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BREAKING US to admit officially that Saddam WMDs were moved to Syria in a report to come !!!!!
Jerusalem Post ^ | 04 11 2008 | drzz

Posted on 04/11/2008 8:33:43 AM PDT by drzz

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To: kellynla
Are you thinking of John Loftus (he's not conservative, though)...I'll keep thinking.
141 posted on 04/11/2008 10:19:35 AM PDT by Miss Didi ("Good heavens, woman, this is a war not a garden party!" Dr. Meade, Gone with the Wind)
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To: Lead Moderator; All

I warned the Little Green Football crowd and they were smarter to put that on Frontpage :

142 posted on 04/11/2008 10:20:30 AM PDT by drzz
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To: silverleaf
Saddam moved those WMD’s- With the support of Russia. Which is probably why we didnt say anything before this- to avoid confronting or embarrassing (if that is possible) Pootie Poot.

Exactly, in the naive hope that Russia would agree to sanctions on Iran's Atomic Ayatollahs.

143 posted on 04/11/2008 11:53:50 AM PDT by rfp1234 (Phodopus campbelli: household ruler since July 2007.)
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To: jveritas; All

A friend just sent me this:

If anyone wants feel free to post it

Special Edition

A Mystery in the Middle East
By George Friedman

April 10, 2008

This is a Special Edition of Outside the Box from my friend George Friedman and Stratfor. You’ve heard me say before that these guys see the world in a different way, but this piece just makes it crystal clear. There are serious rumblings about a major war coming between Israel and its neighbors, and George has put what seems like innocent dots on the board and wonders if there is not a pattern emerging. I am especially looking forward to seeing George and his wife and partner Meredith at my conference this weekend.

The newspapers will do a wonderful job of telling you the bombs started falling yesterday, but that’s like trading on yesterday’s quotes. George’s team is focused on what’s coming, and their geopolitical insights are uncannily accurate.

If you’ve been reading my letters for a while, you know that George has offered a special rate to my readers. George and his colleague Fred Burton both have new books coming out soon, and they’ve very kindly extended a special offer on a Stratfor membership that includes autographed copies. Like all of us, I hope there’s not going to be a new war in Israel, but hope is no more a geopolitical strategy than it is an investment strategy, so I encourage you to stay aware of what’s coming by reading Stratfor.

I wouldn’t recommend to you - via my emails or at my conference - someone that I didn’t feel was the absolute best in the world at providing geopolitical insights to the private sector. If global events shape your investment decisions, and that’s everyone these days, you need to complement your financial awareness with geopolitical intelligence. I hope you click here to take advantage of George’s very kind offer.

John Mauldin, Editor
Outside the Box

A Mystery in the Middle East
By George Friedman

The Arab-Israeli region of the Middle East is filled with rumors of war. That is about as unusual as the rising of the sun, so normally it would not be worth mentioning. But like the proverbial broken clock that is right twice a day, such rumors occasionally will be true. In this case, we don’t know that they are true, and certainly it’s not the rumors that are driving us. But other things — minor and readily explicable individually — have drawn our attention to the possibility that something is happening.

The first thing that drew our attention was a minor, routine matter. Back in February, the United States started purchasing oil for its Strategic Petroleum Reserve (SPR). The SPR is a reserve of crude oil stored in underground salt domes. Back in February, it stood at 96.2 percent of capacity, which is pretty full as far as we are concerned. But the U.S. Department of Energy decided to increase its capacity. This move came in spite of record-high oil prices and the fact that the purchase would not help matters. It also came despite potential political fallout, since during times like these there is generally pressure to release reserves. Part of the step could have been the bureaucracy cranking away, and part of it could have been the feeling that the step didn’t make much difference. But part of it could have been based on real fears of a disruption in oil supplies. By itself, the move meant nothing. But it did cause us to become thoughtful.

Also in February, someone assassinated Imad Mughniyah, a leader of Hezbollah, in a car bomb explosion in Syria. It was assumed the Israelis had killed him, although there were some suspicions the Syrians might have had him killed for their own arcane reasons. In any case, Hezbollah publicly claimed the Israelis killed Mughniyah, and therefore it was expected the militant Shiite group would take revenge. In the past, Hezbollah responded not by attacking Israel but by attacking Jewish targets elsewhere, as in the Buenos Aires attacks of 1992 and 1994.

In March, the United States decided to dispatch the USS Cole, then under Sixth Fleet command, to Lebanese coastal waters. Washington later replaced it with two escorts from the Nassau (LHA-4) Expeditionary Strike Group (ESG), reportedly maintaining a minor naval presence in the area. (Most of the ESG, on a regularly scheduled deployment, is no more than a few days sail from the coast, as it remains in the Mediterranean Sea.) The reason given for the American naval presence was to serve as a warning to the Syrians not to involve themselves in Lebanese affairs. The exact mission of the naval presence off the Levantine coast — and the exact deterrent function it served — was not clear, but there they were. The Sixth Fleet has gone out of its way to park and maintain U.S. warships off the Lebanese coast.

Hezbollah leaders being killed by the Israelis and the presence of American ships off the shores of Mediterranean countries are not news in and of themselves. These things happen. The killing of Mughniyah is notable only to point out that as much as Israel might have wanted him dead, the Israelis knew this fight would escalate. But anyone would have known this. So all we know is that whoever killed Mughniyah wanted to trigger a conflict. The U.S. naval presence off the Levantine coast is notable in that Washington, rather busy with matters elsewhere, found the bandwidth to get involved here as well.

With the situation becoming tense, the Israelis announced in March that they would carry out an exercise in April called Turning Point 2. Once again, an Israeli military exercise is hardly interesting news. But the Syrians apparently got quite interested. After the announcement, the Syrians deployed three divisions — two armored, one mechanized — to the Lebanese-Syrian border in the Bekaa Valley, the western part of which is Hezbollah’s stronghold. The Syrians didn’t appear to be aggressive. Rather, they deployed these forces in a defensive posture, in a way walling off their part of the valley.

The Syrians are well aware that in the event of a conventional war with Israel, they would experience a short but exciting life, as they say. They thus are hardly going to attack Israel. The deployment therefore seemed intended to keep the Israelis on the Lebanese side of the border — on the apparent assumption the Israelis were going into the Bekaa Valley. Despite Israeli and Syrian denials of the Syrian troop buildup along the border, Stratfor sources maintain that the buildup in fact happened. Normally, Israel would be jumping at the chance to trumpet Syrian aggression in response to these troop movements, but, instead, the Israelis downplayed the buildup.

When the Israelis kicked off Turning Point 2, which we regard as a pretty interesting name, it turned out to be the largest exercise in Israeli history. It involved the entire country, and was designed to test civil defenses and the ability of the national command authority to continue to function in the event of an attack with unconventional weapons — chemical and nuclear, we would assume. This was a costly exercise. It also involved calling up reserves, some of them for the exercise, and, by some reports, others for deployment to the north against Syria. Israel does not call up reserves casually. Reserve call-ups are expensive and disrupt the civilian economy. These appear small, but in the environment of Turning Point 2, it would not be difficult to mobilize larger forces without being noticed.

The Syrians already were deeply concerned by the Israeli exercise. Eventually, the Lebanese government got worried, too, and started to evacuate some civilians from the South. Hezbollah, which still hadn’t retaliated for the Mughniyah assassination, also claimed the Israelis were about to attack it, and reportedly went on alert and mobilized its forces. The Americans, who normally issue warnings and cautions to everyone, said nothing to try to calm the situation. They just sat offshore on their ships.

It is noteworthy that Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak canceled a scheduled visit to Germany this week. The cancellation came immediately after the reports of the Syrian military redeployment were released. Obviously, Barak needed to be in Israel for Turning Point 2, but then he had known about the exercise for at least a month. Why cancel at the last minute? While we are discussing diplomacy, we note that U.S. Vice President Dick Cheney visited Oman — a country with close relations with Iran — and then was followed by U.S. Secretary of Defense Robert Gates. By itself not interesting, but why the high-level interest in Oman at this point?

Now let’s swing back to September 2007, when the Israelis bombed something in Syria near the Turkish border. As we discussed at the time, for some reason the Israelis refused to say what they had attacked. It made no sense for them not to trumpet what they carefully leaked — namely, that they had attacked a nuclear facility. Proving that Syria had a secret nuclear program would have been a public relations coup for Israel. Nevertheless, no public charges were leveled. And the Syrians remained awfully calm about the bombing.

Rumors now are swirling that the Israelis are about to reveal publicly that they in fact bombed a nuclear reactor provided to Syria by North Korea. But this news isn’t all that big. Also rumored is that the Israelis will claim Iranian complicity in building the reactor. And one Israeli TV station reported April 8 that Israel really had discovered Saddam Hussein’s weapons of mass destruction, which it said had been smuggled to Syria.

Now why the Bush administration wouldn’t have trumpeted news of the Syrian reactor worldwide in September 2007 is beyond us, but there obviously were some reasons — assuming the TV report is true, which we have no way of establishing. In fact, we have no idea why the Israelis are choosing this moment to rehash the bombing of this site. But whatever their reason, it certainly raises a critical question. If the Syrians are developing a nuclear capability, what are the Israelis planning to do about it?

No one of these things, by itself, is of very great interest. And taken together they do not provide the means for a clear forecast. Nevertheless, a series of rather ordinary events, taken together, can constitute something significant. Tensions in the Middle East are moving well beyond the normal point, and given everything that is happening, events are moving to a point where someone is likely to take military action. Whether Hezbollah will carry out a retaliatory strike or Israel a pre-emptive strike in Lebanon, or whether the Israelis’ real target is Iran, tensions systematically have been ratcheted up to the point where we, in our simple way, are beginning to wonder whether something has to give.

All together, these events are fairly extraordinary. Ignoring all rhetoric — and the Israelis have gone out of their way to say that they are not looking for a fight — it would seem that each side, but particularly the Americans and Israelis, have gone out of their way to signal that they are expecting conflict. The Syrians have also signaled that they expect conflict, and Hezbollah always claims there is about to be conflict.

What is missing is this: who will fight whom, and why, and why now. The simple explanation is that Israel wants a second round with Hezbollah. But while that might be true, it doesn’t explain everything else that has happened. Most important, it doesn’t explain the simultaneous revelations about the bombing of Syria. It also doesn’t explain the U.S. naval deployment. Is the United States about to get involved in a war with Hezbollah, a war that the Israelis should handle themselves? Are the Israelis going to topple Syrian President Bashar al Assad — and then wind up with a Sunni government, or worse, an Israeli occupation of Syria? None of that makes a lot of sense.

In truth, all of this may dissolve into nothing much. In intelligence analysis, however, sometimes a set of not-fully-coherent facts must be reported, and that is what we are doing now. There is no clear pattern; there is no obvious direction this is taking. Nevertheless, when we string together events from February until now, we see a persistently escalating pattern of behavior. In fact, what we can say most clearly is that there is escalation, without being able to say what is the clear direction of the escalation or the purpose.

We would like to wrap this up with a crystal clear explanation and forecast. But we can’t. The motives of the various actors are opaque; and taken separately, the individual events all have quite innocent explanations. We are not prepared to say war is imminent, nor even what sort of war there would be. We are simply prepared to say that the course of events since February — and really since the September 2007 attack on Syria — have been startling, and they appear to be reaching some sort of hard-to-understand crescendo.

The bombing of Syria symbolizes our confusion. Why would Syria want a nuclear reactor and why put it on the border of Turkey, a country the Syrians aren’t particularly friendly with? If the Syrians had a nuclear reactor, why would the Israelis be coy about it? Why would the Americans? Having said nothing for months apart from careful leaks, why are the Israelis going to speak publicly now? And if what they are going to say is simply that the North Koreans provided the equipment, what’s the big deal? That was leaked months ago.

The events of September 2007 make no sense and have never made any sense. The events we have seen since February make no sense either. That is noteworthy, and we bring it to your attention. We are not saying that the events are meaningless. We are saying that we do not know their meaning. But we can’t help but regard them as ominous.

I trust you found that as worthy of your time as I did.

Your hoping there will not be a war analyst,

John Mauldin

144 posted on 04/11/2008 11:58:04 AM PDT by woofie (expert)
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To: drzz
A BIG story missed by the media:

Iraqi WMDs, Now in Syria

By Larry Elder | Thursday, May 06, 2004

"Week after week after week after week," said Sen. Ted Kennedy, D-Mass., about President Bush's rationale for going to war with Iraq, "we were told lie after lie after lie after lie." Were we?

Jordan recently seized 20 tons of chemicals trucked in by confessed al-Qaeda members who brought the stuff in from Syria. The chemicals included VX, Sarin and 70 others. But the media seems curiously incurious about whether one could reasonably trace this stuff back to Iraq. Had the terrorists released a "toxic cloud," Jordanian officials say 80,000 would have died!

So, I interviewed terrorism expert John Loftus, who once held some of the highest security clearances in the world. Loftus, a former Army officer, served as a Justice Department prosecutor. He investigated CIA cases of Nazi war criminals for the U.S. attorney general. Author of several books, Loftus once received a Pulitzer Prize nomination.

John Loftus: There's a lot of reason to think (the source of the chemicals) might be Iraq. We captured Iraqi members of al-Qaeda, who've been trained in Iraq, planned for the mission in Iraq, and now they're in Jordan with nerve gas. That's not the kind of thing you buy in a grocery store. You have to have obtained it from someplace.

Larry Elder: They couldn't have obtained it from Syria?

Loftus: Syria does have the ability to produce certain kinds of nerve gasses, but in small quantities. The large stockpiles were known to be in Iraq. The best U.S. and allied intelligence say that in the 10 weeks before the Iraq war, Saddam's Russian adviser told him to get rid of all the nerve gas. It would be useless against U.S. troops; the rubber suits were immune to it. So they shipped it across the border to Syria and Lebanon and buried it. Now, in the last few weeks, there's a controversy that Syria has been trying to get rid of this stuff.

They're selling it to al-Qaeda is one supposition. We know the Sudanese government demanded that the Syrian government empty its warehouse in Khartoum where they've been hiding illegal missiles along with components of Weapons of Mass Destruction. But there's no doubt these guys confessed on Jordanian television that they received the training for this mission in Iraq. . . And from the description it appears this is the form of nerve gas known as VX. It's very rare, and very tough to manufacture . . . one of the most destructive chemical mass-production weapons that you can use. . . They wanted to build three clouds, a mile across, of toxic gas. A whole witch's brew of nasty chemicals that were going to go into this poison cloud, and this would have gone over shopping malls, hospitals . . . .

Elder: You said that the Russians told Saddam, "There is going to be an invasion. Get rid of your chemical and biological weapons."

Loftus: Sure. It would only bring the United Nations down on their heads if they were shown to really have Weapons of Mass Destruction. It's not generally known, but the CIA has found 41 different material breaches where Saddam did have a weapons of mass destruction program of various types. It was completely illegal. But no one could find the stockpiles. And the liberal press seems to be focusing on that.

Elder: It seems to me that this is a huge, huge story.

Loftus: It's embarrassing to the (press). They've staked their reputations that this stuff wasn't there. And now all of a sudden we have al Qaeda agents from Iraq showing up with Weapons of Mass Destruction.

Elder: David Kay said, in an interim report, that there was a possibility that WMD components were shipped to Syria.

Loftus: A possibility? We had a Syrian journalist who defected to Paris in January. The guy is dying of cancer, and he said, "Look, my friends in Syrian intelligence told me exactly where the stuff is buried." He named three sites in Syria, and the Israelis have confirmed the three sites. They know where the stuff is, but the problem is that the United States can't just go around invading Arab countries. . . We know from Israeli and defectors' intelligence that the son of the Syrian defense minister was paid 50 million bucks to bring the stuff across the border and bury it.

Elder: Why would al-Qaeda attack Jordan?

Loftus: Jordan is an ally of the United States. It's at peace with Israel. And Jordan has a long history of trying to prosecute terrorists. . . There are a lot of reasons. . . They want to make an example of them. They want to terrorize as many of the Arab states as possible. This is sort of a political dream for the president. The worst nightmare is al-Qaeda gets Weapons of Mass Destruction from Iraq. And it looks like it's coming true.

A Syria/Iraq/al Qaeda/WMD connection? Why, this calls for a congressional investigation.

145 posted on 04/11/2008 12:05:28 PM PDT by Ooh-Ah
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To: TheThinker

Seemed to work pretty well for Reagan.

146 posted on 04/11/2008 12:31:29 PM PDT by LS (CNN is the Amtrak of News)
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To: drzz
Clock has commenced ticking on the countdown to the fulfillment of prophesy in Isaiah 17. Ya think?
147 posted on 04/11/2008 12:40:59 PM PDT by ExSoldier (Democracy is 2 wolves and a lamb voting on dinner. Liberty is a well armed lamb contesting the vote.)
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To: drzz

Hey chuckles - your thread is at and on the breaking news sidebar. Any chance you can go there and stop trying to hijack this thread?

148 posted on 04/11/2008 12:51:59 PM PDT by SlayerOfBunnies (An Indian friend of mine wishes to remind everyone... Indians <> muslims)
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To: SlayerOfBunnies

Lol wrong URL - I mean its at

149 posted on 04/11/2008 12:53:36 PM PDT by SlayerOfBunnies (An Indian friend of mine wishes to remind everyone... Indians <> muslims)
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To: drzz

I predict a huge Bush vindication some day, most likely many years post-office. I still respect the man & thank God for him every day.

150 posted on 04/11/2008 1:02:03 PM PDT by Beloved Levinite ("HOBo's already done more damage to race relations than Sharpton-Jacko combined.")
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To: fella

Ditto, Fella.

151 posted on 04/11/2008 1:05:15 PM PDT by Beloved Levinite ("HOBo's already done more damage to race relations than Sharpton-Jacko combined.")
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To: ConservaTexan

I think you give them too much credit. I don’t believe that they REALLY believe their lies. It’s all been a fully orchestrated smear campaign to destroy Bush-Cheney, from the first day in their “stolen” office.

152 posted on 04/11/2008 1:09:50 PM PDT by Beloved Levinite ("HOBo's already done more damage to race relations than Sharpton-Jacko combined.")
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To: drzz

I recall having made this theoretical determination back in early 2002 with conservative friends.

They could find the WMD in Monica Lewinsky’s apartment and the media wouldn’t report it.

153 posted on 04/11/2008 2:06:11 PM PDT by HonestConservative (Taxpaying Slave Class Xenophobe)
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To: ravingnutter

Thanks for the info. You are very knowledgable about this.

154 posted on 04/11/2008 2:36:59 PM PDT by detective
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To: Rocky

You’re good! I’ve been looking for those previous posts! Thanks!

155 posted on 04/11/2008 4:35:08 PM PDT by toldyou (Even if the voices aren't real they have some pretty good ideas.)
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To: drzz


156 posted on 04/11/2008 5:07:51 PM PDT by rdl6989
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157 posted on 04/11/2008 7:29:13 PM PDT by SatinDoll (Desperately seeking a conservative candidate.)
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To: drzz

No surprise, this is what happens when you telegraph an invasion months in advance. And it begs the question, why aren’t we kicking the crap out of Syria right now. 6 years in, this “war on terrorism” has become really half-assed.

158 posted on 04/11/2008 7:34:24 PM PDT by Excuse_My_Bellicosity (Liberals: can't live with them, can't ship them to Syria.)
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To: silverleaf

One can logically understand this just by reviewing the statements of Putin abou the US invasion of Iraq. He doesn’t blame the US for doing what it did. He says the US really shouldn’t have done it but based on the intel it was somewhat ‘understandable’ so to speak.

I’m convinced that was part of an agreement not to blow Russia in the water.
They had special operations people there moving stuff. Whether it was in volume significant to do damage is besides the point.

Iraq had some and knew they had to get it out of there. And Saddam’s goal was to reconstitute this as part of seeing sanctions ended. So if the US did not topple him, the sanctions would have ended and Saddam would right now be sitting on tons and tons of WMD.

Does that matter to a liberal/leftist/moonbat? Nope.

159 posted on 04/11/2008 7:49:42 PM PDT by romanesq
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To: drzz

This was said some years ago.

This report is nothing new.

160 posted on 04/11/2008 8:31:22 PM PDT by ConservativeMind
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