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Colleges must admit illegal immigrants
Raleigh News Observer, Charlotte Observer ^ | 11/28/07 | Mark Johnson

Posted on 11/28/2007 4:58:08 AM PST by AT7Saluki

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To: AT7Saluki

The state legislature should cut all funding to the state’s community colleges. The policy would be reversed in a NY minute.

51 posted on 11/28/2007 8:52:08 AM PST by Scotsman will be Free (11C - Indirect fire, infantry - High angle hell - We will bring you, FIRE)
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To: CondorFlight

Under current circumstances illegals will stay. Why not? There is no penalty for staying. Make it unpleasant, and they will self deport.

52 posted on 11/28/2007 8:54:14 AM PST by Scotsman will be Free (11C - Indirect fire, infantry - High angle hell - We will bring you, FIRE)
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To: AT7Saluki

IOW Legal Residents will be bumped from critical classes so criminals can take their seats.

53 posted on 11/28/2007 8:55:22 AM PST by longtermmemmory (VOTE! and
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To: CondorFlight
Like it or lump it, if these people are going to stay here, then you must mainstream them into US society;
First, they will only stay here as long as people like you give them a free pass. But more important, it's not our responsibility to mainstream anyone into America - illegal or legal.
Our rights and privileges were literally earned through blood, sweat and tears. For over 200 years our ancestors worked and fought for all the benefits they received. It was never handed to them. This country was built on the backs of every single immigrant group that came to America: Germans, Irish, Chinese, Italian, et al.
This current crop of illegals and people like you want it handed to them. To them and you I say get the hell out. Then come back and do it the right way ... the American way.
54 posted on 11/28/2007 9:07:16 AM PST by oh8eleven (RVN '67-'68)
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To: All

The answer is obvious: self deportation. It is working in cities around the country. Simply cut of ALL welfare benefits, punish those who rent to or hire illegals and the problem will take care of itself...

55 posted on 11/28/2007 9:28:55 AM PST by Maverick68 (w)
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To: CondorFlight
If they are not all going to be rounded up in some kind of mass deportation (and they are not), then not helping them enter the mainstream is just shooting ourselves in the foot, and insuring that there will a large mass of unassimilated people for the next generation to contend with.

I disagree with you. Do you realize that "Mainstreaming" them is something THEY don't want anyway? When illegals say "si" to "mainstreaming", it means they grab anything free they can get AND "no" to English, of course.

Even if your suggestion is followed, you didn't mention how to stop Mexico and other countries from emptying out their populations here when they see that they'll get anything they want, FREE. Your suggestion will actually accelerate illegal immigration and will turn the US into Latin America North, a tenth rate country, in a decade.

This tells me that you really didn't look at alternatives to combat illegal immigration and that by itself, is out of the mainstream.

When you write such a post and don't care to answer FReepers posts to you, it reminds me of somebody throwing a grenade in a joint and getting the hec out of there. However, you may be busy and will eventually answer.

56 posted on 11/28/2007 9:50:24 AM PST by melancholy (Beware of Ho Chi Minh's offspring, Ho She Marx , invading the WH.)
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To: AT7Saluki

Here’s my standard post. We can do something about Illegal immigration.

RICO —Citizen Recourse

Private persons and entities may initiate civil suits to obtain injunctions and treble damages against enterprises that conspire to or actually violate federal alien smuggling, harboring, or document fraud statutes, under the Racketeer-Influenced and Corrupt Organizations (RICO). The pattern of racketeering activity is defined as commission of two or more of the listed crimes. A RICO enterprise can be any individual legal entity, or a group of individuals who are not a legal entity but are associated in fact, and can include nonprofit associations.

Here’s what I’ve been pushing: it’s time to file Racketeering, Influencing, and Corrupt Organizations (RICO) lawsuits.

RICO lawyers could turn it around in a few years and MAKE MONEY at the same time. I’m surprised they haven’t done it already.

In the absence of enforcement, we can get the word out in the meantime that there is money to be made in filing RICO lawsuits against employers who hire illegal aliens.

Employers would have no trouble shutting down the border if they could get sued by someone under the RICO statutes for hiring these people in the first place. The next time an illegal alien kills someone in a drunk driving accident or somesuch thing, I’m going to point out that the victim’s family might be able to seek compensation from the employer under these statutes in the hopes that it would catch on. If this did catch on, would see such a swift backlash against illegal immigration that no employer would go near these people and they’ll all simply want to go back home.

IRS Reporting
Call the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) hotline 1-800-829-0433 to report all
suspected employers of illegal aliens-—you are not required to identify
yourself and may be entitled to a reward. The Application for Reward ( Form 211
can be downloaded from http://www.irs. gov or call 1-800-829-3676. The IRS does
not take kindly to employers that seek to evade taxes by paying cash for day
labor-this is a common practice at construction sites. Report the employer`s
license plate number and any other information you may have. Employers usually
can’t run and take the hit in their wallets. Follow up with the IRS and ask
what action is being taken; if they refuse to cooperate, notify the press and
your elected officials. Do your part-—spread the word-—help make this
nationwide campaign a success!!!


Hunter is the best candidate on Immigration.




Why the smart money is on Duncan Hunter
Posted on 11/15/2007 3:43:17 AM PST by Kevmo

Hunter’s criticism of Thompson over this issue is well aimed. We need someone in the white house who isn’t a johnny-come-lately on this issue.
Road to Des Moines Conversions on Immigration (Hunter Press release)
News Which Cannot Lose ^ | 10/25/07 | Duncan Hunter/staff

57 posted on 11/28/2007 10:03:45 AM PST by Kevmo (We should withdraw from Iraq via Tehran. And Duncan Hunter is just the man to get that job done.)
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To: AT7Saluki


58 posted on 11/28/2007 10:03:51 AM PST by Sweet_Sunflower29 (Dear Santa. I can explain...)
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To: AT7Saluki

Just make them pay out of country tuition.

59 posted on 11/28/2007 10:04:30 AM PST by BurbankKarl
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To: CharlesWayneCT

“Community college executives said the admissions guidelines won’t cost the state. Illegal immigrants must pay out-of-state tuition, $7,465 for a full class load, which is more than the actual cost of providing the education, $5,375, the officials said.”

They seem to be using your guidelines.

60 posted on 11/28/2007 10:05:22 AM PST by ga medic
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To: Eye of Unk
Since when was a degree needed to pick lettuce?
"Back where I come from we have Universities, seats of great learning where men go to become great thinkers, and when they come out they think deep thoughts, and with no more brains than you have. But, they have one thing you haven't got: A Diploma."
61 posted on 11/28/2007 10:10:41 AM PST by eastsider
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To: CondorFlight
Like it or lump it, if these people are going to stay here, then you must mainstream them into US society; otherwise you’ll have a Quebec situation.

That's the sort of remarkable ignorance that has turned southern California into a Mexican territory. American culture gets displaced by the huge numbers bringing in their own culture, which they aren't interested in giving up.

62 posted on 11/28/2007 10:18:17 AM PST by Pelham ("You Can't Deport Them" the fallback position of the Amnesty Republicans)
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To: Da Coyote
The war is coming.

When? I have been predicting that for several years now. What will be the tipping point? Will there ever be a point where the "war" begins? Or we all just too complacent?

63 posted on 11/28/2007 10:18:35 AM PST by Will_Kansas
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To: ga medic

Thank you for the information.

Often times the argument is that people are turned down for admission because of overcrowding, and that if citizens are being held out of college so illegals can get in, that is wrong. I agree with that argument as well, and think the federal government should clarify the law to make it clear that states can prioritize admissions by legal status.

64 posted on 11/28/2007 10:24:17 AM PST by CharlesWayneCT
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To: CharlesWayneCT

I don’t think there are many admission requirements for community college, so hopefully they are not displacing anyone. We allow foreign students to attend our colleges and universities, and I know this isn’t exactly the same thing, but it is similar. They are paying substantial tuition, so it would appear that they are actually contributing in this case rather than draining.

It is frustrating that because the federal government does not do its job in properly controlling immigration and protecting our borders, businesses and colleges become responsible. Admissions to a community college should not be used as an immigration control point. They do not have the resources or expertise to do this well, and it costs all of the other students.

65 posted on 11/28/2007 10:51:37 AM PST by ga medic
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To: gubamyster

Voters need to rise up and throw these bumbs out.

66 posted on 11/28/2007 3:35:01 PM PST by TheLion (How about "Comprehensive Immigration Enforcement," for a change)
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To: AT7Saluki

We are the Illegal Aliens.
Do not touch your TV set or Computer.
We control the horizontal.
We control the vertical.
We control your education system.

(Who would have thought “The Outer Limits” could be more about earthly
invaders than little green men?)

67 posted on 11/28/2007 3:38:07 PM PST by VOA
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To: bonehead4freedom
Let them come and register,it could be an I.N.S. sting like the cops
use with the free Super Bowl tickets to catch fugitives!

Good thing you aren't in The Border Patrol or ICE.
Come up with a great idea like that and try to implement it...
and some Federal Prosecutor will find some way to railroad you!
68 posted on 11/28/2007 3:40:44 PM PST by VOA
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To: AT7Saluki
The “Sullivan Memorandum” is now available in HTML at the following link:

Read this. You all have got to see the hubris of a state government “legal counsel” taking on the airs of a having made a Supreme Court “decision.”It’s short and mind-boggling.

The original locked-up pdf file was intentionally difficult to broadcast via the Internet.

It was sent to the Community College central offices on November 7. Civitas Institute’s news release was never intended to make it public. They expected the Excrement to have already hit the fan before now, and what they released was an Economic Impact study. Little did they know what is fast becoming known as “the Sullivan Memorandum” would bask is the shadows until they put out their news release. Outrageous! For example, in the two of three paragraph “Memo” is the simple declarative: “colleges should immediately begin admitting undocumented individuals” Emphasis in the original!

69 posted on 11/29/2007 4:38:24 AM PST by Prospero (Ad Astra!)
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To: AT7Saluki

Calling all illegal immigrants.
Come to North Carolina to enter college for a bright future.

70 posted on 11/29/2007 3:59:36 PM PST by bulldozer
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