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They need inferiors
Enter Stage Right ^ | April 7, 2008 | Bruce Walker

Posted on 04/06/2008 8:13:46 PM PDT by red state girl

The apparent madness of Leftists opposing any drilling for oil in ANWR, where the environmental impact is practically nil and which would immediately begin to ratchet down the price of oil, and Leftists simultaneously railing against big oil companies for high oil prices is only apparently mad. The Left wants the price of oil high. The Left wants the price of all necessities like food and medicine high. The fact that this causes general misery and that this causes particular misery among the lower middle class does not prevent the Left from taking this perverse position. That fact is the actual reason why the Left wants prices high or wages low or opportunity blocked or hatreds simmering.

The plain fact is that the Left thrives on misery. Without misery, the Left would not have inferiors. Because the Left has deified itself and abolished a Blessed Creator, it must have mortals who leave in wretchedness, fear, loneliness and anger. The Left cannot reign over Heaven – it scarcely can conceive of Heaven – and so it will reign over Hell.

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TOPICS: Culture/Society; Editorial; Philosophy; Politics/Elections
KEYWORDS: anwr; energy; leninism; liberalism; libs; maoism; marxist

1 posted on 04/06/2008 8:13:47 PM PDT by red state girl
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To: red state girl

A move toward energy-independence for America would be good for America. The liberal socialists will do ANYTHING to prevent anything good happening for America -— they need gloom, economic downside, negativism, victims, anything to promote their uselessness and socialist agenda. The government to the rescue....

2 posted on 04/06/2008 8:18:12 PM PDT by EagleUSA
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To: red state girl
Poetic, but not quite accurate. The left will go to hell. Once there, however, it will find it cannot reign. Other men will. And they will eat the left, with barbacue sauce.
3 posted on 04/06/2008 8:18:46 PM PDT by JasonC
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To: ExTexasRedhead; Tolerance Sucks Rocks; eaglesnest1; cindy-true-supporter; PrezUSA222; victoryny

Ping - go to the link to read the whole thing...

4 posted on 04/06/2008 8:20:32 PM PDT by Albion Wilde (The best argument against democracy is a 5-minute conversation with the average voter.óWChurchill)
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To: red state girl; Delacon; TenthAmendmentChampion; Horusra; CygnusXI; Fiddlstix; Defendingliberty; ...

Global Warming Scam News & Views

5 posted on 04/06/2008 8:20:55 PM PDT by steelyourfaith
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To: red state girl
The plain fact is that the Left thrives on misery...that, and the fact that they are probably getting lots of funding from groups and individuals who want to see America struggle with its energy supplies - like George Soros, who is attempting to develop an oil pipeline through the mideast to bring Russian oil to the world market........
6 posted on 04/06/2008 8:43:58 PM PDT by Intolerant in NJ
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To: red state girl

With no ANWR, the US is at the mercy of Canada and the middle east for oil.

The US will hear a big FU from Canada if it tries to alter NAFTA - Canada will immediately begin to negotiate trade agreements with China, India, etc. and that is where the tarsands oil will go.

We all know the middle east is not the ideal place to look for oil.

So why would Mccain oppose ANWR? Does he like conflict in the middle east with the US prominently involved?

7 posted on 04/06/2008 8:44:49 PM PDT by impimp1
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To: EagleUSA
Lucifer stated it was better to reign in Hell than to serve in heaven.

Better by the lib/commies standard to create hell on earth than have their power overthrown by free enterprise.

And in their misery the people will be given scapegoats instead of useful material goods. Who will be the scapegoats? Judeo Christian types, Enron, Zionists; etc.

8 posted on 04/06/2008 8:54:35 PM PDT by Stepan12 ( "We are all girlymen now." Conservative reaction to Ann Coulter's anti PC joke)
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To: red state girl
thank you for posting.
This message must be taught to awaken the heart of our land.
Our children are taught lies and encouraged to hate the truth.
Our aged are treated with contempt and robbed of the value of their life's labor by government welfare.
Our women are prostituted by divorce and their children ripped from their wombs.
Our prophets are cursed. Our priests are dragged into fornication.
Our politicians are vultures who devour the rotting corpses of their constituents.
Our lawyers are the purest form of evil that mortals can contrive.
Our teachers are witless fools seduced by their overweening bureaucracies.
We are besieged by evil so pervasive that darkness engulfs us.
Truth's light is glimmering into shadow. We are nearly lost.
We must awaken from the drugged stupor of our time and place if the future is to hold any hope.
9 posted on 04/06/2008 8:58:05 PM PDT by Louis Foxwell (here come I, gravitas in tow.)
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To: impimp1
"So why would Mccain oppose ANWR?"

Ahh... Because he's a RINO idiot who has no clue how to run America?

10 posted on 04/06/2008 9:09:45 PM PDT by Slump Tester (What if I'm pregnant Teddy? Errr-ahh -Calm down Mary Jo, we'll cross that bridge when we come to it)
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To: red state girl

If the left were truly concerned about the environment, then they would be concerned about the lack the environmental controls of the Middle Eastern oil companies.

A good friend lived in Kuwait for over 4 years. He informed us that that the oil workers slop oil everywhere. They only deal with it when it becomes a safety issue. Then, their solution is to torch off the pool of oil, thus filling the sky with black smoke.

11 posted on 04/06/2008 9:10:32 PM PDT by notpoliticallycorewrecked (Get the U.S. out of the U.N. and get the U.N. out of the U.S.)
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To: notpoliticallycorewrecked

I was at a mine in Indonesia back in the early 90’s and have been saying the same thing ever since. If they were TRULY environmentalists they would let us dig for gold next to Yellowstone and drill for oil next to Caribou breeding grounds. (By the way, the Caribou are doing great near the pipeline that was designed and built taking in their migration, etc.).

And why - if it is the Caribou’s breeding grounds - we’re the ones getting screwed?

I guess I can hope that Bush during his last week could make an Exectutive Decision claiming that a million acres (or whatever the original plan was) of ANWAR must be set aside as a drilling refuge, and drilled and put into production as soon as possible if a company wishes to do so.
Clinton, locked out all of those coal fields in Utah(?) and made it some park - why can’t it go the other way? I’m serious. Setting an area aside for development of a natural resource that is vital to our defense and economy makes more sense than some park that very few people will ever see in a lifetime.

12 posted on 04/06/2008 9:25:02 PM PDT by 21twelve (Don't wish for peace. Pray for Victory.)
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To: red state girl

“Leftists opposing any drilling for oil in ANWR”

As I said, the attack on the United States is well organized.

13 posted on 04/07/2008 4:43:01 AM PDT by RoadTest ( None calleth for justice, nor any pleadeth for truth: they trust in vanity, and speak lies - Isaiah)
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To: red state girl
Without misery, the Left would not have inferiors

My theory of liberals is that liberals are persons who lack the gene required to process reality.

14 posted on 04/07/2008 10:25:26 AM PDT by MosesKnows (Love many, Trust few, and always paddle your own canoe)
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