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Judge gives boozed-up driver an easy ride
By Howie Carr | Friday, June 13, 2008 | | Columnists

Three-time convicted drunk driver C.W. Tolbert Jr. is darned lucky he commits his crimes in the People’s Republic of Massachusetts, where in the halls of justice the only justice is in the halls.

Because in some states, this bum might have been looking at some serious prison time after he got drunk as a skunk last year and ran over an on-duty firefighter in Milton, leaving the jake in a coma for months, without a pulse for almost half an hour and minus 80 percent of his blood. Both of Antonio Pickens’ legs were broken and he almost lost his right arm. He’s still recovering.

In a sane society, there would have been hell to pay for the tosspot Tolbert.

Luckily for Tolbert, though, he doesn’t live in a sane society, he lives in Massachusetts. And so he drew as his judge one of the Beautiful People - Janet Sanders, daughter of a liberal Texas Congressman named Barefoot Sanders who worked as a White House aide to LBJ.

The district attorney of Norfolk County, Bill Keating, asked that Tolbert be sentenced to five-to-seven years in state prison. At sentencing Tuesday, the silver-spoon judge disagreed. Running over somebody while drunk, for the third time, why, it’s just one those things, just one of those crazy things.

It was “thoughtlessness,” the judge said. “Carelessness,” she added.

But a prison sentence? No, better that Mr. Tolbert remain in the House of Correction, she ruled. Three years in jail, instead of seven in prison. You might say the congressman’s privileged daughter threw the book at Tolbert - a comic book.

This is one crackpot judge you can’t blame on Mike Dukakis, who appointed the bleeding heart who cut alleged groper Sen. Jim Marzilli loose on $1,500 bail last week. Barefoot’s daughter picked up both her black robes from Republican governors.

But in an amazing coincidence, the judge is married to one Charles DeWitt, which happens to be the name of a Massport hack in the Dukakis era. A call was placed to the judicial spokesman inquiring whether the judge is in fact married to “Chip” DeWitt of Dukakis infamy.

The call was not returned.

When Sanders was first nominated for a district-court judgeship, back in 1994 by GOP Gov. Bill Weld, she listed her husband Charles DeWitt, as making contributions to, among others, the Mass. Democratic Committee, Dollars for Democrats, Ted Kennedy, Clinton for President, Jim Brett (the Bulger candidate for mayor in 1993) and future Democratic candidates for governor Shannon O’Brien, Tom Birmingham and Mark Roosevelt.

When applying for a judgeship, after all, it never hurts to have yourself or your spouse listed as an early contributor to the governor, who appoints judges. At the very least, it can’t hurt, and if you don’t believe me, just ask Margot Botsford of the SJC.

Another thing you need when you go before the Governor’s Council for your confirmation hearing - witnesses. Among those testifying on behalf of the congressman’s daughter was Gerry Leone, then an assistant DA in Middlesex. Leone is now the elected DA who recently decided not to prosecute the Prius-driving perv Sen. Marzilli after he was lugged for groping the first woman in Arlington. Leone’s decision to broom the earlier case gave Sen. Grope-zilla the opportunity to take his sick act on the road to Lowell. Sanders and Leone, birds of a feather flocking together.

In 2001, another nationwide search commenced. Janet Sanders was “elevated” to the Superior Court by none other than Jane Swift.

Back to the triple drunken-driver Tolbert, who is now living large at the Dedham House of Correction. According to the Milton PD incident report, he was so loaded he didn’t even know he’d hit anybody.

“He knew his windshield (was) smashed in. He thought someone had thrown something at his car so he pulled over. . . I asked Tolbert if he ever saw the victim crossing the street or on the side of the road and he stated ‘no.’ ”

How “thoughtless” of Tolbert to be that drunk and behind the wheel. How “careless” - and for the third time at that.

Then he “stated he had 3 or 4 beers at his mother’s house in Boston.” Heinekens. In the trunk they found another Heineken. In the back seat, covered by a coat, was a 16-ounce can of Olde English Malt Liquor. The cop asked him to count from 80 to 65 backward - “Tolbert skipped numbers 67 and 66. Once he reached 65 he continued counting till 60.”

The cops then called Tolbert’s girlfriend, who owned the car he’d used to mow down Antonio Pickens.

“She stated something to the effect of he had too much to drink and I thought he was going to sleep it off out in the car.”

Too bad more of our governors don’t take that advice when they’re appointing judges.

The next time any governor wants to hand out the lifetime welfare package that is a judgeship to some crackpot-entitled limousine liberal whose spouse has been throwing around campaign contributions, the governor should just go out to the car - the Caddy - and sleep it off.
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25 posted on 06/12/2008 11:56:52 PM PDT by raccoonradio
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show ping, also Randi Goldklank has left Ch 7 and her
case has been continued without a finding
Under an agreement reached in East Boston District Court this morning, the general manager of Channel 7 has to apologize to the Logan International Airport state police troopers and airline employees she offended during an ugly episode that led to her high-profile arrest and ultimately her resignation.

“I have decided to resign my position at WHDH/WLVI to continue to focus on getting healthy,” said Randi Goldklank, 40, said in a statement her attorney read just minutes after she put the charges behind her.

At some point, she wants to return to broadcasting work, according to the statement.

Goldklank, 40, who carried a Coach bag and wore a sharp gray business suit and high-heeled brown leather sandals to court, admitted to facts sufficient for a finding of guilty on charges of disorderly conduct and resisting arrest stemming from an April 20 incident aboard a Delta flight. A charge of assault and battery on a police officer was dismissed.

Her case was continued without a finding for one year, during which time she must abstain from alcohol and non-prescription drugs and enter and a complete substance abuse treatment program, according to court documents. She was ordered to apologize to state police and Delta employees and pay restitution for breaking State Trooper Gray Hodgdon’s glasses during her arrest.

A police report stated that during the incident, she broke the trooper’s glasses and screamed, “Do you know who the (expletive) I am?” The police report also indicated that Goldklank reeked of booze and that troopers believed her to be drunk.

Following her arrest, Goldklank was put on administrative leave and sought medical treatment.

In a statement issued this morning, Channel 7 owner Ed Ansin said: “This has been an unfortunate circumstance. Randi Goldklank is a talented executive. We wish her great success.”

Goldklank’s attorney, David Eisenstadt, made a brief statement after the court hearing.

“This was a very unfortunate incident. My client accepts complete responsiblity for her actions,” Eisenstadt told reporters.

If Goldklank meets the court’s conditions for one year, she will have no conviction on her record.

Goldklank declined comment as she left.

Former Channel 7 general manager Mike Carson, the acting GM since Goldklank was put on leave, didn’t immediately return a call requesting comment.

State police spokesman Dave Procopio declined to comment on Goldklank’s apology, but said troopers assigned to the airport “acted with the highest level of professionalism that night.”

“We just do our job. Whether we get an apology or not, the troopers will be at the airport day in and day out protecting the public and keeping the peace,” he said.

Jessica Heslam contributed to this report.

26 posted on 06/13/2008 8:50:29 AM PDT by raccoonradio
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To: raccoonradio
When Sanders was first nominated for a district-court judgeship, back in 1994 by GOP Gov. Bill Weld,
Janet Sanders was “elevated” to the Superior Court by none other than Jane Swift.

Ah, Massachusetts -- where even the "Republicans" are Democrats! (This is the type of thing that makes me an Independent -- oops! Unenrolled!)

27 posted on 06/13/2008 9:01:14 AM PDT by maryz
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