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To: dbw2007; All

I agree with you. Hope he comes back (even if he comes
back to WRKO though I know he doesn’t want that, and
that station is turning into a joke). We do still have
his columns but he should be on air.

Entercom wasn’t all that keen on bringing him back or
at least they lowballed him on the offer, then suddenly
it’s Howie’s Our Most Important Talk Host (which he is)
once Greater Media gave him a better offer. Entercom
knows they may not be able to get him back but this
way he stays off the air—so even though WRKO can’t
have him, Greater can’t have him either. Surely WRKO
loses pm drive listeners with Feinburg, but they would
really get killed in the mornings if he went to WTKK.

He couldn’t directly address the issue on his show
due to Entercom restricting him...he did say “read
the papers” (about the situation). The Herald had
more than a few articles—Globe, too (could have
checked those out online)

If he does get to WTKK-—or even stays at WRKO—you
would still get the show online and they could even
podcast highlights (Chumpline, some interviews) as
WRKO had. I suspect WTKK could even rebroadcast
one hour at midnight as they have been doing with
Michael Graham.

In my own situation to hear Howie in the morning I’d
have to record it on the comp. and listen back on mp3
due to my sleeping hours (night job) but that’s OK.
Entercom doesn’t want to give him his freedom though
because he’d jump to another, competing station.
They will only let him go, I’d think, if Greater
Media paid them a big money settlement of some sort.
Or if after months and months of this charade (a
Howie Carr Show without Howie) they finally give in.

18 posted on 10/03/2007 7:50:40 AM PDT by raccoonradio
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To: Andonius_99; Andy'smom; Antique Gal; Big Guy and Rusty 99; bitt; Barset; Carolinamom; Cheapskate; ..

The Wed. re-ping. Today’s Howie column below.

Hub Politician Dials it Up A Notch—Or Six

by Howie Carr/Boston Herald 10/3/07

They’re burying Jack E. Molesworth this morning, and with him, a small but colorful bit of Boston radio history.

Molesworth was probably the first and definitely the last guy to attack a Boston radio talk-show host during a broadcast, and to engage in a knock-down, drag-out brawl with the host while the air went dead for five or 10 minutes, depending on which paper you read. The host was Jerry Williams. The radio station was WMEX. The year was 1962.

It didn’t rate a mention on either paper’s obituary page yesterday, but the brawl was front-page news on May 23, 1962.

The Herald: “Molesworth, Radio MC in Studio Brawl”.

The Traveler: “Fight Show Enlivens Hub Radio”.

Molesworth, who died Sunday at age 81, was at the time a Republican state committeeman from the Back Bay. Jerry Williams hosted the top-rated night show in Boston, on AM radio believe it or not, routinely getting 40 shares (now you can win with a 6 or 7). His WMEX lead-in was Arnie “Woo Woo” Ginsburg’s Night Train.

Molesworth was not a “first-time caller.” He had been feuding with Williams for months. On this night, Jerry’s first guest was a Democratic rep from Dorchester, Bill Keenan, who was apparently putting the knock on GOP Gov. John Volpe over some long-forgotten legislation.

Molesworth ran downstairs from his 166 Beacon St. apartment and drove the few blocks to the MEX studio on Brookline Avenue to demand “equal time.” In those days, Jerry had a studio audience for his live show, and Molesworth muscled into the studio around 12:10 a.m. By that time Williams was interviewing a new guest, the legendary Rep. Julius Ansel, also of Dorchester, whose heart always belonged to Ward 13.

Molesworth rushed up to the microphone and began yelling at Jerry. Williams informed his audience that he was being heckled by a member of the John Birch Society. “Typical Molesworth tactic,” Jerry sneered.

Let’s pick up the Herald account: “A heated argument then began. Listeners heard a loud crash, then a pause. The pause lasted more than five minutes.”

Molesworth was outnumbered, and as the Traveler put it, “the professional stamp collector took a licking.”

Molesworth got the bum’s rush out of the studio. But despite reporting a “possible broken shoulder, a fractured left elbow and numerous bruises,” he claimed victory over Williams, a radio technician, and a supporter of Ansel’s from Topliff Street.

“They took me unawares,” Molesworth said, “and then we sort of wrestled out the door. Then we were on the floor and I think Williams was on the bottom.”

As the battered Molesworth drove directly to MGH for treatment, Williams breathlessly returned to the microphone: “I’ve never experienced anything like this in 16 years of radio work.”

More than 30 years later, aging listeners would come up to Williams wherever he appeared and tell him that they were there in the ‘MEX studio the night he duked it out with Jack Molesworth. You’d think Jerry was broadcasting from the Garden that night, rather than from Whim-X’s cramped quarters.

The story petered out after a few days, and life went on. Rep. Ansel was elected to the state Senate in 1964 and on election night told his devoted supporters, “Now that I’m in the Senate, let me say this: The price is going up!” He died the next year.

Jerry Williams remained Jerry Williams. He passed on in 2003. And Jack Molesworth? He ran for Congress in 1964 against House Speaker John McCormack, didn’t get very far and eventually moved out of the city to Winchester, where he’ll be buried today at Wildwood Cemetery.

Goodbye Jack, and wherever you are, give my regards to Jerry and Julius.

19 posted on 10/03/2007 7:57:52 AM PDT by raccoonradio
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To: raccoonradio
I like the idea of recording the shows online. That would mean never being able to call in again, which would be too bad, but better than not having Howie around!

Hey, did you notice that WRKO has a job opening for a 9-12 radio show? I wonder if they're considering that Feinberg will be a permanent afternoon fixture. I'm going to be optimistic and say that's a good sign!

WRKO is looking for a midday show host to fill our 9A- noon slot. Candidates should have at least two years experience hosting or co-hosting their own show. The host must have an intimate knowledge of national and global issues in addition to local Massachusetts politics, history and culture. The WRKO midday host will be expected to possess a savvy understanding of the news cycle, including spending a considerable amount of time in the field, establishing connections with community leaders, political principals and other influential and notable people. We're searching for a personality, someone who can establish a relationship with the audience beyond just the exchanging of ideas. Candidates should be extremely opinionated who are unfazed by a back-and-forth of strong ideas and opinions, and someone who is a team player, supportive and respective of fellow staffers. Please forward your resumes to or Entercom Boston, Attn: Human Resources, 20 Guest Street, 3rd Floor, Brighton, MA 02135. Entercom is an equal opportunity employer.

I especially like the "team player" bit (emboldened above). They want someone who is opinionated and obnoxious, yet respectful and meek. Bipolar candidates line up!
21 posted on 10/03/2007 10:36:48 AM PDT by dbw2007
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