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Chattanooga Agencies Ask for Help to Fight Affects of Pilgrim's Pride Immigration Raid (BARF ALERT
Chattanooga Times Free Press ^ | June 2, 2008 | Renee LaSalle

Posted on 06/02/2008 6:25:55 PM PDT by Tennessee Nana

The fallout from April's Immigration Raid continues in Chattanooga's immigrant community.

Local Social Service Agencies, already stretched to the max, have combined forces to help those affected.

Still, the need is great...

April 16th in Chattanooga hundreds of lives were disrupted in an immigration raid at Pilgrim's Pride Poultry Plant.

More than 100 accused illegal immigrants were arrested, leaving families without an income and children without caregivers.

Local social service agencies stepped in for assistance.

Rev. Mike Feely, Executive Director of the St. Andrew's Center says, "The reality is, like a lot of other situations, whether it's a flood or something else, two months later people are still in need."

Several of those agencies now make up the Hispanic Displacement Relief Coalition, including leaders from La Paz de Dios; the Holston Methodist Federal Credit Union; the St. Andrew's Center; Episcopal Metropolitan Ministry; Hamilton County Baptist Association; the Salvation Army; the Chattanooga Catholic Deanery Hispanic Ministry; the Partnership for Families, Children, and Adults; and Catholic Charities.

Kimberly George, Director of Marketing and Development for the Chattanooga Salvation Army says, "We've just kinda come together for better communication, so that we don't duplicate services and so that we can assist one another and we can stretch the funds further."

HDRC agencies provided more than $30,000 emergency assistance after that immigration raid.

Continued immigration activity adds to the problem.

Feely says, "Its not just these families, but these families all have brothers and sisters and other family groups with them. So the ripple affect it's a huge affect on the whole community."

Court hearings for those arrested are not expected until July or August.

Advocates say many have been released, but are not allowed to work.

That leaves household with little to no income, and a problem that isn't going away soon.

George says, "Gas prices are going up, food is going up and so we know that people's income is being stretched a little bit more."

Agencies in the HDRC ask the public to reach a little further to help cover the cost.

After huge initial support, they say donations have continued...but more help is still needed.

Feely says, "We've not found an exhaustion of people being interested in what's going on. But, and I think it's typical of our society, there's always the next story."

The HDRC agencies plan a town hall meeting to address concerns and look for solutions.

They say their mission is not political, but purely humanitarian.

Financial contributions may be made to La Paz de Dios or to Episcopal Metropolitan Ministry.

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Why didnt the illegal aliens just

GO HOME......

1 posted on 06/02/2008 6:25:55 PM PDT by Tennessee Nana
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To: 1COUNTER-MORTER-68; 2 Kool 2 Be 4-Gotten; 3AngelaD; alice_in_bubbaland; aligncare; AliVeritas; ...

ICE is Nice PING

But why are the illegal aliens still here ????

And why are we spending money on them ?????

2 posted on 06/02/2008 6:28:09 PM PDT by Tennessee Nana
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To: Tennessee Nana; All
Anybody know if there are "I.C.E." goods out there for sale on line. You know. Nice T shirts with the LOGO, etc. etc?

I think I will wear one of those with pride the next time I am on a visit back stateside.

3 posted on 06/02/2008 6:30:01 PM PDT by AmericanInTokyo (Single-term "President OBAMA": Bitter, yet bringing an amazing REBIRTH of G.O.P. CONSERVATIVISM)
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To: Tennessee Nana

I’ll donate to the send them home fund.

4 posted on 06/02/2008 6:30:41 PM PDT by Ingtar (Haley Barbour 2012, Because he has experience in Disaster Recovery. - ejonesie22)
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To: Tennessee Nana

I will donate a bus ticket to the closest southern border crossing.

5 posted on 06/02/2008 6:31:00 PM PDT by Red_Devil 232 (VietVet - USMC All Ready On The Right? All Ready On The Left? All Ready On The Firing Line!)
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To: Tennessee Nana
, leaving families without an income and children without caregivers.

Hmmmm.... I'm looking all around, under stuff and behind stuff but I can't find any sympathy at all.

6 posted on 06/02/2008 6:31:14 PM PDT by arthurus
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To: Red_Devil 232
No bus. That's what semis are for. That's how a lot of them got here- voluntarily, and they paid a lot of money for that ticket.
7 posted on 06/02/2008 6:33:38 PM PDT by arthurus
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To: arthurus
Like the great stories out of Postville, IA. Broken homes, high school grads, etc. They still are illegal.
8 posted on 06/02/2008 6:33:44 PM PDT by Eric in the Ozarks
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To: AmericanInTokyo

You should find one at a novelty store somewhere..

I found a US Border Patrol T shirt in a little store at a gas station on I 40 for $5 last month...


9 posted on 06/02/2008 6:35:22 PM PDT by Tennessee Nana
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To: Tennessee Nana

I’d have something to say but, I’m too busy weeping.....

10 posted on 06/02/2008 6:43:26 PM PDT by Psycho_Bunny
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To: Tennessee Nana

11 posted on 06/02/2008 7:09:28 PM PDT by doug from upland (Stopping Hillary should be a FreeRepublic Manhattan Project)
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To: Tennessee Nana
The pressure is working. ICE needs to step it up. People need to keep pressure on politicians and law enforcement by constantly demanding our existing immigration laws be enforced.
12 posted on 06/02/2008 7:18:43 PM PDT by Man50D (Fair Tax, you earn it, you keep it!)
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To: Tennessee Nana
It's a PR ad to distract us while they try and implement their own plan even in secret.

Get rid of our Congress people. I am not voting for any incumbent.

13 posted on 06/02/2008 7:26:43 PM PDT by freekitty (Give me back my conservative vote.)
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To: Tennessee Nana

They’re still here b/c Mexico doesn’t want them back.

Third World latino honchos love the fact that their amigos are sticking us for billions——the banditos take $50 billion OUT OF OUR economy sending it back to their hellhole homelands.

Wonder how much of a cut the honchos get?

14 posted on 06/02/2008 7:47:27 PM PDT by Liz (Without the brave, there'd be no land of the free. Senator Fred Thompson)
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To: Tennessee Nana
"Still, the need is great..."

What, they can't spring for three buses to El Paso?

15 posted on 06/02/2008 8:14:55 PM PDT by Travis McGee (--- ---)
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To: Liz

Why Mexican illegals are driving America "cuckoo"

Why doesn't Mexico take care of its own people? Why don't the ultra-wealthy Mexican elites help to pay for the health care and education etc of their own poor? Why do they instead encourage their poor to leave Mexico and invade the United States? Nature provides a parallel that is instructive.

Some species of birds thrive not by carefully rearing their own young, but by pawning that task off on adults of other species. The European Cuckoo, whose distinctive call is immortalized in the sound of the "cuckoo clock," is the bird in which this habit has been most thoroughly studied. Female European Cuckoos lay their eggs only in the nests of other species of birds. A cuckoo egg usually closely mimics the eggs of the host (one of whose eggs is often removed by the cuckoo).

The host may recognize the intruding egg and abandon the nest, or it may incubate and hatch the cuckoo egg. Shortly after hatching, the young European Cuckoo, using a scoop-like depression on its back, instinctively shoves over the edge of the nest any solid object that it contacts. With the disappearance of their eggs and rightful young, the foster parents are free to devote all of their care to the young cuckoo. Frequently this is an awesome task, since the cuckoo chick often grows much larger than the host adults long before it can care for itself. One of the tragicomic scenes in nature is a pair of small foster parents working like Sisyphus to keep up with the voracious appetite of an outsized young cuckoo.

16 posted on 06/02/2008 8:15:31 PM PDT by Travis McGee (--- ---)
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To: Tennessee Nana


17 posted on 06/02/2008 8:52:46 PM PDT by wastedyears (Like a bat outta Hell.)
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To: Tennessee Nana

This is ridiculous. Children belong with their parents and the family - the whole family - is deported together.

18 posted on 06/02/2008 8:57:18 PM PDT by SatinDoll (Desperately desiring a conservative government.)
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To: Travis McGee; Tennessee Nana
Yours is an interesting analogy. Here's a few more facts.

Mexico is Rich- Mexican wealthy play American taxpayers for suckers

SOURCE | 2005 | Brenda Walker


Certainly there are many poor people in Mexico, since perhaps half the country lives in poverty. However, the nation as a whole is quite rich — see the documented facts listed below — and could well finance the sort of improvements in education and ifrastructure that would better the living standards of all Mexicans.

But the Mexican ultra-rich, like telecommunications magnate Carlos Slim don't like to tax themselves for investment the country badly needs for infrastructure and education, and it helps them greatly that the American taxpayer has been forced to support Mexicans living in the United States. Interestingly, the Forbes list of billionaires published in 2006 showed Carlos Slim moving up to the number three spot among the world's richest men (he was number one richest in 2007).

Every dollar spent in US taxes for social services for illegal aliens frees up additional cash to be sent south as part of the annual remittances which provided $20 billion in 2005 (up to $50 billion in 2007). According to the CNN news show Lou Dobbs Tonight 3/21/05), "Remittances are expected to become Mexico's primary source of income this year, surpassing the amount of money that Mexico makes on oil exports for the first time ever."

So when then-Presidente Vicente Fox complains that he "dignity" of Mexicans living illegally in America requires that they receive free healthcare on the US taxpayer's dime, he is really talking about increased remittances to keep their whole corrupt system afloat.

Consider these relevent facts:

• Mexico has the second-highest highest Gross Domestic Product in Latin America, after being #1 for several years over second-place Brazil.

• When measured in GDP per capita, Mexico ranks #1 as of 2005, ahead of Chile and Venezuela.

• According to Forbes magazine, a substantial proportion of Latin American billionaires, 10 out of 26, were Mexican as of 2005.

• Mexico raises less revenue through taxation than nearly any other Latin American country, just 12 percent which is one reason why the nation's wealth is not better utilized. By comparison, the United States takes in 25-28 percent of its gross domestic profit in taxes. Even Brazil taxes itself at twice the Mexican rate.

• Economist Gary Hufbauer of the Institute for International Economics has remarked, "It's up to Mexico to solve its problem, and basically the wealthy classes do not want to tax themselves, period. While I'm not usually an advocate for larger government, Mexico is a country where public investment, done wisely, could pay huge dividends."

• Mexico expert Prof. George Grayson of William and Mary College calls Mexico an "immensely wealthy nation."

• Mexico's economy is the world's tenth largest.

• When the ruling party needed a hefty sum for the 1994 election, Presidente Salinas leaned on a group of rich businessmen to write $25 million checks each at an infamous dinner party, where contributions totaled a staggering $750 million by evening's end. Compare that with the measly $150 million campaign chest in spring 2004 that President Bush had accumulated after three years in office.

• Freedom House notes the cost of corruption: "According a recent study by the Mexico chapter of Transparency International, some $2.3 billion-approximately one percent-of the country's economic production goes to officials in bribes, with the poorest families paying nearly 14 percent of their income in bribes."

• Ricas y Famosas — Rich and Famous is a book of photos that takes a peek at the hidden world of the Mexican ultra-rich. Photographer Daniela Rossell used her membership in the exclusive club to reveal the decadent lifestyles of blonde women in gold lamé. It is a shocking view of the most extreme ostentatious wealth among great poverty.

• Sure Things in Mexico: Death, Taxes and Evasion According the recent rankings released from the IMD International, the Switzerland-based International Institute for Management Development placed Mexico at 56 out of 60 economies examined, largely because of a dearth of investment in everything from infrastructure to education. Due to its pathetic tax collection, Mexico cannot even buy schoolbooks or pay its police enough to live on, much less invest in its future.

• Lou Dobbs Tonight Transcript (12/16/04) The CNN news show shines a light on Mexican wealth. Particularly noteworthy is Prof. Grayson's remark: "There is a small economic elite who live like maharajas, and there's a political elite that protects them. Our border provides an escape valve which really lets the Mexican political and economic elite off the hook in terms of providing opportunities for their own people."

• While US Focuses on Iraq, Mexico is Collapsing June, 2005, and the symptoms of Mexico's failure as a state are accumulating. The recent takeover of border city Nuevo Laredo by the Mexican army because of the breakdown in law and order was so obvious.

Interestingly, Defense chief Donald Rumsfeld is guided by a secret Pentagon report which identifies Mexico as a potential failed state in the making. The US provides the defense umbrella to protect Mexico, so they have no real defense expenses

For more info, read "Mexico's Rich Don't Like To Pay Taxes — They Think You Should."

19 posted on 06/02/2008 9:57:58 PM PDT by Liz (Without the brave, there'd be no land of the free. Senator Fred Thompson)
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To: Liz

When the peso was devalued in the early 90s, on Clinton’s watch, we bailed out Mexico. Instead of letting it go to revolution, the Meicans bailed out themselves, and the Invasion of our country began.

20 posted on 06/02/2008 10:27:05 PM PDT by happygrl
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