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Soros is Trying to Steal the White House Again - Help Stop Him
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Posted on 01/23/2008 9:12:26 AM PST by enough_idiocy

Soros is again spreading propaganda and trying to take the White House. He's launched a two fronted war today, just like in 06 and 04 - the economy and Iraq

On Iraq, since his 600,000 study was nullified, though it proved successful for several months, he's come up with a new "study." It recycles old lines, omits Democrats, and is already being debunked...

His last Iraq BS (600,000 dead Iraqis)

We already know how the MSM spins stats Crazed Veterans Spark Nationwide Crime Wave

Of course this is supporting the troops, which the left/MSM does so well Dennis disses Paul Hackett, "You fought in Iraq, you're a Democrat in name only": Rep. David Obey: Violence Only Declining In Iraq Because Al Qaeda "Running out of people to kill"

On the economy, he's still pushing the recession hype. The CBO and others do not expect a recession, but hysteria via the media and Soros' money could make it a reality.

Financial Times (London, England), January 10, 2006 Tuesday, London Edition 2, THE AMERICAS; Pg. 12, 418 words, Soros predicts US economy will slip into recession in 2007, By JOHN BURTON, SINGAPORE

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I know some FRedheads are down and out and not interested in supporting the remaining candidates. I respect that. If you're looking for something to do, however, you could help fight back against Soros and expose this criminal Goebels like scum for who and what he is. He's just getting started and as per the usual, the MSM is lapping it up. If you don't want to support RINOs, fine, at least fight Soros by helping debunk his propaganda and contacting the media/blogs.
1 posted on 01/23/2008 9:12:27 AM PST by enough_idiocy
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To: enough_idiocy
Soros would be thrilled with McCain. Hard to believe that people actually vote for that nasty creep.
2 posted on 01/23/2008 9:16:16 AM PST by Dante3
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To: enough_idiocy

How can Soros — or anyone else — STEAL something that was stolen YEARS AGO?


For years, I’ve been amazed at this idiotic quadrennial fascination with the beauty contest known as the (que the trumpet fanfare) “PRESIDENTIAL RACE.” Our inattention and/or apparent desire for a king or a strong man dictatorship has allowed our system to morph to the present quasi-monarchy from its original foundations as a representative REPUBLIC.

People, the most important thing we can remember about all of this is that the Founders constructed the system to put – AND KEEP — the KEYS IN CONGRESS and current Gang of 535 could bring this out-of-control government spending and the steady usurpation of our freedoms to a screeching halt tomorrow at noon — IF they wanted to.

But they DON’T — for a number of reasons:

1. They understand the need to vacuum the excess FRAUDS (Federal Reserve Accounting Unit Denominators) — there are no “dollars” circulating now! — out of circulation BEFORE the bulk of the dumb masses (say it really fast for maximum effect) catch on to the resultant inflation. If you question that statement, ask yourself why else would a criminal enterprise (the federal government) having the power to “create” “money” with the stroke of a pen NEEDS YOURS every April 15th?

2. The current Gang of 535 understands the need for the massive tax code (so-called because it is written in code by gnomes chained to posts in the cellars of K Street lobbying firms and understood only by their keepers) to reward their friends, punish their enemies and keep the rest of us under their thumbs with threats of draconian punishments should we run afoul of it. It is impossible to NOT run afoul of it

3. While the dumb masses rant about the abusive practices of this top criminal enterprise’s subsidiary criminal enterprise (the IRS), members of the Gang can pose and posture for the cameras from time to time and declare that “something MUST be done to reign in the abuses of the IRS,” NOTHING WILL BE DONE until we clean house on Capitol Hill and get back to the HONEST, CONSTITUTIONAL MONEY called for at Art.1, Sect. 10. They’ve been playing a rigged game of 3 card-Monte with us for so long – and getting away with it – that, as Herman Cain’s book title declares – “They Think You’re STUPID.” And, hell, for MOST of the dumb masses, they’re right.

And THAT process starts in YOUR STATE and CONGRESSIONAL DISTRICT by finding and supporting decent candidates — at ALL leverls — who will go to YOUR state capitol and Malfunction Junction and do that house cleaning. Not marching on Washington...not sending “money” to the RNC (LOL!)...not writing poison pen letters to these current jerks...but THROWING OUT THE CURRENT JERKS and doing it as many times as necessary to get it done.

And for you who, like a sad number of the dumb masses who THINK YOUR GUY IS OK, go to for your guy’s voting record on taxes and spending.

I could go on for volumes but you get the idea.

One final thought: RE-ELECT NOBODY!!!!!

3 posted on 01/23/2008 9:18:26 AM PST by Dick Bachert
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To: Dick Bachert

Ok, good points. I should have phrased it differently -

Soros is trying to shape public opinion and turn the country into his leftist utopia. His propaganda needs to be rebutted.

4 posted on 01/23/2008 9:21:24 AM PST by enough_idiocy (Romney/Thompson or Steele '08)
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To: enough_idiocy

5 posted on 01/23/2008 9:27:56 AM PST by Mount Athos
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To: enough_idiocy
One way to at least diminish the power of Soros and others of his ilk is to change the percent of payout of the tax-advantaged foundations he uses to fund various front groups and advocacy groups.

Current tax law allows people to set up a foundation, which is a separate legal entity that not only can enjoy exemption from income tax, but can also be classified as a 501(c)(3) entity, meaning that money sent to it can be deducted from the income of the donor.

In short, Soros is able to donate untaxed money to his front groups.

In order for foundations to qualify for this tax-advantaged status, they must give away 5% of their assets each year. When a foundation has its assets invested, it normally can achieve a return on those investments of more than 5%, meaning that as long as it gives away less than it makes in investment income, it has eternal life.

Foundations have self-selecting boards. Combined with eternal funding and tax exemption, we have the recipe for social advocacy that has a louder and more pervasive voice than that of a natural person. Foundations can purchase influence where few natural persons can. And, like the Ford Foundation, many foundations offers a multi-generation presence.

Indeed, I cannot imagine that the founding fathers even envisioned setting up three branches of government and protecting political speech and a free press but would allow a fourth factor of influence in the body politic that could neutralize the voice of citizens. This is as dangerous to our liberty as a self-funded militia would be.

The solution is to increase the payout requirement to 10% or even 15%, and amount that will tend to allow foundations to function, but will insure that they do not have eternal life. Given that most foundations tend to drift towards supporting leftist causes, the short term effect of this will cause those causes to be awarded more grants in the short term. However, we must bite the bullet sometime. The sooner we do, the sooner that leftist funding diminishes.

The upside of this proposed change will be that it will flush a lot of money into the economy.

6 posted on 01/23/2008 9:30:30 AM PST by theBuckwheat
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To: enough_idiocy

The idiots were off and running with the “Bush lied” study yesterday. I didn’t even have to lift a finger to research it to know that it had Soros’ slime all over it.

7 posted on 01/23/2008 9:34:22 AM PST by WhistlingPastTheGraveyard (John McCain: Bush Derangement Syndrome's "Patient Zero")
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To: enough_idiocy
Yes indeed, Dr Evil must be stopped.

8 posted on 01/23/2008 9:36:01 AM PST by Emperor Palpatine ("There is no civility, only politics.")
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To: enough_idiocy

Since Soros is a major supporter of the secretive Democracy Alliance, a group backed by rich liberals who fund a network of liberal-left groups dedicated to electing Democrats to the White House and Congress.

The American people should be quickly educated by our media on how very rich people like Paulson and Soros make “bets” on the rise or fall of national currencies and economies. Paulson is now telling investors “it’s still not too late” to bet on more economic problems. These are capitalists who seem to have a vested interest in the further decline of the U.S. economy.

9 posted on 01/23/2008 9:37:43 AM PST by IrishMike (Liberalism is Jihad from within)
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To: enough_idiocy

A front page article in the Seattle Times, pointed out that two of the top five largest drops in the history of the Dow were during the Clinton administration, and the third was in April of 2000, too close to the inauguration to be Bush’s responsibility. That make 3 out of 5 largest drops were the responsibility of Bill Clinton.

Then on the business page they had big headlines and charts to show that the real estate market in King County was actually up, not down.

10 posted on 01/23/2008 9:43:04 AM PST by Eva
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To: Eva

I’d love a link if you can find one.

11 posted on 01/23/2008 9:45:27 AM PST by enough_idiocy (Romney/Thompson or Steele '08)
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To: Eva

In April 2000 Clinton was still President.

12 posted on 01/23/2008 9:48:03 AM PST by Verginius Rufus
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To: enough_idiocy
Hey, I like your style (sourcing, analysis and prediction) however we are indeed heading for a recession. The proof is in the consumer consumption numbers reflected by retailers' earnings. Reason: most Americans' 'bank-of-last-resort' (aka the house) is maxed-out with mortgages after the credit loosening of the last 7 years.

The Fed has been using easy mortgages to stimulate consumer spending, the economy's bulwark, since at least 2001. With the mortgage market burned-out and tightening credit that bulwark is now dormant. Then add the Boomers retiring (read: not working) and pulling their savings out of the markets and downsizing housing to retirement properties and that puts a long-term drag on growth. Furthermore, many homeowners are now hitched to 15 - 30 year mortgages to pay down.

In conclusion what we may be looking at is a Japan-style long-term property decline and recession.

13 posted on 01/23/2008 9:48:55 AM PST by Justa (Politically Correct is morally wrong.)
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To: Dante3

The only thing “nasty” about McCain is his public speaking style. He’s a good man, as is Romney, Huckabee and Giuliani.

Please don’t characterize ANY of these guys as”nasty creeps”.

Hillary and The Breck Girl, on the other hand...

14 posted on 01/23/2008 9:54:12 AM PST by Walrus (Those who work should eat better than those who do not)
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To: enough_idiocy

The information about the five largest point drops is in a chart that is not included in the on-line version of the article, but I can list them for you, if you like. The written article is actually an associated press article that doesn’t really match the chart.

9/17/2001 - -684.81 (-7.8%)

4/14/2000 - -617.17 (-5.56%)

10/27/1997- -554.36 (-7-18%)

8/31/1998 - -512.62 (-5.37%)

10/19/1987- -508.00 (22.16%)

Real estate in King County was up 71.1% for the year.

15 posted on 01/23/2008 10:06:57 AM PST by Eva
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To: enough_idiocy

I made a typo on the real estate increase, IT’S UP 7.1%. Please note.

16 posted on 01/23/2008 10:09:57 AM PST by Eva
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To: Eva


17 posted on 01/23/2008 10:14:00 AM PST by enough_idiocy (Romney/Thompson or Steele '08)
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To: Walrus
McCain is not a good man. He treated his exwife in a cruel and demeaning way. He voted against barring gang members and terrorists from this country. His amnesty stand reveals he is not good for the country. A good man would not treat his wife and his country in this manner.
18 posted on 01/23/2008 11:09:30 AM PST by Dante3
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To: enough_idiocy

Soros is trying to destroy America. I wish somebody would take him out. To lunch. Yeah.

19 posted on 01/23/2008 11:10:50 AM PST by Lee'sGhost (Johnny Rico picked the wrong girl!)
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To: Dante3

You never lived with McCain’s ex-wife. She may have been the PMS b*tch from hell.

His current wife, on the other hand, is -—as my wife observed yesterday-— “elegant”.

I think he’s a good man, and you don’t. That’s what makes politics and horseraces.

ps - you want to talk about a lousy husband, let’s look at John Edwards. His wife comes down with cancer, and not only does he not drop out of the race to take care of her, he makes her hit the campaign trail for him.

20 posted on 01/23/2008 3:00:05 PM PST by Walrus (Those who work should eat better than those who do not)
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