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Cashill: FBI suppressed video of TWA (800) explosion / Are feds hiding crash imagery?
WND ^ | 8/30 & 9/20 | Jack Cashilll

Posted on 09/20/2007 7:33:48 PM PDT by cgk

WND Exclusive Commentary

FBI suppressed video of TWA explosion

Posted: August 30, 2007
1:00 a.m. Eastern

Recovered debris from TWA 800

More than six years after retired United Airline captain Ray Lahr launched his Freedom of Information Act petition into the fate of TWA Flight 800, the FBI has shown him –likely by accident – one seriously smoking gun.

The Boeing 747 blew up off the coast of Long Island on July 17, 1996. One of the FBI documents received recently by Lahr and his attorney details a communication that took place six days after the crash:

"The FBI guy who looked at this must not have read it, or not have realized what it would reveal, Otherwise he would have redacted most of it as before."


(Excerpt) Read more at ...

KEYWORDS: cashill; clintonlegacy; doh; fbi; flight800; truth; twa; twa800; twaflight800
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To: the_Watchman

IIrc, Algore made a similar slip and referred to the ‘shooting down of flight 800’.

81 posted on 09/20/2007 8:46:01 PM PDT by Smokin' Joe (How often God must weep at humans' folly.)
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To: BigBobber

Noobs crawling out of the woodwork here. Flight 800 is bad news for everybody with 100 yards of the Clinton administration. Including the one running for POTUS.

I swear, Flight 800 threads are like flypaper for Clintonista sleepers.

82 posted on 09/20/2007 8:47:50 PM PDT by WhistlingPastTheGraveyard
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To: Jewels1091
i believe with my entire being it will be found that he was a mole for the communist and that he tried to hurt this nation>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Well he is still at it, and wifey is obviously more than willing to lay on hurt #2. Can you believe that the media is NOT all over her case on the Norman Hsu fund raising bondoggle?

Where did the money come from? A pyramid scam selling latex gloves? No way that could generate THAT amount of money.

The media looks the other way rather than go for a Pulitzer, these days. One longs for a Republican "Deep Throat."

But then the Clintons simply assassinated those who were on to them.

83 posted on 09/20/2007 8:48:29 PM PDT by Candor7 (
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To: willk

Almost as embarassing as the investigation and the final FBI report...

84 posted on 09/20/2007 8:50:03 PM PDT by DoughtyOne (Hillary has hay fever. There she goes now... "Ha Hsu, ha hsu, haaaa hsu, ha hsu...")
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To: WhistlingPastTheGraveyard

So much for the spark in the center fuel tank causing an explosion.If you look closely the spars are stll somewhat intact.If a fire ball started there in the the fuel bay you would not have any spars left at all.They are made from aluminum and would melt at 1100 degrees or there abouts.There is the scorched paint on the side of the fuselage up and aft of the fuel bay area but not enough to be a result from the tanks letting go.Look at plane crashes where a fire has erupted and you will see what I mean. Now I will wait for my tinfoil hat to arrive in the mail.

85 posted on 09/20/2007 8:51:46 PM PDT by HANG THE EXPENSE (Defeat liberalism, its the right thing to do for America.)
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To: perfect_rovian_storm

When I saw the original broadcast.....I immediately thought, “That was one of those shoulder-launched missiles!” I’ve seen dozens of those on television broadcasts....shown in the first Gulf War. There was no mistaking what we saw.

86 posted on 09/20/2007 8:53:17 PM PDT by LaineyDee (Don't mess with Texas wimmen!)
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To: papasmurf

Add my name to the list of those who don’t believe Jim Kahlstrom was anything more than a Clinton shill. Rat Bastard is about the only appropriate descriptor I can think of.

The FBI has to my knowledge never ripped an investigation out from under the NTSB. Never has the CIA attended every press converence concerning the crash of a commercial aviation aircraft.

Never have so many witnesses been ignored so completely. Hell, the FBI didn’t even interview some of the folks who called in.

87 posted on 09/20/2007 8:54:45 PM PDT by DoughtyOne (Hillary has hay fever. There she goes now... "Ha Hsu, ha hsu, haaaa hsu, ha hsu...")
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To: Smokin' Joe

No, that was John Kerry. On Larry King on 9/11/2001 and on Chris Matthews on 9/14/2001. Al Gore wisely kept his trap shut and stayed out of the race. Draw your own conclusions about Kerry’s motivation for saying it twice on national television.

Stephanopoulos also called it a “bombing” on 9/11/01 and Dick Morris refers to in his book as one of three “attacks” during the “terrorist summer of 1996”.

But what would a bunch of White House insiders who were there during the attack know? Must be a bunch of “conspiracy theorists”.

88 posted on 09/20/2007 8:54:48 PM PDT by WhistlingPastTheGraveyard
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To: cgk

I’d give you about even money a forum participant named _Jim will show up on this thread.

89 posted on 09/20/2007 8:55:50 PM PDT by DoughtyOne (Hillary has hay fever. There she goes now... "Ha Hsu, ha hsu, haaaa hsu, ha hsu...")
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To: Jewels1091

*thought it would be decades before we found out all the damage he did to this country.*

Interesting that Clintoon came from trailer trash but ends up never having to work, going to top Univ. and Law School and William Fulbright as a mentor also at Oxford spent most of his time in Russia, Czech. and other parts in anti American Demonstrations.

90 posted on 09/20/2007 8:57:03 PM PDT by SoCalPol (Duncan Hunter '08 Tough on WOT & Illegals)
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To: Lancey Howard
“You people are embarrassing. Do a little homework.”

Okay! You caught me. I’m a government plant trying to throw you flight 800 conspiracy people off the trail.

91 posted on 09/20/2007 8:58:20 PM PDT by willk
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To: DoughtyOne

The first plot was a scheme to kill the Pope due to arrive in mid January, 1995. The second plot was the hijack airliners-fly-them-into-buildings scenario that was fulfilled on 9/11 and plot three was “Bojinka;” reportedly named by Yousef after the Serbo Croation word for “Big Noise.”

This was a non-suicide plot in which Yousef and his three cohorts, Murad, Wali Khan Amin Shah (a confident of bin Laden’s) and Ramzi’s uncle, Khalid Shaikh Mohammed would board the first leg of a series of U.S. bound flights heading from Asia. On the initial leg of each flight they would smuggle on the innocuous components of an ingenious “bomb trigger” Yousef had designed. Powered by a Casio watch and utilizing diluted nitroglycerine to be ignited via a broken bulb initiator, the IEDs (improvised explosive devices) were to be placed under seats (in the lifejacket pouches) located above the center fuel tanks of 747’s.

The plotters would then exit after the planes touched down and the IED’s would blow hours later as the planes jetted back across the Pacific. Yousef had intended this to happen on 11 flights and he even “wet tested” one of the Casio-nitro devices on Philippines Airlines Flight 434 on the first leg of a flight from Manila to Cebu in the Southern Philippines on December 11, 1994.

At the time he planted the device under seat 26K, in a row just shy of the center fuel tank. On its way to Japan the bomb blew, killing (Haruki Ikegami) the passenger in 26K and blowing a hole in the cabin floor, but it missed the fuel tank and the plane landed safely.

But Yousef realized that if he just moved the devices a few rows forward they would serve as “blasting caps” to rip open the fuel tanks so he plotted with Khalid Shaikh Mohammed, Murad and Shah to plant the Casio-nitro bomb triggers aboard up to 11 jumbo jets exiting Asia.

Yousef was captured in February 1995 after a fire in his Manila bomb factory. Murad was captured a month before and Shah was eventually arrested after first escaping from custody.

92 posted on 09/20/2007 9:03:47 PM PDT by hercuroc
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To: cgk; All


Basic data
Function short-range anti-air missile
Manufacturer KBM
Unit cost USD 60,000–80,000 (as of 2003)
Entered service 1983
General characteristics
Engine solid fuel rocket motor
Launch mass 10.8 kg
Length 1.574 m
Diameter 72 mm
Speed 700 m/s, about Mach 2
Range 5.2 km
Service ceiling 3.5 km
Warhead 1.17 kg with 390 g explosive
Guidance two color infrared
Fuzes contact and grazing fuzes
This type has the range/speed/warhead/fuse-type to take down that aircraft,,,
The newer ones are much better,,,they will turn into the body of the aircraft before they hit the “hot-spot”,,,

list :

Anza (missile)
FIM-43 ‘Redeye’
FIM-92 ‘Stinger’
9K32M ‘Strela-2’ (SA-7)
RBS 70
9K36 ‘Strela-3’ (SA-14)
9K38 ‘Igla’ (SA-18)
9K310 ‘Igla-M’ (SA-16)
KP-SAM “Shin Gung”
Type 91[3]
Type 93
China HN-5A/B
China QW-1/2
China FN-6
Iran Misagh-1 and Misagh-2

Pick One...;_ylu=X3oDMTE5YjN0OHMzBHNlYwNzcgRwb3MDMQRjb2xvA2FjMgR2dGlkA0gwMTNfMTk0BGwDV1Mx/SIG=11odcjhc1/EXP=1190432114/**http%3a//

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To: Cicero
...he obvious answer is that Boeing refused to go along with a bogus story that discredited them until clinton agreed to hold them harmless

Boeing, I think, was bribed by the Clinton Administration into taking the fall. The payoff? --Assurance of MFN status for China( =$$$$$ for Boeing). Oh--and it was also a plus for Boeing that people were not generally terrified of getting shot down while flying to Grandmother's house.

I went to an airshow this summer and the FAA had a display up...STILL peddling their story of TWA 800. Why won't they let it go it's a decade later? Why?

94 posted on 09/20/2007 9:06:13 PM PDT by RedQuill
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To: willk

Why do you say it’s a “conspiracy” .. have you studied or read all the reports ..??

95 posted on 09/20/2007 9:08:32 PM PDT by CyberAnt (America: THE GREATEST NATION on the face of the earth!)
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To: WhistlingPastTheGraveyard
Speaking of residue, check this link out, direct from the FR archives:

Ian Goddard, (an ex-FReeper? who knew!) and ex-TWA investigative journalist

Every Goddard-posted link on here "has been deleted". By Goddard's request or someone else's, I wonder?

96 posted on 09/20/2007 9:10:33 PM PDT by cgk (I don't see myself as a conservative. I see myself as a religious, right-wing, wacko extremist.)
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To: willk

You are new here; Whitewater, Vince Foster, TWA800 are all topics actively discussed here during the Clinton Reign of Error.

97 posted on 09/20/2007 9:11:56 PM PDT by ikka
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To: cgk

Ahhh, TWA Flight 800. I’ll tell you this. A few years ago,I ordered a copy of the the brief Press Conference Billy Jeff Clintoon held shortly after this occurred. He was shaken to his core as a human being in regards to this incident. If you haven’t watched it or ever seen it, it’s only about 9-12 minutes long, it is fascinating to see this (sorry excuse for a) man looking so totally ill at ease and disturbed in front of the camera. It’s a classic and historical brief piece of film. They’ll surely never include this brief press conference at his Presidential Library, I’ll assure you of that.

98 posted on 09/20/2007 9:17:03 PM PDT by Pagey (Horrible Hillary Clinton is Bad For America, Bad For Business and Bad For MY Stomach!)
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To: Pagey

If you still have it, could you put it on Youtube? If you need assistance, I’ll be glad to help.

Or, if you know where I can still order it, I’d be much obliged. Thanks.

99 posted on 09/20/2007 9:22:51 PM PDT by WhistlingPastTheGraveyard
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To: willk

Not necessarily. You could just be completely ignorant of the facts, the evidence and the circumstances surround the attack.

Any idea why so many insiders working in the White House at the time keep referring to it as a terrorist attack? Were they all neocon operatives laying the groundwork for Bush’s oil war?

100 posted on 09/20/2007 9:25:32 PM PDT by WhistlingPastTheGraveyard
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