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To: SuziQ
I don't believe any of them lowered themselves by taking part in this debate

I think it's one of the worst things I've ever seen in my life, and I'm over 50, so I've seen a few things. The American nation had nothing to do with Latin America; it developed in total opposition to everything the disgusting Latin countries stood for. Ever heard the phrase "Banana Republic"? That was a light term for the sort of horror shows they really were. And are. Really understand what kind of place Mexico, Cuba, Colombia and Venezuela really are? Ever been there?

Hispanics are a large voting group

No they aren't. In 2004 they were about 6% of the electorate. And that number is the result of giving citizenship to people who have no business being called citizens of the United States in most cases. They vote for people who look and speak like themselves because a) they see it as cultural defeat of the Anglos, who they hate; and b) they think they can use their compatriots to extract money from the hated, but rich, Anglos. You can try all you want to convince me of the opposite, but anyone who's paying attention can see it.

There are more recent immigrants, who may also be eligible to vote, for whom English is still not easy for them to understand

If they're recent, they aren't citizens. To actually go through the process takes years. Most people can learn a language by immersion in a few months, no matter what you've heard. You're making excuses with a fake, improbable situation.

No harm in bringing the debate to them

Yes there is. They just damaged the most important nation on Earth by backing down and acquiescing to the demands of people who have no right to make any demands of the Americans. NONE. These people have NO RIGHT WHATSOEVER to come to this country and sneer at 400 years of our history by arrogantly refusing to do the most basic duty of newcomers - learn the language. Do you have any idea at all why they don't? BECAUSE THEY KNOW IT'S AN INSULT.

Maintaining the Spanish language is part of their mindset of colonizing the U.S., and emblematic of their contempt for the Americans. They wouldn't stand for it in their countries - can you point to any Latin American country where such a thing has occurred? If anyone tried there would be blood in the streets, and that's no joke.

You're weak. You think like a woman - "well, why can't we just try to understand them? There must be a good reason".

NO, there isn't. It's a brazen, arrogant attempt at taking control of the landmass of the United States. Only weak fools let that happen. In Spaniard cultures, it's considered completely OK to do that to a weakling - it's his fault for letting it happen, for not "being a man" and standing up for himself. Acting like a woman, it's called -- which is the ultimate insult in that culture.

Get it, yet? That's what's going on here. The Big Men who want to be President are now considered by the hispanics to be cheap whores who will bend to a strong man's will. They are now regarded with contempt by the Latins. They sure as hell wouldn't have done the same thing.

That's the reality, Suzi. Welcome to the 14th century...that's where they live.

And so will your children if you accept this.

39 posted on 12/09/2007 10:24:59 PM PST by Regulator
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To: Regulator
Most people can learn a language by immersion in a few months, no matter what you've heard. You're making excuses with a fake, improbable situation.

You can learn a language by immersion, to be sure, but you rarely fully understand the nuances of that new language, and can always understand it better if you can hear it in your first language.

I believe your estimate of 6% Hispanics is low, but be that as it may, I don't think the Republicans should act as if they are not needed. With the country the way it is today, EVERY vote is welcome.

You contend that the candidates yielded to some sort of extortion by attending the debate. I don't agree. The candidates wanted to make sure the the citizens for whom Spanish is their FIRST language, heard and understood exactly where they stand on the issues. That's a far sight better than not campaigning among Hispanics, and having the Democrats frame the Republican candidates' stands, instead. As for your railing about how the Hispanics are going to take over, since you sneer at their political clout, being only 6%, how do you propose they're going to do that?

I don't like illegals coming into this country anymore than you or anyone else, but I'm not speaking about them. I'm speaking about citizens who happen to have come from Spanish speaking nations because they DO understand that this country is unique in the world in offering freedom and liberty for them and their children. The adults won't speak English that well, but their children will, just the same as ALL first generation immigrants to this country. My Italian great grandmother knew English, but she hardly ever spoke it, because it wasn't her native language. Her son, on the other hand, was able to speak Italian with his mother, but thought in English, because he learned it along with the Italian he learned at home. The same thing happened with Germans, Poles, Chinese and any other immigrant who came to America as an adult. Many have been here for years, but still converse better in their native tongues than in English. I would never fault them for it, nor look down upon them. They took the chance to uproot their lives and try to make a better one for their families, as legal immigrants, and I welcome them.

Oh, and your snide comment that I'm weak because I 'think like a woman' would get a hugh guffaw from my husband, who knows the exact opposite. I'm about as far from a feminine thinker as a woman can be. Believe me, honey, this gal doesn't think with her ovaries.

48 posted on 12/09/2007 10:49:18 PM PST by SuziQ
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