note: the following sketch was posted to on December 31, 1997 as a possible sketch for Saturday Night Live.

(President Clinton is sitting at his desk in the Oval Office. A voice is heard on his intercom. It is his secretary.)

SECRETARY: Mr. President, Lieutenant Columbo is here to see you.

(The Oval Office door opens a bit. Columbo peeks in tentatively.)

COLUMBO: I hope I’m not disturbing you, Mr. President.

CLINTON (smiling broadly): Not at all! I heard that you were visiting the White House. That’s why I had my people take you off the tour line to see me. I’ve always been a big fan of yours.

(Columbo, puffing on a cigar and wearing a wrinkled raincoat, walks in a slouching manner up to Clinton. A beaming Clinton stands up from behind his desk and heartily shakes Columbo’s hand.)

COLUMBO: Mr. President, this is indeed an honor. Let me tell you, my wife is a big fan of yours. Sir, I don’t mean to impose but do you think you can autograph a photo for my wife?

CLINTON: Heck, that’s no problem. I’ll be happy to oblige.

(Clinton pulls a photo of himself from his desk, signs it, and hands it to Columbo.)

COLUMBO: This is terrific! You don’t know what this will mean to my wife...Uhh, before I go, do you mind if I ask you a personal question?

CLINTON: Huh? Okay, sure.

COLUMBO: Could you tell me how much you paid for your suit? I really admire the material.

CLINTON: I, umm, think it cost about $500.

COLUMBO: And so clean too. With a suit like that you must send it out to the cleaners after each time you wear it.

CLINTON: Of course.

COLUMBO: Well, this is what’s bothering me. I heard that your good friend, the late Vincent Foster, was also a nice dresser yet there were carpet fibers discovered all over his suit when they found him after his tragic suicide in Fort Marcy Park.

(Clinton’s smile turns a bit tense.)


COLUMBO: So it seems like a mystery how all these fibers ended up on his suit. You might pick up a few carpet fibers around the bottom of the pants but not all over the suit.

CLINTON: I think the FBI determined that the carpet fibers probably came from his home.

COLUMBO: That is only an assumption because the FBI never actually took samples from the carpet fibers at his home. With all those fibers on his suit, you would think that they would make a comparison.

CLINTON (Slightly exasperated): Look, Lieutenant Columbo, there have already been three investigations into this matter and they all ruled that Vince Foster committed suicide.

COLUMBO: Oh, I’m not questioning the investigations. I’m sure Mr. Foster died just the way they said but there are still a few loose ends.

CLINTON: Such as?

COLUMBO: Such as the autopsy X-rays.

CLINTON: What about the X-rays?

COLUMBO: Dr. James Beyer, the Deputy Medical Examiner for Northern Virginia, conducted the autopsy but no X-rays were taken.

CLINTON: No X-rays were taken? That’s absurd! They must have been taken in a case of this importance.

COLUMBO: Dr. Beyer checked off a box on the autopsy report stating that he took X-rays yet he later claimed the X-ray machine was inoperable.

CLINTON: Aren’t you forgetting the suicide note that Foster left behind?

COLUMBO (slaps forehead with his hand): That’s right! The suicide note! Obviously it must have been suicide if Foster left behind a suicide note.

(Clinton looks cheerful again.)

CLINTON: I guess that closes the case then.

COLUMBO: It sure does! Mr. President, you don’t know how relieved this makes me feel. I’m sorry to have taken up your time with this matter.

CLINTON: Think nothing of it.

(Columbo leaves through the door and Clinton returns to his desk. A few moments later the door opens again and Columbo leans just inside the doorway.)

COLUMBO: Uhh, there’s just one little point that I overlooked.

CLINTON (looking irritated): What is it, Lieutenant Columbo?

COLUMBO: How do we know that the suicide note was actually written by Mr. Foster?

CLINTON: The suicide note’s handwriting was analyzed and judged to be authentic.

COLUMBO: Yes, by a Capitol police sergeant who only studied handwriting as a hobby. The fact of the matter is that three renowned handwriting experts including Reginald Alton of Oxford University determined that the note, supposedly written by Mr. Foster, was an obvious forgery.

CLINTON: Lieutenant Columbo, are you one of those conspiracy kooks? The autopsy report, even without the X-rays, proved it was a suicide.

(Columbo reaches inside his raincoat and pulls out a couple of sheets of paper.)

COLUMBO: The strange thing is that the official finding says it was a mouth to head wound yet take a look at the report of the Fairfax County Medical Examiner, Dr. Haut. It came from the National Archives and placed on the Internet from where I downloaded it.

(Columbo hands the papers to Clinton.)

CLINTON: Hmm?... .It says that the wound was “mouth-head” just like the official report.

COLUMBO: Yes but look at the word “head.” It’s obvious that was typed in after another word just to its left was whited out. Then if you look on the second page of Haut’s report it actually says the wounds were “mouth to neck.” I submit, sir, that the first page was altered to change the wound location.

CLINTON: The bottom line is that, despite these discrepancies, the investigators have determined that Vince Foster committed suicide in Fort Marcy Park.

COLUMBO: Oh, sir. I’m not disputing their expertise. It’s just that professional police officers are trained to treat every death as a homicide until suicide is proven. In this case, however, Cheryl Braun, the senior Park Police Officer testified that they determined that Foster had committed suicide before they had even inspected the body.

CLINTON: This is all very interesting theory but the fact is that the Foster case has been ruled a suicide...Case closed.

COLUMBO: I’m sure you’re right about that. After all, if those in authority say it was a suicide then it must be so. Well, good day, Mr. President. Sorry for troubling you about details that must have some logical explanation.

CLINTON: Thank you for visiting, Lieutenant Columbo, and goodbye.

(Columbo leaves the room. Clinton returns to his desk and begins writing on some papers. A little while later we see Columbo looking from the outside into the Oval Office through a window just behind Clinton. Columbo begins tapping on the window. At first Clinton doesn’t hear him. Then he turns around and opens the window.)

CLINTON: Columbo! What is your problem?

(Columbo bends over and then stands back up again holding his shoes.)

COLUMBO: See all that dirt on the soles of my shoes?

CLINTON: Okay, they’re dirty. So what?

COLUMBO: It’s just like when my cousin Guido visits me. He likes working in my yard which is great but my wife throws a fit when Guido tries to walk into the house because of all the dirt on his shoes.

CLINTON: Will you please get to the point, Columbo!

COLUMBO: Well, the FBI scraped Mr. Foster’s shoes thoroughly but found no traces of soil. Everybody else who walked in the area of Fort Marcy Park where Foster was found came away with lots of dirt on their shoes.

CLINTON: You’re wrong, Columbo. A forensic expert found soil on Foster’s shoes.

COLUMBO: Oh yes. Henry Lee thought he found microscopic quantities of the soil on the shoes long after the FBI carefully went over them. Lee was the same fellow who determined that OJ Simpson must have been innocent because he thought he saw another footprint which never existed at the murder scene. Somehow I don’t think Mr. Lee is the most reliable expert in this regard.

CLINTON: Are you trying to say that Foster did not commit suicide in Fort Marcy Park?

COLUMBO: I think that could be a distinct possibility, sir. I’m sure that you, having been a friend of Mr. Foster, would want to leave no stone unturned to get to the bottom of this matter.

CLINTON: Just what do you expect me to do?

COLUMBO: It would be helpful if you could make the videotape from the White House parking lot surveillance camera available. We need to see Mr. Foster entering his car on the day he died.

CLINTON: That tape is missing from the White House vault where it was stored.

COLUMBO: Then how about the videotape from the vault surveillance camera? Maybe we can find out who removed the parking lot video from the vault.

CLINTON: The vault video is missing too. Perhaps the parking lot camera never caught Foster entering his car?

COLUMBO: At the most guarded building in the world? Not likely. As a matter of fact I’m sure that cameras are watching me right now and that Secret Service guards should be apprehending me at any moment.

(Suddenly several uniformed guards grab Columbo and haul him away.)

COLUMBO (shouting from the distance): This has been a really enlightening conversation, Mr. President! I hope we can pick up where we left off in the near future!

(Clinton slams the window shut.)

13 posted on 08/27/2007 6:35:18 AM PDT by BenLurkin
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To: 2ndDivisionVet; liberty or death; Aria; doug from upland; All


JUNE 26, 1996

In its continuing investigation into the White House’s handling of confidential FBI files, the House Government Oversight Committee questioned those staffers involved in the scandal. Kwame Holman reports on the contentious hearing followed by an Elizabeth Farnsworth conversation with two key committee members.

JUNE 20: The Senate Judiciary hearings on the release on classified FBI files to the Clinton Whitehouse began in Congress.

JUNE 19: The House Government Reform and Oversight opened hearings on what the White House has called “a bureaucratic snafu” — the request for the sensitive FBI files of officials from past Republican administrations.

JUNE 6: Evidence has cropped up that Clinton staff members ordered the FBI to investigate the fired employees of the White House travel office.

ELIZABETH FARNSWORTH: The former Clinton aides who were in a position to request those files went before a House Oversight Committee today. We begin our coverage with this report from Kwame Holman.

REP. WILLIAM CLINGER, Chair, Government Reform Committee: The members of the media, the photographers please to clear the well.

KWAME HOLMAN: Press interest in today’s hearing was intense. Before he could begin, House Government Reform and Oversight Committee Chairman William Clinger had to demand order.

REP. CLINGER: The members of the media will clear the well immediately.

KWAME HOLMAN: Clinger then laid out the reasons Republicans called these hearings.

REP. CLINGER: For the past 30 years, the White House has engaged in a careful process of security clearances and background checks on individuals to determine their suitability and stability for positions at the White House and throughout the Executive Branch. The fact is, given the individuals who were put in charge of this office and the apparent lack of any supervision or control, we may never be able to determine what exactly was done with these files. But we do know that this White House had a history of amateur detectives rooting around for dirt long before the recent FBI file flap and long before we knew about Mr. Livingstone and Mr. Marceca.

KWAME HOLMAN: Craig Livingstone headed and Anthony Marceca worked in the White House Personnel Security Office. In 1993, Marceca used Standard Form 86 to request and obtain a total of 707 FBI background files, most those of former White House aides in the Reagan and Bush administrations. Several were those of prominent members such as James Baker, President Bush’s Secretary of State, Reagan chief of staff Kenneth Duberstein, and former Bush national security adviser, Brent Scowcroft. Today Anthony Marceca explained why he requested the files.

ANTHONY MARCECA, Former White House Aide: At that time I had and to this day I continue to have a top secret security clearance. My primary task was to stay current with regards to SF-86s that had been filled out by new White House employees. A second task was to assist in staying current with other requests for access to the White House. The third task was the update project. And this third assignment at the Office of Personnel Security was to recreate personnel security files on employees and officials from the prior administration who continued in their position with the Clinton administration or who continued to have a legitimate need for access to the White House complex.

I did not seek to obtain a previous report on any person for any reason other than to create a current personnel security file for an individual whom I believed was properly included on the White House access list. When I obtained copies of the previous reports, I processed each one in accordance with the procedure I described above. I did not single out any person for special scrutiny or treat any person differently because of who he or she may have been.

KWAME HOLMAN: Marceca reported to Craig Livingstone, who has been on paid leave from the White House since shortly after the file controversy started two weeks ago. He testified that though he had nothing to do with requesting the FBI files, the days leading up to this hearing have been painful for him.

CRAIG LIVINGSTONE, Former Director, Personnel Security: As a result, I want to be the first to announce that I am tendering my resignation from the White House effective immediately. But I also want to make clear that neither I nor to my knowledge anyone else in the White House participated in any kind of smear campaign or an effort to compile an enemies list, as some have alleged or feared. It’s just not true. Finally, I want to say something about me, Craig Livingstone. I have been described as a political operative, a beefy, former bar bouncer and henchman, who was supposedly engaged in all sorts of misconduct dating back almost 20 years. These are false and unfair caricatures of who I am. I am proud that I have personally participated in our democratic system of government, and I have worked hard for little or no pay in political campaigns for candidates who I felt would make this country a better place to live. And I am proud to have served in the Clinton administration.

KWAME HOLMAN: Lisa Wetzel also worked in the White House Security Office. She testified she was unconcerned about Marceca’s obtaining the background files.

LISA WETZEL, Assistant to the Secretary of the Army: In looking at the labels on the files, I noticed many names that I did not recognize. The first name that jumped out at me was Marlin Fitzwater. I immediately concluded that Tony must have ordered previous reports for every person on whatever out of date Secret Service list he had been working from. As I reviewed the names on the labels, I also determined that Tony had accumulated many of the files that I did need. I was exasperated that I would now have to sort through a lot of useless files in order to pull out the ones I needed. At no time was I alarmed by what Tony had done. I thought he had simply made a mistake that I was going to have to clean up.

REP. HENRY WAXMAN, (D) California: Do you understand the seriousness of testifying before a committee of the Congress under oath and that if you lie to us, you could be prosecuted for the crime of perjury? Do you all understand that?



REP. HENRY WAXMAN: Now, understanding that fact, you’ve all admitted there was a terrible mistake, a huge bureaucratic blunder. Do any of you at this witness table know whether any political use was made of the lists that were obtained from the FBI, whether there were any enemies lists compiled for political purposes, or whether any of this information was disseminated to anybody outside of the White House?

WILLIAM KENNEDY, Former White House Associate Counsel: Absolutely not, sir.





KWAME HOLMAN: But Committee Republicans pressed their point that the two men should never have been put in charge of handling the FBI files of prominent Republicans given their political work on behalf of Democrats.

REP. CLINGER: We understand, Mr. Livingstone, that you worked on Gary Hart’s campaign in 1984, is that correct? Just yes or no.


REP. CLINGER: And did you work on the Mondale-Ferraro campaign in 1984?


REP. CLINGER: I believe you worked for Sen. Tim Wirth on his campaign transition and then in the Senate office?


REP. CLINGER: And I believe you also worked for Charlene Drew Jarvis, the District of Columbia?


REP. CLINGER: And also on the Clinton-Gore campaign in 1992?


KWAME HOLMAN: Then the hearing became heated.

REP. DAN BURTON, (R) Indiana: If he was a political operative with this kind of a background, why would you give him access to FBI files on Republicans to the tune of 700? You get FBI background checks when you hire somebody for sensitive positions at the White House. I’m sure you would agree with that. Now, in that background check from the FBI, you found out or you already knew that he used numerous kinds of drugs in the past, No. 1, and No. 2, you would have found out that he was a political operative, and you would have found out about this, this foray into nefarious activities of other people during the Hart campaign. And if you found that out from those FBI reports, why would you put somebody like that in a position of sensitivity like he was in, who had access to getting as many as 700 files from the FBI?

WILLIAM KENNEDY, Former White House Associate Counsel: Congressman Burton, I am prohibited by the Privacy Act from commenting about anything in anybody’s background. And, thus, I don’t know the source of your allegations, but I cannot talk about the information that I know from reviewing anyone’s background.

REP. HENRY WAXMAN: We have had testimony here that what we have had is a serious bureaucratic blunder. I wouldn’t want to minimize it in any way, but, Mr. Chairman, I don’t think it ought to be blown out of all proportion. I’m appalled that a member of Congress who’s protected by the Constitution from any liability for anything any of us say would start to go on an attack about somebody’s prior presumed, maybe drug use or what somebody else said somewhere else about him. I just think that that is sheer McCarthyism.

REP. BURTON: Would the gentleman yield?

REP. WAXMAN: No, I won’t.

REP. BURTON: It’s in the report.

REP. WAXMAN: Let me further go on to say that this isn’t a hearing to get to the bottom of this issue. This is a hearing to smear President Clinton and his administration, to be reckless with the truth for partisan purposes, and it’s not worthy of this committee, Mr. Chairman, it’s not worthy of this committee.

KWAME HOLMAN: But Craig Livingstone has admitted that he read some of the FBI files of current and former White House officials. Today Committee Republicans took him to task for it.

REP. PETER BLUTE, (R) Massachusetts: We’ve had numerous reports, some of which that you’ve talked about today, about you, uh, using or perusing FBI files of current or former—now former Clinton administration officials. The Wall Street Journal reports that several people also said that Mr. Livingstone sometimes went around the Old Executive Office Building complex saying that he had “inside information” about various people and matters. Is that something that happened or occurred during your tenure at the White House?

CRAIG LIVINGSTONE: I believe, as I testified earlier, that I talked with a number of people in my physical capacity about information that I had in files. I think that it would be widely known that I have information on people’s files because I reviewed the files.

REP. PETER BLUTE: Well, these reports seem to say that the White House officials who were speaking to these reporters were concerned about your use of this information and that you were using it in a cavalier fashion and not as, as part of your duty.

CRAIG LIVINGSTONE: As I believe I testified earlier, uh, without being able to look at my notes, but I believe that I testified earlier that on one occasion a Ms. Ellen Lieberman, uh, admonished me about being insensitive to a particular person about her background file.

KWAME HOLMAN: Late today, President Clinton said Livingstone was right to resign his White House job, calling the resignation “appropriate.” Both House and Senate committees plan to continue their hearings into the FBI files.

14 posted on 08/27/2007 6:39:30 AM PDT by BenLurkin
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To: BenLurkin

Thanks. I’m no cop but doesn’t seem like that’s where the gun would land if you shot yourself..seems like it wouldn’t be so close.

15 posted on 08/27/2007 6:41:30 AM PDT by Aria (NO RAPIST ENABLER FOR PRESIDENT!!!)
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To: 2ndDivisionVet

From the Washington Times:

In other testimony yesterday, Secret Service agents revealed:

* Thirty to 40 White House officials and staff of the incoming Clinton administration had recently used cocaine, hallucinogenic drugs and crack before they first sought clearance for White House passes.

They were given temporary access passes, despite Secret Service objections.

* The administration responded to Secret Service concerns by setting up a special drug-testing program as a condition for White House passes for applicants with recent histories of illicit drug use.

“I have reviewed literally hundreds of background investigations. ... I would say more than 30, more than 40, perhaps, had drug usage,” Secret Service agent Jeffrey L. Undercoffer told the committee in a sworn deposition taken last Wednesday and made public at yesterday’s hearing.

“There was some where the drug use was recent. ... I have seen cocaine usage, I have seen hallucinogenic usages, crack usages. I am not that familiar with narcotics. I would say those are the big three,” Mr. Undercoffer testified.

16 posted on 08/27/2007 6:42:31 AM PDT by BenLurkin
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To: 2ndDivisionVet

The Progressive Review

This list was compiled at the end of the Clinton administration. It was last partially updated in 2000

Our Clinton Scandal Index

The Clintons, to adapt a line from Dr. Johnson, were not only corrupt, they were the cause of corruption in others. Yet seldom in America have so many come to excuse so much mendacity and malfeasance as during the Clinton years. Here are some of the facts that have been buried.


- The only president ever impeached on grounds of personal malfeasance
- Most number of convictions and guilty pleas by friends and associates*
- Most number of cabinet officials to come under criminal investigation
- Most number of witnesses to flee country or refuse to testify
- Most number of witnesses to die suddenly
- First president sued for sexual harassment.
- First president accused of rape.
- First first lady to come under criminal investigation
- Largest criminal plea agreement in an illegal campaign contribution case
- First president to establish a legal defense fund.
- First president to be held in contempt of court
- Greatest amount of illegal campaign contributions
- Greatest amount of illegal campaign contributions from abroad
- First president disbarred from the US Supreme Court and a state court

* According to our best information, 40 government officials were indicted or convicted in the wake of Watergate. A reader computes that there was a total of 31 Reagan era convictions, including 14 because of Iran-Contra and 16 in the Department of Housing & Urban Development scandal. 47 individuals and businesses associated with the Clinton machine were convicted of or pleaded guilty to crimes with 33 of these occurring during the Clinton administration itself. There were in addition 61 indictments or misdemeanor charges. 14 persons were imprisoned. A key difference between the Clinton story and earlier ones was the number of criminals with whom he was associated before entering the White House.

Using a far looser standard that included resignations, David R. Simon and D. Stanley Eitzen in Elite Deviance, say that 138 appointees of the Reagan administration either resigned under an ethical cloud or were criminally indicted. Curiously Haynes Johnson uses the same figure but with a different standard in “Sleep-Walking Through History: America in the Reagan Years: “By the end of his term, 138 administration officials had been convicted, had been indicted, or had been the subject of official investigations for official misconduct and/or criminal violations. In terms of number of officials involved, the record of his administration was the worst ever.”


- Number of Starr-Ray investigation convictions or guilty pleas (including one governor, one associate attorney general and two Clinton business partners): 14
- Number of Clinton Cabinet members who came under criminal investigation: 5
- Number of Reagan cabinet members who came under criminal investigation: 4
- Number of top officials jailed in the Teapot Dome Scandal: 3


- Number of individuals and businesses associated with the Clinton machine who have been convicted of or pleaded guilty to crimes: 47
- Number of these convictions during Clinton’s presidency: 33
- Number of indictments/misdemeanor charges: 61
- Number of congressional witnesses who have pleaded the Fifth Amendment, fled the country to avoid testifying, or (in the case of foreign witnesses) refused to be interviewed: 122


- Guilty pleas and convictions obtained by Donald Smaltz in cases involving charges of bribery and fraud against former Agriculture Secretary Mike Espy and associated individuals and businesses: 15
- Acquitted or overturned cases (including Espy): 6
- Fines and penalties assessed: $11.5 million
- Amount Tyson Food paid in fines and court costs: $6 million


- As of June 2000, the Justice Department listed 25 people indicted and 19 convicted because of the 1996 Clinton-Gore fundraising scandals.
- According to the House Committee on Government Reform in September 2000, 79 House and Senate witnesses asserted the Fifth Amendment in the course of investigations into Gore’s last fundraising campaign.
-James Riady entered a plea agreement to pay an $8.5 million fine for campaign finance crimes. This was a record under campaign finance laws.


Drug trafficking (3), racketeering, extortion, bribery (4), tax evasion, kickbacks, embezzlement (2), fraud (12), conspiracy (5), fraudulent loans, illegal gifts (1), illegal campaign contributions (5), money laundering (6), perjury, obstruction of justice.


- Number of independent counsel inquiries since the 1978 law was passed: 19
- Number that have produced indictments: 7
- Number that produced more convictions than the Starr investigation: 1
- Median length of investigations that led to convictions: 44 months
- Length of Starr-Ray investigation: 69 months.
- Total cost of the Starr investigation (3/00) $52 million
- Total cost of the Iran-Contra investigation: $48.5 million
- Total cost to taxpayers of the Madison Guarantee failure: $73 million


Bank and mail fraud, violations of campaign finance laws, illegal foreign campaign funding, improper exports of sensitive technology, physical violence and threats of violence, solicitation of perjury, intimidation of witnesses, bribery of witnesses, attempted intimidation of prosecutors, perjury before congressional committees, lying in statements to federal investigators and regulatory officials, flight of witnesses, obstruction of justice, bribery of cabinet members, real estate fraud, tax fraud, drug trafficking, failure to investigate drug trafficking, bribery of state officials, use of state police for personal purposes, exchange of promotions or benefits for sexual favors, using state police to provide false court testimony, laundering of drug money through a state agency, false reports by medical examiners and others investigating suspicious deaths, the firing of the RTC and FBI director when these agencies were investigating Clinton and his associates, failure to conduct autopsies in suspicious deaths, providing jobs in return for silence by witnesses, drug abuse, improper acquisition and use of 900 FBI files, improper futures trading, murder, sexual abuse of employees, false testimony before a federal judge, shredding of documents, withholding and concealment of subpoenaed documents, fabricated charges against (and improper firing of) White House employees, inviting drug traffickers, foreign agents and participants in organized crime to the White House.


Number of times that Clinton figures who testified in court or before Congress said that they didn’t remember, didn’t know, or something similar.

Bill Kennedy 116
Harold Ickes 148
Ricki Seidman 160
Bruce Lindsey 161
Bill Burton 191
Mark Gearan 221
Mack McLarty 233
Neil Egglseston 250
Hillary Clinton 250
John Podesta 264
Jennifer O’Connor 343
Dwight Holton 348
Patsy Thomasson 420
Jeff Eller 697

FROM THE WASHINGTON TIMES: In the portions of President Clinton’s Jan. 17 deposition that have been made public in the Paula Jones case, his memory failed him 267 times. This is a list of his answers and how many times he gave each one.

I don’t remember - 71
I don’t know - 62
I’m not sure - 17
I have no idea - 10
I don’t believe so - 9
I don’t recall - 8
I don’t think so - 8
I don’t have any specific recollection - 6
I have no recollection - 4
Not to my knowledge - 4
I just don’t remember - 4
I don’t believe - 4
I have no specific recollection - 3
I might have - 3
I don’t have any recollection of that - 2 I don’t have a specific memory - 2
I don’t have any memory of that - 2
I just can’t say - 2
I have no direct knowledge of that - 2
I don’t have any idea - 2
Not that I recall - 2
I don’t believe I did - 2
I can’t remember - 2
I can’t say - 2
I do not remember doing so - 2
Not that I remember - 2
I’m not aware - 1
I honestly don’t know - 1
I don’t believe that I did - 1
I’m fairly sure - 1
I have no other recollection - 1
I’m not positive - 1
I certainly don’t think so - 1
I don’t really remember - 1
I would have no way of remembering that - 1
That’s what I believe happened - 1
To my knowledge, no - 1
To the best of my knowledge - 1
To the best of my memory - 1
I honestly don’t recall - 1
I honestly don’t remember - 1
That’s all I know - 1
I don’t have an independent recollection of that - 1
I don’t actually have an independent memory of that - 1
As far as I know - 1
I don’t believe I ever did that - 1
That’s all I know about that - 1
I’m just not sure - 1
Nothing that I remember - 1
I simply don’t know - 1
I would have no idea - 1
I don’t know anything about that - 1
I don’t have any direct knowledge of that - 1
I just don’t know - 1
I really don’t know - 1
I can’t deny that, I just — I have no memory of that at all - 1


- Number of persons in the Clinton machine orbit who are alleged to have committed suicide: 9
- Number known to have been murdered: 12
- Number who died in plane crashes: 6
- Number who died in single car automobile accidents: 3
- Number of one-person sking fatalities: 1
- Number of key witnesses who have died of heart attacks while in federal custody under questionable circumstances: 1
- Number of unexplained deaths: 4
- Total suspicious deaths: 46
- Number of northern Mafia killings during peak years of 1968-78: 30
- Number of Dixie Mafia killings during same period: 156

It is important in considering these fatal incidents to bear in mind the following:

The fact that anomalies need to be investigated further carries no presumption of how a death actually occurred, only that there remain serious questions that require answers.

The possibility of foul play must be taken seriously in a major criminal conspiracy in which over two score individuals and firms have been convicted and over 100 witnesses have pled the Fifth Amendment or fled the country.

If foul play did occur in any of these cases, that fact by itself does not carry the presumption that the the Clinton machine was involved. Given the footprints of organized crime, drug trade, foreign espionage, and intelligence agencies on the trail of the Clinton story, such a assumption would not be warranted. It is also well to keep in mind the classic prohibition era movie in which the corrupt poitician’s job was not to engage in illegal acts but to avoid noticing them.

- Amount of an alleged electronic transfer from the Arkansas Development Financial Authority to a bank in the Cayman Islands during 1980s: $50 million
- Grand Cayman’s population: 18,000
- Number of commercial banks: 570
- Number of bank regulators: 1
- Amount Arkansas state pension fund invested in high-risk repos in the mid-80s in one purchase in April 1985: $52 million through the Worthen Bank.
- Number of days thereafter that the state’s brokerage firm went belly up: 3
- Amount Arkansas pension fund dropped overnight as a result: 15%
- Percent of Worthen bank that Mochtar Riady bought over the next four months to bail out the bank and the then governor, Bill Clinton: 40%.
- Percent of purchasers from the Clintons and McDougals of resort lots who lost the land because of the sleazy financing provisions: over 50%


- Number of journalists covering Whitewater who have been fired, transferred off the beat, resigned or otherwise gotten into trouble because of their work on the scandals (Doug Frantz, Jim Wooten, Richard Behar, Christopher Ruddy, Michael Isikoff, David Eisenstadt, Yinh Chan, Jonathan Broder, James R. Norman, Zoh Hieronimus): 10


- Number of times John Huang took the 5th Amendment in answer to questions during a Judicial Watch deposition: 1,000
- Visits made to the White House by investigation subjects Johnny Chung, James Riady, John Huang, and Charlie Trie. 160
- Number of campaign contributors who got overnights at the White House in the two years before the 1996 election: 577
- Number of members of Thomas Boggs’s law firm who have held top positions in the Clinton administration. 18
- Number of times John Huang was briefed by CIA: 37
- Number of calls Huang made from Commerce Department to Lippo banks: 261
- Number of intelligence reports Huang read while at Commerce Department: 500


- FBI files misappropriated by the White House: c. 900
- Estimated number of witnesses quoted in FBI files misappropriated by the White House: 18,000
- Number of witnesses who developed medical problems at critical points in Clinton scandals investigation (Tucker, Hale, both McDougals, Lindsey): 5
- Problem areas listed in a memo by Clinton’s own lawyer in preparation for the president’s defense: 40
- Number of witnesses and critics of Clinton subjected to IRS audit: 45
- Number of names placed in a White House secret database without the knowledge of those named: c. 200,000
- Number of women involved with Clinton who claim to have been physically threatened (Sally Perdue, Gennifer Flowers, Kathleen Willey, Linda Tripp, Elizabeth Ward Gracen, Juantia Broaddrick): 6
- Number of men involved in the Clinton scandals who have been beaten up or claimed to have been intimidated: 10


USA Today calls it “the hidden election,” in which nearly 7,000 state legislative seats are decided with only minimal media and public attention. But there was an important national story here: evidence of the disaster that Bill Clinton was for the Democratic Party. According to the National Conference of State Legislatures, Democrats held a 1,542 seat lead in the state bodies in 1990. As of 1998 that lead had shrunk to 288. That’s a loss of over 1,200 state legislative seats, nearly all of them under Clinton. Across the US, the Democrats controled only 65 more state senate seats than the Republicans.

Further, in 1992, the Democrats controlled 17 more state legislatures than the Republicans. After 1998, the Republicans controlled one more than the Democrats. Not only was this a loss of 9 legislatures under Clinton, but it was the first time since 1954 that the GOP had controlled more state legislatures than the Democrats (they tied in 1968).

Here’s what happened to the Democrats under Clinton, based on our latest figures:

- GOP seats gained in House since Clinton became president: 48
- GOP seats gained in Senate since Clinton became president: 8
- GOP governorships gained since Clinton became president: 11
- GOP state legislative seats gained since Clinton became president: 1,254
as of 1998
- State legislatures taken over by GOP since Clinton became president: 9
- Democrat officeholders who have become Republicans since Clinton became
president: 439 as of 1998
- Republican officeholders who have become Democrats since Clinton became president: 3


Here are some of the all too rare public officials, reporters, and others who spoke truth to the dismally corrupt power of Bill and Hill Clinton’s political machine — some at risk to their careers, others at risk to their lives. A few points to note:

- Those corporatist media reporters who attempted to report the story often found themselves muzzled; some even lost their jobs. The only major dailies that consistently handled the story well were the Wall Street Journal and the Washington Times.

- Nobody on this list has gotten rich and many you may not have even heard of. Taking on the Clintons typically has not been a happy or rewarding experience. At least ten reporters were fired, transferred off their beats, resigned, or otherwise got into trouble because of their work on the scandals.

- Contrary to the popular impression, the politics of those listed ranges from the left to the right, and from the ideological to the independent.


MIGUEL RODRIGUEZ was a prosecutor on the staff of Kenneth Starr. His attempts to uncover the truth in the Vincent Foster death case were repeatedly foiled and he was the subject of planted stories undermining his credibility and implying that he was unstable. Rodriguez eventually resigned.

JEAN DUFFEY: Head of a joint federal-county drug task force in Arkansas. Her first instructions from her boss: “Jean, you are not to use the drug task force to investigate any public official.” Duffey’s work, however, led deep into the heart of the Dixie Mafia, including members of the Clinton machine and the investigation of the so-called “train deaths.” Ambrose Evans-Pritchard reports that when she produced a star witness who could testify to Clinton’s involvement with cocaine, the local prosecuting attorney, Dan Harmon issued a subpoena for all the task force records, including “the incriminating files on his own activities. If Duffey had complied it would have exposed 30 witnesses and her confidential informants to violent retributions. She refused.” Harmon issued a warrant for her arrest and friendly cops told her that there was a $50,000 price on her head. She eventually fled to Texas. The once-untouchable Harmon was later convicted of racketeering, extortion and drug dealing.

BILL DUNCAN: An IRS investigator in Arkansas who drafted some 30 federal indictments of Arkansas figures on money laundering and other charges. Clinton biographer Roger Morris quotes a source who reviewed the evidence: “Those indictments were a real slam dunk if there ever was one.” The cases were suppressed, many in the name of “national security.” Duncan was never called to testify. Other IRS agents and state police disavowed Duncan and turned on him. Said one source, “Somebody outside ordered it shut down and the walls went up.”

RUSSELL WELCH: An Arkansas state police detective working with Duncan. Welch developed a 35-volume, 3,000 page archive on drug and money laundering operations at Mena. His investigation was so compromised that a high state police official even let one of the targets of the probe look through the file. At one point, Welch was sprayed in the face with poison, later identified by the Center for Disease Control as anthrax. He would write in his diary, “I feel like I live in Russia, waiting for the secret police to pounce down. A government has gotten out of control. Men find themselves in positions of power and suddenly crimes become legal.” Welch is no longer with the state police.

DAN SMALTZ: Smaltz did an outstanding job investigating and prosecuting charges involving illegal payoffs to Agriculture Secretary Mike Espy, yet was treated with disparaging and highly inaccurate reporting by the likes of the David Broder and the NY Times. Espy was acquitted under a law that made it necessary to not only prove that he accepted gratuities but that he did something specific in return. On the other hand, Tyson Foods copped a plea in the same case, paying $6 million in fines and serving four years’ probation. The charge: that Tyson had illegally offered Espy $12,000 in airplane rides, football tickets and other payoffs. In the Espy investigation, Smaltz obtained 15 convictions and collected over $11 million in fines and civil penalties. Offenses for which convictions were obtained included false statements, concealing money from prohibited sources, illegal gratuities, illegal contributions, falsifying records, interstate transportation of stolen property, money laundering, and illegal receipt of USDA subsidies. In addition, Janet Reno blocked Smaltz from pursuing leads aimed at allegations of major drug trafficking in Arkansas and payoffs to the then governor of the state, WJ Clinton. Espy had become Ag secretary only after being flown to Arkansas to get the approval of chicken king Don Tyson.

DAVID SCHIPPERS was House impeachment counsel and a Chicago Democrat. He did a highly creditable job but since he didn’t fit the right-wing conspiracy theory, the Clintonista media downplayed his work. Thus most Americans don’t know that he told Newsmax, “Let me tell you, if we had a chance to put on a case, I would have put live witnesses before the committee. But the House leadership, and I’m not talking about Henry Hyde, they just killed us as far as time was concerned. I begged them to let me take it into this year. Then I screamed for witnesses before the Senate. But there was nothing anybody could do to get those Senators to show any courage. They told us essentially, you’re not going to get 67 votes so why are you wasting our time.” Schippers also said that while a number of representatives had looked at additional evidence kept under seal in a nearby House building, not a single senator did.

JOHN CLARKE: When Patrick Knowlton stopped to relieve himself in Ft. Marcy Park 70 minutes before the discovery of Vince Foster’s body, he saw things that got him into deep trouble. His interview statements were falsified and prior to testifying he claims he was overtly harassed by more than a score of men in a classic witness intimidation technique. In some cases there were witnesses. John Clarke was his dogged lawyer in the witness intimidation case that was largely ignored by the media, even when the three-judge panel overseeing the Starr investigation permitted Knowlton to append a 20 page addendum to the Starr Report.


THE ARKANSAS COMMITTEE: What would later be known as the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy actually began on the left - as a group of progressive students at the University of Arkansas had formed the Arkansas Committee to look into Mena, drugs, money laundering, and Arkansas politics. This committee was the source of some of the important early Clinton stories including those published in the Progressive Review.

CLINTON ADMINISTRATION SCANDALS E-LIST: Moderated by Ray Heizer, this list was subject to all the idiosyncrasies of Internet bulletin boards, but nonetheless proved invaluable to researchers and journalists.


JERRY SEPER of the Washington Times was far and away the best beat reporter of the story, handling it week after week in the best tradition of investigative journalism. If other reporters had followed Seper’s lead, the history of the Clintons’ machine might have been quite different.

AMBROSE EVANS-PRITCHARD of the London Telegraph did a remarkable job of digging into some of the seamiest tales from Arkansas and the Clinton past. Other early arrivals on the scene were Alexander Cockburn and Jeff Gerth.

CHRISTOPHER RUDDY, among other fine reports on the Clinton scandals, did the best job laying out the facts in the Vince Foster death case.

ROGER MORRIS AND SALLY DENTON wrote a major expose of events at Mena, but at the last moment the Washington Post’s brass ordered the story killed. It was published by Penthouse and later included in Morris’ “Partners in Power,” the best biography of the Clintons.

OTHERS who helped get parts of the story out included reporters Philip Weiss, Carl Limbacher, Wes Phelan, David Bresnahan, William Sammon, Liza Myers, Mara Leveritt, Matt Drudge, Jim Ridgeway, Nat Hentoff, Michael Isikoff, Christopher Hitchens and Michael Kelly. Also independent investigator Hugh Sprunt and former White House FBI agent Gary Aldrich.

SAM SMITH of the Progressive Review wrote the first book (Shadows of Hope, University of Indiana Press, 1994) deconstructing the Clinton myth. The Review provided extensive coverage of the topic.

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To: BenLurkin

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From CNN:

Documents Suggest Hillary Knew Craig Livingstone

WASHINGTON (AllPolitics, July 25) — Though she’s denied any involvement with hiring Craig Livingstone, some FBI documents suggest Hillary Clinton helped the former security office head get White House clearance, a congressman charged.

House Government Reform and Oversight Chairman William Clinger (R-Penn.) took to the House floor, saying newly obtained FBI notes from 1993 show then-White House counsel Bernard Nussbaum telling an agent that Mrs. Clinton knew and could vouch for Livingstone, who was undergoing a background check.

Clinger read from the notes of agent Dennis Sculimbrene that Livingstone “came highly recommended to him by Hillary Clinton, who has known his mother for quite some time.”

Nussbaum promptly released a statement, saying, “I never told FBI agent Sculimbrene, or anyone else, that the First Lady recommended Craig Livingstone for his position in the White House or that the First Lady knew Livingstone’s mother. I am mystified and outraged that someone would attribute to me something I never said,” he added.

Rep. Henry Waxman (D-Calif) followed Clinger on the House floor and declared, “It’s out of line to come to the floor and use information that has not been verified presumably from some FBI file, to try to smear the first lady, Bernard Nussbaum...and the Democratic administration. This is a partisan smear.”

Dismissing Sculimbrene as zealously anti-Clinton, Democrats entered into the congressional record a statement from Livingstone’s mother saying she never knew Mrs. Clinton before her son was hired at the White House.

In interviews, the first lady has denied any involvement with Livingstone’s hire, and Nussbaum testified under oath to House investigators on June 26 that he was not involved. Just who hired Livingstone was not quickly established, although White House officials eventually said late White House attorney Vincent Foster brought him in.

Clinger also took issue with the FBI, which reportedly alerted the White House (who then alerted Nussbaum’s attorneys) about Sculimbrene’s notes several weeks ago. In a letter to Clinger, the FBI said it “had a responsibility to advise affected parties.”

But Clinger called it a “heads up.” “What possible legitimate reason could the FBI have had to contact the White House about this information?” he stormed.

Livingstone resigned June 26 after revelations surfaced that his office had improperly obtained over 700 FBI background files, many on Republicans, including former Bush officials Marlin Fitzwater, James Baker and Brent Scowcroft. Clinger’s oversight committee and Whitewater independent prosecutor Kenneth Starr are investigating the affair.

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To: 2ndDivisionVet

Gee, wonder witch War Room came up with the term HilaryCare Haters?? Never heard that term about President Bush Haters??

Pray for W and Our Troops

20 posted on 08/27/2007 7:10:47 AM PDT by bray (Member of the FR President Bush underground)
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