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The Kenya Connection (Obama Supports Islamo-Commie Cousin's attempt to overthrow Gov. of Kenya)
New York Sun ^ | January 10, 2008 | DANIEL JOHNSON

Posted on 03/31/2008 8:32:08 AM PDT by GodGunsGuts

...Whether Mr. Odinga has ordered his men to commit murder and arson is unclear. But his own background does not exactly suggest enthusiasm for democracy and the rule of law. Mr. Odinga's father, Oginga Odinga, led the Communist opposition during the Cold War and Raila Odinga was educated in Communist East Germany.

In 1982 he was implicated in a failed coup against the then president Daniel Arap Moi. His eldest son is named after Fidel Castro and his daughter after Winnie Mandela.

Even more sinister has been Mr. Odinga's electoral pact with the National Muslim Leaders' Forum — a hardline Islamist organization that represents Kenya's Muslim minority. According to this document, dated August 29, 2007, Mr. Odinga promised the Muslim leaders that, if elected, he would establish Sharia courts, not only in the northern and coastal regions where Kenyan Muslims are concentrated, but throughout the country.

He also promised to impose Muslim dress codes on women, ban alcohol and pork, indoctrinate children, ban Christian preaching, and dismiss the Commissioner of Police "who has allowed himself to be used by heathens and Zionists."

In short, Mr. Odinga in effect offered to Islamize Kenya in return for Muslim votes, despite the fact that Muslims make up only 10% of the population, compared to the 80% who are Christian. Mr. Odinga himself is nominally an Anglican, yet he signed a document that refers to Islam throughout as "the one true religion" and denigrates Christians as "worshippers of the cross."...

(Excerpt) Read more at ...

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To: GodGunsGuts; All
Barack Hussein Obama is an African-American who has not shared the black American experience and was, by birth and blood, a Muslim for at least 27 years. His politics are rooted in Marx, socialism and Alinsky. He is a master at shaping his own mythology and completely unqualified to be Commander in Chief.




Here is the truth about Mr. Obama's name, and his father's ancestors:

True Negro tribal members of western Kenya where his father was born have Christian names, not Arabic. His father's decision to name him with an Arabic name is a matter of his father establishing his ethnic identity in Africa - it is done deliberately to separate him from the African tribes. He may live among them, but he is not one of them. His father's message is that he is Arabic, not Negro.

Many will find these truths unsettling. I'm often asked, "But I thought his father was Kenyan. How could Mr. Obama not be African-American, how could his ethnic composition be so Arabic?"

The definitive clue to that answer is to look at his name, his father's name, and the names of all his ancestors on his father's side. They are all Arabic.

Researching his roots reveal that on his father's side, he is descended from Arab slave traders. They operated under an extended grant from Queen Victoria, who gave them the right to continue the slave trade in exchange for helping the British defeat the Madhi Army in southern Sudan and the Upper Nile region. Funny how circular is history; now the British again face the Madhi Army, albeit this time Shiite, not Sunni, as in nineteenth century Sudan.

But telling America's black community that while their ancestors were breaking the shackles of slavery, Mr. Obama's ancestors were placing those shackles upon their wrists would hardly play as an Oprah Winfrey best-seller.

Being the son of a poor Kenyan goat-herder plays much better than being the son of a highly placed Arab-African who operated at the top of the Kenyan government following his education at Columbia. You see, even the way he portrays his father is a lie.

21 posted on 03/31/2008 6:05:46 PM PDT by Fred Nerks (a fair dinkum aussie)
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To: Typical_Whitey; GodGunsGuts; Beckwith; AliVeritas; USF


...In June, Raila flew to the US, where he held talks with Senator Barack Obama, one of the candidates seeking the Democratic Party ticket to vie for the American presidency...

...Industry sources say that one of the things that helped Raila make a quick buck in the oil business was a concessionary petroleum deal he struck with the Al Bakri Group where he was not only incorporated as a silent partner in the local arm of Al Bakri International...

Abdulkader Al Bakri listed as a defendant in the First Amendment Complaint suit brought by various insurance companies against al Qaeda and associated organizations and individuals. Within that suit is mentioned documents (known as the Golden Chain document) picked up by Bosnian police on a raid on a charitable front organization for al Qaeda in Sarajevo. One of the listed documents is the “Tareekh Osama” (”Osama’s History”) in which Abdulkader al Bakri aka Abdel Qader Bakri gets a prominent listing...

So, when a man like Raila Odinga is linked with Abdulkader al Bakri, you are not making a minor connection, but one directly into al Qaeda.

Such are the vagaries of making political bedfellows in other Nations...

22 posted on 03/31/2008 6:13:57 PM PDT by Fred Nerks (a fair dinkum aussie)
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To: Fred Nerks

We need to develop a list of FreePatriots to start bombarding the media with this information. Obama is dangerous beyond comprehension, and we need to hammer this home to as many media outlets as possible! This would also serve to call into question the actions of our perfidious State Dept.

23 posted on 03/31/2008 6:15:03 PM PDT by GodGunsGuts
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To: Fred Nerks

Obama is not an ethnic Arab.

Are you trying to advance the argument that all African muslims are ethnic arabs? Anyone with even a rudimentary understanding of Kenya understands that Obama is not an ethnic Arab descended from slave traders.

An example of an ethnic Arab descended from slave traders is Ali Mazrui.

24 posted on 04/01/2008 12:05:00 AM PDT by KingJaja
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To: KingJaja
Anyone with even a rudimentary understanding of Kenya understands that Obama is not an ethnic Arab descended from slave traders...

I'm just reporting, you decide, or take it up with the author who did the research:

The question no one wants to answer - particularly Mr. Obama and his supporters, is, "Why do you think he has an Arabic name? Why does his father have an Arabic name? Why does every ancestor on his father's side have an Arabic name?"

The answer is obvious: They have Arabic names because his father's side of the family tree is Arabic.

Need proof? Research the Kenyan records for yourself. You will find that his father was officially classified as "Arab African" by the Kenyan government...

Or maybe you could ask the Kenyan government? Hey, I've got a better idea; ask obama!

25 posted on 04/01/2008 12:57:38 AM PDT by Fred Nerks (a fair dinkum aussie)
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To: Fred Nerks

K, forget empty suit, Obama is more like a poor quality suit with loose threads... the more you pull at them, the more comes out, and the more the garment falls apart in front of your eyes.

26 posted on 04/01/2008 4:09:27 AM PDT by USF (I see your Jihad and raise you a Crusade)
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To: Fred Nerks
The question no one wants to answer - particularly Mr. Obama and his supporters, is, "Why do you think he has an Arabic name? Why does his father have an Arabic name? Why does every ancestor on his father's side have an Arabic name?"

The answer is obvious: They have Arabic names because his father's side of the family tree is Arabic.

A list of prominent people with 'Arab' names who are not Arab.

1. UMAR Yar'adua - President of Nigeria (Fulani).

2. ABDULLAH BADAWI - Prime Minister of Malaysia (Malay).

3. REBIYA KADEER - Chinese Muslim Activist (Uyghur).

4. A.J.P ABDULKALAM - Former President of India (Indian).

5. AHMAD Tejan Kabbah - President of Sierra Leone (Mandingo).

6. IDRIS Elba - British Movie Star (Sierra Leonian - Krio or Mandingo).

I could give you a thousand name long list. Possession of an Islamic name (what you term Arabic name) does not imply Arab ancestry.

You guys give the conservative movement a bad name. What message are you putting across to the Arab-American community? Remember John Sununu, John Abizaid and Darrell Issa are all Arab-Americans.

I've seen pictures of Obama's dad. He looks very Negroid to me (of pure Bantu stock). If you want to know what people of Arab/African ancestry look like google an image of Ali Mazrui.

Obama's grandfather was an animist who first converted to Christianity then to Islam. (this kind of thing was very common in Africa - it still is common).

All this Arab slave trader talk is complete BS, and you know it. stop it.

FYI - Arabs are not classified as an ethnic group in Kenya, the list of major ethnic groups is as follows:

Kikuyu (Agĩkũyũ) 20.78%

Luhya 14.38%

Luo 12.38%

Kalenjin 11.46%

Kamba 11.42%

Kisii 6.15%

Meru (Ameru) 5.07%

Maasai 1.76%

Turkana 1.52%

Embu 1.20%

Somali 0.99% (incl. Ajuran and Ogaden)

Taita 0.95%

Swahili 0.60%

Samburu 0.50%

The nearest ethnic group to 'Arab' is either Swahili, Somali or Omani. If Obama is Arab then Raila Odinga is Arab, but how can Obama and Raila Odinga be both Arabic and Luo?

Please ask the crazies that circulate this false information how that could be true.

27 posted on 04/01/2008 1:00:59 PM PDT by KingJaja
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To: KingJaja
You guys give the conservative movement a bad name. What message are you putting across to the Arab-American community? Remember John Sununu, John Abizaid and Darrell Issa are all Arab-Americans.

I told you before, I'm an Australian. I live in 'The Land Down Under'. We don't have Arab-Australians, Chinese-Australians, Lebanese-Australians, Vietnamese-Australians, etc etc...but we do have a lot of Australians who were migrants who took up Australian citizenship. I'm not the slightest bit concerned about the feelings of hyphenated arabs living in America.

Now, having said that, methinks you protest too much. (And too often.) This is a discussion forum and I'll provide whatever information I find relative to the topic under discussion.

And that's the first time I have seen the words 'conservative movement' in my entire life. What 'movement' do you belong to?

Arabs are not classified as an ethnic group in Kenya...

Now there you do have a point. However, if it all bothers you so much, why don't you write to the author of the article I quoted from, his e-mail is on the website.

28 posted on 04/01/2008 2:42:54 PM PDT by Fred Nerks (a fair dinkum aussie)
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To: KingJaja

from CIA Factbok:

Ethnic groups:
Kikuyu 22%, Luhya 14%, Luo 13%, Kalenjin 12%, Kamba 11%, Kisii 6%, Meru 6%, other African 15%, non-African (Asian, European, and Arab) 1%

29 posted on 04/01/2008 2:47:39 PM PDT by Fred Nerks (a fair dinkum aussie)
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To: Fred Nerks

CIA fact book is not infallible. What they classified as Arab is most probably Swahili and Omani.

30 posted on 04/01/2008 3:07:46 PM PDT by KingJaja
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To: KingJaja; USF; AliVeritas; GodGunsandGuts
Thanks for drawing my attention to the 'Professor' - he has very long tentacles. Article from 2003:


...They've got to be careful not to antagonize the Arabs and Muslims of the United States...

Shouldn't he have said 'muslim arab-Americans'?


US based Mazrui visits South Africa

International (IPCI) recently hosted the world renowned academic Ali Mazrui, Professor Ali Mazrui, widely known for his nine part documentary series featured on the BBC was in South Africa recently for the 14th Biennial Congress of the African Association of the Political Science (AAPS).

Despite his busy schedule Prof. Mazrui managed to present two lectures under the auspices of the IPCI at Mohammedeya Musjid in Sparks Road and at the IPCI Lecture Room. Prof. Mazrui spoke on the "Role of Muslim Organizations in Africa and South Africa". In his talks he emphasized the urgent need for the Muslim community to play a prominent role in the social and political transformation of the country.

These talks, although organized at short notice, were well attended and well received.

Professor Ali Mazrui is a Professor of Humanities and Director of the Institute of Global and Cultural studies at Binghampton State University, New York and a special advisor to the World Bank. Professor Mazrui is the Chairman of the Islamic Centre Centre for Islamic Studies and Democracy in Washington D.C. He has also written over 20 books and is the Chairman of the Centre for the Muslim / Christian Understanding

N.B: "Role of Muslim Organizations in Africa and South Africa".

As we say in Oz, that sounds like it's right up obama's alley...

31 posted on 04/01/2008 4:20:38 PM PDT by Fred Nerks (a fair dinkum aussie)
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To: KingJaja

Language Profile
Arabic in East Africa

F or centuries the ruler of the East African coast — the whole area called Uswahili — was the Sultan of Oman. Mombasa and Zanzibar rebelled at times, and at one time so did Lamu. But ultimately the whole area was held together, but under the breakaway Sultan of Zanzibar. He and his people were Omanis that rebelled against the home rulers. Just like the USA British who broke away from the home country because of internal differences, but then developed strong fraternal relations later.

Omani and Yemeni
Thus Omani Arabic is the primary linguistic influence in Arabic in East Africa. Most Swahili forms borrowed from Arabic where different from Standard Arabic or the more popular but non-standard Egyptian Arabic (like “gamel” instead of “camel”), can be traced to Yemeni-Omani forms. As I, a non-speaker understand it, there is not a great difference between the Yemeni and Omani language forms. Omani is the foundational Arabic language form.

Earlier Arab traders who settled on the East African coast settled down and learned the local Bantu language, married local women, introduced Islam and thus much Arab culture and vocabulary.

The Swahili language and culture grew up this way. The Arabs may have maintained their Arabic, but also spoke Swahili, the form of Bantu language common on the coast. Arabic was a minority language.

East African (Zanzibari and Tanzanian) Arabic should likely be classified as a dialect of Omani Arabic. But there aren’t many left who speak it. Here is where some confusion comes in. The Arabian Arabs, as opposed to the Kenya or East African Arabs, are Yemeni.

I do not know of any recent Omani immigrants or workers in Kenya, though that does not mean there aren’t any. I have not actually lived on the coast, so my contacts are indirect, meeting people through others who live there. Coastal non-citizen Arabs I know of are Yemeni origin.

I have met some Arabs in Nairobi, and they all come from Yemen. They are Yemenis in Kenya on work permits. They serve as sheikhs, imams and teachers in schools, and businessmen. They learn Swahili to communicate with the local people, both African and Arab.

Coastal Kenyan Arabs
Coastal Kenyan Arabs I have met are business people, and they do not speak Arabic, but Swahili. They learn Arabic as a formal language but do not use it at home, that I am aware of. However, it seems their ties outside Kenya are in Yemen.

I know some have gone there for various business. Some have studied outside in Arabic countries, but I cannot say if that would be in Yemen or more developed areas like Jordan and Saudi Arabia.

There are other Yemeni Arabs in business on the coast who do speak Arabic and do maintain contact with Yemen, but not Oman, as far as I know. (But it takes only one negative example to prove any such observation wrong.)

The 1989 Kenya census shows 7,881 “Other Arabs.” Kenya Arabs are shown as 33,71 4, with 40,456 my projection for 1996.

It is my impression that in general, East African coastal Arabs do not speak Arabic as a native language...

32 posted on 04/01/2008 5:07:23 PM PDT by Fred Nerks (a fair dinkum aussie)
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To: GodGunsGuts

Kenya: Stop Sabotaging Power-Sharing Deal

The Nation (Nairobi)

The Nation (Nairobi)

2 April 2008
Posted to the web 1 April 2008

We have a deal. Those were the immortal words uttered by former UN secretary-general Kofi Annan when he brought out President Kibaki and ODM leader Raila Odinga to publicly sign a power-sharing agreement in public on the steps of Harambee House.

Not long afterwards, it appeared that the pact designed to halt Kenya’s descent into post-electoral chaos and anarchy had been signed, sealed and delivered when Parliament, without a single vote of dissent, fast-tracked key legislation to pave the way for the establishment of a grand coalition government with the opposition leader as Prime Minister.

But hope is fast turning to disappointment and apprehension as the two sides, PNU and ODM, remain deadlocked over the appointment of the unity Cabinet. At the centre of the impasse is the issue of the slots that ODM will get in the new arrangement.

If what was reported from the closed-door Cabinet meeting chaired by President Kibaki on Monday is anything to go by, then it is patently clear that there are some senior figures in Government who are determined to sabotage the establishment of the grand coalition by adding conditions that are clearly contrary to the letter and spirit of the accord.

The agreement signed by President Kibaki and Mr Odinga was very clear and should really not be open to misinterpretation.

It stated there shall be a Prime Minister - the leader of the largest party or coalition in Parliament - with authority to co-ordinate and supervise the functions and affairs of government.

It further stated that the composition of the coalition government would take into account the principle of portfolio balance.

It recognised that in the situation prevailing, neither side could realistically govern the country without the other, pointing out that there must be real power-sharing in order to move the country forward and begin the healing and reconciliation process.

That there is an impasse one month later might well call into question the sincerity of those who signed the agreement. Any minister who insists that the President cannot share executive authority with the prime minister either has not read the text of the agreement or is deliberately out to sabotage the deal.

We think it is sabotage. The same applies to anyone who insists that it is the President alone who can determine who sits in the coalition Cabinet and what position they occupy, as well as the size and structure of Government.

President Kibaki signed the agreement fully conscious of what it entailed, and he must not allow elements in his administration, fearful of losing their positions, to throw spanners into the works.

On the other hand, Mr Odinga, too signed the agreement with his eyes fully open, and he must also not give free rein to hardliners in his corner. He must firmly put in place those in the ODM given to issuing unnecessary threats of mass action or, worse, inflammatory allusions to resurgence of bloodshed and violence if they do not get their way.

The two leaders signed an agreement designed to create an environment conducive to the new partnership, and to build mutual trust and confidence.
Relevant Links
East Africa

They recognised that the agreement was not about creating positions to reward individuals, but about enabling political leaders to stand above party and promote the greater interests of the nation.

Those noble principles enshrined in the agreement are certainly not being respected when there is an impasse over the selfish issue of how to share Cabinet positions.

The agreement was signed not by a motley bunch of ministers, advisers, aides or hangers-on, but by President Kibaki and Mr Odinga. It is the two, and nobody else, that Kenyans are looking upon to live up to their respective sides of the bargain and ensure a speedy resolution of the matter.

AllAfrica aggregates and indexes content from over 125 African news organizations, plus more than 200 other sources, who are responsible for their own reporting and views. Articles and commentaries that identify as the publisher are produced or commissioned by AllAfrica.

33 posted on 04/01/2008 7:43:13 PM PDT by Rome2000 (Peace is not an option)
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To: F15Eagle



Cabinet: Kibaki meets ministers

Story by NATION Team
Publication Date: 2008/04/01

Cabinet ministers have said they are ready to work with ODM leader Raila Odinga to implement the power-sharing deal signed in February, sources close to the meeting have revealed.

President Kibaki chairs a Cabinet meeting at his Harambee House office in Nairobi on Monday. Photo/PPS
In the first formal Cabinet meeting since President Kibaki and the Prime Minister-designate signed the deal to end post-election violence, the ministers also agreed on the need to speed up the resettlement of displaced families.

They also challenged the police to beef up security and crack down on those threatening the refugees who are willing to return to their farms.

However, the 15 ministers said President Kibaki should not share executive authority with any other office. The President can consult on who should be in government but the final say on who should occupy which position should be left to him, sources privy to the talks said.

Determine size

Sources said the ministers wanted the President to determine the size and structure of the Cabinet and insisted that he should not be dictated to.

The team said it was ready to work with Mr Odinga, the Prime Minister-designate, but claimed that he was “a man under siege”.

According to the sources, the ministers said Mr Odinga was “a different man” when he consulted with the President but often appeared to be a changed person after consulting his party.

However, Mr Odinga’s spokesman, Mr Salim Lone, said in an interview with the Nation that the party was ready to meet the Government coalition to resolve the impasse over the Cabinet.

He said ODM had a clear perspective on what the accord signed between President Kibaki and Mr Odinga entailed.

The accord was signed on February 28, to end post-election violence in which over 1,200 people were killed after a dispute over the presidential election results.

The deal also provided for sharing of power between the President’s party, PNU and ODM.

And while addressing the Africa economic minister’s conference in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, on Monday, Mr Benjamin Mkapa said the power- sharing deal signed by President Kibaki and Mr Odinga provided the framework for peace.

The former Tanzanian president was a member of the team of eminent Africans that negotiated the deal.

“I don’t think there is a Cabinet crisis since they are already agreed on the framework,” said Mr Mkapa.

Give up slot

He said the task of naming a Cabinet should be left to the two leaders.

According to the sources who attended Monday’s Cabinet meeting, some ministers are said to have expressed willingness to give up the slot of Local Government Ministry to ODM.

The ministry, alongside those of Finance and Internal Security, are among those yet to be agreed on. Both PNU and ODM have been laying claim to the portfolios, sparking the crisis.

However, a Government source later said that the issue of giving up the Local Government seat had not been discussed.

An ODM source later said that the offer was not sufficient.

Monday’s meeting was attended by 15 of the 17 ministers because Foreign Affairs minister Moses Wetang’ula was away on official duties in Maputo, Mozambique, while Science and Technology minister Noah Wekesa was out of Nairobi.

The Cabinet appeared to add new qualifications for those hoping to be in the new line-up to be named by the President and the Prime Minister-designate, Mr Odinga.

34 posted on 04/01/2008 8:29:07 PM PDT by Rome2000 (Peace is not an option)
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Comment #35 Removed by Moderator

To: Fred Nerks

Okay, we have established that Omanis are Arabs. The next two leaps of logic are to establish that:

1. Luos are Arabs.
2. Obama is a Luo and an Arab.

36 posted on 04/01/2008 11:53:21 PM PDT by KingJaja
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To: KingJaja

Thursday, February 14, 2008
Barack Obama: Washington Post, Chicago Tribune investigations confirm autobiography lies; now asking: Is “African-American” a lie too?

See above for lead and link to the original article.

37 posted on 04/02/2008 2:44:54 AM PDT by Fred Nerks (a fair dinkum aussie)
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To: Fred Nerks

Did the Kenyan Government classify Obama’s father as Arab or Luo or both?

How many Kenyans are both Arab and Luo? Do you know any?

You should be able to spot politically motivated BS.

38 posted on 04/02/2008 4:22:51 AM PDT by KingJaja
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