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(Not) Howie Carr live thread, Sept. 20 and 21 ^ | 9/20/07 | raccoonradio

Posted on 09/20/2007 7:45:05 AM PDT by raccoonradio

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To: Andonius_99; Andy'smom; Antique Gal; Big Guy and Rusty 99; bitt; Barset; Carolinamom; Cheapskate; ..

The Friday NOT THE HOWIE CARR SHOW ping. Too bad Howie is off (perhaps for quite awhile); he could have done a lot with this story:

A woman who walked into Logan International Airport allegedly wearing a fake bomb strapped to chest was arrested at gunpoint Friday, officials said.

Star Simpson, 19, had a computer circuit board, wiring and a putty that later turned out to be Play-Doh in plain view over a black hooded sweatshirt she was wearing, said State Police Maj. Scott Pare, the commanding officer at the airport.

After a Massachusetts Port Authority official notified State Police about 8 a.m., troopers tracked Simpson down outside Terminal C, where they arrested her and later determined the device was a fake.

21 posted on 09/21/2007 8:35:01 AM PDT by raccoonradio
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To: raccoonradio

today’s Howie column from the Herald

Free money, no wait at the state pension trough

by Howie Carr/ Boston Herald 9/21/07

Last year I was checking whether some hack - I believe it was Fat Matt Amorello - was eligible for a state pension. He wasn’t, thank goodness. But I asked the guy at the Retirement Board how much the bloated ex-solon would someday be able to grab for his years in what is laughably termed public service. He gave me Fat Matt’s take at age 55. Then I asked what Fat Matt would get if he waited a few years past 55.

“Wait?” the guy said, incredulously. “Why would he wait? Nobody ever waits if they can get it now.”

Which is why the latest addition to the Herald’s Find-A-Hack Web site is such a public service. You can look up all those nice folks who used to drive their state cars on the weekends, and who now winter in Naples, Fla. A state kiss in the mail goes a lot further than a regular old Social Security check, and it’s even better when you’re getting both the state and the federal kisses.

The old tombstones say “Gone but Not Forgotten,” but these state hacks on the Find-A-Hack Web site are “forgotten but not gone.”

Let me give an example: Peter Forman, ex-state rep and sheriff of Plymouth County. In 2001 he went onto the payroll of accidental Gov. Jane Swift (who, like Fat Matt, is still too young to start collecting). Forman worked one of those special free-money-if-you’re-fired deals, and even got Swift to testify that she dumped him. Worked like a charm. Since 2002 Forman has been collecting $43,293 a year. “Retired” at age 41, who the hell does the sheriff think he is, a T bus driver or a state trooper?

To save you the trouble, let’s go directly to the big jackpot winner - William M. Bulger. Whitey’s younger brother receives $16,457 every month, for a yearly total of $197,485.92. (Bulger’s longtime secretary Patty Brett collects $5,025 a month.) But Bulger’s not the only college president/state rep cashing out in a very big way. Come on down (to Naples) David Bartley of Holyoke Community College - $12,694 a month, which works out to $152,325 annually.

Holyoke is next door to Springfield, home of Springfield Tech, run for many years by Andrew Scibelli, who retired in 2004 and now grabs $12,607 a month.

As much money as these wrinkly ex-college presidents are making, it’s only a matter of time until you read a headline: “Cops: children collected ex-prez pen$ion for 4 years after death.”

It’s not only ex-college presidents raking in the mega-bucks. Take Ron Story of UMass-Amherst, please. Used to be a history professor out in Happy Valley, then briefly got a promotion. Now he’s collecting $104,250 a year in retirement pay. Did I mention that he’s married to Rep. Ellen Story?

Here’s another blast from the past: Big Daddy Dave Constantine, the former governor’s councilor. A dentist by trade, he retired as a special assistant to the chancellor, at UMass-Dartmouth I believe. Now he gets a small peck on the cheek - $3,004.64 a month.

Worcester County sheriff Guy Glodis’ father was a state rep, Bill Glodis. Bill Glodis is married to one Patricia A. Glodis. Would you care to guess who the only two Glodises retired on state pensions are? Total annual take: $154,692. Say, you don’t suppose William and Patricia Glodis of Worcester are any relation to William and Patricia Glodis of Yarmouthport?

Back in the mid-1990s, Sen. Lou Bertonazzi didn’t have the juice to win the Senate presidency over Tom Birmingham. But the story has a happy ending - Lou got moved to Human Services with a big fat pay raise and now is entitled to a pension of $60,939 a year, while Birmingham grabs a mere $16,657 a year.

Treasurer Tim Cahill does a good job of prying convicted felons’ snouts out of the trough - just ask Tommy Taxes. But a mere probe means nothing. You have probably never heard of a Springfield solon named Athan “Soco” Catjakis - a true sheep in sheep’s clothing, as they say. Last time I thought about Soco was back in 2004, when the Springfield paper ran a front-page photo of feds in windbreakers taking boxes of stuff out of his garage in the Hungry Hills district. Something about the Asselin family.

But Soco never got socked by the grand jury, and for the last 14 years, he gets a kiss in the mail every month for $1,339.29.

So many names, so little space: Congressman John Olver, $27,158 a year (another Happy Valley prof emeritus) and Congressman Bill Delahunt, $57,623 (as an ex-DA, he collects at a cop rate). Then there’s ex-Gov. Mike Dukakis, $30,033; ex-Gov. Paul Cellucci, $44,733, ex-House speaker Tommy McGee $47,224 and ex-House speaker George Keverian $54,499.
To be continued...

22 posted on 09/21/2007 8:37:27 AM PDT by raccoonradio
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To: raccoonradio

on the situation of Star Simpson, giving MIT a bad name:
(A cop on Ch 7 in Boston just said deadly force would have been used had she not followed the instructions the cops
gave her. Her shirt said “Core 6, Socket To Me”. Core 6 is apparently a popular major at the college.)

23 posted on 09/21/2007 9:06:00 AM PDT by raccoonradio
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To: raccoonradio

I was just thinking that Hannity could replace Carr, but from 3-6. I see BOR is giving up the Radio Factor, and with those two hours gone, WVMT could carry Hour 3 of either Miller or Ingraham, revenue dependent, and shift Ingraham accordingly.

24 posted on 09/21/2007 12:51:01 PM PDT by Calvin Locke
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To: raccoonradio
I knew a guy that vacationed in Germany. He bought a couple of cuckoo clocks, and somebody suggested shipping them back to the US, but throw the weights in your luggage, to save on shipping.

So, at the Frankfurt airport....he ended up with a couple of submachine guns pointed at him, while they tried to figure out what the metallic objects were...

I hear a blurb about the Logan incident that said they did pull out an MP5 in Ms. Simpson's investigation.

25 posted on 09/21/2007 1:05:02 PM PDT by Calvin Locke
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To: Calvin Locke

It’s still unknown if BOR is giving up the show or not.
Some say he isn’t and one person on “heard”
that he was going to another syndicator and switching to
1-3 pm (in which case he’d still be against Rush). Nothing
official yet...But you do say VMT is getting rid of BOR.
But yes, they could pick up either Miller or Ingraham’s
third hour etc

26 posted on 09/21/2007 1:12:15 PM PDT by raccoonradio
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To: raccoonradio
I didn't say WVMT was canning BOR, I was merely speculating on what to do if the Radio Factor does indeed shut down.

BOR had bet that Limbaugh wasn't coming back after the deafness announcement, iirc.

27 posted on 09/21/2007 1:33:50 PM PDT by Calvin Locke
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To: Calvin Locke

oh OK, got it!
wow he though Rush would be retiring because of the deafness, eh

28 posted on 09/21/2007 1:50:41 PM PDT by raccoonradio
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To: raccoonradio
Oh, BOR denied it, but hoping that Rush would lose listeners between the deafness and oxycontin problems, did make him look like an opportunistic vulture at the time.

And, BOR's syndicator was Westwood One, a CBS subsidiary.

They even got another CBS sub, MarketWatch to talk down Limbaugh as viable advertising, in what appeared to me, to be an overt push to BOR. MarketWatch's biggest sin was not disclosing to being part of the CBS/Westwood One family.

29 posted on 09/21/2007 2:06:14 PM PDT by Calvin Locke
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To: Calvin Locke; All

We were hoping Howie would be on air to talk about the MIT
student incident, but here’s the next best thing: a column on the Herald’s site (would prob be in tomorrow’s paper too
rather than just a web-only):

Falling Star one of many brilliant fools at Hub schools

by Howie Carr/Boston Herald

Enough is enough.

I mean, what did Boston do to deserve this plague of punks?

And of course, this latest, utterly preventable chaos at Logan International Airport is now being brushed off as a work of art? Stop me if you’ve heard this one before.

Just last winter we got the same preposterous alibi from those two spoiled losers who brought the city to a standstill with their Cartoon Network stunt, and please, no second-guessing the cops on whether they overreacted.

All that nice young foreign gentleman with the Rasta haircut and the aversion to bathing had to do was tell the police who responded to the first 911 call in Sullivan Square that it was a joke.

But no, the performance artist wanted some videotape. Of his art.

And now we meet the latest college kid to screw up the lives of people who have to work for a living. Young Star Simpson, 19, MIT sophomore, of Hawaii. Bringing a fake bomb into Logan Airport gives new meaning to the term sophomoric behavior.

Star is lucky, damn lucky, she was not shot dead right there in Terminal C, and kudos to the State Police for pointing out that obvious fact for once rather than beating around the bush.

Explained State Police Major Scott Pare: “She said that it was a piece of art and she wanted to stand out on career day.”

For which she could get a new career: jailbird.

I guarantee you Star was never spanked as a kid. So now she needs a timeout. How does three-to-five sound?

The problem is, those two loser punks from the Cartoon Network - they didn’t do any time, even after they came out of the courthouse and gave everybody the proverbial finger.

How much do you want to bet Star’s got a trust fund, and that her parents are aging hippie types?

Before today, the brilliant students of MIT were most recently in the news for trying to set fire to the Charles River. In their off hours, these brainiacs drink themselves to death at fraternity parties across the river in Boston.

These MIT students are not to be confused with the BU scholars, who riot in Kenmore Square and set fire to cars after athletic events.

And down the road from BU is Boston College, where wacky college kids can be found handcuffed to light poles outside Mary Ann’s. And back across the river is Harvard, home of America’s future leaders, who amuse themselves after Saturday football games by peeing in public and then calling Momsy and Pater when some cops have the temerity to lug them.

At some point, somebody has got to make an example of one of these college kids. Funny is putting a Volkswagen bug at the top of the stairs of the Widener Library in Harvard Yard, or wherever the hell they do it.

What’s not funny is arriving at Northeastern and two days later yelling out the window to a bunch of cops that if they want to buy pot, they’ve come to the right place. Actually, that was kind of humorous. As one poster on the Herald’s Web site put it, “UMass-Boston, here we come!”

The problem is, the college administrators and the local laws are loath to crack down on the little darlings. They blame it on hijinks and high testosterone, but I think it has more to do with high tuitions.

Even at the second- and third-rate private colleges, full-boat tuitions are up over $40,000. And the nouveau-riche white trash who spawn most of these young dolts just aren’t reproducing at the same levels as in a pre-birth control era. That’s why schools like Suffolk are recruiting Eurotrash teenagers to destabilize Beacon Hill.

In high school, Star surely learned a lot about self-esteem, but here are a couple of old sayings I’ll bet she never heard. Don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time. And the First Amendment does not give you the right to yell fire in a crowded theater.

Or don’t bring what looks like a bomb into Logan Airport, while carrying what appears to be plastic explosives in your hands.

Life is hard, kid, but it’s harder if you’re stupid. Those words as true today as they were when George V. Higgins wrote them. Are you listening, Star? Next time you get a bright idea, just chug-a-lug another beer and take one more hit on the bong. And leave the rest of us alone.

Not that Star’s incarceration will stop the lads and lasses from double-parking all weekend up and down Newbury Street and Comm. Ave, or from partying all night long in Allston and Brighton. Just think, it’s almost time for the Red Sox playoffs. Last one to throw a brick at a police horse is a rotten egg!

I know, they’re all wonderful and smart and the apple of Daddy’s eye and they’re going to someday be a law clerk for Justice Breyer. But my final question is, if these wacky college kids are so damned intelligent, how come they keep getting their U-Haul trucks stuck under the bridges on Storrow Drive?

30 posted on 09/22/2007 1:02:21 AM PDT by raccoonradio
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