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To: Regulator
Most people can learn a language by immersion in a few months, no matter what you've heard. You're making excuses with a fake, improbable situation.

You can learn a language by immersion, to be sure, but you rarely fully understand the nuances of that new language, and can always understand it better if you can hear it in your first language.

I believe your estimate of 6% Hispanics is low, but be that as it may, I don't think the Republicans should act as if they are not needed. With the country the way it is today, EVERY vote is welcome.

You contend that the candidates yielded to some sort of extortion by attending the debate. I don't agree. The candidates wanted to make sure the the citizens for whom Spanish is their FIRST language, heard and understood exactly where they stand on the issues. That's a far sight better than not campaigning among Hispanics, and having the Democrats frame the Republican candidates' stands, instead. As for your railing about how the Hispanics are going to take over, since you sneer at their political clout, being only 6%, how do you propose they're going to do that?

I don't like illegals coming into this country anymore than you or anyone else, but I'm not speaking about them. I'm speaking about citizens who happen to have come from Spanish speaking nations because they DO understand that this country is unique in the world in offering freedom and liberty for them and their children. The adults won't speak English that well, but their children will, just the same as ALL first generation immigrants to this country. My Italian great grandmother knew English, but she hardly ever spoke it, because it wasn't her native language. Her son, on the other hand, was able to speak Italian with his mother, but thought in English, because he learned it along with the Italian he learned at home. The same thing happened with Germans, Poles, Chinese and any other immigrant who came to America as an adult. Many have been here for years, but still converse better in their native tongues than in English. I would never fault them for it, nor look down upon them. They took the chance to uproot their lives and try to make a better one for their families, as legal immigrants, and I welcome them.

Oh, and your snide comment that I'm weak because I 'think like a woman' would get a hugh guffaw from my husband, who knows the exact opposite. I'm about as far from a feminine thinker as a woman can be. Believe me, honey, this gal doesn't think with her ovaries.

48 posted on 12/09/2007 10:49:18 PM PST by SuziQ
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To: SuziQ
I'm going to make this as clear to you as possible. You are trying to interpret what just happened in a way that makes sense to you and your sensibilities, which attribute some sort of good will on the part of the Mexicans who pulled this stunt.


I don't know where you live now or what exposure you have had to "hispanics". As a group, I have experienced their animosity over and over and over again: THEY TELL YOU IN NO UNCERTAIN TERMS THAT SOMEDAY YOU WILL SPEAK SPANISH, AND THEY WILL NOT HAVE TO SPEAK THE HATED ANGLO LANGUAGE.

Ask almost anyone on this forum who lives in the Southwest. We've all been exposed.

No. You're wrong.

It is a matter of cultural and national conquest to them, and they take that seriously. Unlike you.

Suzi...I'm from the border. With Mexico. I didn't come by my opinions by accident. They come from exposure to these guys. ASK ANYONE FROM HERE.

I believe your estimate of 6% Hispanics is low

Pew Hispanic Center report

Believe me, Pew doesn't underreport.

Strutting, exaggerting, bragging, thumping your chest in comical self importance are all part of the Big Man Caudillo act. Inflating the numbers is not beyond them. But in a generation, they will be right - it's going to be 20%, largely due to negligence on the part of this President and his three predecessors.

how do you propose they're going to do that?

Simple. By walking in and staging abominations like Spanish Presidential debates, and demanding that the laws against them taking over be abandoned (like birthright citizenship for the children of illegal aliens), special privileges that reward their ethnicity and language (afrirmative action for the Conquistadors?), and forcing us to subsidize them.

Many have been here for years, but still converse better in their native tongues than in English

I know many Germans and French who live in Germany and France who speak perfect English having only learned it in school. I met a woman the other evening who married a citizen 10 years ago and moved here from Wurzburg who now speaks unaccented American English. She sounds like she's from Redondo Beach. When in American history was anything like this necessary? Were the 1920 election debates held in Italian?

You know and understand nothing of what is happening here. It is a full scale invasion and takeover mounted by a foreign government - mainly the government of Mexico. They saw the weakness of the Baby Boom generation, and decided to exploit it.

They appear to be fabulously successful. Largely because people like yourself give them ground.

91 posted on 12/10/2007 8:14:46 AM PST by Regulator
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