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WRKO Legal Moves Silence Carr (Not Howie Carr live thread week of Sep. 24, 2007)
North East Radio Watch ^ | 9/24/07 | Scott Fybush/raccoonradio

Posted on 09/24/2007 5:42:37 AM PDT by raccoonradio

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To: raccoonradio
According to a post on boston-radio-interest: "Sunday afternoon at 12:58, Pat Whitley ran down all the stuff he does at the end of his show and was a little too hasty. At 12:59 he remarked - "I just can't believe it. I've done everything and I still have almost a minute left with nothing to say or do. Whatever shall I do? I KNOW, maybe I'll just get up and walk out. Leave! That seems to be the popular thing to do here at WRKO these days. "
51 posted on 09/25/2007 12:22:12 AM PDT by raccoonradio
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To: raccoonradio; Andonius_99; Andy'smom; Antique Gal; Big Guy and Rusty 99; bitt; Barset; ...

This is the Tue. re-ping of the Not Howie Carr Show
list...way early, but I’ll be “on the road” somewhere
in the Boston area with a friend who is visiting
from Ohio. Take note of the post above (#50) which reproduces an article from the Herald website: It looks like a status
meeting will be held “in court” on Oct 15 and mentions
the diff. possibilities. Would Howie, Entercom, and
Greater Media all meet to settle this?

As for Jay S., it would take a lot of money to buy out
his contract but it’s my hope that maybe eventually Howie
will wind up on WTKK in afternoon drive. Yes, he wants to do mornings and yes Jay is entrenched in “pm drive” but maybe
WTKK would let Jay go at the end of his contract and
move Howie in there (and Howie might find mornings tough
to do, or there’s too much competition, or...)

anyway, welcome to the Tue. ping


52 posted on 09/25/2007 12:26:34 AM PDT by raccoonradio
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To: raccoonradio
Did Entercom have WRKO when Paul Parent left? Maybe nobody here was a fan of his Sunday morning gardening show, but I used to listen and my sister was a great fan (bought an earphone radio so she wouldn't miss it when my nephew had hockey practice!).

When he left, he said they'd made him an offer he could refuse -- I gather he was pretty bitter. I guess he picked up a few small stations, and RKO tried to keep up the gardening show with Mel Lausier to do the radio part and some nursery owner (I forget his name) to do the gardening part. But it apparently fizzled, because now I think they have some crap financial show on in that time slot.

53 posted on 09/25/2007 2:13:57 AM PDT by maryz
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To: raccoonradio

Howie may want to do mornings just to croak Tommy Taxes.

54 posted on 09/25/2007 2:22:20 AM PDT by Lonesome in Massachussets (NYT Headline: Protocols of the Learned Elders of CBS: Fake but Accurate, Experts Say)
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To: Jay P.S.

Jay lost a lot of credibility with me and it became clear to me he was just trying to increase his number of calls and thus his ratings. Yes, I understand it’s a business and he’s an entertainer but when entertainers say or do anything just to get a rise out of people... well then they are as useless to sincere political discussion as the politicians they are pretending to criticize.

55 posted on 09/25/2007 3:43:59 AM PDT by rhombus
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To: maryz

maryz, Paul Parent’s show is on WTKK Sunday mornings from 6-9.

56 posted on 09/25/2007 5:50:08 AM PDT by Andy'smom
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To: Andy'smom

Thanks — I don’t even have a yard myself, but I like listening to him (and sometimes he talks about houseplants!).

57 posted on 09/25/2007 5:59:23 AM PDT by maryz
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To: maryz

I don’t know if Entercom owned WRKO at that time...probably did. The two gardening hosts you’re thinking of are Mo Lauzier
and Jim Zoppo...Paul Parent is on a network of stations
(poss. WTKK and maybe WBOQ on the North Shore) I think

58 posted on 09/25/2007 6:33:18 AM PDT by raccoonradio
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To: raccoonradio

Someone on said that this was all a bunch of
BS and Howie should be able to work where he wants. I agree
(my reply)—

True but the right to match is what the judge felt was valid (see the headline on radio-info’s main page:
“A judge ruled that his non-compete’s not valid, once the contract is up - but that Entercom has a valid “right to match” that’s keeping him from jumping.”) So we could see an appeal or who knows what. I had thought that
maybe there’s a six month period or so (starting last week) where Howie could sit it out and then go to WTKK
but Entercom feels since they “matched” GM’s offer, he’s theirs until Sep of 2012. And as we’ve said before,
does the offer including working conditions like time slot, not being pre-empted by sports, etc.? How about
all the bonus incentives—does Entercom’s counter-offer match that?

Poss. could be settled out of court somehow, but a) Entercom realizes if they let Howie go to WTKK,
GM gets a ratings spike and they get a downturn...and b) GM benefits even without Howie because he’s
no longer on the afternoons on WRKO (during this “benching himself”) because they have less effective
hosts filling in on WRKO and thus Severin won’t be impacted by them all that much.

Free The Howie Carr 1!

59 posted on 09/25/2007 6:43:34 AM PDT by raccoonradio
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To: raccoonradio

Lots of people are turning off WRKO with Howie gone

One comment said “We didn’t leave WRKO, WRKO left us”
(echo of a famed Reagan comment)

60 posted on 09/25/2007 6:59:44 AM PDT by raccoonradio
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To: raccoonradio
My fav was: Actually I should thank RKO. If it wasen't for them, I never would have Known my car was making some of the strange noises it does.
61 posted on 09/25/2007 12:09:43 PM PDT by Calvin Locke
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To: Calvin Locke
A few points on the savewrko web site are dead on target especially ‘ where is the ad revenue going to come from ‘. How the hell does an advertising salesman on that station make a pitch?
Sox are gone soon, Howie is gone and the station is sinking but please - our loyal listeners will remain with us.
I think not.
I’m tired of Todd although I don’t mind Avi. If he fills in for Howie and I happen to have Rush on I’ll listen but for the most part WRKO is not a part of my day any more.
I heard an advertisement for KY jelly on WRKO just the other day. I’m not kidding.
62 posted on 09/25/2007 12:33:04 PM PDT by warsaw44 (Howie Carr - the Carr that drives liberals crazy!)
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To: warsaw44

Speaking of sales, I wonder where “Blondie” went, so long ago?

63 posted on 09/25/2007 12:43:01 PM PDT by Calvin Locke
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To: maryz

Mo Lauzier and Jim Zoppo were teamed to do the gardening show from 6a to 10a, it worked out pretty good, they had a nice rapport,,,,however,,,,like everything else that’s good at RKO, Mo was pulled and the hours for the show were cut to two, Zoppo is on Sunday mornings from 6a to 8a, then one hour of syndicated financial show 8 - 9, then, another hour of local senior financial show from 9 - 10......look at what happened on Saturdays, Ellen O’Brien who I can’t stand had a show from 10 - 1, they’ve now cut her hours to 11-1 to make way for some syndicated health show. Wolfe and Kahn would screw up a free lunch.............

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To: rockabyebaby

I know — for a long time now I’ve had nothing to listen to after church on Sunday morning (and nothing for the rest of the day — I just don’t turn the radio on on Sundays)! :(

65 posted on 09/25/2007 2:36:00 PM PDT by maryz
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To: Andonius_99; Andy'smom; Antique Gal; Big Guy and Rusty 99; bitt; Barset; Carolinamom; Cheapskate; ..

The Wed. re-ping. Here is Howie’s column from today’s

Don’t You Just HATE It When That Happens?
by Howie Carr
Boston Herald 9/26/07

So 10 days ago I got to be a judge at the Ipswich Lions Club ChowderFest.

Despite some rain early on, the sun came out in the early afternoon, a lot of people showed up, and a good time was had by all, or so I thought.

But last Friday the weekly town paper in Ipswich comes out and there’s a letter to the editor with this headline:

“ChowderFest is no place for hate.”

Would you care which local merchant of hate the concerned citizen was writing about? That H in my name - it doesn’t just stand for Howie anymore.

Let’s go straight to the moonbat missive, by one Meryl Baier, who lives in Ipswich and runs a business, according to her Web site, “making funky and whimsical winter wear for girls of all ages.”

This dear heart was out with her daughter, Raina, looking to enjoy a “wonderful community event” down by the water when she saw . . . the horror. She saw me.

“I was immediately confronted with a booth full of hateful propaganda that was both shocking and disgraceful.”

The hateful propaganda? My bumper stickers that say “Illegal Aliens GO HOME!” I’m telling them to obey the law, and she says that’s shocking and disgraceful. I guess the next time I see a speed-limit or a STOP sign, I can call the Mass. Commission Against Discrimination. It’s just so hateful being told to play by the rules when I don’t want to, dammit.

Back to Raina’s mom: “Where was all of this coming from and WHY was it here?”

It’s just lucky for her that I ran out of my first batch. Those bumper stickers said, “DEPORT ILLEGAL ALIENS,” in even larger type. They would have given her the vapors for sure.

She admitted she doesn’t listen to me (this week, who does?) but somehow she has discerned that she doesn’t agree with my politics. She concedes it’s OK for me to be a “celebrity judge” of chowder (and a very well-qualified one at that, if I do say so myself). But she objects to the Lions Club “allowing (my) staff to bring their agenda to an otherwise benign event and ruin it.”

Ruin it? My bumper stickers ruined the ChowderFest? Ma’am, mine are the best kind of bumper stickers there are. They are free bumper stickers. And by the way, Meryl, if you see my “staff,“ please tell them to identify themselves to me, so at the next ChowderFest I can order them around. I could have sworn I drove there solo.

She does write she’d feel the same way about Al Franken, but somehow I doubt it. The double standards never end with these moonbats. They have the right to, say, invite the likes of Ahmadinejad to Columbia to deny the Holocaust and talk about his gay-free theocracy. Why, that’s free speech, the First Amendment.

But if I say “illegal aliens go home,” that‘s hate speech.

I was pushing my “private agenda” - forget the fact that maybe 75 percent of the American people support the same agenda, and that the percentages are even higher among naturalized citizens and legal aliens. But moonbats can’t even stand the phrase, “illegal aliens.” She couldn’t even bring herself to use it in her letter, saying the stickers referred to “illegal immigrants.”

Remember Deval Patrick in one of last year’s debates? Even Grace Ross was calling illegals illegals, and Deval slipped and started to say “illegal aliens.” He stopped mid-sentence and corrected himself, PC-style: “undocumented workers.”

I’ve got one final thing to say to moonbat Meryl. I got an invite yesterday to judge another North Shore chowderfest next monthand I’ll be there - with bumper stickers, lots of bumper stickers, direct from Merlin Printing in New Hampshire. See you there.

66 posted on 09/26/2007 6:22:28 AM PDT by raccoonradio
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To: raccoonradio; All
from the latest issue of Tom Taylor's newsletter:

"Boston’s Howie Carr has a court date for October 15.

"That’s reported by the Boston Herald, as the melodrama unfolds of a guy who’s still desired by Entercom’s WRKO but who longs to settle down with a new romance, Greater Media’s FM talker WTKK. I wouldn’t be shocked if Entercom’s David Field and Greater Media’s Peter Smyth ultimately work this out at the CEO level – and it may take something like that. Entercom genuinely doesn’t want long-tenured PM driver (and Boston Herald columnist) Carr to split, but Howie says he’s done with WRKO, and that’s all there is to it. Maybe Greater Media cuts a deal that springs Carr, involving some financial incentives to Entercom and a player to be named later?"

who knows...

67 posted on 09/26/2007 6:44:34 AM PDT by raccoonradio
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To: raccoonradio

Here’s a stomach turner......

68 posted on 09/26/2007 7:09:57 AM PDT by GQuagmire (Giggety,Giggety,Giggety)
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To: GQuagmire

>>and former governors Paul Cellucci, William Weld, and Jane Swift.

Paul “You Talkin’ to me?” Cellucci (wasn’t he about 700k
in hock at one point, gambling, credit card debt)
William “Pink” Floyd Weld
Jane Swift, arrogant and inept enough to be a Dem. “Though he may have bombed on the radio, convicted felon Tom Finneran sure knows how to draw a crowd. According to the Boston Globe, hundreds of people from Boston’s elitist politics and media clique attended a fundraising event he organized. In fact, if every one of these people were to begin listening to Finne-felon’s radio show, his ratings would likely triple. Especially disgusting: attendance by several former GOP governors.”

69 posted on 09/26/2007 8:24:14 AM PDT by raccoonradio
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To: rockabyebaby
“How much longer do we have to listen to Todd Fienberg or that corrupt midget ?” It’s like psychological warfare...If you want me to switch to 96.9 faster...just leave Todd on the air. The only two reasons I listened to 680AM was for Howie and the Sox games. Guess what, the Sox season is almost over and there’s no Carr on the radio.96.9 is just a flick of the switch away...

BREAKING NEWS: Howie Carr sighted with Whitey Bulger in the North End...More reports and news to follow...

70 posted on 09/26/2007 8:56:57 AM PDT by LiveFreeOrDie03827
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Comment #71 Removed by Moderator

To: LiveFreeOrDie03827

Depending on where you are you could even pick up the
Sox on another station, like WBOQ 104.9 on the North Shore.

72 posted on 09/26/2007 11:22:20 AM PDT by raccoonradio
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To: All

“Welcome to the Howie Carr show, I’m Todd Fien-( click )

73 posted on 09/26/2007 12:09:01 PM PDT by warsaw44 (Howie Carr - the Carr that drives liberals crazy!)
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To: raccoonradio
THIS guy is not fond of him:

I'm no fan of Severin but this guy Aucoin seems to be almost as much of a tool as Jay.

74 posted on 09/26/2007 12:19:47 PM PDT by Bloody Sam Roberts (Don't question faith. Don't answer lies.)
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To: warsaw44

Same here. Went to 1150, and Hannity

75 posted on 09/26/2007 12:23:33 PM PDT by raccoonradio
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To: raccoonradio
I think this is all a nefarious plot of The Brothers Bulger (ker ching) to take Howie out.

Boston with out Howie is like fried clams with out the grease.

76 posted on 09/26/2007 12:58:53 PM PDT by llevrok (Will the the illegals here continue North now that the Loonie is worth more than the Buck?)
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To: raccoonradio

“Sandy” seems to be holding the show together today...

“Happy” is pretty quick on the draw at the board...

But, Todd clearly didn’t take his “Nature Bee” today.

77 posted on 09/26/2007 2:16:44 PM PDT by ForegoneAlternative (The cost of anything is...)
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bookmark for updates

78 posted on 09/26/2007 4:01:41 PM PDT by scott0347 (Commander of the 0347th Lancer Brigade, Operator of the Immaculate Steamroller)
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To: scott0347; All

from, some comments:

RE: Todd Feinberg, Not only is he just a placeholder, he’s maladroit as a radio host and has no place in afternoon drive in the Boston market. He’s boring, annoying and condescending. In addition, his voice is more suited to making supermarket PA announcements. It is clear from this situation that Ms. Kahn and her team have no clue as to how to run a radio station, if I were an Entercom stockholder I would be furious.

Posted by: Rob at September 26, 2007 06:38 PM

I live in Minnesota and listen to Carr’s show via a podcast. I had to visit Boston this week and turned on WRKO during the evening drive time. They had some guy hosting the show and he spent an hour talking about expensive homes in Massachusetts. Duh! Boring!

Posted by: jbenson2 at September 26, 2007 06:50 PM

79 posted on 09/27/2007 12:00:18 AM PDT by raccoonradio
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To: Andonius_99; Andy'smom; Antique Gal; Big Guy and Rusty 99; bitt; Barset; Carolinamom; Cheapskate; ..

Thu. re-ping; interesting bit from

Brian Maloney writes:
Frankly, keeping up with the interconnected nature of Boston’s thoroughly corrupt and elitist politics and media power structure is a full- time job.

Having lived in a number of places, I’ve never seen anything like it. The rot here truly knows no boundaries.

Here’s a prime example of that incestuous environment: a magazine overseen by Empress Kahn’s husband, Dan Scully, has used its latest issue to savage Howie Carr.

That’s right, Empress Kahn’s husband rules the roost over at Boston magazine, also known as Suck-Up Central.

In a puff piece interview with Billy Bulger, brother of fugitive murderer / mobster Whitey, it’s Carr’s credibility that is taken to task, not that of Boston’s most notorious crime family. This is truly sick:


WRITTEN BY JOE KEOHANE, Boston magazine:

GIVEN THE RANCOR HE’S INSPIRED OVER THE YEARS, you might expect some of the people who run into Bulger to give him hell. Bostonians, after all, are no strangers to the practice of hurling abuse out of car windows at each other.

But Bulger insists most people he encounters on the street are respectful to him, and that hostile run-ins are “very rare.” He offers an example. “I’m going to Mass General Hospital the other day,” he says. “The guy doesn’t know I’m with my wife. These are his exact words: ‘How ya doin’, good luck, and f-— Howie Carr.’”

Howie Carr: for years Bulger’s bane, his tormentor, his new terrorist. The name comes up often with Bulger, and when it does, he doesn’t speak it so much as cough it up; occasionally, he swaps in “the savage,” or, better, “that excrescence.”

The dynamic between Bulger and the popular Herald columnist and talk show host is what Moby Dick would be like if the whale were as obsessed with Ahab as Ahab is with the whale. (“I see in him outrageous strength,” Ahab says of his nemesis, “with an inscrutable malice sinewing it. That inscrutable thing is chiefly what I hate.”)

In addition to writing The Brothers Bulger, an absolutely scathing though largely uncorroborated account of the reigns of Billy and Whitey that contends the two worked in concert to build and fortify their respective empires, Carr never wastes a chance to flog the man he relishes calling the “Corrupt Midget,” even if it means dropping anti-Bulger non sequiturs as a kind of shorthand for corruption or nepotism. (In a June column, for example, he trashed someone for being “the first cousin of Billy Bulger’s predecessor as Senate president.”)

The climax of the feud came in 2003, during Bulger’s disastrous testimony before the House Committee on Government Reform, which was investigating his ties to his brother, along with other allegations of miscellaneous skullduggery. Carr positioned himself directly behind Bulger, so that his head appeared right over Bulger’s shoulder on TV, and spent the entire testimony rolling his eyes and making choking faces for the cameras. Watching that performance, you got the sense that Carr’s already got half of his savage Billy Bulger obituary written, and is just waiting for the “CM” to kick off so he can do what Hunter S. Thompson did to Nixon, and H. L. Mencken did to William Jennings Bryan—namely, kill his ghost before it gets too far from his body. Carr even included a joke along those lines in the index of his book. Under “Bulger, William Michael ‘Billy’ Sr.,” there’s an entry, “demise of,” that points to passages on Bulger bombing at the 1991 St. Patrick’s Day Breakfast and his 2003 appearance before the House committee.

What really makes the fracas interesting is how similar the two men are. Both come from humble beginnings, attained a top-shelf education, and rose to the local apex of their respective fields. Both are immensely intelligent, though given to cheap showmanship—Bulger with his rote Irishness and Carr with his tired fat jokes and gay-baiting. Both have long, long memories and possess unmatched knowledge of the inner workings of Beacon Hill. Both wrote books about Billy Bulger that were praised nationally and panned locally, and both can be very kind and charitable to people, but are reputed to be painfully sensitive to criticism and prone to pettiness and vindictiveness. They could be brothers themselves.

At one point, I ask Bulger if he’s read Carr’s book. “I couldn’t bring myself to look at it,” he says. “I can’t even listen to him. He’s just so evil. All kinds of things—he just makes it up.”

“Let’s go back to my post from earlier today: do you really think my theory that Entercom is quite happy to see Carr silenced is off base?

What kind of publication writes a puff piece on the likes of Billy Bulger, using it to trash his key critic? Only in Boston. This isn’t normal and this most certainly isn’t America.”

80 posted on 09/27/2007 12:07:21 AM PDT by raccoonradio
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To: raccoonradio

Wow ,I’m not even sure they could get that done in Chicago!!!

81 posted on 09/27/2007 1:37:57 AM PDT by Cheapskate ( Celebrate Sept.8 as Pajamatag , the day the pajamahadeem busted Dan Rather!!)
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To: Andy'smom
If they are only required to match his salary, Howie may indeed be screwed.

I heard some mention on another thread that what he needed in his WTTK deal was a clause allowing him to bolt on 24 hours notice from his employer. WRKO would have had to include this in their matching offer thereby allowing him to bolt.

82 posted on 09/27/2007 1:46:17 AM PDT by ninonitti
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To: Cheapskate; All

From the Globe on 2/12/07 (the day Finneran’s show debuted)—link is on that column:

“More than 200 guests were at the Langham Hotel to celebrate the marriage of Entercom Communications’ Julie Kahn and Boston magazine bigwig Dan Scully. The nontraditional hitching included gospel singers and the band Tavares. Spotted at the event were Celtics honcho Wyc Grousbeck , former Speaker of the House Tom Finneran (who starts his show today on Entercom station WRKO), Harvard Pilgrim CEO Charlie Baker”

Celtics: Were on WRKO last year and move to WEEI for this upcoming season

Finneran: So much for “We know all about talk radio because...we...invented it” (Dana Hersey liner for ‘RKO)
And now they’re killing it.

Baker: Harvard Pilgrim is a MAJOR advertiser on ‘RKO. One of the reasons DePetro is gone is because
HPHC was upset at some remarks he made. (Their complaint about anti-gay remarks on the show
may have contributed to his later dismissal.)

Herald (Nov 06): “One of WRKO’s biggest advertisers, Harvard Pilgrim Health Care, contacted the radio station in March because of an anti-gay conversation on DePetro’s show. Harvard Pilgrim asked WRKO not to run their commercials during DePetro’s program and management was “very responsive”

83 posted on 09/27/2007 8:14:45 AM PDT by raccoonradio
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To: Andonius_99; Andy'smom; Antique Gal; Big Guy and Rusty 99; bitt; Barset; Carolinamom; Cheapskate; ..
from today's Herald

Radio-host-in-limbo Howie Carr is asking a Suffolk Superior Court judge to reconsider the decision that has kept him from working at WTKK, while his former station wants the court to ban Carr and WTKK from talking to each other until 2012.

Carr’s attorneys have filed an emergency motion for reconsideration. The motion says Carr is following rules laid out in the judge’s memo and hasn’t begun to work for another employer even though his agreement with the Entercom Communications-owned WRKO ended Sept. 19.

Before his WRKO (680 AM) contract ended, Carr struck a deal worth $7 million to host the morning drive show on WTKK (96.9 FM), an offer WRKO matched.

In a memo issued last week, Judge Allan van Gestel said the provision in Carr’s WRKO contract that gives the station the right to match a competitor’s salary is valid. However, the judge said, the noncompete clause in the contract is illegal. Van Gestel hasn’t ruled on whether Carr is compelled to stay at WRKO. But WRKO says that because it matched WTKK’s offer, Carr works for them until 2012.

Entercom has also filed an emergency motion asking the judge to ban WTKK owner Greater Media from talking to Carr or his agents or making any public statements about him working for them until 2012.

Entercom claims Greater Media “continues to try to lure Mr. Carr into broadcasting on its radio station and refuses to cease making statements to the public that it hopes Mr. Carr will come to work for it soon.”

In a court affidavit, Entercom Boston Vice President Julie Kahn said she has “no doubt that Entercom will lose substantial . . . money” if Carr leaves WRKO. Kahn said some businesses have told Entercom they won’t continue to advertise with WRKO “in light of the publicity indicating that Mr. Carr was or might be moving to WTKK.”

The judge yesterday set a hearing for Oct. 15, when both sides will argue their cases. Carr has been off the air since last week.

84 posted on 09/27/2007 10:14:00 AM PDT by raccoonradio
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To: raccoonradio

Howie has compared his situation with Entercom to
indentured servitude. Well as far as he’s concerned
he “ain’t gonna work on Julie’s farm no more”,
as Dylan would say...

85 posted on 09/27/2007 10:15:16 AM PDT by raccoonradio
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To: raccoonradio


Boston Rag Again Bashes Howie, Listeners

Boston magazine is at it again, cranking the “smear” knob up to “11”. Are they taking lessons from Media Matters and MSNBC?

The publication, which is overseen by WRKO Empress Julie Kahn’s husband, used its daily update section to badmouth Carr even more than in the most recent print edition. And this time, WRKO’s listeners are also trashed:

(BOSTON MAGAZINE)-————————————

Couple of things here. First, if Carr isn’t allowed to work for TKK, what happens to the $7 million that parent company Greater Media has already allocated? Since they’ve decided to shell out the money anyway, let me make a suggestion: Give it to the poor. Specifically: me.

Second, how fantastic is this limbo? In the grand scheme of things, it doesn’t really matter from which station Carr broadcasts his lazy, often offensive garbage. The people who listen to his show don’t care. They’ll tune in if he’s on TKK or RKO, in the morning or during the afternoon drive — just so long as it doesn’t prevent them from dating their relatives or protecting the Commonwealth’s borders from the flood of illegals preparing to invade from Canada.

Ah, but for the rest of us who don’t delight in being subjected to his on-air idiocy, this radio blackout has been a little something I like to call awesome. For people who like talk radio, we’re now treated to not one, but two major stations without Howie the Horrible.

No “whiner line.” No “immigrant update,” or whatever it is he calls the fascist segment that details the missteps of people with Hispanic last names. No ranting about liberal “moonbats.” Just pure, uninterrupted silence.

So I’d like to make a plea to Judge van Gestel as well — don’t take another look at the case. Keep Howie right where he is.

It may be purgatory for him, but it’s heaven for us.

End of Boston Magazine piece (of... )

back to Brian:

Isn’t this EXACTLY what I’ve been saying? Why did any of you doubt me? WRKO is being destroyed on purpose. The sleazy ruling regime hates effective talk radio and will do anything to destroy it. They keep WTKK watered down (and low-rated) and are out to shut WRKO for good.

They are thrilled to see Howie off the air, this is what the Beacon Hill crooks and their print apologists want. If you think for a moment that the Empress disagrees with a word of this, you’re crazy.

They see you as backwater lowlife and themselves as city sophisticates. Isn’t that funny: snooty Manhattan socialites think Bostonians are small-town hicks. So much for the beautiful people.

I don’t care what Kahn says in Entercom’s court filing about Howie’s value, they are trying to win the case. They would drop him in Boston Harbor tied to a concrete block if they could get away with it.

These aren’t conspiracy theories cooked up by this site, they admit outright to everything I’ve been warning you about. Welcome to Venezuela.

86 posted on 09/27/2007 11:42:00 AM PDT by raccoonradio
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To: raccoonradio

I commented on the Boston mag. piece:

I’ve been told a bigwig at Boston magazine
is married to Julie Kahn and Julie has said in
a court affadavit that the station would lose
many advertisers if Howie bolted to WTKK.
So this is how her husband’s publication
treats him? A station that will truly tank
if he leaves?

You want elite radio for the hacks and
cronies, you got it, folks. Look for
the ratings to go WAY down.

And these people you trash, the Howie
listeners: they must have money to spend.
How can two radio stations each be willing to spend so much to retain Howie? Because he
brings in the listeners and the ad

87 posted on 09/27/2007 11:52:53 AM PDT by raccoonradio
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To: raccoonradio
ha--are the folks at WRKO's site trying to tell me something? note the news story that pops right up on Howie's page:

>>Crew Paints Over Roadkill Raccoon
(see my screen name... :) ^(..)^

EMONT, Ill. A photograph sent to CBS 2 shows a raccoon dead in the middle of a Lemont street, and yellow stripes painted right over its body by road crews. As CBS 2 West Suburban Bureau Chief Mike Puccinelli reports, the outraged viewer who sent in the photograph was not the only one upset by the incident. "There was a dead raccoon here kind of where you see this black mark and it was dead and when they were striping the road they just striped right over it," said Sylvia Wilk of unincorporated Lemont.

88 posted on 09/27/2007 12:01:14 PM PDT by raccoonradio
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To: raccoonradio
I was discussing Howie’s situation with a member of our esteemed bar today, and it was his opinion (without knowledge of the actual contract) that Entercom has obviously won the legal argument, and they have Howie for 5 years should they want to retain him. He said the judge is known as a “business judge”, has a good reputation, and is known as being fair.

The problem for WRKO is what do they do? Do they really want angry host on the air? Even the judge must realize how ridiculous this situation is. I’m hoping he orders all parties into mediation and maybe there can be a deal worked out.

89 posted on 09/27/2007 12:42:16 PM PDT by Andy'smom
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To: Andy'smom

I also hope they work it out

>>should they want to retain him

The Boston mag. pieces would have you believe Howie is
lazy, a liar, a fascist, hater, etc., and it’s just as
well he’s off the air. Oh really. If so, why are these
two companies battling it out for him? Willing to toss
as much as $7 million his way? How exactly would ‘RKO’s
ratings go if, say, he continued to bench himself not for
months but for years. Anyway, if he’s such a lousy talk
radio host, why does Entercom want to bring him back?
They do want to retain him all right but while WTKK is
prevented from putting HC on the air, Entercom can’t
really have him either and that’s gotta hurt THEM.
He doesn’t intend to go back.

Unless maybe they switched one of their FMs to talk,
gave him mornings, etc. That prob won’t happen. And
he’d be up against their wonderful Tom Finneran, too.
Even if it’s the same company, they wouldn’t want
the Felon’s ratings to go down, under that scenario.

After six or seven months of The Howie Carr Show With
Todd Feinburg, will any advertisers be left? Kahn
herself admitted the station will take a big hit
if he leaves.

90 posted on 09/27/2007 12:48:52 PM PDT by raccoonradio
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To: raccoonradio
If Howie’s contract ended on Sept. 19th how can WRKO still use his name - “The Howie Carr Show”, etc. and they also use his voice?
91 posted on 09/27/2007 12:54:08 PM PDT by Lexi3130
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To: Lexi3130

they claim that by matching his offer, he’s theirs for 5
more years...the judge ruled that the non-compete clause
wasn’t valid but right to match was.
Howie is challenging this. In the meantime it’s still the HC show, with his voice on ads/promos, his face in their
newspaper ads etc. Even if he’s not actually doing the show.

92 posted on 09/27/2007 1:07:52 PM PDT by raccoonradio
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To: raccoonradio

LATE BREAKING NEWS: Howie Carr once again spotted whith Whitey Bulger in the North End. It appears they had a small conversation in an alley, in which Howie gave Whitey a small package. Howie was then seen leaving the alley and proceeding to a local pastry store...

MORE BREAKING NEWS: Just appears 680AM might relent and let Howard Lawrence Carr leave the station and void his contract...More news to follow...

93 posted on 09/27/2007 3:57:15 PM PDT by LiveFreeOrDie03827
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To: LiveFreeOrDie03827

That moonbat Howie wrote about in the Herald a couple of days ago is in tears now:

94 posted on 09/27/2007 5:55:27 PM PDT by Andy'smom
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To: Andonius_99; Andy'smom; Antique Gal; Big Guy and Rusty 99; bitt; Barset; Carolinamom; Cheapskate; ..

Howie’s Friday Herald column. HC column ping.

Doing Nothing Still Paying Off For Jane
by Howie Carr / Boston Herald 9/28/07

What if ex-acting Gov. Jane Swift gave a speech at Brown University on “public leadership” and nobody came?

That’s what happened Wednesday night - Salomon Hall was, as the Brown Daily Herald put it yesterday, “sparsely filled.” That phrase, along with the equally popular “sparsely attended,” is a reporter’s traditional rebuke of the city desk for sending him/her to a worthless event.

Translated into plain English, it is the ink-stained wretch’s plaintive cry: “You made me miss ‘Dancing With the Stars’ for this?”

Swifty showed up for one of these endowed lectures. Earlier speakers in this series have included ex-Gov. Christy Todd Whitman and cable-TV crackpots Ted Turner and Chris Matthews. They were at least semi-big names, unlike Mrs. Chuck Hunt. You could call Jane a has-been, but never-was is more like it.

According to the Brown press release, the Bride of Chuckie spoke on “Rising to the Occasion: Public Leadership in Challenging Times.”

No wonder the turnout was so . . . sparse. A discourse on public leadership - yaaaaawn.

She could have delivered a how-to lecture to the snot-nosed Ivy brats on what you do after you lose a race for Congress and are faced with the daunting prospect of getting a real job for the first time at age 31. The answer: you get yourself a hack Massport job with an office at Hanscom Field that has no phone.

cw-2But the most educational topic would have been if she’d explained how she’s still allowed to spend down campaign funds left over from the 2002 race for governor that she never made. She backed out of that fight after early polling indicated that, among Republican voters, Mitt Romney had opened up a 71-10 lead, which is somewhat outside the margin of error.

Yet here she is, more than five years later, still living high on the hog on political contributions. The Office of Campaign and Political Finance Web site shows that at the end of last year she still had a balance on hand of $287,858.28. As long as she doesn’t officially renounce running for some other public office someday, she can keep charging expenses to the campaign. This is known as the “Living Well Is the Best Revenge” clause.

Last week, Swift ran up a $473.15 tab for a night at the very chichi Onyx Hotel, which in not-so-chic days used to be Boston police headquarters. On June 19, her 2001 campaign contributors paid a total bill of $1,119.18 at the Taj, which used to be the Ritz-Carlton.

Last month, she stopped in at a Legal Seafoods and charged $60.77 on her campaign committee AmEx card. It wasn’t for a meal, you understand. It was for a “political meeting,” as she put it.

I’d love to hear her - or any other pol - address this abuse of living off campaign contributions long after the voters put a merciful end to your career. But instead, she promotes herself as a “first” governor - first woman in Massachusetts, first in any state to give birth in office.

And now, she speaks to sparsely filled halls, not about hiring Fat Matt Amorello, but on the “integration” of work and family.

“I use the term ‘integration,’ ” she is quoted as saying in the Brown newspaper, “because ‘balance’ connotes that you’re always sacrificing one to give the other.”

Which was not Jane’s style - sacrifice, I mean. What’s the sacrifice when you use state workers as your babysitters? When you have the state police helicopter to take you back to the Berkshires?

“Surrounding yourself with people . . . who knew what the right response was . . . not with people who knew what I ate for breakfast every morning.”

I guess that puts me out of the running for a staff job in the extremely unlikely event Swifty is ever elected to any office again, because I’m pretty sure I know what she ate for breakfast.

95 posted on 09/27/2007 11:14:25 PM PDT by raccoonradio
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To: raccoonradio

Article about one of Whitey’s girl
friends(Looks like he traded up just in time)

96 posted on 09/28/2007 5:40:44 AM PDT by GQuagmire (Giggety,Giggety,Giggety)
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To: GQuagmire; All

thanks—haven’t read either paper yet.

Here’s a post of interest on (by
radiodouble) which makes Howie’s situation sound a lot
less positive than others might thing (at this point
I’d be willing to have Howie back on EITHER station,
just get him radio sucks without him!)

consdiering how howie and his paper have been going after mass. judges on regular basis, he probably won’t find a judge anywhwere in this state sympathetic enough to ‘reconsider’ the judgement against him...maybe he should ask for his case to be moved to brazil or dominican republic if he wants a shot at favorable one is going overturn the decision, not even an appeals court. the judge pretty much left it up to him and entercom to work out a buyout. seeking relief from the court system is a waste of time as he’s about to find out. he’s got no choice but to deal with entercom if he ever wants to work in boston again.

-—back to me:
(Though personally I want Howie to cash in and inherit
Imus/Barnicle’s old slot! Even though that means I’ll
have to tape the morning show every day to listen back

97 posted on 09/28/2007 8:48:37 AM PDT by raccoonradio
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To: raccoonradio

might THINK that should say.

98 posted on 09/28/2007 8:49:26 AM PDT by raccoonradio
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To: raccoonradio

speaking of judges how about that Superior Court judge
that’s out on PTSD but stress couldn’t keep him from
betting the ponies in the Empire State?

(”Well I hear you went up to Saratoga/And your horse natually won”
—Carly Simon, You’re So Vain)

99 posted on 09/28/2007 9:04:24 AM PDT by raccoonradio
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To: raccoonradio
Post #100 (unless someone beats me to it)--nice comment by someone on Emphases mine.
"My guess is that Howie Carr would label me a moonbat in a nano-second, and I can't wait for Howie to be back. He is talk radio at its best. I certainly don't agree with him all of the time, but, hell, who can you agree with all of the time.

WRKO has made a number of tactical errors. And it *will* come back to bite them in the arse even if for the time being Howie has to spend his time writing and judging tar-tar sauces.

And, please, it's like a constant whiner line as the HowieHaters(TM) continue to list every detail of his show as proof why he shouldn't be on the air. Here's my suggestion. Just keep WRKO on the dial and you'll be treated to the Snoozefest and BoobieTalk that you so desire. The rest of us can listen to Howie.--Moonbats For Howie

100 posted on 09/28/2007 9:11:03 AM PDT by raccoonradio
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