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The Values Test [Dobson Will Back Third-Party if Giuliani is Nominated]
The New York Times ^ | October 4, 2007 | JAMES C. DOBSON

Posted on 10/04/2007 10:19:26 PM PDT by Soft Bigotry

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To: nicmarlo

OK, then we should just vote Hillary in. She can’t be called the lesser of two evils, she is the greater of two evils.

261 posted on 10/07/2007 7:57:41 AM PDT by Dustbunny (The BIBLE - Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth)
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To: Dustbunny

Um, no.

Voting for someone just because an “R” is after their name does not equate to anything good. Examples: McLame, Specter, Graham, to name just a few. They have done more harm than a Democrat could ever do....once they get elected, those in the Republican party no longer care....they got their “Republican” in office, and that’s now all that matters.

Electing a conservative is what I’m about, not someone who just has an “R” after their name-—you should have realized by now that’s been a recipe for disaster for this country.

But....go ahead an keep your head in the sand.

262 posted on 10/07/2007 10:31:16 AM PDT by nicmarlo
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To: nicmarlo


263 posted on 10/07/2007 12:55:33 PM PDT by Dustbunny (The BIBLE - Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth)
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To: Proud_texan

I agree with you. I guess I’m a “racist, sexist, phobic” of some sort - at least that’s what I’m told daily by the media and even the politicians I helped elect. I’m not of course but I keep getting told I am.

I’ve talked about this same thing (dems and minorities and why minorities keep voting for dems, those who hold them down) with friends, who are minorities - it’s funny, their kids get a free college ed just because of their skin color and mine won’t have those scholarships - they agree and KNOW they get freebies. They also know that their kids get singled out in our district - not too many minority kids here to keep the funding coming. We fought the district ( I was there as the kid’s Godmother but funny thing, I wasn’t, yet the entire conference was directed to me - all the questions, answers, examples, the whole PC BS lines) which wanted to put this 1st grader in a special class. And the thing is, he didn’t NEED to be there but they needed the numbers for funding. They needed the diversity and his parents knew it but needed to know how to fight it. Then, it happens again this year and my friend calls me, needing help with all the doublespeak, stupid paperwork and again we’re fighting the school district, special services for a kid who doesn’t need special services but the district needs the numbers and needs the minority thing. It’s frustrating. Many take advantage of it but then there’s a few who won’t and they get screwed. It all sucks.

I guess what I’m saying is this is my party and those politicians who don’t belong in it should be the ones who leave or who are forced out. Let THEM start their own 3rd party of fake repubs. I’m a Reagan Rebublican (that was during my initial voting time so that’s how I see the party). I’m grateful to Bush, his SC choices, his WOT. I hate his stand on illegals, globalization crap. But I still think he’s the better choice than Kerry or Gore so I’m happy he won.

I’m not sold on any of the current repub nominees. I do like Hunter and Tancredo some. I have no idea who I will vote for in the primary but I will vote for the repub in the general. I think Hillary, Obama, Edwards, and anyone else running on the dem ticket would be far worse for this country than any repub. I’m conflicted because I don’t have a real choice so far. The party left me but it’s my party so we should force out those who don’t believe in our platform rather than us being forced out.

I’m also surprised by how many Jews are dems or support dem politicians when their interests aren’t covered - heck, if it weren’t for the repub party/US, Israel wouldn’t still exist yet most Jews I know are solid dems.

I get what you’re saying. The repub party LEFT me too, I didn’t leave them. However, I don’t think the power is on that side, we have the power and those politicians who don’t follow the repub platform, they should leave, not us.There’s no reason for us to leave the party, it’s our party, let the RINOS leave and start their own party.

I hate seeing conservatives splitting or throwing away votes. I’d rather we get out the RINOS on the local and State level first. We’re losing locally, at least here. This primarily repbublican/conservative town threw out its republican mayor and town council last election and we are now a solid dem town. IT was unheard of here, it’s absurd. Yet it happened. If my little, conservative, affluent town can elect a dem mayor dem town council and dem school board, we’re losing this fight and it doesn’t make sense to me. The repub party sucks at PR.

On the bright side, conservatives won an important battle here in this town. We successfully eliminated That’s A Family video from our 3rd grade curriculum. And we did it with a dem mayor, dem town council and dem school board. It’s just the beginning of the fight but we won the first round. We’re gonna get sued for it too and maybe when taxpayers get hit in the wallet with this lawsuit, they’ll start voting and taking a real interest in local and state politics. The fems, homos, other goofy alternative lifestyles pervs are gonna make us, this town, pay for defying their agenda.

264 posted on 10/07/2007 11:31:52 PM PDT by Twink
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To: Twink
Thank you for the thoughtful post and I do understand your direction. I go back to being a Goldwater republican.

I only wonder what a classic liberal would think of the current communist...uh, democrat party and what would we think of them? Would I think the same of Zell Miller if he stuck around to change the party? I might admire his intention but question his sanity...I'm thinking the same as a conservative in the republican party.

Plus the republican party no longer has any big ideas. Very few republicans, if any, seriously talk about shrinking government. Remember the days when the Dept. of Education was going to be dissolved? The flat tax and filing your tax return on a post card? Actually doing something about Medicare and Social Security?

Republicans did well when they had a program; eliminating welfare (as we knew it anyway, often I think they just put a coat of paint on it). In the last eight years we've seen an expansion of government like no other and even more entitlements and spending that can only described as insane.

Can it get worse? Absolutely! I've no doubt that rats would even accelerate the pace of destruction. Is going to hell at a fast pace better than a slow pace? Well, I guess at a slower pace with republicans you might have a chance to enjoy the scenery, but I'm not sure I want to ride in either car.

265 posted on 10/08/2007 5:07:35 AM PDT by Proud_texan (Just my opinion, no relationship to reality is expressed or implied.)
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To: roamer_1; WildcatClan
In the referred post to you I had speculatively answered this comment from you:

I don't think Dobson can endorse a candidate as such and it may have something to do with a tax-exempt status.

I had replied with this:

I have heard that elsewhere, and it may be true- I know that Dobson makes no bones about whom he rejects (Giuliani, Romney, and Thompson so far, I believe) which is what would be expected IMO. One could further expect a rejection of Paul. Huck is probably safe as a minister, though he is unpalatable to me... but other than that Dobson is pointing to a candidate or two by the attrition of the others.

Since then I have received an official missive from Focus on the Family in the form of a reply by email (I had written them) regarding this whole deal. in the course of that reply the following excerpt confirms your statement:

We should point out that Focus on the Family is prohibited by IRS guidelines from endorsing candidates. Focus on the Family Action, a 501(c)(4) organization, is allowed greater latitude in that area, but we’ve generally refrained from so doing.

It’s worth mentioning, as well, that if Dr. Dobson were to endorse a presidential candidate, he would do so as a private individual and not in his capacity as Chairman of the Board of Focus or Focus Action. To this point, Dr. Dobson has not backed anyone for the 2008 election.

This statement does seem to encapsulate their official position regarding endorsement, and lends credence to my suggestion that they seem to be pointing toward candidates they cannot officially endorse by way of their attrition of other candidates.

As an aside, I do not understand why they run a 501c and refrain from using it to the extent possible but that seems to be their choice. Perhaps it allows them the ability to contribute but they do not wish to "get dirty" as the 501c's of our opposition do so well.

266 posted on 10/08/2007 4:59:27 PM PDT by roamer_1 (Vote for FrudyMcRomson -Turn red states purple in 08!)
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To: roamer_1
As an aside, I do not understand why they run a 501c and refrain from using it to the extent possible but that seems to be their choice. Perhaps it allows them the ability to contribute but they do not wish to "get dirty" as the 501c's of our opposition do so well.

Unions, or most of them always endorse a candidate and I think they enjoy the same exemptions although that is only an educated guess by me. The Unions are less than forthcoming about their designations and status and there are so many I felt I was on a 'Wild goose chase". I agree with you completely on Focus on the Family and other groups not executing their abilities to the extent possible, but perhaps it cuts down on the infighting or like you said they don't want to get drawn into the mud. Thanks for the information, Roamer.

267 posted on 10/08/2007 8:22:00 PM PDT by WildcatClan (Duncan Hunter '08 -)
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To: Soft Bigotry

Make no mistake about it, these candidates and influential political activist leaders who threaten to not support the Party’s nominee are playing political extortion to gain policy concessions or angle for a key appointment. They know very well that if they succeed in pulling away even a moderate fraction of voters from the Republican presidential candidate (and down-ballot Republican candidates that benefit from straight ticket votes), they likely will had the Democrats the win, since recently the margin of victory in many elections is within a few percent.

A true Republican or conservative would not willingly hand power over to liberal Democrats, who are guaranteed to work against our values. Political suicide is not in our nature, nor condoned in our religious teachings, nor consistent with our Constitution. Leave the futile political statements to those not fortified with a higher purpose.

268 posted on 10/10/2007 1:46:15 PM PDT by anymouse
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