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Revealed: 'Gay' plans to target 2-year-olds
WorldNetDaily ^ | 12/17/07 | Bob Unruh

Posted on 12/18/2007 4:51:48 PM PST by wagglebee

Children as young as two years of age are in the bull's-eye of coming changes in California's school curriculum, which "gay rights" advocates now admit will alter the very foundation of information presented to public school classrooms.

Gov. Schwarzenegger

A list of school resources, sponsored by a homosexual-advocacy group called Safe Schools Coalition, suggests that for those who are only two years old, there's "Felicia's Favorite Story," which tells how she was "adopted by her two mothers."

The list also promotes a book called "Are You a Girl or a Boy?" by Karleen Jiminez, a resource for children ages 4-8 when advocating homosexuality, bisexuality, transgenderism and other alternative lifestyle choices.

It's described as "A sweet book about a gender-different kid."

Other resources being promoted in light of California's adoption of SB 777 as state law include books authored by officials for Planned Parenthood and the Gay Lesbian Straight Education Network.

One book, called "Tackling Gay Issues in School," is for kindergarten through grade 12, and offers a "rationale (for the inclusion of les/bi/gay/trans issues in school)." It features recommended "extracurricular" activities for classes.

The promotion of such materials has coincided with the recent admission by Equality California, a homosexual advocacy group that worked to have SB 777 passed by lawmakers and signed by Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, that the bill really does edit all school curricula in California.

(Excerpt) Read more at ...

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To: Othniel
As the hubby of a faithful and energetic woman who chose to help chilren develop instead of chasing the almighty dollar, I say 'Thank You' for your service to His children.

That said I have to ask why any 2 year old would be affected ? personal irresponsibility and nannyism to the extreme

How does social darwinism and homo agenda exist in the same camp ? they cant breed so they must extinct themselves without recruiting...satan marches on...

81 posted on 12/19/2007 6:19:58 AM PST by Gilbo_3 (A few Rams must look after the sheep 'til the Good Shepherd returns...)
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To: Clintonfatigued

Agree 100%. “Live and Let Live” is a two-way street.

82 posted on 12/19/2007 6:21:05 AM PST by LIConFem (Thompson. Lifetime ACU Rating: 86 -- Hunter Lifetime ACU Rating: 92 (any combo will do, fellas))
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To: bruinbirdman
I offer a personal anecdote. I have a homosexual nephew. His tactic on his own nephew, aged three, started by educating him in his front yard to the fact that "snails have no sex." Then he bought the boy a toy vacuum cleaner.

Keep an eye on him. You may have to administer an @ss-whomping at some point on this creature.
83 posted on 12/19/2007 6:21:07 AM PST by Antoninus (Republicans who support Rudy owe Bill Clinton an apology.)
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To: RavenATB

Mrs Gilbo went pro choice on that one, and declined their invitation/request for donations...

84 posted on 12/19/2007 6:28:43 AM PST by Gilbo_3 (A few Rams must look after the sheep 'til the Good Shepherd returns...)
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To: Antoninus; metmom

I think “metmom” is now handling all of the homeschool pinglists.

85 posted on 12/19/2007 6:29:21 AM PST by wagglebee ("A political party cannot be all things to all people." -- Ronald Reagan, 3/1/75)
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To: Othniel

If people would leave the mega cities and realize the po dunk USA still has values, we’d be better off. Our town still has annual round the clock Bible reading marathon weekend ON THE COURTHOUSE STEPS ...

86 posted on 12/19/2007 6:31:56 AM PST by Gilbo_3 (A few Rams must look after the sheep 'til the Good Shepherd returns...)
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To: wagglebee

When I read stories such as this (God help me) I realize that it’s time for another tea party in this country. Of course, we are nowhere near that far along..

87 posted on 12/19/2007 6:35:24 AM PST by ohioman
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To: Brad from Tennessee

2 percent is generous. The last census has them at 1 percent, and possibly less than that.

88 posted on 12/19/2007 6:38:13 AM PST by RinaseaofDs
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To: wintertime

“85% of those children raised in strong Christian homes abandon their faith within 2 years of leaving government school, however 90 to 95% of homeschoolers remain faithful. It is evident that the government school are amazing effective in proselytizing their secular humanist religion to children with Christian parents.”

I am currently engaged in a tough debate with my wife over public schooling (her position) and private (church) schooling, and our daughter is 2.5 years old.

I send her information several times a week pointing out the failures and evil that exist in many public schools, and would really like to share this information with her. Do you have a link to the study? That’s definite bookmark material. I checked the Exodus site you provided, but didn’t see it there.

89 posted on 12/19/2007 6:50:14 AM PST by Deut28 (Cursed be he who perverts the justice)
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To: wagglebee
It's time for Schwarzenegger to go!

Many warned California would see new laws such as S.B. 777 if Schwarzenegger became California's governor. Some people, including some Freepers rallied for Schwarzenegger and against McClintock and said "a vote for McClintock is a vote for Bustamonte." They further said homosexuality would be normallized all the more if Bustamonte were California's governor.

Other Californians said there isn't much of a difference between Schwarzenegger and Bustamonte. They refused to support and vote for Schwarzenegger.

I remember some California freepers saying Schwarzenegger would give California the same homosexual laws Bustamonte would give California, it would just happen more slowly. Those who supported Schwarzenegger disagreed or didn't care.

And now California has S.B. 777.

90 posted on 12/19/2007 7:16:05 AM PST by scripter ("You don't have a soul. You are a soul. You have a body." - C.S. Lewis)
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To: wintertime
why do teachers agree to this child abuse?

Indoctrination and power. They are taught this sort of stuff, including assignments that make them active participants in creating these types of lesson plans, as part of their education. They go into a school where few have the courage to speak up even if they disagree with this sort of thing, and by degrees they just lose touch with the reality of it. People tend to base their reaction not on what is done to them, but on what is done to them in relation to what has been done to them in the past. A child that has never been spanked will react very differently than a child that has been spanked before. Same with adults. They get indoctrinated and silenced, made complicit, and then maybe even become active participants or instigators. Hideous. It's not only the kids that get hurt by this machine, it's the teachers also.

91 posted on 12/19/2007 7:31:22 AM PST by Greg F (Duncan Hunter is a good man.)
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Comment #92 Removed by Moderator

To: Injun_Ear_Danny; Chode
I’ve never thought knowledge was bad, and I’ve never thought censorship was good.

Knowledge is neither good nor bad; however, there are things that are simply inappropriate for young children. As far as "censorship" goes, you (like most liberals/libertarians) seem to have no idea what it even means.

93 posted on 12/19/2007 12:40:18 PM PST by wagglebee ("A political party cannot be all things to all people." -- Ronald Reagan, 3/1/75)
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To: Deut28

Here’s the link:

94 posted on 12/19/2007 1:24:38 PM PST by wintertime (Good ideas win! Why? Because people are not stupid.)
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To: Antoninus

Why wait? What he said is plenty justification. Sick filthy beast.

95 posted on 12/19/2007 1:31:36 PM PST by Hunter voter 08
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To: Gilbo_3; Othniel
If people would leave the mega cities and realize the po dunk USA still has values, we’d be better off.

Gilbo and Othniel,

Moving is not the answer, Gilbo.

ALL government schools are Anti-Christian, even those in “Podunk”, U.S.A. Please read what Dr. Bruce Shortt presented to the Southern Baptist Convention.

Another point, is that if Christian teachers are members of the NEA, they are ( with their money) supporting and promoting an overly Anti-Christian agenda.

I respectfully suggest that it is time for Christian teachers to leave the government schools and to focus their time, talents, and energy on building up an alternative Christian system. The chances of saving the souls of their own congregation’s Christian children are greater. The chances of attracting non-member families and their children to the fold are greater.


All Public Schools, By Law, Are Anti-Christian

First, it is important to distinguish between individuals and institutions. There is still a sizable remnant of Christian adults employed by the public schools. Many of them pray for their students and a few, though they risk being disciplined or fired, furtively try to witness. But this certainly does not mean that institutionally any public school system is, as some try to argue, “sympathetic to Christianity.” In fact, expressing nontrivial institutional “sympathy” for Christianity, let alone teaching from a Christian worldview, is absolutely prohibited by a complex web of court rulings, legislation, and regulations that apply to every single school and every single school employee subject to the laws of the United States. This is the hostile institutional environment in which Christian adults in the schools are forced to work. And, unfortunately, when you put good people in a bad system, the system almost always wins, which is the reason the public school system continues to deteriorate.

“Sympathy”, or the lack of sympathy, however, is simply not the relevant standard for judging whether a school is a suitable place to train up a Christian child. Christ tells us clearly that “He who is not with Me is against Me, and he who does not gather with Me scatters abroad.” For forty years and more, every public school has been legally prohibited from being for Christ. Unless one chooses to disregard Christ’s teaching, the only conclusion that can honestly be reached is that the entire public school system, by law, is against Christ. As will be seen, this is further confirmed when we look at the evidence of whether the public schools are “gathering” with Christ or “scattering.”

There Is No Neutrality in Education

Often Christians attempt to argue it doesn’t matter that the public school system is not for Christ – that education is somehow religiously “neutral.” Education, however, is never neutral.

Any Christian who believes that government schools operate on religiously neutral principles is simply deceived. There is no such thing as metaphysical or religious neutrality. If an institution rejects the Bible’s teaching about the nature of God, Man and the universe, then it necessarily accepts, implicitly or explicitly, some other worldview, whether it be the materialist metaphysics of secular humanism, the cosmic humanism of the New Age religions, or something else. Government schools are no exception.

On a practical level, the net result of nearly sixty years of Supreme Court rulings on the meaning of the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment to the Constitution has not been to create a level playing field for different beliefs, but simply to take all vestiges of Christianity out of government schools. Today, secular humanism, postmodernism, New Age mysticism, and other forms of paganism pervade government schools at all levels. The teachers’ unions, such as the NEA, are openly hostile to Biblical Christianity and its values, and the curricula of schools of education and teachers’ colleges, from which the overwhelming majority of teachers are drawn, are suffused with a mélange of postmodern and other nonchristian worldviews. Not surprisingly, textbook publishers accommodate the education establishment’s worldview by providing textbooks that conform to the prevailing anti-Christian perspective of the education establishment.

96 posted on 12/19/2007 1:49:31 PM PST by wintertime (Good ideas win! Why? Because people are not stupid.)
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To: Othniel
As for the 85%, I know that’s probably tied in to going to a secular university....alone....away from parents or any other means of support.



Going to college does not explain the loss of faith of those schooled in government schools. If going to college were an explanation we would see similar stats for homeschoolers, but we don’t.

The following is from Dr. Bruce Shortt’s report to the Southern Baptist Convention:

“Research by Dr. Brian Ray, founder of NHERI, found that 94% of all homeschooled children retained their faith into adulthood.”

“In 2002 the SBC’s Council on Family Life reported that roughly 88% of our children leave the church within 2 years after graduating from high school. It is reported by LifeWay’s Zan Tyler that Josh McDowell Ministries pegs the number who leave at 92%.3”

97 posted on 12/19/2007 1:55:15 PM PST by wintertime (Good ideas win! Why? Because people are not stupid.)
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To: Neoliberalnot

Ask Mark Steyn.

98 posted on 12/19/2007 2:22:46 PM PST by massgopguy (I owe everything to George Bailey)
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To: wagglebee
Image hosted by thank you...
99 posted on 12/19/2007 2:54:23 PM PST by Chode (American Hedonist)
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To: RavenATB
Nope. Am a member of CEAI, a Christian group that serves to inform, encourage, and start prayer groups in schools among teachers. Should my place go union, I'm gone, and so are a lot of others.
100 posted on 12/19/2007 3:13:01 PM PST by Othniel (Mohammad: False Prophet and Smeghead Deluxe....)
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