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What the Anti-War Movement is Really Fighting Against
Flopping Aces ^ | 10-27-07 | Wordsmith

Posted on 10/28/2007 12:26:58 AM PDT by Starman417


 Eli Lake writing for the NYSun regarding the anti-war extremist movement:

They are asking Americans to believe not that the war was a blunder, so much that the war was a sin; that the decapitators and car bombers of innocents are a resistance; that the army seeking to prevent ethnic cleansing today is in fact responsible for it.
What exactly is it that the anti-war movement fights for today? Before the war began, I can understand the protests. Maybe even during the "civil war", when things went spiraling south after the bombing of the al-Askari Mosque in February of 2006.  But now?  What are they still protesting for?

For morality's sake?  For compassion and the end to suffering?  Then they should be supporting America's efforts in Iraq.  Yet they do not take into consideration the consequences of ending "the war” prematurely, on their terms of immediate withdrawal (as if such an exit were logistically, let alone morally, possible):

Most Americans do want to end a war they believe America is losing, but they don’t suffer from the delusion that Iraqis would be better off if the Shiite and Sunni death cults took power after our soldiers left.

It is a prospect the activists for now would rather not broach. Kevin Martin of Peace Action in Mother Jones said it wasn’t even for the “peace community” to come up with a contingency plan to prevent competitive genocide after a withdrawal. “In my organization and the umpteen antiwar coalitions that I am in, this is in no way a priority that we think about or talk about,” he said.

Later on he added, “We are not responsible for dreaming up a perfect world. We are responsible for trying to end the damn war and putting the political pressure on our government, which is extremely difficult when you have a feeble Congress and a dictator president.”

The problem with the anti-war movement is that it deals in yesterday’s arguments as the basis for solving today’s problems; the peace fascists do not take into account where events of the past 4 years have now brought us.  Their reasoning extends not much farther nor deeper than:

“No w(s)md”….”Bush lied”…..”no blood for oil”…..”bombs not books”…..”Support the troops: Bring them home”….”peace is patriotic”….

All that the anti-war movement has left are cookie-cutter slogans, bumpersticker rhetoric, and a romanticized, narcissistic notion of themselves and their place in history. They are riding on fumes:

There’s also:
The Shia Awakening
Commerce in Baghad Thrives
Michael Yon on Basra:
Basra is not in chaos. In fact, crime and violence are way down and there has not been a British combat death in over a month. The report below is false.
“The darkness [in Iraq] has become pitch black”. So says Osama bin Laden earlier this week in a message to the mujahidin in Iraq. The real question for them should be: “Who wants to be the last mujahidin to die for a mistake?”

According to Bill Roggio,

In Anbar province, al Qaeda in Iraq has failed to kill a single US serviceman by IED since September 10.
Anbar Province has become so secure, U.S. Marines are bored:
In Fallujah, enlisted marines have complained to an officer of my acquaintance: “There’s nobody to shoot here, sir. If it’s just going to be building schools and hospitals, that’s what the Army is for, isn’t it?”
Cemetery workers in Iraq are also finding that their jobs are at risk as violence declines (reported in typical MSM “glass half-empty” fashion):
A drop in violence around Iraq has cut burials in the huge Wadi al Salam cemetery here by at least one-third in the past six months, and that’s cut the pay of thousands of workers who make their living digging graves, washing corpses or selling burial shrouds.
Troop reductions have already been planned out; and none of the 3 Democratic frontrunners are advocating for “immediate withdrawal”. In fact, the Democrats have not been serious on the war and in ending it, for quite some time. So carrying on the anti-war antics is pointless and meaningless at this stage. It serves only as a distraction. I doubt even bin Laden and Zawahiri draw aid and comfort from the movement these days.

Since those who yearn for a President Bush defeat more than they ache for an American victory cannot claim military defeat in Iraq, the war critics grasp at straws in arguing that there is no political progress happening. That it is a pipe dream for Sunni and Shia to achieve reconciliation.

Scott Malensek makes the following points in casual comment:

1) the Iraqi Parliament has passed more laws than the Democrats’ Congress and thus has made more political progress than the American govt, that’s noteworthy, and it shows huge hypocrisy on the part of Congressional Democrats to demand results when they themselves can’t manage to cut a $500000 virtual herbarium from a bill (see also pork spending worse than Republican Congress) 2) The political reconciliation in Iraq has in fact been taking place since January, but the reason that it doesn’t get press isn’t because it’s unimportant. It’s because the Democrats’ Congress put together a list of benchmarks that were near impossible for the Iraqis to accomplish,

The anti-war movement has lost the war. So why persist in their delusion? Given how the good news is so undeniably palpable, what exactly is it that groups like Code Pink are protesting against?
Since pictures speak a thousand words, I’ll let the following photos from the Multi-National Force- Iraq website speak to the blindness of the anti-war movement.

Message to Code Pink and company, this is what you are fighting against:

The Best Medicine

A U.S. Army Soldier from Charlie Company, 4th Battalion, 9th Infantry Regiment, 4th Stryker Brigade Combat Team, 2nd Infantry Division, from Ft. Lewis, Wash., shares a laughs with an Iraqi army soldier at a U.S. and Iraqi Army security checkpoint in Tarmiyah, Iraq, Sept. 25, 2007. U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communication 2nd Class Summer M. Anderson.


U.S. Army Sgt. Quenton Sallows hands out Iraqi Flags to Iraqi children beginning their first day of school in Lutafiyah, Iraq, Oct. 1, 2007. Sallows is assigned to Civil Affairs, 2nd Battalion, 15th Field Artillery Regiment, 2nd Brigade Combat Team, 10th Mountain Division (Light Infantry). U.S. Air Force photo by Staff Sgt. Quinton Russ.

Nice to Meet You

U.S. Marine Corps Cpl. Julia Venegas, from 2nd Marine Logistics Group, shakes hands with a little girl in the village of Kabani, Iraq, while on a security patrol Sept. 28, 2007. U.S. Marine Corps photo taken by Lance Cpl. Robert S. Morgan.

One Size Fits Most

A U.S. Army Soldier of 1st Battalion, 38th Infantry Regiment, 4th Brigade Combat Team, 2nd Infantry Division plays with a young Iraqi boy in Mufriq, Iraq, Oct. 8, 2007. U.S. Air Force photo by Staff Sgt. Shawn Weismiller.

School Days

Iraqi girls walk to a primary school in the Andaloos district of Fallujah, Iraq, Oct. 17, 2007, to receive school supplies from U.S. Marines and Iraqi police. U.S. Marine Corps photo by Sgt. Robert B. Brown Jr.

Junior Heroes

The students at an elementary school in Jerf Al-Mila hold up their 'Junior Hero' stickers after taking an oath to become honorary Junior Heroes during a visit to the school by Iraqi Army Soldiers from the 3rd Battalion, 2nd Brigade, 9th Iraqi Army Division (mechanized), Oct. 17. The Junior Hero program was designed by the Iraqi security forces to teach children about the roles of the Iraqi Army and Iraqi police who work in their communities and ways in which they can volunteer to keep their villages free of crime. Photo by Staff Sgt. Jon Cupp, 1st Brigade Combat Team, 1st Cavalry Division Public Affairs

A Sucker for Children

U.S. Marine Corps Lance Cpl. Patrick K. Mason, a squad leader for 1st Platoon, Alpha Company, 1st Battalion, 7th Marine Regiment, hands a lollipop to an Iraqi boy during a security patrol in Dulab, Iraq, Sept. 25, 2007. The Marines are working with Iraqi police in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom in the Al Anbar province of Iraq. U.S. Marine Corps photo by Cpl. Shane S. Keller.

To be opposed to our presence and efforts in Iraq is to be standing in the way of history's momentum; and on the wrong side of it.

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1 posted on 10/28/2007 12:27:03 AM PDT by Starman417
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To: Starman417

The Left want to reduce America to a Third World country so they can stay home all day drinking industrial strength alcohol and having sex with their children and their neighbors children. That’s what it all comes down to.

2 posted on 10/28/2007 12:39:20 AM PDT by Berlin_Freeper (ETERNAL SHAME on the Treasonous and Immoral Democrats!)
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To: Starman417

“War is an ugly thing, but not the ugliest of things. The decayed and degraded state of moral and patriotic feeling which thinks that nothing is worth war is much worse. The person who has nothing for which he is willing to fight, nothing which is more important than his own personal safety, is a miserable creature and has no chance of being free unless made and kept so by the exertions of better men than himself.”

John Stuart Mill

3 posted on 10/28/2007 12:47:08 AM PDT by Patriot Hooligan ("God have mercy on my enemies because I won't." General George S. Patton)
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Well do not forget that there is also a legitimate anti war movement on the right.

4 posted on 10/28/2007 1:53:47 AM PDT by Republic_of_Secession.
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To: Starman417

The Left will find itself irrelevant when oil prices hit the stratosphere and Americans lose their jobs when the economy tanks. It looks like Iran will be called to task for its hand in Iraq’s turmoil. And Syria. Once these countries have been dealt with, what other countries will China use as its proxy to wrestle Middle East oil from the West?

5 posted on 10/28/2007 2:14:43 AM PDT by jonrick46
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To: Starman417
What is the anti-war crowd fighting against? The same thing they have been fighting against since Vietnam. The are in a pitched battle against the spreading of freedom. The leaders know it and the rest are just useful idiots. The elite left want to return to a 21st century version of feudalism. Where political alliance matters more than birth, except for their family. They believe democracy is one of the 10 most dangerous things in the world. To profess these things in the U.S. would render them impotent, so they stick to slogans that don’t make any sense. If you examine the actions of the left over the last 50 plus years, you will find they have always aligned themselves against freedom.

After the cold war was won, we forgot what we were fighting for and against. It was freedom against totalitarianism. We should have pressed our advantage after the Soviet Union collapsed, but we were too busy getting a peace dividend. It was nice that we were still free and Europe was still free, but what about the dozens and dozens of other countries that are not free. The left in this country and around the world have not forgotten. They incrementally fight against freedom where ever they can. And to the left: No, perversions are not a substitute for real freedoms and rights.

There can be no world peace without first attaining World Freedom.

6 posted on 10/28/2007 3:07:02 AM PDT by Revolutionary ("I love it when a plan comes together.")
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To: Revolutionary

The anti-war movement is full of a bunch of leftist hypocrites. When Clinton bombed Serbia (Operation Stained Dress) there was hardly a peep from them. Why? Because Clinton was doing it.

7 posted on 10/28/2007 4:10:48 AM PDT by Bushwacker777
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To: Starman417
What the Anti-War Movement is Really Fighting Against

One word: capitalism. The anti-war types are led by Socialists and Communists who want to see Capitalism replaced by their beliefs. These people were forced to keep a low profile after the demise of the Soviet Union. Though humiliated and defeated on the world stage, they never stopped believing that their ideology was superior to capitalism and democracy.

Now, they have seized upon discontent over the War on Terrorism as their chance to regain prominence on the world stage. This is a power grab and nothing more. If you see any of their "war" protests, you will see many signs calling for Socialism and Communism. However, as history has shown in Vietnam, Korea, Europe and elsewhere, Socialists and Communists have never been shy about resorting to war when it suited their purposes. Their new found pacifism is a tactic and a tool for damaging the US and ultimately bringing down Capitalism and Democracy.

That there are few who are willing to say this in the media is sad. Anyone who does so faces the risk of being called a "red baiter" or "McCarthyite". McCarthyism is defined by the Left, of course, as the Right's attempt to silence the them. In the media and in politics, no one wants to be a McCarthyite, so, such charges usually shut down any and all conversation on any given subject. The ironic thing about being called a McCarthyite by the Left is that the one and only thing the Left learned about McCarthyism is how they could use it to their advantage and get away with it. So, not only are we fighting Islamo-Fascism but we are faced with the threat of a left wing, neo-McCarthyism from within that disguises itself as an "Anti-War" movement. These are perilous times.

8 posted on 10/28/2007 5:11:48 AM PDT by Reaganesque (Romney for President 2008)
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To: Berlin_Freeper

The Left wants to destroy America and the rest of the world so that a very few can run it cause us peons are too stupid to take care of ourselves.

See my new tag line!

9 posted on 10/28/2007 5:26:54 AM PDT by proudofthesouth (Liberals want to turn this country and the world back into a feudal society.)
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To: Reaganesque
What the Anti-War Movement is Really Fighting Against

One word: capitalism.

You are wise and well-informed.

10 posted on 10/28/2007 6:37:47 AM PDT by Ace's Dad ("but every now and then, the Dragon comes to call")
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To: Starman417

They’re little babies rebelling against authority. It’s fun to go on protest marches, interact with similar people, drink beer, have drugs and sex...and feel so good about themselves as the “moral” people fighting oppression, greed, “bourgeois morality,” what-have-you. All very hip and with-it. (And to be bankrolled by Soros, Peter Lewis, man that’s the life. Much preferable to getting a real, productive job.)

11 posted on 10/28/2007 7:26:34 AM PDT by BusterBear
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To: BusterBear

That’s why they protested in 1965.

The “anti-war” protesters I’ve seen, look like the same ones.

Scruffy beards, what’s left of their hair in a pony tail.

Ex-hippies, reliving their glory days mostly.

12 posted on 10/28/2007 7:32:13 AM PDT by Cringing Negativism Network (I like Duncan Hunter)
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To: Ace's Dad

I’m so bright, my parents call me son. ;-)

13 posted on 10/28/2007 9:55:38 AM PDT by Reaganesque (Romney for President 2008)
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To: Starman417


14 posted on 10/28/2007 10:00:38 AM PDT by kalee
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To: aflaak


15 posted on 10/28/2007 10:16:59 AM PDT by r-q-tek86 (rich, berserker, shield biting, mushroom eating, soccer ignoring business owner)
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To: Starman417

It is all about Cultural Marxism.

16 posted on 10/28/2007 10:20:43 AM PDT by bmwcyle (BOMB, BOMB, BOMB,.......BOMB, BOMB IRAN)
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